2011-04-01: Tea Time


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Summary: Tony, Anita and Pietro arrive in China Town to have tea and find that most of the place was wrecked by Dingo the previous night. Still, tea time is tea time and with friends!

Date: April 1, 2011

Log Title: Tea Time

Rating: PG-13(L) Because L is for Language!

China Town- Ten Ren Tea

This little Asian teashop sells loose tea by the pound and boxes of tea in many varieties. Various scents of tea flow through the store giving it a serene feel. Besides just selling tea, there are two tables and a bar where people can sit and enjoy hot tea, cold tea, and even bubble tea. Tea cakes are also sold here individually or in packages to go.

They say that the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime - does that mean Fiona's going to be a criminal when she grows up? She didn't exactly want to, but given everything that happened last night, she couldn't resist returning to the scene in the daylight to survey the damage - one apartment building is pretty much completely demolished - police tab strung about the debris to keep people from messing with it. Another building next to it that contains a music store looks like a giant animal took a swipe out of it; there's many windows on it broken and part of the building itself seems to have a large scorch mark on it - as if it were shot with a giant laser beam, but something else took most of the damage. Even the street itself took damage; a fire hydrant was literally blown off of its mountings and part of the street is covered in water, puddles forming in massive footprints in the asphalt as well as familiar crystals (that should be familiar to Tony, though they're probably not from the source that he thinks they are), strewn all over the place. Part of it has been cleaned up to allow for traffic to get through, but police still seem to be combing the rest for evidence.

Nearby the sound of squealing tires can be heard as an almost silver car whips into a parking space out on the street. The passengers of said car are probably less than thrilled with the Indy 500 driving through the city but they're at their location now! Chinatown, home of the Ten Ren Tea shop. Who wouldn't want to buy tea at a shop that smells heavenly, has tea cakes, and various forms of tea (hot/cold/bubble)? It's a bit of everything for everyone and you can box up loose tea to go. Emerging from said expensive silver car is none other than Avenger 1 and Avenger 2 looking quite spiffy in casual wear and accompanying Anita who had free time to spare so she agreed to have a spot of tea. As the trio round the corner Tony comes to an abrupt stop, "We have debris!" Then notices the animal print on a building, "And Godzilla."

Pietro left hand impressions in the dash. Really. Alright, so he didn't. Still, he's mulling whether or not he should just run on his own when the stressful ride is over. Wearing his new shades, mostly on top of his head due to the hour, the man almost runs into Tony for the abrupt stop. There's a look of irritation, an opening of mouth to snap, and then nothing as brows arch. "I see your observation skills are still sharp." Because isn't that kind of an obvious thing to say? Debris! Pietro is not wearing an Iron Man tshirt today, sorry. A white shirt under a light jacket, scarf around throat and slacks. Looks nice, but decidedly casual. "I am surprised I haven't heard about this. Was it on the news?" Asking the guy with the internet in his head. Oh wait, Pietro has the internet on his.

Fiona continues skulking. Skulk skulk skulk. That is, until she practically runs into Tony and Pietro - she blinks a few times, before glancing back to the property damage. So far, everything looks pretty much as she remembers it - with no real 'evidence' to show who was there or how, exactly, this happened. There does seem to be copious amounts of /sand/ everywhere though. "I dunno, maybe just filming the destruction makes for bad ratings?" Fiona answers, unbidden. "Though, fat chance of that probably…" The girl has a small purple streak in her hair that probably wasn't there the last time Tony saw her.

Tony is jostled forward when Pietro bumps into him. "Indubitably, Pietro." It was a reaction to the destruction in the area so words escaped his mouth before he could stop them as usual. Tony's wearing a plain black t-shirt, worn jeans, sneakers and of course his shades. "Erm, it probably was. I was a bit focused for the better part of however many hours I was in the Garage." One can not hold a super hero accountable for every disaster happening around the world even though this one took place in his backyard. "And just what were you doing that you didn't hear about this?" Turns and glares at Pietro while Fiona pops up nearby talking about the lack of news coverage. She's familiar so his lips press together as he fishes for a name, "Erm…Flora? Farrah?" A light bulb goes off, "Fabiola! How're you doing?" No, he doesn't remember her name nor will he notice the change in her appearance.
There's a shrug, and he totally doesn't seem concerned about it. "I was working, remember? And what is it that you were tinkering with?" Pietro came over last night after working late. He really was busy. As Fiona talks to Tony, the speedster eyes her. Those eyes of his are an electric shade of blue. Doesn't know this one at all. "I'd say the idiot with the sand was around however." That seems obvious. "Young lady." This is his way of greeting Fiona. "You'll have to excuse my companion. He has so much technical data in his head there's simply no room for remembering details like names and faces." And he is so totally teasing Tony.

Fiona facepalms, shaking her head a little. "Fiona," she laughs, shrugging a little bit. "It's fine, though, really! I'm fine, too. You talk to Tabitha yet?" she asks him - kind of figuring that he would at least want to know, given that he seems to have an interest in her friend's welfare.

"I'll have to talk to you about that later." Tony tells Pietro as it has to do with Towers Security and things that shouldn't be mentioned out in public. "Now who's pointing out the obvious?" The tease is for Pietro as there is sand all over the area and a large paw print up on one of the buildings. "Someone really needs to put a leash on him. You'll have to forgive my counterpart for dwelling on something trivial as I have only had the pleasure of meeting Miss…" has to be prompted with the right name again. "Fiona, for a brief moment the other day at the mall. Not the most important thing at the moment." As he takes in the scene before him by magnifying parts of the crime scene from a distance, in his head of course, he absently says, "I've not spoken to her since she left me a message the other day about my decidedly uncuddly number one fan. Why?"

Considering the things Tony can build, the speedster accepts 'later' with only a nod. Totally understands. Tease back and he can't help but smile, "I thought you could use the help." Pietro's smile is dashed away in mentioning Tabitha. Why can't he be surprised that the girl is in trouble? "No good deed goes unpunished." Muttered to himself. Pulling the glasses off his head, for he wasn't wearing them properly anyway, the man tucks them into an inner pocket of his coat. "She has no doubt found more trouble for herself." Said to those around him.

"Well, we were sorta… here for this," Fiona jabs a thumb at the demolished building. "She got thrown through that second building. 'n she's in the hospital now, but I'm pretty sure she's mostly okay, she didn't get hurt that bad," the sorceress explains. "I guess it's not THAT big of a deal. I mean, it wasn't her fault or anything. If we just ran away he probably would've demolished this whole block."

Tony sighs shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. Is in total agreement with the Speedster on both counts (good deeds and trouble). "She got thrown into a building and wasn't hurt that bad?" Can you see the point of his eyebrow arching over his shades? "I swear …." muttering under his breath as he takes a closer look around the crime scene noticing the crystal formations as well as the sand. "Did you happen to see a woman about /yay/ tall, dark hair, looks pyscho but insanely hot?" Yes, he's doing the job of the police department in his own unique way.

Pietro frowns at the building and appears to, well, disappear. One moment standing there and the next gone. There's a bit of breeze that tugs at people for a moment however. He takes a look around, examining things here and there for his own amusement. Considering most of the building is unstable, what remains of it at any rate, he's careful not to get caught in anything. When he reappears, in time for Tony to finish trying to describe Eris, the speedster is dusting himself of some stubborn sand. "I've seen signs of your malicious paramour in way of crystal fragments." To Tony of course. "For the most part, sand."

"Oh, the crystal lady? No, she wasn't here. That was erm, Tabitha that did that! I have no idea how though." Yes. Fiona totally thought that Tabitha's superpower was being a talking rat - it surprised her more than anything else to see the crystals flying all over the place. "And there was some guy I've never seen before, he was blowing air around. And some woman creating flashing lights everywhere. I dunno. It was pretty chaotic. I did catch the guy's name though, it was Bruce-something. He was claiming he was going to annex China Town into Mutant Town…" She pauses midway through her ramble as Pietro disappears, and then reappears a moment later.

Anita has been just hanging back this whole time, looking at the damage and shaking her head, "So glad I wasn't here for this…" The comment is murmured softly as she walks up to stand with Tony and the others finally. She cocks a denim clad hip and folds her arms across her chest, emphasizing her… assets… a little. She listens quietly to the description of what happened, frowning faintly before she smooths her features again, "Bruce-something? I'm sure there are quite a few Bruces, though." So that really isn't that helpful. Not in her opinion, anyway.

Tony feels the rush of air knowing that Pietro's just taken off to breech the police line. When the speedster returns he nods in understanding, "If they're working together…" Of course Fiona then informs them that Tabitha had been responsible for the crystal display. Aware of her abilities he makes no comment about what's been revealed. The unnamed individuals will go unnamed unless there was a working camera in the area recording and still in one piece.
Turning about to face Anita there is an apologetic tilt of his head as a hand frees itself from his jeans to extend towards her. "Sorry," bit sheepish that. Trouble always seems to find Stark. "Bruce is his given name. You might have heard of Dingo however." Look to Pietro now back to Anita, now back to Pietro, "Tea? Fio-Fiona…you're welcome to join us."

Turning with Anita's voice, Pietro looks back over a shoulder at the woman and nods in way of greeting to her. He too is concerned of Eris and Bruce working together until Fiona says it was Tabitha. There's a bitter sigh at this news, "That girl needs a leash." Try and help someone and this happens. Shrugging off this gathering mood, the speedster nods to Tony about the shop. That's what you came here for. A glance to the girls and he's striding off. Surprise, the speedster has long legs. Imagine that. "Fiona." Correcting even as Tony is doing that for himself. "You can put up notes for yourself, Tony, so why don't you?" Silly inventor with a computer in his head!

"Well, no, but how many Bruces can there be that can turn into a giant sand monster?" Fiona questions, turning to look at Anita momentarily. "Right, Dingo, someone called him that earlier and… Oh, a-alright," she accepts the invitation to tea, glancing at the tea house and then back to the scene fo the fight.

Anita shrugs one shoulder, dropping her arms so that she can take Tony's hand and slips her free hand into the pocket of her jeans, "Well, not like I'm some kind of hero or anything, so I don't have to worry about it." She'll leave that for the real heroes present, thankyouverymuch. She does offer a little friendly smile to Fiona when the girl is invited to join them, and then accepts, "We're glad to have you." She pauses for a moment before adding, "Fiona." See? She remembers the girl's name. Or, more likely, heard the guys mention it a few times. She does raise one brow slightly at the news that Dingo and this 'Bruce' guy are the same person, "Oh. Well…" At least someone knows who he is.

Tony sends a text message Pietro's way since the speedster has his glasses in a pocket instead of upon his face. *Not everyone knows I'm nearly a cyborg. Ex-nay-on-the-hard-drive-ey? ><* With Anita's hand firmly in his grasp the billionaire catches up with the speedster heading towards the tea shop. "I'll make sure to bring along my Iron Man post its and affix them to my shirt in the future." Here's one for people's names, and another to remember to eat, and another to delete all of his incoming messages. "Hey wait up long leg linguist we're trying to catch up!"

"Dingo is known to us." Or at least to him anyway. "Works for someone I ..know." Does not sound like he much likes that person at all. Pietro then turns and walks backwards once he's called to wait up. Motions a finger against the other palm. "You have a phone." Points out, looking amused. "You can have your sunglasses back if you wish as well." Turns himself back around, and nimbly side steps a small post that it nearly seemed he was about to hit. Soon he's holding the door for people. "Ladies." No, doesn't distinguish Tony from that number. It's his job to give Tony a hard time. Doesn't ask if Tony really has the post its, for he's damn sure the man does. Tony buys all his own merchandise.

Fiona wanders into the teashop - despite having come down this way before, she's never actually been in here. "This place is pretty nice!" she comments upon arrival - probably looking out of place compared to the other three in their little party. It doesn't seem to bother her that much, however, after she got over the initial shock of meeting a famous billionaire. Maybe she just acclimates well. "I heard he works for Magneto, but, he hasn't exactly been /coherent/ at any time that I've seen him."

Anita shrugs again, one shoulder rising under the hair that's arranged to fall forward down her chest, "Long as someone knows who he is." That's all that matters. She quirks one brow at the mention of the sunglasses and slips through the door that Pietro holds open for them, shaking her head at being called a 'lady'. She's not really a lady other than by the fact that she is, in fact, female, "My mother tried to make me a lady." She pauses for a moment, "It didn't stick." She speaks very matter of factly, but then flashes a small smile to show that she's teasing. Well… At least a little, anyway. She keeps her hand comfortably in Tony's until he sees fit to remove it, letting him lead the way for the moment and, apparently, enjoying being a walking accessory.

Unfortunately Tony has had dealings with Dingo and snorts when Pietro refrains from mentioning Magneto by name. A slim cell is pushed up out of a jean pocket to shine then gets pushed back down. With such a gallant door opening Tony is the last to enter the tea shop smiling coquettishly at Pietro, "You're so sweet to hold the door for me, dear."
Into the shop Tony takes a look around then points out the table with his free hand. "I wouldn't believe everything you hear, Fiona. If I were you I would steer clear of Dingo at all costs. You were lucky to get out of the situation with your life." To the be-scarfed one, "I need to whip out my uv later and go looking for dog pee four stories off the ground so we can follow the stray home."
At the table Tony pulls out a chair for Anita then frees up his hand to pull out his own chair then takes a seat. Leaning back against the back of the chair he abruptly leans forward to snatch the menu then falls back again. As he's looking over this strange thing called Bubble Tea he suddenly finds himself with a lap warmer. Peering up from his menu he smirks and holds the menu in front of Anita while draping an arm over her legs as she's seated sideways. "Didn't like the chair, hmm?" Clearly he's amused.

"Someone has to." Hold the door for Tony. Brows arch for Anita, "Leave me my delusions." Of the females here being ladies. Pietro's expression is a bit forced however, but that's due to Magneto being mentioned. Doesn't hide his emotions well, especially when it comes to his father. "That man is a lunatic." Agreeing with Tony about Bruce. Then again, perhaps he's speaking of Magneto. Difficult to tell. At the table he shrugs out of his jacket, and pauses as Anita ends in Tony's lap. There's a resigned sigh for that. Here we go. Drapes coat over chair and sits himself. Idly pushes up his sleeves. "If you aren't going to be a lady, could you at least be polite to those of us at the table who won't fit in Tony's lap?" Smile starts creeping in again for that one. Meaning? Can we all sit in chairs? Bet Fiona wants that lap though.

Suddenly, an obnoxious cell phone begins ringing - Fiona's obnoxious cell phone, to be exact. Looking somewhat embarrassed, she turns away slightly, answering it quietly. "Hello? Yeah. Moom, I'm busy," she pauses, rolling her eyes, "I don't CARE! I'm busy!" the girl's eyes glow in anger. "What does it matter? Mom, I met Tony Stark! TONY STARK! He's here, right now, next to me! We're at a tea-house! Yes, it's next to what happened las- yes, I'm okay! It's not dangerous! I swear! An' even if it were, IRON MAN is here! I mean - no! No I'm NOT lying, I swear!" she progressively looks more irritated with the phone, eyes glowing a bright purple. "FINE! Fine, I'm on my way."
Closing the phone as hard as she can (but not hard enough to crush it into a thousand pieces, unfortunately from her point of view), she apologizes, "She doesn't believe me. Or doesn't care… I gotta go or I'm gonna be grounded for like, a million years. Again," she apologizes, glowing eyes fading back to normal for a moment. Quickly, she gathers up her stuff and, well, scurries! All mouse-like or something. Who knows.

"Your lap is a lot more comfortable, honey." Anita offers Tony a little wink as she settles comfortably in his lap, her own legs crossed as she looks at the menu he's holding. Pietro gets a slightly exasperated look and a sigh before she slips out of the billionare's lap, "I don't see why it's a problem, but whatever you say, honey." She wouldn't want to offend anyone's tender sensibilities, after all… Then she looks over at Fiona when the teenager's phone rings, "Aww… Poor little girl." She doesn't sound like she's trying to be condescending, but it probably comes across that way, "Sorry you can't stay, Fiona." She slips into the chair Tony had pulled out for her, but moves it so that she can sit right next to him, her shoulder brushing his, as she reaches for her own menu to look over.

Which one? Tony wonders who Pietro is speaking of and decides that his friend means both Magneto and Dingo if in different ways. The speedsters comment has Tony peering over at him, "I'd make space for you but unfortunately I don't play Jenga very well. We'd stack up then fall over then the tea would be worn rather than drank."
Of course now is the moment for Fiona to announce rather loudly that Tony Stark is present and the man hangs his head. Didn't he mention the other day to keep his presence in public places on the d-low? Facepalm. Double facepalm. If he could emoticon it over his head it would probably appear like @#$%. Barely manages a wave to the fleeing teen-ish…he doesn't know how old she is.
Lap warmer lost there's a bit of a pout tugging at the corners of Tony's lips. Shades are pulled off revealing those sad pecan colored puppy dog eyes and their falling upon the remaining people around the table. At least he's not left dangling at the end of the table all by his lonesome with half of the tea shop staring at him. "Lovely.." Tony puts on his fake grin and waves at the masses who all clap, flash a million cell phone images and talk excitedly amongst themselves. "Be nice to Pietro. He's not as carefree as I."

Pietro's old fashioned about many things. This is one of them, and he's quite satisfied as Anita shifts to her chair. And no, totally not as carefree. "Shall I leave you two?" Asked without ire. If Tony wants to lapsit, that's totally fine. Pietro will just be elsewhere. Speaking of elsewhere he ignores the cameras. They aren't pointed at him anyway. Tries to steal that menu from Tony, since the inventor is distracted. Settles back in his chair to browse the listing. No, he has no idea what most this is. Bah. "I must be old. I have no idea what most of this is." Smiles as he says it, for he isn't old, but then offers the menu back. Bubble tea? Doesn't know what to think of with that.

As the chaos commences in the tea shop Tony takes a moment to shoot off a text message about his location and the status of China Town to Kaji. An offer for joining the party at the tea shop is at the end of said text message. With the car totaled Kaji will no doubt be bringing the other arc bike in existence to the area. "I do not need a room at present but if I get mobbed for autographs I'm bolting." Just an fyi to his friends. "I've recorded this moment for later playback. Pietro admits that he's old and not up with the times. Priceless." Steals his menu back to be able to order a hot tea when the waitress appears to take orders. "Oh and about a half dozen tea cakes; maybe more than that."

At the text from the Lord of Ego, there was a bit of apprehension from the mutant before he made his way to the tea. Kaji must've been close by as he got there in no time at all, though the hum of his motorcycle would tell of his mode of transportation. Indeed, he brought the other arc bike. He heads inside and stops for a moment as he sees Pietro, he rolls his eyes for a moment at his internal conversation before he walks over. Giving a wave to his friend, "Hey, Tony." He looks over at Anita and smiles, "Hello to you as well."

Anita gives Tony a little sympathetic look for his outing, "Poor Tony Stark…" Her voice is slightly teasing and not that sympathetic at all. Then again, she doesn't usually have to deal with people recognizing her out in public. Not usually. She looks at the people taking pictures and flashes a sultry little smile before she chuckles softly, "Do you think there'll be reports of you having a new girlfriend now?" She sounds amused by this, considering the fact that they really are just friends. Then Pietro is offering to leave and she looks back at him, "You don't have to." Leave that is. She gives Tony a little pat on the arm at the comment about autographs and bolting, "Sure, just don't go and leave me to pick up the tab." She winks, "I do have to buy dog food this week, you know." Then Kaji arrives and the woman looks up at him, her shoulder against Tony's, "Hi, honey."

"Oh you'll be all over the Internet in a moment if it already hasn't happened…yup, it's been tweeted." Mainly by him! He's got to beat the masses to leaking the story. Not that Anita was his girlfriend by any means. Kaji has arrived at the Tea Shop and as Tony's about to offer up a greeting Pietro narrows his pointed eyebrows before pulling out his cell claiming that something urgent has come up. A look passes between Stark and Maximoff before the speedster simply vanishes like he was never there. A few papers scatter and sadly no Bubble Tea shall be had by man.
"Hey, Kaji. Grab a chair any chair." A tip of his head towards the woman sitting at his side, "Kaji this is Anita. Anita this is my friend and sometimes ass-kicking assistant Kaji."

Kaji quirks a brow at Pietro and hms a bit before he pulls up a chair and asks, "Hey, Tony. Think I can snag Pietro's number from ya? I kinda wanna talk to him." He crosses his arms over the back of the chair as he's sitting backwards as he looks over at Anita. "I've seen her around the park in Mutant Town. She's quite a way with canines, least from what I saw with her dogs." At the ass-kicking part, the mutant laughs softly. "Sometimes? Seems everytime I'm out with you, something happens."

The dancer just laughs softly and shakes her head, "Well, they can specualte all they want. At least we know the truth." That there are no strings attatched. Pietro's exit gets a slightly startled look, but her attention is soon back on those still present. Kaji is given a little wave Anita orders some bubble tea from the waitress, "Nice to meet you, Kaji." She shrugs one shoulder, the one that's not up against Tony's, "They're, um… They're just well trained." Sure. That's it… She quirks a brow and looks between the two men, "So should I be worried, then?"

"You want his number?" Tony has to think about that one mainly because Pietro could end up pissed about that. "Let me think on it. Worst case scenario is I shoot him a message that you want to talk to him." Tony's slipped his arm along the back of Anita's chair during all of this and the place seems to be pondering where the white haired man has gone rather than ZOMG Tony Fucking Stark is here! EEEE! Snappy-snappy! "No, no cause for concern yet. I can't go anywhere without getting mobbed, or someone tries to kill me. You get used to it." The waitress waits for Kaji's order before she can go see to making the table their tea and tea cakes. "You saw the redecorating of China Town outside? Dingo ripped the town a new one."

Kaji orders himself a bubble tea before the waitress leaves, and he looks back at Tony with a nod. "That might be easier, just let him know that I want to talk to him." He looks back over at Anita with a smirk as he says, "Oh really?" He gives a soft knowing laugh before he looks over at Tony as he sardonically adds, "Only if Envy is in the area. Then you need to learn how to run fast." He smiles good natured before he nods, "I saw the damage, impressed that they're already taking care of it."

Anita just looks back and forth between the pair of guys and shakes her head at the conversation about phone numbers and such. She just wrinkles her nose slightly at the comment about needing to learn how to run and sighs, turning her full attention on the older of the two, "Gee, honey… Sounds like being friends with you could get a little complicated." Not that she's going to let that stop her. She looks over at Kaji again, this time giving him a slightly more considering look, "Maybe I should hang out with Kaji here instead?" She's teasing.

Tony will handle any disasters that befall the poor tea shop due to his attractive personality. Seems like the unstable gravitate toward him like he's cat-nip. "All part of the package. Being friends with me is a double edged sword. On the one side you've got the world at your feet and on the other you could end up six feet under." Shrug. A lone fingertip is grazing Anita's shoulder. "As long as you give him lots of exercise and bring him home before dark."

Kaji quirks a brow over at Tony with a laugh before he shakes his head. "You gonna treat me like a dog now? I hardly find that fair." He nods softly at the mention of the benefits. "And he's right. World at my feet. Danger chasing me everywhere I go. It's kinda fun after the first few times." He stands up and turns his chair around before he sits in it properly. He casts a glance over at Anita with a smile, "I can tell you that hanging out with me will totally be less of a danger to your health." You'll just have to deal with fur.

Anita's eyes dance as she rests a hand on Tony's knee below the table, "Oh, I think I can make sure he gets lots of exercise…" Bering home before dark, though… "Not so sure about bringing him home." She leans a little closer to the billionaire and chuckles softly, "I think I can put up with a bit of danger if I get to enjoy such interesting company." She chuckles again at Kaji, "But if you're hanging out with him, then I'd still be in danger." And not the least bit upset about it, apparently.

Tony quirks an eyebrow at Kaji as the waitress brings over the two Bubble Tea's and Tony's hot tea. She leaves quite quickly to bring back to the plate of tea cakes then excuses herself unless more tea is needed. "Double entendre there Kaji." A brief squeeze to Anita's shoulder he brings up the teacup to his lips to sip the steaming beverage slowly. "Life's not worth living without a bit of excitement, hmm? Certainly life will never be boring around me. I barely have a moment to attempt a bit of normality." Waggles his fingertips at a little girl who's turning purple looking his way before giggling and hiding behind her mom's skirt.

Kaji's eyebrows start to raise as Anita speaks and he just laughs a bit under his breath. He opens his mouth to say something before their tea comes, and he nods his head at the waitress as he occupies his mouth with the straw for his tea. Though he can't help but hide that faint blush on his cheeks. His eyes flick up towards Tony as he chuckles, "I'm sure a big boy like me can handle himself." He glances over at Anita with a smirk, "Just depends on the situation."

Anita seems totally unrepentant about her comment and even smirks a little at Kaji's blush. Her bubble tea arrives and she takes a sip, waiting for the waitress to leave, "Oh, I like a little excitement as much as the next person." And she's really just teasing Tony about his dangerous lifestyle. The little girl is glanced at and immediately ignored. She's not that fond of children, apparently. She sits back in her chair and tucks her hair behind one ear, just enjoying the company for a moment.

"Are you sure you want to play this game?" Tony asks Kaji over the lip of the tea cup before taking a sip. Slowly the tea cup lowers to rest on the table steam still streaming from the beverage. "I think you may need to elevate your game a bit. Some games are meant for men to play, not boys." Teasing Kaji as well as making a point! Leaning forward a bit, arm sliding along Anita's chair back so he doesn't disturb her, to pick up one of the tea cakes. The small cake is popped into his mouth as he rests comfortably again.

Kaji snickers a bit as he stirs his bubble tea with the straw, quirking a brow as he replies to Tony back with, "Are you sure you want another tussle with the wolf?" He smiles a bit before he takes another drink, "This may be a man's game, but there's always room for some diversity." He glances over at Anita with a chuckle before he leans back in his seat, taking another drink of his tea.

Anita gives Tony a slightly curious look at the teasing he's giving Kaji, almost looking like she's wondering if he's getting a little possessive now. She gives his knee a little squeeze under the table, possibly making sure that he isn't taking offence to her teasing of Kaji. The curious look is transferred to Kaji at the comment about being a wolf and she ends up just shaking her head, stirring her tea and taking another sip before the cup is set down on the table.

"As I recall you couldn't put me down," Tony snorfles. "Diversity? That's one way of putting it." Truly he is amused and enjoying this outing as this conversation has been rather funny, and no one's tried to break down the door to kill him as of yet nor has he had hot tea poured in his lap so win-win in his book. If Tony were getting possessive it would be blatantly obvious. At the knee squeeze a glance is cut to the side to see what Anita is attempting to communicate. As she's shaking her head and sipping her tea he simply hooks a sneaker clad foot behind hers and reaches for another tea cake. "Don't let me stop you from getting to know each other I'm rather enjoying my tea and these cakes are rather good." Half of one still in between his fingers he offers it to Anita.

Kaji catches the glance from Anita and he smirks a bit, making a mental note in his head for something. His gaze moves over to Tony for a second, "I seem to recall it being a draw as we knew neither of us would stop." He takes another drink of his tea before he looks over at Anita with a smirk. "If you're curious by what I mean, then by all means. Ask."

There's a husky little chuckle at Tony's comment and she reaches for a cake, "In that case, I think I'll try one." Long as they're good… She stirs her tea a little and sips sitting back at the invitation to ask the question, "Alright. What's this about a wolf? Some kind of macho thing, or what?" She genuinely is curious about what that meant.

Cake hovering in the air Tony pops the last bit into his mouth and polishes off his tea. It should be interesting to see what Kaji says about who he is but as he's about to make some starky comment there is activity on one of the emergency channels that he monitors. It seems like something that requires additional support. "I hate to flirt and run but I've something that's come up." Sliding the chair back a bit to give room Tony pulls out a few bills to cover the cost of the tea and cakes. "It was fun while it lasted." To Anita he leans to the side to kiss her cheek then hops up from the table scooting in his chair. "I'll sent Pietro a message," to Kaji. There's a bit of a wave to everyone in the tea shop as he exits. A moment later a sonic boom can be heard as Tony's left his car out on the street and taken off to get to the site of the trouble.

The mutant let out a soft laugh before he just smiles. Kaji looks around for a moment as all the customers seem to be occupied with their own conversations and the employees are talking amongst themselves in the back room. He holds a hand up, the free one as black fur creeps up his forearm and wrist before his hand shifts to the anthro form and then goes back to normal. "I meant it as a literal thing." He looks up at Tony and nods. "Make sure you text me if ya need the help!" Yells the mutant as the man leaves.

There's a little pout as Tony makes his excuses and leaves, Anita presenting her cheek for the kiss and giving his knee one last squeeze before he stands, "Be careful, honey. I'd hate to lose a friend like you." Then he's gone and the dancer sits back in her chair, crossing her legs and focusing on her tea for a moment. At least until Kaji holds up his hand and grows fur. Dark eyes blink a couple of times before she's smiling wryly and shaking her head, "So you're a wolf…" She chuckles softly and looks after Tony for a moment before turning her attention back on the younger mutant, "That's kind of hot, actually."

Kaji smirks a bit. "Don't worry about Tony. He's harder to get rid of than you think," he comments on Anita's worry for Tony. Then he flexes his hand as it fully shifts back to human and he looks back at her with a sly grin. "In more ways than one." His grin widens a tad before he takes a drink of his tea and he looks over at her with a smirk. "Why thank you. Any more questions?"

Anita chuckles softly and nods, her expression turing speculative at his comment. She's quiet for a moment, stirring her tea, before she finally asks the question that's obviously on her mind, "So do you go all the way wolf, or what?" She shifts a little in her chair, not seeming uncomfortable with the fact that he's a litteral animal sometimes.

Kaji smirks a bit. "If I wanted to. I usually go mid way. You know, kind of like those werewolves. But less bulky and move svelte." That's one way of putting it. He hms a bit before he pulls his phone out and taps his way through the apps on it before he gets to a picture. He slides it over towards Anita. "That's what I look like." On the screen is Kaji, as an anthro, standing on the balcony looking over one of Hawaii's beaches.

"Oh, you're cute!" Anita has to comment on his anthro picture, "I'd love to run my hands over that fur…" She gives him a little wink and hands the phone back, "And lucky getting to go to Hawaii! I've never taken the time off to go." She leans forward, her elbows on the table as she toys with her straw, "I haven't actually run across very many mutants." She keeps her voice low so that the other customers can't overhear as easily. There are some mutants that don't want that fact spread around. She's one of them.

Kaji snickers a bit as he takes the phone back, putting it into his pocket. "It was a vacation idea through Tony. Was kinda fun actually. Cliff diving was awesome." At the mention of his fur, he hms a bit; taking a drink of his tea before he just comments, "If you want, I could give you a ride back home. Let you have that chance all ya want." He keeps his voice down as she does, so he doesn't make her uncomfortable.

Anita chuckles softly and nods, "Yeah, Tony's invited me to go away for a weekend soon." She pauses for a moment, "No real plans yet, but…" She shrugs, "Cliff diving does sound fun, though." The comes the offer of a ride home and a small smile appears, "A ride home would be nice. I don't have my bike here, so…" She takes another drink and reaches one hand across the table to try to lightly touch the back of his hand with the tip of one finger, "As long as you get along alright with dogs, that is… I don't lock the kids up when I go out without them."

Kaji smiles as he puts the money for his drink under his coaster and he picks his helmet back up off of the ground. "I get along fine with dogs. I'll try and not put them into a corner." The last part is said with a smile as he opens up two slots on his helmet before he offers a hand over towards her. "Shall we?"

Kaji walks in front of her holding the door open for her as he steps outside into the chill. There's a faint sound of fur brushing against fabric as his tail slips free from his pants as the anthro flexes his hands. Thankfully, he shifted in the shade of the store so when he steps out under a streetlight next to his bike; it a tad more of a surprise. "One catch though, you're going to need to direct me."

There's a small, appreciative sound when he steps into the light again with fur and Anita moves her hand a little on his arm, "Mmmm… Nice." She chuckles softly at his condition and nods, "Of course. I'm just over at Midtown." She'll let him get on the bike first and then climb on behind him, giving directions to the apartment without hesitation.

Kaji smiles, his tail flicking as he hears the compliment. He takes his jacket off, draping it over her shoulders as he says, "You need it more than me." The mutant is wearing only a T-shirt under that coat. Giving Anita free reign for petting over his arms. He looks over at Tony's bike and sends a text to Happy to come to the Tea shop and pick it up before he climbs onto his own. He offers his hand to the lady with a helmet hidden smile, the bike starting up with the other hand turning it on. "Shall we?"

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