2009-08-12: Teammate Discussion


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Summary: Danny comes home from his parents. Alex is there to help him get it off his chest.

Date: August 12, 2009

Teammate Discussion

Rating: PG

NYC - Liberty Plaza - Living Quarters

The penthouse area of Liberty Plaza is a living quarters for the Freedom Force. The place is very well appointed. The living room area itself contains several comfortable (and strong) couches and chairs, along with a well-equipped entertainment center. The kitchen is state of the art, as well, leaving very little to be desired. Apparently, the government takes kindly to it's superhuman Task Force.

Another day, another dollar. Not much has been going on that the government has needed Freedom Force. So, Alex is simply… sitting in the living room reading a book. He has no idea what to do right now. He's avoiding the mansion because of the Lorna element.

After spending some time down in New Jersey for one of his awkward visits to his parents house, Danny's finally back in New York, and relieved about that. It's not that he doesn't like his family it's just always awkward. With his backpack over his shoulder he walks in to the room and sees Alex, giving a slight wave before crashing down on one of the couches. "Howdy."

Looking up, Alex offers a slight nod. "Hi." He says, adjusting his reading glasses. Yes, he has them. Not totally required, but it does help. At his age. "Back?" He asks, going back to his book.

"Yeah, Ah just got back from mah folks, don't think Ah'll be goin' back there anytime soon." Danny says running both hands back through his hair. "Ah kinda told mah folks everytin' while Ah was there."

"Which everything are you talking about?" Alex asks, closing the book slightly. This is one of those things he's supposed to do. Though, he's not the psychologist or anything, just to hear them out.

"Well Ah finally told 'em Ah had super powers, and that Ah was workin' with a team as a super hero, Ah didn't tell 'em the details but we had a talk 'bout how that was part of the reason Ah ran away when Ah was eighteen." Danny still a kid for the most part though and just shrugs. "That didn't bother 'em as much as the other thing though."

"The relationship with a teammate?" Alex asks. He may not talk about things, but he sees them. Whether people talk about it or not, he notices. He is as observant as his brother after all. "Some parents are old fashioned."

"Ah didn't tell 'em 'bout the relationship just more that Ah was never gonna bring home a nice girl." Danny says with a sigh. "Ah thought my father was gonna lose it, but mah father's the real conservative type, Ah knew it was gonna end up like that but Ah couldn't keep it a secret anymore."

"sometimes you just have to let the truth out. Of course, my dad wouldn't be able to say anything about ANY relationship of mine. Considering who he's been with since mom died." Alex shakes his head softly. "Hepzibah is… interesting. To say the least." He chuckles. "It's ok. They'll get over it eventually."

Danny rases his eyebrows. "Hepzibah?" He asks curiously as he just finds the name odd. "Ah hope they do but Ah tah let the truth out, Ah guess that means Ah'll be done with awkward home visits. So anything interesting going' on lately, we got anything goin' on yet?"

"Not a thing, unfortunately. Hepzibah. She's a Mephisitoid. An alien. She and Dad are Starjammers. Space Pirates. She… looks like a human cat hybrid." Alex explains. "And that's good, too… but maybe when they see your stony face in the papers, they'll realize it's ok.

Danny's face shows his surprise at the whole revealing of who Hepzibah is. "Wow, your Dad seems pretty interestin'. Starjammers? Space Pirates?" Danny's new to this whole concept. Though he can't help but chuckle at the stony face comment. "Ah hope so, they didn't seem as freaked out about the super power thing."

"Yeah. They cruise mostly in the Shi'Ar Empire area." Alex says with a nod. "I'm sure Scott… my brother… has a picture of them somewhere. I did, but I lost it in a move." He says considering. "Funny. Did they ask if you were a mutant or something else?"

"Ah think they knew seein' that the metor fallin' from space was kinda big news in mah home town in Virgina." Danny says with shrug of amusement. "When Ah was a kid, a metor crashed, well Ah don't really know exactly what it was. It crashed in the woods were me and mah friends were playin'. Some government organization came in, did some tests, we all seemed fine and years later when Ah was eighteen, the rock thing happend."

"Slow metabolizing, probably. I'd love to get my hands on a piece of that to study. See what it's made of and where it's from." Alex says, grinning brightly. Apparently, that triggered something in him. "I've never been able to get a good chunk of something when I've been in space."

"If Ah knew where ya could get some Ah'd let ya know but Ah think they confiscated it." Danny says with a shrug after all he was young when it happened. "Ah don't know, Ah'd offer a sample off mah rock form but Ah think that'd hurt." He says with a chuckle.

"Has it ever chipped off?" Alex asks, a little curious. "Sorry, I'm in my final year of school for geology now. I've been waiting and waiting to do this last little bit. But with the slowness, I figured I'd go ahead and finish." He explains.

"Ah just went tah school for bartendin'.' Danny says as he ponders Alex's questions. "Ah know it's cracked, ah'll have tah check tah if some ever chips off." Danny says as it feels kind of odd saying that. "Ah dunno, the rock that crashed is probably in some Goverment facility locked up somewhere and forgotten about."

"No worries if it doesn't. I just want to study it is all. Could be my doctoral thesis." Alex chuckles a little. "Considering that I have the potential to get my hands on things they've never seen, I don't think it'll be a problem."

"Well if Ah ever find any rock bits 'round, Ah'll let ya know, and this is really weird thikin' 'bout it cause it's kind of my skin. Well when Ah'm in the armourd form." Danny says with a chuckle. "So your a Geologist?"

"Somewhat. It's what I do when I'm not working with some group or other. It pays the bills." Alex says with a nod. "Almost a doctor of geology, but not yet." He admits. "It may be your skin, but sometimes things that are you are something else to others. My powers were like food to the Living Monolith. He siphoned mine and mine alone to grow into something huge."

"Ah just do the bar thing outta sidea here. Ah quit the book shop." At lead Danny gets heath benefits and decent pay through here. He's able to keep up with his meds and doctors appointments for his athsma. "Living Monolith? Ah reckon ya got way much more experience than Ah ever realized."

"About ten years or so of living as a superhuman being wanted and watched." Alex admits. "It was the Living Monolith that caused me to join up with my brother's crusade. Him and Lorna." He explains and nods. "But be glad you've got people around. It makes a difference."

"When Ah first found out Ah had powers about four years ago or so, Ah never imagined Ah'd be doin' this." Danny admits with a chuckle. "Ah just figured Ah'd try tah live a normal life doin' what Ah can when the moment permits. Then ya come along and now Ah've even got a costume." It seems like chatting with Alex has brougth his mood up a bit. "Ah gotta learn more about your super hero stories so Ah know what your talkin' 'bout."

Alex chuckles a bit. "A lot of them are public domain. X-Factor was a government group, after all. MY X-Factor, that is. Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Polaris, Quicksilver, Multiple Man, and myself." He ponders for a moment. "Mine never awakened until I was kidnapped."

"Kidnapped?" Danny says as he's lucky he hasn't had anything like that happen to him. "Mine awoke when Ah was about tah get hit by a car, Ah guess it was a reflex that caused it tah kick in." And that was the day Danny ran away from home and didn't return for two years. "Ah just hope we can live up tah your old teams Sir..Ah mean Alex."

"I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about us all surviving and making it through everything alive. Every team is different. The X-Men. X-Factor. Freedom Force. We're not made to compare to each other. We have different goals. The X-Men want equality for mutants. X-Factor was a government run strike force for mutant affairs. We're a government run protection squad for the nation. National interests over world." He admits, thinking about things. "Though I'm sure they wouldn't stop us if we needed to help others." Alex admits.

"Ah still can't believe Ah'm a part of this sometimes." Danny admits with a chuckle. "Ah like what we do, and it's nice that Ah can still work at the bar also." Danny always enjoyed the bartending job. "Ah like tah think we gotta pretty good team though Ah really don't know Victoria all that well."

"I don't think any of us do. She's very… insular. Secluded, even. She's just… one who seems to stick to herself." Alex says with a bit of a shrug. "But she seems to have good ideas, if she is a bit too forward about certain things. Like hurting people before told no."

"Ah just don't know here at all, Ah ain't sayin' anythin' bad 'bout her, just Ah don't know her. We just have a sorta similar power with the armour form and stuff." Danny just can't do anything with his like make weapons. "Ah ain't too keen on hurtin' people unless it's necessary or in a tourment but that's different."

"My brother had concerns about her from during the invasion. But she's proven to be nothing but valuable to us. Well, when she's there. It seems as slow for her as it is for us." Alex says, stretching out and yawning a bit.

"Maybe Ah'll make more of an effort to see if she wants tah be included in something, or get tah know her." Danny says as he figures if they're teamates they should at least know eachother a bit. "Maybe Ah can drag y'all out tah the bar where Ah work sometime."

"Alcohol's probably not a good idea for me. I let it get to me when Lorna was a problem. But to get past her, I need to do it without alcohol." He says with a firm nod. After all, Alex doesn't want to be an alcoholic.

"Then maybe we can all go out somewhere where ya don't need alcohol." Danny says with a nod. "Like out tah dinner somewhere." Though Danny does like his fair share of alcohol most the time he drinks to enjoy and not to get drunk. "Ah don't wanna tempt ya."

"We'll figure something out for all of us." Alex says with a quick nod. "Sometime soon."

Danny stands up and nods. "Sounds good, well Ah'm gonna head int' mah room and take a nice long back, relax for a bit. It was night talkin' tah ya S-Alex." He says stopping himself from saying Sir. "Ah'll see ya soon." He says as he gets up to head into his room.

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