2012-05-28: Team Awesome Is Go

Players: Amy, Cale, Nicholas, Shane, and Tara

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Summary: Tara and Cale decide that enough is enough, and go round up a posse to hunt for Cale's lost sister, Amy. The hunt takes them rural Missouri, just outside of St. Louis, where they confront Cale's uncle, Baxter, and then take the fight to the Friends of Humanity.

Date: May 28, 2012

Log Title: Team Awesome is GO!

Rating: R

Baxter Black's Residence

A nice, old fashioned two story farm house sitting on several acres at the end of a long gravel road. The lawn is neatly trimmed and the outside of the house has a fresh coat of paint on it and a new looking roof; a couple SUVs and a motorcycle sit in the driveway.

One does not simply take the Blackbird out for a joyride. Not even if you're going to St. Louis to go save a young mutant from an uncertain fate. Especially not if the one who's doing the joyriding happens to be blind, which Tara is. This is why Logan can be found behind the wheel of the world's most advanced airplane, playing taxi to a bunch of would-be superheroes, because if he didn't, Tara would be. Inside the Blackbird the blind girl has somehow managed to put together a team of unlikely heroes to do this saving. Cale's presence is obvious, since it's his sister that they're all out to rescue, and somehow Tara convinced Nick and Shane to tag along as well. Tara is dressed in civilian clothes, at the moment: Comfortable pair of jeans, bright pink unicorn t-shirt, and a matching headband to keep her blonde hair tied back. "Okay. So we know that Amy was released from the hospital by her and Cale's uncle, Baxter. We know that Baxter released them to some 'friends'" she says making the little air quotes with her fingers, "but we don't know who they are, or where they took her. Our first stop is to visit Baxter and ask, real nicely, what they did with her." Logan just snorts in amusement."

Of course, Logan's presence makes the whole thing a little more /legitimate/ and soothes Cale's worriesome side a bit more - hey, at least SOMEONE at Xavier's is willing to help them out. Or at least, somewhat supervise the whole thing. Well, sort of, anyway. "Real nicely," he nods, voice calm and cheerful as ever. He squints his eyes slightly, peering out the window of the plane as it screams along at supersonic speeds.

Dressed in his old Corsair's yellow and black costume is Nicholas. He fidgets a bit in one of the chairs as this is his first 'real' mission. "What can you tell us about your Uncle that way we know what to expect, and whose doing this 'real nice' asking? I only want to know that way I don't screw anything up." He is also looking forward to getting to release some anger on the Friends of Humanity, even if he doesn't vocalize it.

"This is stupid," Shane grumbles, dropping herself into one of the Blackbird's seats. To Cale: "You're stupid for doing this, when you ain't hardly spent much time in th'Danger Room on *normal* classes. To Nick: "*You're* stupid for fucking well knowing better what could end up happenin'." Then her eyes find Tara, and narrow. "And *you're* Queen of the Fuckwits for getting them started *at all.*" Despite her apparent withering scorn for the exercise, however, the slight young mutant is apparently wearing a red-and-black UM jumpsuit under her street clothes, her hair dyed in vertical stripes to match, eyebrows left black. Around her neck is draped a loose, but tall scarf that can be snugged up under her nose at need, made of a similar material; clearly, the detonator is expecting trouble, and has dressed to match. "….So let's hurry up an' get there already. Sooner we're out, less time I gotta worry onea you dipshits gets hurt." The toe of one huge, armored boot taps against the bulkhead as t

The toe of one huge, armored boot taps against the bulkhead as the jet hurtles toward its destination.

Tara just gives Shane a brilliant smile, as if she was payed the highest compliment in the world. "It's queen fuckwits like me that end up rescuing damsels in distress. Anyway. That's what he's here for," she says, poking a thumb in the direction of Logan. "I'm pretty sure that this is something that we can handle, but if it turns out we end up in the middle of Hydra nest we've got some backup. Besides. He wouldn't let me fly the jet." And with that she yields the floor to Cale to give them the low down on who they're going to visit.

Cale just glares at Shane, "I don't care. It's pretty clear nobody ELSE is going to go help her, if I don't. If you guys hadn't gone, I would've eventually gone by myself." Tara just… sped things up a lot. Everything is easier to do with friends. "I don't know. He's a jerk. Your basic midwestern redneck type. He usually keeps guns around, but, I don't think he actually practices much with them. So it shouldn't be that big of a deal. He's got some woman he's married to. She's kind of an airhead, so I don't expect she'll be a problem…" he pauses.

"We used to visit his place every summer, at least, so I know my way around his property pretty well. I dunno which of us should do the talking though… Tara seems pretty good at that sorta thing. Or we could always play good cop bad cop…" This is a bit more /proactive/ than he usually is, but he's had quite a bit of time to think things over, anyway. "But I think he's just a big bully. I think he'll be more interested in saving his own skin than helping out his 'buddies.'"

Nicholas offers Shane a nervous, but amused, smile. "Hey, Cale's a friend and I know just what those anti-mutant types can do, like you said. I can't let that happen to his sister." Then he says under his breath. "I wonder why they wouldn't let you fly the jet." He raises his eyebrows before letting out a sigh and rubbing his temples. "Look, these anti-mutant types aren't really that logical and they know how to take out mutants so, good cop bad cop?" He isn't quite sure Cale knows how serious this is. "You never know Cale, so Tara does the talking?"

Shane grunts, crossing her arms over her chest and flopping back into her seat. "…Fine. 'F you need a hardass, guess it's a good thing I'm here. He starts actin' like a shitball, figure blowin' out a wall'r two'll shut 'im up."

"All right, we're here," comes the gruff voice of Logan, as they begin to descend. "Where do you want me to park?" Tara just shrugs and says, "Front lawn is good, I'm thinking." Logan just snorts in amusement again and mutters, "Real subtle, kid. Real subtle." It takes a few minutes for the Blackbird to descend, and Logan manages to find a place that conveniently takes out a few carefully manicured rose bushes, as a kind of statement on how he feels about bigotry. Once on the ground the airlocks open and the ramp descends on the ground. Tara plucks her foldable cane from her lap and snaps it erect. "Okay. Let's do this." With that she descends the ramp, leading the crew to meet Baxter.

Baxter is sitting in his kitchen, reading some kind of flier with a cup of coffee in his hand. He is a middle aged man with a high hairline which one might call receding. There is a woman sitting opposite him with too much makeup and a blue floral print dress. It seems not much is going on in their household. Baxter is visible from outside, through the window.

Cale follows along close on Tara's heels; like Shane, he's wearing his unstable molecule suit beneath his street clothes; which consist of a pair of snug fitting jeans and one of his usual anime t-shirts. His hair is tied back into a couple of braids to keep it mostly out of the way. "That's them," he peers through the window. "Look at that. Sittin there. Like nothing's happening." Yeah… how did they not notice the giant plane landing on their yard? Maybe it's a quiet plane.

Nicholas decides to hang back and let Cale and Tara do their thing. "I'll be back here at the Blackbird for now, too many people might cause him to act rash, also if he tries to escape I can be out here waiting for him." Nick figures it's a good enough idea especially since having four teens gang up on one man might not be the best idea for the saftey of Cale's sister.

Shane levers herself out of her seat, nodding to Nick. Then, jamming her hands in her pockets — and there's really no better word to describe her slouching, foot-dragging walk — she mooches along behind Cale, keeping herself away from line of sight of the window if at all possible, as well as the door. If she's going to back the two up, it seems, she'd prefer to be as unpleasant a surprise as humanly possible.

When Tara said that they were going to ask nicely, that's exactly what she has in mind. Sure, it may end up unpleasant, but she'll be damned if she's going to be the one who starts it. So with that, she walks right up to the door, raps her knuckles on it, and calls out, "Mr. Baxter? Can we talk to you about your niece, Amy?"

Baxter gets up from his chair, mumbling something to his wife, who looks towards the door with wide eyes before exiting the room. The man opens the door and then looks about, "What about her?" His eyes settle on Cale, and the man remarks, "Cale, when are you going to cut your hair? You don't want people to get the wrong idea about you, boy. Who are your little friends?"

Cale just frowns, "We're not here to talk about my hair, Uncle Baxter. Besides, I like it that way! It's nice." It clearly pains him to call this man his uncle these days. "I want to know where Amy is. I want my sister back. That's all." He tugs on one of his pigtails slightly nervously. "I know that you know where she is. The hospital records say you signed her out." Despite the prior agreement, he does a little talking. It seems only right, being that, without him, none of them would be here anyway. Certainly, he lets Tara do the tough part though…

Nicholas decides to do some wandering while the rest of them are talking, walking around the house, peaking inside what windows he can. He's hoping that while the man is distracted maybe he'll be able to find something more out. He takes a look at his friends before wandering off.

Shane catches Nicholas' eye briefly, noting that one of the trio, at least, knows what he's doing in case trouble happens. Beyond that, she keeps her attention on the conversation, folding her arms and leaning against the side of the house, in that particular form of teenage loitering that manages to be both political statement and dare; I am *here,* and you just try and make a liar out of me.

Tara reaches out in the general direction of Cale groping until she snags his shoulder. She pats it reassuringly a couple of times before interrupting Cale. "What he means is that he's worried about his sister. She was badly injured and would like to visit her to make sure that she's taken care of."

Baxter eyes Cale for a few moments and then says, with a slight disbelieving laugh at Cale when he says that his hair is nice, "Amy is in an advanced care facility, Cale. You know I'd take care of her, she's family. With all that bleeding and such, we had to make sure she was good and taken care of. That hospital wasn't taking care of her properly, weren't gonna fix her right and new." He looks out at all the teens and says, shaking his head with some disappointment, "Didn't expect you to join some fancy mutant gang, trying to run around and scare good folk like us. Your own family."

"Then why didn't you call me, or tell me, or anything?" Cale raises his voice slightly, "I haven't heard anything for a solid month! The hospital wouldn't even tell me anything," he glances back at the plane and the other three, plus one Wolverine. "These are my friends. They like me. For who I am. And I like them. We're not a gang." If only Baxter should happen to run into /him./ This would be over in like a second. Of course… There's merit in handling things yourself. He calms, though, with Tara's hand on his shoulder. "I'm just worried. I just want to at least see her. She's like, pretty my best friend in the entire world. You /know/ that."

If Nicholas is paying attention to the windows, it seems like the woman in the house is heading up the stairs. She comes on down carrying something that seems suspiciously gunlike. As for the lawn itself, there is not much going on outside of the ordinary, other than a fat white cat that just flops over upon seeing Nicholas and rubs its back against the grass.

There's a text sent to Shane from Nick -There's a woman insdie, looks like she's got a gun.- He figures since she's not the one talking to them so she's the best bet in contacting the others. He starts to finish circling his way around the house so that he can meet up with the others opposite where he started, just incase the worst happens, in which right now, Nick is expecting that.

Baxter headshakes at Cale and says firmly, "You can't visit her. It'll just upset you to see her now." He glances over his shoulder and then says, "Why don't your friends run along so we can talk a bit more privately?"

Shane blinks, tugging her phone from her back pocket, peering at the screen. Then her eyes narrow, and she looks past Cale and Tara, meeting Baxter's eyes. "Wife's upstairs," she says, for the first time since exiting the plane, "'N looks like she gotta gun. So call'er down here, buddy, an' they'll ask again, nice. Don't?" The slight young mutant merely lifts a shoulder. "Probably you don't wanna get into 'don't.'"

"Look, Mr. Baxter," explains Tara with a sigh. "We're not trying to scare you. I mean, look at me. I'm blind. How scary could I possibly be?" She gives him a lackadaisical shrug. "We just to know where she is so that we can make sure that she's fine. That's all. A reasonable request." She tilts her head when she hears Shane. "Or we could go with Plan B. Plan B is this: Shane starts videotaping Cale and mysels who are both very reasonable people, asking a very reasonable question, and then you, using your strange mutant powers attack a defenseless blind girl. We post that up on YouTube, keep an eye out on your place, and wait until your mutant hating buddies show up to drag your ass to wherever it is that they're keeping Amy. We follow them there, and take her and leave you. I'm sure they'd be real happy to find out about the tratorous mutant scum amongst their midst."

Cale looks back and forth between Shane and Tara. Scary! If it were up to him, he'd just slap the guy around with his tongue some. Maybe squeeze his neck a little. Now? He doesn't have to do much, really. It's good to have friends. "I guess that works," he smiles faintly, ceasing his nervous tugging on his pigtail. "They do mean business, Uncle Baxter, trust me. Don't bring a gun. I don't like guns," he smiles again, trying to appear the cheerful nephew that he's been. Sometimes. You know.

Nicholas finally finishes his circle around the house and comes back around, leaning against the siding with his arms crossed over his chest, just ready for anything to happen since he's sure the shit is about to hit the fan any second now.

Baxter looks towards Shane with a furrowed brow, "A gang of muties shows up on my doorstep, on /my property/, and you feel threatened by my wife making sure that we'll be good and protected if and when you little monsters attack me?" He then looks towards Tara and says, bearing his teeth in a hostile snarl, "And look at you, with the threats. Oh, you muties, with your nasty tricks and your threats." He looks towards Cale and shakes his head slowly, "You used to be a good kid. A bit limpwristed, but still good. Now look at you, threatening family with your little gang. You should be proud, bucko. You have ten seconds to get off my lawn. I can't make promises about what'll happen then."

Shane arches a black eyebrow, holding up her cellphone. With a beep, the [RECORD] label flashes in red on the screen, the tiny camera lens pointed at the porch. "…What was it you was askin' again, Cale? Somethin' like wantin' t'see y'sick sister?" Glancing up at Baxter meaningfully, she dips her head, nudging her nose under the lip of the scarf, tugging it up over her face.

Tara sighs sadly. "Okay. Plan B it is. Roll 'em, Shane." When she's sure that Shane has her phone up her demeanor suddenly changes to that of a frightened little girl. "Oh, please, no, Mr. Baxter! We just wanted to know where Cale's sick sister is! You don't have to hit me with your mind again! Please don't! NOOOO!" With that, her body flies up and back, like she was just the victim of an uppercut from Mike Tyson.

"Yeah, I just wanna see her… I don't understand why there's all the secrecy," Cale murmurs. It's an honest statement, honestly. "TARA!!" he shouts; geniunely. He has a tendency to daydream, and, well, hadn't /quite/ realized this was necessarily part of the plan, you see. Of course… he gets it right afterward but… "How could you do that? How can you be such a hypocrite? Why do you hate your own kind so much?" Oh yeah. He could DEFINITELY have a backup career as an actor.

Nicholas isn't sure if any of this is helping, he's getting antsy and wants this wrapped up with now. He's made an effort so far to stay out of the picture but with his friends getting 'attacked' he figures it's about time to actually do something. "Hey, leave her alone!" He shouts at Baxter as he goes to move in front of Tara. "If you wanna pick on someone, how about someone your own size!"

Baxter seems unimpressed, "You did that to yourself mutie. I don't have your fancydoodle mind powers." He takes a step back. He closes the door. There is the clicking of his lock. "Gizelda, get me the damn phone! These muties've got fancydoodle mind powers! I need to call those people, they said muties'd try something like this."

A female voice replies, "Why don't I shoot 'em up with this gun here? It's a good gun."

"Mind powers, woman, they've got /mind powers/!" replies Baxter.

"….Okay, y'know what fuck this." Stuffing her phone back in her pants pocket, Shane elbows her way past Cale and Tara, lifting a foot. "…Last chance. Tell us where Amy is." As she talks, her boot begins to glow faint red, brighter and brighter… And then she stomps down on the man's doormat, the muted explosion spiderwebbing the concrete, buckling it downward and shredding the tough material under her foot. "…Or I don't stop wipin' my feet w'just th'doormat."

Tara says from the ground as Shane stomps by, sounding rather dejected, "Or there's plan C." She gets to her feet and nods at Baxter. "Yes. Mind powers. And explody powers. And…" she pauses considering Cale for a second. "Tongue powers. So, yeah. We tried to be reasonable, and you wanted us to get violent. So here we are. getting violent." She, then, just simply lifts Baxter about ten feet in the air, making a sweeping gesture so he knows she's the one doing it. "So how 'bout it? Got Mutant insurance for your house?"

"Uncle Baxter, you really are kind of an idiot, you know!" Cale calls, sighing, and sauntering over off the porch to the driveway. "I'm going to kick your stupid Harley over if you don't tell us where Amy is!" he shouts. "You know, the one you hired some guy and spent a thousand dollars painting an eagle on the gas tank?" Violence against people is something he abhors, but violence against other things… "And my friends will probably come in there and beat you up or something, too! But I'm too nice for that," he shouts again.

Nicholas rushes in behind Shane once she's exploded the door and pushes past trying to find Baxter and his wife, and at least he saw her earlier so he knows exactly who he's looking for. His goal is to find her and rip the gun from her hands telekinetically so they don't have a weapon to use against them. "Listen, you're going to tell us where Amy is, it all depends how much of your lovely house we destroy is the question. Also a Harley huh? I wonder if I can crush it with my mind powers."

Whether it's the threat to his front stoop, his Harley or his own well-being, and the gun being yanked out of the woman's hands, Baxter relents, yelling, "Fine! Fine! The pamphlet I got from them is on the table, it has the address, just get off my property, please! Leave!" If the pamphlet is taken, it has the Friends of Humanity logo on it as well as the address.

Shane slips past the floating Baxter, clomping past the terrified Grizelda, and plucks up the pamphlet. Pausing to scan one side, then the other, then the inside, and as she stomps back to the door, she glares up at the midair Baxter. "You total cockwaffle. You gave a shit 'bout family, you wouldn't'a handed 'er t'those Nazi-wannabe fuckasses." Snarling to herself, she mooches back toward the Blackbird, visibly furious.

Tara unceremoniously drops Baxter on his keester (making sure that he lands safely, but not painlessly.) "C'mon," she says. "Let's go." Once on the Blackbird she shakes her head and mumbles, "That didn't work. The plan was flawless," she mumbles to herself. From the cockpit, snickering can be heard. Once she makes sure that everybody's on board and okay, she asks, "So, what's on the pamphlet?"

"/Finally,/" Cale sighs, resting his foot on the bike momentarily. It's actually quite solid, and well, Cale is not exactly the most muscular nor heavy of people. He's not even sure if he COULD push it over, to be honest. "He did WHAT?!" he cries, chasing after Shane as the heads back into the Blackbird.

"Come on Cale, we can look over this thing once we're in the Blackbird, the sooner we're out of here the better…oh yeah." Nicholas turns to look back at Baxter. "If you call these folks on this pamphlet and let them know we're coming, we'll be back and you'll get to see how horrible mutants really can be. I suggest you just ignore this happened and live you're hateful life in peace." With that he gets back into the Blackbird.

Baxter raises his hands and looks away from the mutants and then says, "Just… just leave us alone, you monsters…" There's little else her cares to say on the matter.

"Friends of Humanity," Shane grunts, passing the pamphlet up to Logan, before taking her seat. "See'm in the City, holdin' rallies and public speakin' an' shit. Ain't s'bad's th'Purifiers, but, bad enough. Heard 'bout this one time couple years ago, damn near lynched a girl might not even've been a mutant, 'f it weren't f'r th'cops. So, like th' KKK, 'cept with muties."

"I've heard of them," says Tara, with a nod. "Mutant hating rednecks with guns. Somehow I don't think the subtle approach is going to work on these guys." As the plane lifts off Tara considers the situation for a bit. "I can keep a shield up that's strong enough to stop bullets, but that's going to take all my concentration if I want to protect the four of us. Shane and Cale will be good for offence. Nick? How's your shielding?"

"Offense? Well, I guess I'm pretty good at sneaking anyway… it shouldn't be too hard to sneak into this place or anything like that and…" Cale trails off, not being too sure what all they'll find inside. Hopefully, they find his sister, and hopefully, they find her alive and in good shape. Otherwise… well… There're probably going to be some dead rednecks. Not that he's /thinking/ that, right at the moment…

"A group similar to them killed my parents…they're extremists." Nicholas says as he knows a bit more first hand about anti-mutant groups then most. "Anyway, we get Amy out of there and just go. I don't want to see anyone get killed cause they wont' hesitate to kill us." He clenches his fists a few time outs of nerves and anger trying to keep calm. "My shields aren't to great, I've just grown decent at repelling objects."

"Fine," Shane grunts. "I'll get th'door. Prolly one good kick'll do it. Can't keep it up long though… Danger Room takes pretty much all I got, so like Nick says; let's don't take too long." Drawing in a deep breath, she closes her eyes. "…Gonna say it again. This's a *really* stupid idea. But we're already in, 'n Cale's sister needs help. So… fuck it. Let's do this."

As they approach the address listed on the paper, it's obvious that what they're dealing with isn't anything on the scale of what one would find in New York. This place used to be a farm of some sorts, but the field have all gone to weed so there's no telling what it was they used to grow there. However, what's left is, for all intents and purposes a compound like one would find at the disaster that was Waco. There's a ring of ten foot tall fencing that surrounds the entire place. Inside there's a farmhouse that looks like it's been converted to a headquarter of sorts, and a large barn that would have been used to store whatever goods this farm used to produce as well as all the farming equipment. Now all of it's windows have been sealed, and it's doors have been reinforced, and an even larger, thicker fence rimmed with razor wire surrounds the building.

As Logan describes the layout to Tara, her mood turns grim. "Wow. They don't do aything halfway here. Okay. I'm betting the barn is where they are. So let's do this. Let's drop down on the roof so Shane can make us an entrance. Once we're in we free Amy and any other mutants they're holding captive there. I can keep a shield around us, in case they open fire, but I'm hoping that Cale and Nick can just rip their guns from their hands. Once we get everybody together, we blast our way out, have Logan come down to the compound, load everybody up and take off. Sound good?"

"Um, well, yeah! Sounds good to me," Cale gives Tara a thumbs up - anything sounds good to him. He's never really done this kinda thing before. "The roof sounds good to me…" he murmurs - they definitely won't be able to get him up there, you know?

"Sure, I guess stealth is plain out of the plan so…." Nick shrugs at guns-a-blazin' it is. "Well May the Force be with you." He says in a bit of an off humour encouragement as he stands up and gets ready to exit the Blackbird. "So, anyone leading the way or should I?"

Shane bobs her head, levering herself up from her seat once the Blackbird stops moving. "Cale. Wait till th'rest'f us go in first. Find y'sister, call out once y'did. Figure 'f they're shootin' at us, they ain't gonna be watchin' th'ceilin' anymore." Shrugging at Nicholas, Shane gestures down at the roof. "…Sure. Gonna hafta hole th'roof first, so… think fast."

"Right!" says Tara once everybody's on the same page. Logan sweeps the Blackbird down so the ramp is level with the flattest part of the roof of the barn, and Tara gathers everybody up in a telekinetic bubble, and drops the entire group onto the roof. Shane make short work of the rooftop sending debris littering down to the floor below, and Tara quickly drops the team inside with a yell of, "GO TEAM AWESOME!"

Once inside, the group of mutants can see that the stables have been reinforced and converted into cells, a total of four in all. While these guys may give off the impression of witless rednecks, there is some really sophisticated technology in the building itslef. Closed circuit cameras point everywhere, and all lead to an enclosed security booth, which seems to be monitoring not only the compound, but inside each cell as well. Opposite the cells there seems to be, for all the world, an operating room, filled with a couple of computers, some unidentifyable medical machinery and the requisite strap-down table. There doesn't seem to be anybody in the barn save for the one guy who's in the security booth who just spilled hot coffee all over himself becuase, let's face it, the last thing you'd expect is to have four teenaged mutants drop down from a hole they blasted in the cieling in the middle of your coffee break.

After the other three enter, Cale, having by this point stripped down to just the suit he uses for the Danger Room, crawls down under the hole, slinking his way across the ceiling towards the four holding cells. As he nears the cells, he begins peering into them; camo'd of course so… that the one guy who's in there can't see him. That's beside the point, of course, because he couldn't turn it off if he wanted to. "Amy?" he calls frantically, searching from cell to cell from his perch above them.

In one of the cells sits a relatively pretty young brunette, who seems to have an unconscious and pale looking cellmate who seems to be breathing shallowly and has a cut running down their arm. The young woman is staring blankly at the unconscious cellmate, the appearance of tears of blood streaming down her face, and seemingly bleeding from her nose and ears as well. She looks up and says, "Hey, Cale! Cale! Over here! Hey! Hey! Cale!"

As soon as he enters through the hole in the roof, Nick spots the guard and sends a telekinetic shove his way. There's a silent anger about him as he attacks with more force than might be necessary, but not enough to kill anyone. "We free those we can, destroy all there stuff and get the hell out of here. Got it?" He turns to start laying waste to the computers telekinetically, if he can.

The moment Shane takes note of the security guard, her eyes narrow. "….Got it. …Tara," she says, dropping into a rough approximation of a runner's crouch. "Shield me. Gonna finish takin' out th'guard." With little time to make sure that her request is answered, her boots start to glow as she takes one loping stride, then a second… She crouches, mutters a silent prayer to the Don't-Fuck-it-Up gods, and… her feet explode, turning a small jump into a rocket-propelled human projectile aimed in the guard's general vicinity.

"AMY!" Cale shouts, dropping down from the ceiling via tongue into the cell and hugging her tightly, "Ohh man, you're alive! You're alive!" he blinks, holding her by the shoulders, "C… C'mon, we're getting out of here. Right the hell now," he wipes at his eyes, which are tearing up, with the back of his arm. He glances at her cell mate, too. "Her too." But family comes first, right? He shoots his tongue up towards the roof, lifting the relatively light (combined) weight of the both of them up via tongue to the roof; wrapping it around a beam and scrabbling the last few feet to safety.

Amy seems quite pleased to see Cale, throwing her arms around her brother and saying, "Thank god you got here, I was getting so so so starved, Cale… my poor roommie." She holds on when Cale pulls her up to the beam and out of the building into the sunlight. She narrows her eyes slightly at the sun and says, "Wow, that's bright, never thought I'd see that again for awhile there! Hey, just so you know, Baxter's an asshat."

The poor security guard doesn't stand a chance. He gets about enough time to stand up and start going for his pistol and saying, "Hey! You kids can't…" but he never finishes. Nick's shove knocks his gun out of his hands and causes him to trip over the back of his chair, but he never gets a chance to land, since Shane catches him in mid air and crashes through the back wall of the room. And the security wall behind that, which is far enough away that Tara isn't able to continue shielding Shane. The guard is unconscious, and broken, but he's still breathing so he'll live.

Nick makes short work of the computers, their casings collapsing in on themselves, and their innards make a sizzling and popping sound as they fry themselves from being crushed. Tara's head suddenly whips to face the front door of the barn, scowling. She furrows her eyebrows and there's another slight crunching noise as she mangles the lock, making it impossible to open. Just in time too, because banging can be heard from the other side. "HEY YOU! OPEN THE DOOR IN THERE!" comes shouts as some of the closer members of the Friends of Humanity come to see what all the ruckus is about. "C'mon," Tara yells at the group, "Let's grab anybody else who's here before they figure out they can come in through the hole that Shane made!"'

"Is there anyone else in here?" Nicholas asks, he's not leaving anyone behind if he can help it. Once he's done with the computers he makes sure to check the cells and once everyone seems to be accounted for he looks at Tara. "I think you're our ride up." Then upon seeing the blood on Amy's face he comments, "As soon as we get to the Blackbird we can look into getting your sister some medical attention."

Shane falls heavily to the ground; without shielding, she's nowhere near tough enough to take the impact of falling through the wall of a barn, onto hard-packed dirt. Groaning, she lifts her head… and spots a small cluster of dumbfounded rednecks, staring at her from not terribly far away. "….Oh. *Fuck,*" she wheezes, as her entire body begins to flush, then luminesce, culminating in an explosion roughly equal to a hand grenade, spraying debris, dust, charred shreds of her street clothing, and the closer human bodies in all directions away from her.

Cale smiles, "Yeah, we know," he murmurs, glancing back down and then EXPLOSIONS oh god what's going on. "Shane?! Is Shane okay?" he looks between Tara and Nick, then back down through the giant hole in the roof. "We have to go back down and get her." Of course, Cale's not /actually/ worried about Shane; just that they might have to clean Friends of Humanity giblets out of the Blackbird when they get back.

There doesn't seem to be anybody else in the cells. At least nobody conscious or alive to answer Nick's calls, except for Amy's cellmate. Tara nods to Nick, and then winces as Shane explodes. "Well, they definitely know we're here now." With that she gathers up Nick and Amy's unconscious cellmate and they shoot straight through the hole of the roof, yelling down to Shane, "Blast stright up! I'll catch you and pull you in!" By now some of the Friends of Humanity have found thier guns and are starting to take potshots at the aircraft.

Amy stares down at the barn with a grin and says, "Seeya later, suckers!" She wipes the blood from her face at Nick's comment and then says, "Oh yeah, proper medical care. I do need that. These guys are crap doctors. They were… I think they were poisoning me, I feel so… wooooow horrible." She wipes her face off, looks at her hand and says, while clinging to her brother, "Heh, wow. I bet I look horrible."

"Bitch you try flyin' by shovin' a stick of dynamite up y'r ass 'n lighting it," Shane mutters, picking herself back up and weaving, pained, away from the still-settling dust cloud. "Blast straight up… You try'n aim a fuckin' grenade by tapin' another grenade on…" Still, she takes a short, shallow breath, crouches…. and takes off, groaning as the pressure the explosion puts on her legs promises either a couple days in medbay, or a couple weeks being harangued by a physical therapist, all over again.

Once Shane gets high enough for Tara to sense her, the blind girl grabs her and drags her into the Blackbird. "Well," she says, grinning like a madman once everybody's inside. "I think that went rather well." The Blackbird doesn't seem any worse for wear by the potshots it's taken. The airplane was designed for far more abuse than a couple of .38's being fired at it. Logan closes the door, and banks away, quickly bringing it to supersonic flight, to speed the group of teenagers back to the mansion so Amy, her unconscious mutant cellmate, and Shane can get the medical attention that they need. "Well," he says, "I haveta say, I've seen worse ops run in my life."

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