2009-12-16: Teammate Surprise


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Summary: Danny and Cole find out their teammate, Gabriel, is a cat.

Date: December 16, 2009

Log Title Teammate Surprise

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Liberty Plaza - Living Quarters

The penthouse area of Liberty Plaza is a living quarters for the Freedom Force. The place is very well appointed. The living room area itself contains several comfortable (and strong) couches and chairs, along with a well-equipped entertainment center. The kitchen is state of the art, as well, leaving very little to be desired. Apparently, the government takes kindly to it's superhuman Task Force.

Light snoring? That's not typically a sound that'll come from the living area of Liberty Plaza. But this afternoon? It can be heard. Why? Well, asleep in one of the chair is one Cole Aron, also known as Defense. The shield maker's in civvies and seems to have fallen asleep while the others were out.

Walking into the main room, picking pieces of straw out of his hair, is Danny. He's in this odd state of confusion right now, caught somewhere between knowing who he is and thinking he's the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. The sound of snoring draws his attention as he looks down at Danny. He gets a smirk on his face and walks over and kisses Cole lightly on the lips to wake him up.

With being a cat comes…cat naps of course, but it was not until Gabe got to the Liberty Plaza elevator that he got a bit of trouble getting up here. With the gentle voice he kept on jumping for the button, he finally reached it. The elevator opens and reveals a brown and black haired tabby. He gently strolls in, sticking closely to the walls. Not knowing how people will react to him.

Cole lets out a pleased, sleepy noise at the kiss. After a moment, the shieldmaker stirs. "Mmm…huh…Danny?" he mutters, not awake all the way or noticing the cat yet.

"Hey there Sleeping Beauty." Danny says moving to sit down next to Cole. For some reason he's wearing a flannel shirt over a pair of tan raggy pants. Not his usual style at all. "If ya wanna take a nap, how about ya come tah mah room and sleep in a real bed for a bit." He teases before noticing the cat come out of the elevator. "Either there's a stray in our buildin' or someone's playin' a weird prank."

Next to Cole is pretty much just the armrest but the shield maker's not all that awake yet. He looks Danny over and yawns. "What's with the get up? Look like you're about to walk into a farm-themed porno," he murmurs. Reaching out to pull Danny closer, Cole cracks his neck. "I come back to your bed and we'll be doing something decidedly not sleeping," he says, giving an eyebrow waggle. When the cat is brought up, Cole looks over and lets out a thoughtful noise. "Did Gabe or the Bossman get a pet?" he asks.

The cat looks straight at Danny and Cole as they start talking. He's still silent for now, a bit scared about coming out and talking, when it could freak out someone. He sits down low, as if he's gonna run off should he need to.

"Ah don't know, Ah still got Mr. Cat in mah apartment, Ah hope the two don't start fightin'." Danny says cuddling close to Cole. He does smell la bit like straw. He then looks down at what he's wearing and shrugs. "Ah really don't know, Ah just figured this was comfortable and thought it'd be good for scarin' off crows. Ah'm not too good at it though. Ah swear the crows laugh at me."

Cole leans slightly to get a better look at the cat. "Hey, whatcha hidin' over there for, kitty?" he asks. "I don't think they'll fight," he muses before giving Danny an odd look. "Why are you trying to scare crows? There aren't many in New York City anyway…"

The Gabriel cat starts creeping over to Danny and Cole before walking over to them. He looks them over, Danny himself looking funny, and, Cole, pretty much the same as always.

"Not even the pidgeons are scared of me." Danny says sounding down about it. "And…I don't know. It just seems like something I should be doing, like it's my job." He looks over at the cat and then kneels down on the ground, to be a less imposing height to a cat, and puts out his hand for Gabe-Cat to sniff. "Hey kitty, lets see if you have a collar."

"It's New York, the pidgeons don't even get scared by the Hulk," Cole remarks, giving Danny a squeeze. "It's not your job though. Bartender, bookstore clerk, sexy superhero…those are your jobs," he says. Stretching, he lets Danny take the lead on dealing with the cat.

Gabe-cat looks up at Danny as he is down on the ground, and goes in to sniff Danny's hand. Gabriel does not have a collar, but the cat is close enough to allow an inspection. He's so out of his element at the moment, he's still a bit worried about speaking aloud. A soft grumbling can be heard though, that he cannot hide.

Danny pulls his hand back at the grumbling and looks at Cole. "Ah really don't know if…." He looks at the cat but he's not about to try to touch it to check out if he's a boy or a girl. "If it's someone's here. Ah think it's a house cat as he's not runnin' away and inside." He looks back at Cole. "Ah wonder if he wants something tah eat, Ah got plenty of cat food in mah apartment. And on top of those jobs, Ah'm also a Crow Scarer."

Cole sits up at the grumbling, looking at Danny. "I got a couple cans of cat food in my apartment too," he says. "Had treats as well but Mr. Cat got to those," he says, checking his pockets. "Danny…you've never been a crow scarer. Never mentioned it even once since we met.:

"Eye happen to be full." Gabe says, his voice sounds the same as it did before he became a cat. "Eye, yust didn't know what to say." People have freaked out when he started talking before, he's had to run away for safety more than a couple of times.

Danny is startled and falls back from his position on the floor, to one on his butt. "He talks." Danny says but then there's something about that voice and accent that seem familar to him. "You talk, how'd ya get up here?" He doesn't know what else to say to the cat. He looks over at Cole and nods. "Ah am, when Ah lived along the Yellow Brick Road, that was mah job."

Cole blinks a few times, startled by Gabe-cat talking. His surprise does calm eventually though. "Alright…a talking cat. Why not?" he asks no one in general. "Wait…Danny, did that voice sound familiar or am I just not awake enough?" he asks. "And you never lived on any Yellow Brick roads…none you ever told me about anyway."

"Eye jumped to poosh de button. Ees easy. Eye am Gabriel Angeleus Dumont afterall." Gabecat says, giving a smirk. "Jellow breek road?" He asks, not understanding what they are talking about.

"Gabe?!" Danny says looking at the cat. "Oh man it is you, you were right Cole, the voice was familar." He finally gets up and sits back down next to Cole. "Yeah, you know, the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Emerald City, not to far from Munchkin land?" It's werid cause Danny's mind is blured between reality and fiction at the moment. "There's a corn field, and Ah gotta scare the crows away from the corn, but Ah ain't too good at it, after all Ah ain't that smart."

Cole stares. "Alright then…" he trails off. "Either I haven't actually woken up yet and am having a very weird dream or this is something not good," he sighs. Listening to Danny, Cole frowns. "Danny. That's just a movie. None of it's real and none of it happened to you. Ever. And you are smart, smarter than me."

"Ahh, jes, but before eet was a moofie, eet was a book. El mago de Oz. Eet was a favorite of mine as a keed." Gabe-cat jumps on the nearest table to get more to the height of Danny and Cole. "Great to see you two again."

Danny blinks for a bit and looks at Cole and Gabriel like they have a third eye. "What do ya mean, it's a book. It's me, Ah'm a Scarecrow.." He says and then there's a look of embarassement on his face. "Oh man, Ah'm doin' it again, ain't I?" He says shaking his head trying to get in his right mind frame. "Ah keep thinkin' Ah'm someone else, and what happened tah yah Gabe? Why are ya a cat?"

Cole actually looks at himself to make sure no third eyes or other craziness has happened to him after Danny's look. "Great to see you too, Gabe…" he trails off, running a hand through his hair. "Why are you a cat and why are you thinking you're a character from a book?"

Gabe smiles and nods. "De Wisard of Oz. Ees a book. De Asustepajaros, de scarecrow." Gabe takes a moment to stretch before answering Cole's question. "Eye don't know, first thing I remember is waking up and finding a new pair of boots. Dis was of course a couple days ago."

"Ah know, it's by L. Frank Baum." Danny states since he knows it from working at a book store. "Ah'm not really sure Cole, it just kinda comes and goes. Ah think it's gotta do with something that happened the other night when Ah ended up fightin' some crazy stuff in Salem Center."

Cole scratches his head. "Oh yeah, that thing about the pirate ship from the news," he mutters. "Wait…boots? You got random boots that turned you into a cat? Where are they? We might want to get them studied or contained or something."

"No, no. Dey were a geeft, in de box, and eberyting. Something tells mee that eet was someting else that turned me." Gabe says, ending with a yawn. "Ees been long day for me, eye tink I'll take a sleep for a little beet. Almost got…runover with a car today. Not yoost to being dees small."

Danny winces a bit as Gabe mentions the car. "Be careful Gabe, we don't want you to be roadkill, we really don't." He says as he can't help but reach forward and go to scritch Gabe's head quickly. Hey, he has a cat, it's natural. "Ah don't think it's the boots Cole, Ah it's something else since nothin' turned me intah this."

Cole sighs. "I was never good at theory," he mutters. "Yeah, be careful, Gabe. And get some rest. If you need something, give a yell," he offers. "I wonder what happned to the others…if they're turned into something too."

"Tan joo, my freinds." Gabe says, before hopping off and heading towards his place in the plaza. Never knew cats were under such stress all the time.

Danny watches Gabriel leave and then turns to Cole and fingers a bit of Cole's hair. "Ah'm sorry ya had to wake up tah such confusion, Ah shoulda just let ya sleep. But Ah couldn't resist seein' ya sleepin' there and Ah just wanted tah kiss ya." He says with a smile. "Ah really gotta figure out how tah stay in mah right frame of mind."

Cole smiles, slipping arms around Danny. "It's alright. Confusion would've come for me eventually," he says. "Besides, I liked the kiss," he adds. "Yeah. Seems like a good thing to figure out."

Danny leans so he's resting against Cole and runs a hand lightly up and down his leg. "Ah gotta get out of these clothes too. Ah look like a hillbilly and just 'cause Ah'm from Virgina, don't mean Ah don't know how to dress without lookin' horrible." He says frowing at the flannel.

Cole smirks a little, reaching out to pluck at Danny's shirt. "I can help get ya out of those clothes. Can't promise you'll be back in any more for a bit though.

Danny smiles as Cole reaches out and lets him do his thing. "Ah long as Ah'm not in flannel, Ah'm fine wearin' whatever ya want me to wear." He says giving a sly sort of grin"Though Ah think we should step int' one of our rooms first, then we can have more….creative ideas."

Cole laughs, getting up and lifting Danny with him. He needs a moment to steady but holds the other man up. "Good idea. Lets head to your room," he says. "Because I have plenty of creative ideas."

Danny is lifted by Cole and he holds onto Cole's hand grining. "Ah'd love to hear them sexy." He says moving close so he can grab onto Cole's ass as they walk into his room. "And flannel and tan pants, there ain't nothin' sexy 'bout 'em."

Cole grins, leaning in to give Danny's neck a little nip. "I was more planning on showing than telling," he chuckles. "And there's somethin' sexy…getting out of 'em."

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