2009-06-25: Teacher Time


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Summary: Sam and Rob discuss the students and squads.

Date: June 25, 2009

Log Title Teacher Time

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Staff Lounge

This room is warm and relaxing, the walls are a dark mahogany, a long L couch rests against two of the walls. One wall has a large flat screen TV that is set into a hidden compartment in one wall. There is a table and chairs off to one side for conferences and meetings, and a bar with stools to the back, with a variety of coffees to choose from.

Just a quiet summer afternoon in the Xavier Mansion. In the Staff Lounge, what appears to be a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, some faintly glowin white bandages, and a floating cup of iced coffee are situated on the couch. That would be Robert Weyrin, resident invisible teacher. He's just relaxing in the lounge, watching a news report about some superpowered teenagers stopping a bank robbery. Of course no one can really tell where he's looking so who knows.

After finishing up a danger room session with the New Mutants, Sam's taken a shower and headed up to the teachers lounge with a bottle of cool water in hand. Walking in, he's dressed in just a plain t-shirt, jeans and a cowboy hat on his wet hair. "Heya Rob." Sam says to the invisble teacher, having gotten used to the man who just appears as a shirt and pants. "How's your day treatin' ya?"

Rob glances over as Sam enters and pauses a moment. Shaking it off, he offers an unseen smile and shrug of the t-shirt. "Hello, Sam. Just been relaxing and geting back to being unseen again so alright," he replies. "Yours?"

"Been pretty good. Just had a New Mutants Danger Room session. Ah think the kids are happy tah have their own powers back. Ah know Ah am." Sam says with a nod as he sits down on the couch along with Rob.

Rob chuckles quietly, t-shirt sleeve lifting to show the faintly glowing bandages wrapped around where Rob was wounded on the mission. The cut's nearly healed but he was still advised to keep it clean and covered. "Having our normal powers back is helpful," he remarks. "New Mutants? One of those training squads, correct? Which students are you in charge of?" he asks curiously, wondering if he might get a squad of students to train.

"New Mutants, kinda an irony since Ah was one of the first New Mutants." Sam says with a chuckle. "Eddie, Leo, Nathaniel, Max, Ebony and July." He says as to who the members are. "Ah think Christopher's fillin' in again for Alpha Squadron since Ororo's gone and done her thing again. She's becomin' a bit like Logan disappearin' and reappearin' with no warnin'."

Rob nods slightly. "Leo…he's the one that stowed away on that mission to raid that base…" he trails off, mostly just mentall confirming it. "Ororo? I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting her yet," he says. "How is training with the kids?" he asks, hoping the majority of the students are better than what he saw from Pallaton and Vladimir.

"Oh yeah." Sam says with a slight chuckle. "Ah remember doing some crazy stuff back when Ah was a kid. Ah used tah been on a team with Ororo back when Ah was a lot younger, but Ah think Ah'm kinda the exception since Ah've been doin' the costumed fightin' thing for about nine years." Sam says leaning back and relaxing. "Ah like trainin' 'em. Nathaniel could be a handful at the start but Ah think he's gotten better. They just sometime think we're trainin' up an army."

Rob arches both eyebrows. "Nine years?" he asks. "I don't suppose you ever took part in a mission involving busting into a warehouse and taking on a ring of mutant kidnappers," he wonders, trying to remember what he saw those years ago other than the other victims. He then chuckles quietly. "I can see why they'd think it. Matching uniforms, strict rules, combat training…" he trails off, gesturing vaguely with an unseen hand before sipping his coffee.

Sam stops and thinks about it, shaking his head. "Ah don't think Ah was on that one. Why do ya ask?" He says taking another sip from his bottle of water. "The rules really ain't that strict. Ah mean they pretty much have free run of the school and we really ain't that hard on 'em when they do break the rules." Sam admits.

Rob shrugs. "About nine years ago, I ended up gettng kidnapped by people specifically targeting mutants. The X-men broke in and rescued me and the others that had been taken. Back then, I was offered a place at the school but I had some responsibilities at home I couldn't abandon. If not for that rescue, I wouldn't be here today. Found out about the school that way. I'm just a bit embarrassed to say I cna't remember who exactly was there other than a flying woman," he answers. "Hmm. That's not how Vladimir made it seem when I met him," he says with another shrug. "Though he seems in need of some form of hard punishment."

Sam shakes his head. "Definately not me then. Ah was sixteen then and just startin' with the New Mutants. Me, Berto, Danni, Rahne and Xi'an. Ah need tah Berto soon, see how he's doin'." Sam half muses to himself. "Flyin' woman, that coulda been a few people. Jean was able tah fly with her telekinesis." Sam says thinking about it for a bit before shrugging. "Vladimir? Ah've heard he can be a handful. If he gives ya a hard time, ya are a teacher Rob."

Rob nods, listening to the list of people he's not met yet. "Did you New Mutants have a teacher advisor like the squads now?" he wonders. "Yes, I know. I just thought I'd give him one chance. Mabe see if his initial horrid attitude was just the adreneline from the fight or not.

"I guess you can kind of call Xavier our advisor, and…Magneto for a time." Sam says as he wasn't exactly fond of those days. To have Magneto as an instructor was just weird. "Over all though the kids in the New New Mutants are a good bunch, well I think they are." Sam says with a chuckle. "So you're interested in becoming a squad leader?"

Rob blinks. "Magneto? As in…the same guy with the magnetic powers and a big purple cape?" he asks, surprised by this. He then lets out a houghtful noise. "Well…if there's a need for a new squad leader, I could take the position. I'm not an X-man but I'm willing to put work into training students."

"Jericho isn't an X-Man and he leads a squad." Sam points out. "And yes, that's the same Magneto. Charles left him in charge of the school for a bit, I really don't know the details but it was weird." He admits with a shrug. "But I think Christopher is taking over for Alpha Squadron again so you might want to talk to Scott about it."

Rob lets out a thoughtful noise. "It does indeed sound weird," he says. There's a pause, Rob silently wondering if he'll ever meet the likes of Charles Xavier or Magneto. Shaking it off, the invisible man nods. "I suppose I will. I'll see if I can catch him later today."

Sam smiles and pats Rob on his invisible sholder. "I find it fun and it's interesting seeing the kids grow. I just need to start focusing on team work with the New Mutants. They're getting there but when you're a kid you never realize how much you can at first."

Rob is surprised by the physical contact, not used to such friendliness. He smiled and nods. "Just another classroom to teach in," he remarks. He then nods in areement. "Indeed we don't. I remember that when I was sixteen I was convinced I was the lamest mutant on the planet and wasn't going to get anywhere from where I was."

"Ah can't claim that at sixteen, that was the age when everything started tah happen." Sam says as it was rough at first but got better very shortly after. "Ah found some of mah best friends cause of bein' with the New Mutants and now Ah have a sister who followed in mah foot steps and a brother who might be." He says shaking his head. "But there really are no lame mutations, it's how ya use them. Doug…his weren't spectacular."

Rob nods silently as he listens to Sam. When Doug is brought up,the invisible teacher froms. He's been told how Doug was and that he died. "What did he do?" he wonders, not having that information.

"He just understood languages, that was it." Sam says as he does miss Doug from time to time. Doug's death was an important lesson for the New Mutants but a lesson that shouldn't have been learned in that way. "The dormatories are named after him, but anyway…so your powers aren't that usless. Everyone has a use."

Rob's eyebrows go back up. "That sounds like a very useful ability," he remarks. A small smile crosses his face and he concentrates. After a few seconds, bandages appear all over him and make him look a lot like a mummy in a t-shirt and jeans. "THe power I thought was useful when I was younger turns out to be one of the only things that lets me be seen these days."

"It's not just the bandages that let ya be seen Rob, it's also the clothes ya wear." Sam offers to Rob in a bit of an optimistic way. "And with being invisible all tha time, Ah wonder if there's a way tah fix that. Too bad Hank ain't 'round right now."

Rob laughs, leting the bandages fade. "I know but for some reason, people seem to think the bandaged wrapped look is a lot less weird than the clothes walking around on their own," he says. Looking down at his hand, he nods. "I've been wondering if there's a way to fix it since I realized it happed to me. I have no idea what happened to the guys that did it to me though. Didn't stick around long enough to find out."

"Well see if ya can remember anything and we can see what we can find out. Ya said nine years ago the X-Men rescued ya maybe we can see if there's anything on file." Sam says trying to see if there is a way to get Rob back to normal. "There should be a way tah reverse what was done ta ya."

Rob shakes his head. "I'm sure there would be but this," he gestures at himself. "It happened the second time I managed to get myself nabbed. When I was in college, I stopped to help this woman and it turned out to be a trap designed to nab anyone with powers that would help her. Ended up strapped to some table in a lab. Not sure what it was that got me free but the moment things started exploding and the thing holding me down broke, I was out of there. Didn't notice no one else could see me till I got out."

"Was it here in New York City?" Sam says as a location narrowing things down might help. "That does sound rough Rob but it's the unfortunate life of a mutant. Thought Ah'll try tah do what Ah can tah help ya get back tah normal."

Rob nods. "Yeah. Local college. GOt in on scholarship," he says, listing an address for the college. "Grabbed me right off the jogging trail. The place I ended up in was somewhere in the city though. Not sure where, wasn't all that..right…at the time. Mostly just 'oh crap, run!'," he chuckles. "Yeah. I've pretty much come to expect some crazy things like that to happen just because of a little gene but not much to do about it," he shrugs yet again. "Thanks, Sam."

Sam pats Rob's shoulder again and stands up. "Unfortunately Ah gotta get going, Ah gotta talk to Scott for a bit. Later we'll talk more about this, maybe visit that local college of yours." Sam says with a nod as he gives rob a smile. "Ya take care now Rob."

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