Tase "the Hobgoblin" Boegl
Tasely Boegl
Portrayed By James Franco
Gender Male
Date of Birth Early 80's
Age Late 20's
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases The Hobgoblin, Subject 35
Place of Birth United States
Current Location New York City, New York
Occupation Professional Criminal, Mercenary & Terrorist
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Durability & Stamina; Hobgoblin Gear
First Appearance ???

Nick Fury Notes: A new Goblin, just what the world needs. I don't know who's behind the mask this time, but he'd better watch out. I won't have to raise a finger after what Parker's been through recently with the 'real' Goblin. Parker won't let another Goblin hurt anyone ever again. I pity this guy, he just picked the wrong duds.


My psychiatrist said I should write this… hahahah… what a crock… okay here goes…

Childhood blah blah blah who can remember, ~~~scribble~~~ look a pony no, that wasn't part of my memories I just felt like drawing it. Now look I am drawing it without a head. ~~~scribble scribble~~~ Violence, angry people we want to hurt full of punching and kicking, so we hurt them, I hurt him without help I took a bat and smashed his head in, it looked like this ~~~scribble scribble~~~ HAHAH!

Cops don't like it when you kill people though, even in defense of yourself and family. Stupid bacon, I'll make them into bacon we'll roast them and spit… ~~~scribble scribble rip~~~ Need more paper one moment…. right the pills and take off the mask? NO what are you stupid. The mask is my face, you don't just take off your face.

Hydra… Secret Empire, my name is Subject 35 not Tase but I liked how it sounded so I used it besides a nice girl said I needed a name and gave it to me, wonder where she went? They probably ate her. They eat everything from the inside out, peel the flesh like an onion.

Professor POWER say it with some emphasis, he was a crazy man but organized. Made me strong and gave me clarity to see the world… its alot more clear when we have the mask on though. Ah the needles and syringes all my friends and brothers and sisters… one through fifty, we all had sort of the same name yes? Subject is first number is last. we're the strongest I can lift the most but others do fun things like kill with their minds or start fires, we LOVE fire… all broken toys though, bent little creatures - minds snapped like twigs.

This is why I don't write I always break the pencil and rip the paper and get distracted with drawing, look see look… what is that? I don't know either a mouth inside a mouth inside a mouth inside a mouth, laughing and laughing. Thats in our head, I can hear it but it goes away when the mask is on and the pills they help lots and lots of pills.

So what do we do now? Write more… stab this pencil through your spleen maybe, watch the blood spurt out like red syrup, that'll just make us thirsty and all there is here to drink is water. So we'll pass.

Marduk, yep, HOME, where we were born. Not the body but the mind, the spirit, the power… Project Kingmaker is successfully a failure, all fifty of us are washouts weaker than wanted, that makes us obsolete, we were supposed to be STRONGEST ONE THERE IS! HAHAHAHAHahah…. no, as strong but we failed by a long shot, headsquish is not preferred anyways.

New gigs, new jobs, trainings and fun. Robot in these times, walk, not care about naked boobies around us that's a headslap now, not even mindful enough to oogle. Shameful wheres my manliness!? They ate it, devoured our brain. Fun times though, we learn to blow things up real good and kill people. Bends us to them more, crackles the dried leaves, snaps more twigs… a creature is underneath. Brothers and sisters begin to go away one by one, three by three poor little me…

~scribble scribble~

The white Knight shimmering and full of pain brings the Spider and the Skull-Bearer. Hatred for all of these they ruin more things, turn life upside down again. Will hurt them all one day. Moons, bullets and spiders… dislike all of these. Now we are lost what to do, forgotten and brushed under the carpet some of my brothers and sisters go a little more… special. Others find purpose. I find bikers Hah! Chainsaw is crazier than us, he likes to hurt living things that are innocent and cute, things that don't harm that fall away from the collision law. Where did we pick that up? I find more family the Praetorians. Chainsaw is not a good role model he is vile, we are bad but we kill with reason, within a design, a code… not him, mindless sadist with no direction, no inner voice, just a black hole. Time to go, find a new purpose and family. Kill people in other countries, train the young to survive, show off our explosives to some bad men.

We meet wrinkled ugly Phineas, and sweet Lady Octopus she showers us with affection and attention, I get new duds WE are truly born now. We get our face, we have a purpose and now power… tech, we love gadgets - Tinkerer is the man. They're so cool… we become the Hobgoblin. Bring it on Roderick, you cannibal. We'll eat you first.

Latveria, we're almost a hero here, even get citizenship. Mercenary times are still us, still the cool thing to do. Then they show up…. those freaks, the spider again, we hate him, we attack him but he's faster than us and won't get off our wings. Patcheye the Red Devil and the one with our flag allover him. We can't attack him, avoid him… but the others the others who put some hurt on. Skilled, didn't expect that and then SHE tried to blow us up. That bitch. Will show her. They killed her though so we are appeased but jail is our destination. Fortunately we're sneaky. Sorry Carolyn it was fun. We promise to write.

Now we're in for some new fun, the Game. Time to make fire flowers allover some heroes.

~~scribble scribble rip~~

Special Notes

Noteworthy Skills

Martial Arts (Expert in various forms), Explosives, Marksmanship (Mainly thrown), Acrobatics, Military Sciences (Broad range: Secret Empire, Mercenary, to Terrorist Activities and Training), Mechanic (Small Engines, Motorcycle, Glider, Equipment Repair & Vehicles), Artist (Drawing & Painting), and Weapon proficiencies (Specializes in Glider, Knives and Thrown).


Hobgoblin Mask:: Equipped with night-vision optics and an air filtration system this fits easily over his face.
Electrical Generation Gloves:: These are interwoven with micro circuit powered conducting filaments capable of channeling pulse blasts of electricity upwards of 10,000 volts.
Hobgoblin Techno Body Armor:: High tech armor is resistant to damage, absorbing impacts of all kinds from explosions, physical strikes to falls. It is made up of composite plastics that have the durability of re-enforced steel.
Vertical Thrust Goblin Glider:: Powered by a miniature turbo fan that allows great maneuverability it can reach speeds of up to 90mph, can support 400lbs and turns on a dime. It also includes a grappling hook and cable that can be detached at will.
Bag of Tricks:: This special satchel contains shaped charges, explosives, flash bombs, disintegration bombs, anti-web-crawler gas, wraith gas grenades, wraith net and bat-wings. A very diverse arsenal of weaponry that has multiple uses.

The Tinkerer, Lady Octopus, Crimson Cowl, Chainsaw and the Praetorians,




  • He is quite 'normal' and sane until he is out of pills, encounters a 'trigger' or puts on his mask.
  • Refuses to use firearms.
  • When masked will bounce between use of Us/We to I/Me sporadically, this tends to display when he's slipping in the sane department.
  • Tase is fully aware of his alter-ego as the Hobgoblin and seems to have no major concerns with it.


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