2020-06-10:Teachers Pet



Summary: James ends his journey. But he's not alone.

Date: June 10, 2020

Log Title Teacher's Pet

Rating: R

Middle-of-nowhere New Hampshire

It’s early morning on June 10, and James is still out driving around New Hampshire. Ignoring the vehicle’s built-in GPS, the hyena forges his own path through town after town; occasionally stopping to take a cautious look for supplies at roadside shacks and small stores. Alas, even with part of the population decimated, an untouched market is still a rarity. So, having up given the idea of finding an unmolested can of Sobe No Fear, James pulls out onto a main street and sets his sights on returning to the Hunter’s Den. Engine idling, headlights shining brightly, Tooth sighs to himself. Damn. All he wanted was that Sobe.

Matt was a teacher before it happened. A good one. He enjoyed his job, the kids, and even the pay. How was he to know that the reason his students did so well was because he was a mutant with the ability to boost cognitive reasoning? Something he had never known about. At least not until the day the Sentinels attacked. That was a surprise. Almost as much as being part of a successful death camp escape last week. But both of those surprises pale in comparison to walking out of a deserted building in a deserted town and seeing a hyena inside a military vehicle. Thank god the rescue squad had arrived.

James turns his head, nose fogging up with window. Rolling it down, he gives Matt the look of someone who believes the teacher has every right to be there. Checking his side mirror for traffic that long ago stopped flowing, he clears his voice and asks, “Which way to a road that’s not screwed up?” He swivels an ear as he waits for a response, Hunter’s uniform clearly visible.

Matt stutters for a moment, managing a “Uhhh…I don’t know?” He stands still, hoping that maybe the Hunter isn’t one at all? Or doesn’t know that the teacher is a mutant? Matt tries to play it cool, “Try going straight.”

“I am,” James responds gruffly. Another mirror check, another look at Matt, “So, you escaped, made it this far, and have no idea what roads are good or not.” The hyena’s eyes narrow, not liking the lack of answers. Why are people so stupid? It wears him down, makes him irritable.

Matt cringes a little, “No…I walked. I’ve been avoiding the main roads.” His face turns to one of sadness, “You’re not here to rescue me, are you? I mean, I guess I should have expected I’d get caught, you know?” He fidgets some, unsure what he should do next, “What happens now?”

James shrugs and looks down at a screen as a sensor picks up a passive RFID tag on Matt that all but gives his entire history. The hyena turns off the engine and opens the door to the vehicle. Sliding his legs out, he stays seated, eyes on the teacher, “What happened to your collar?”

Matt rubs his neck subconsciously, “Lost it?” He gives James a look, not hoping to go into the whole Mutant Underground Railroad or that he’s expecting company any moment now. “It’s probably a bad idea to run, isn’t it?”

James nods deftly, “Yeah, you’d make it 50 feet. Royally piss me off.” He inhales sharply, as I the idea of being pissed off is pissing him off. He nods to the back of the humvee, “Hungry? Mostly junk food, but better than nothing.”

Matt’s eyes go wide. He walks over without waiting for a second invitation, “I don’t care.” He opens the door, grabs a box of dingdongs and chows down. Only after having 3 pouches does he bother to ask, “Are you taking me in?”

James stares straight ahead the entire time, only looking over as the question is asked. “I was a teacher once,” he responds, referring to the readout had to say when the vehicle picked up Matt’s ID. “Enjoyed it more than I let on.” He shakes his head, finally answering the question, “No. You’d slow me down. And they’d kill you. Probably. “ He stands and stretches, taking a moment to admire the stars.

Matt looks up, a little surprised and somewhat disappointed. He’s lost, has no idea if he’s at the right location to be rescued by the resistance, and honestly would give it all away just t stop hiding and go back to the camp. He reaches in without asking and grabs another box, “Ummm, one for the road?” It’s a sheepish look James receives, one that dissipates with another uncertain question. “Ummm, where should I go from here?”

James’ eyes begin to glow bright blue as he powers up, “I’ll show you. Any last words I can pass on to those who asks?” The tone is suddenly tired, as if he hasn’t slept in days.

Matt’s mouth falls open, “Wait. What?” He backs up against the vehicle, somewhat trapped.

James shrugs, grabs a handful of Matt’s shirt and vanishes in a loud pop of Ozone and Electricity; taking Matt and everything he was holding into oblivion. Moments later, James reappears a few feet away from his original position. Immediately he pulls a notebook out of his pants pocket and checks his GPS before taking down the quadrants, “Matt. Teacher. Mutant. Escapee. Taken 4:21 on 6/10/2020. Last words ‘wait what.’ Out loud, he asks, “Why do they almost always say that?”

Now alone, James parks the vehicle next to the building Matt came out of. He can’t take it any further without being asked about its original occupants. Passing the window, he sees that the Teacher isn’t the first mutant runaway to stop here, judging by the amount of stuff piled inside. He chuffs and takes a moment to leave a note on the humvee’s windshield:

6/10/2020. 4:32 AM.
“Took Matt. Left truck.
Food in backseat. Fair trade.


PS: Find a better hiding spot.
PPS: Wait what.

With the truck disposed of, James sets his sights on heading home. Using his pocket GPS he looks far into the distance and is gone in a blue flash of electricity, leaving only behind the scent of ozone as he starts to line-of-sight teleport the final distance.

Just as the puff of electricity bursts around James, a barrage of explosions fills the area where James stood. The air is filled with the angry, vengeful scream of Luke as he charges towards it, his hands ignited in nuclear energy as he flings balls of the fiery death at James. He's a moment too late, and knows it. He blasts a few more times, just to fulfill his anger, and then he stops, his hands flickering back to normal. He looks around, breathing heavily, and spots the note. He walks over to it, adjusting the AK-47 hanging on his back, and reads the note. He crumples it, bursting it into flames as he punches the hummer. "NO!" He punches it again. "No no no no no no no!" he shouts, punching the fender with each outburst until the dented steel is bloody from his hand…

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