2009-05-05: Teammates


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Summary: Danny and Cole find they have quite a bit in common.

Date: May 5, 2009

Log Title Teamates

Rating: PG

NYC - Liberty Plaza - Freedom Force Headquarters

The Freedom Force Headquarters consist of a receptionist at the front, preventing unauthorized entry to the rear areas. The actual headquarters is primarily a war room for discussing and strategizing. At the moment, there's simply a cache of computers and maps, as well as some interesting weapons. The place is still being built.

After Alex told Danny about the headquarters for Freedom Force, he decided to check them out, which was about a week ago. One thing DAnny was happy to find was the training room and he's been coming by here to utilize it for the past few days when he doesn't have to work, which his new job is working out great. At the moment he's just finished a two hour work out session, one hour of warming up and one hour going through some Tae Kwon Do moves. He wearing a sleevless white shirt over a pair of black work out pants as he walks out to the lobby, a slight sheen of sweat over his body.

Cole got a message from the H-man telling him about the team's new base but has been a little busy lately. But today, he's finally gotten some free time to come by. In his uniform but with the hood down and goggles on his head, Cole Aron steps out of the elevator and lets out a whistle. "Fancy place…" he murmurs to himself, not noticing that he's not alone right now.

Danny is still working on a uniform, though he did just recently come up with a codename, Sandstone. He cursing himself internally for not bothering to take a shower, figuring he would when he got home but there's that chill from the cool air and sweat on his body. Hearing someone else speak, Danny turns to give a smile and greating. "Another new member?" He asks not recognizing who it is yet.

Cole jumps when he hears someone else. Turning, he puts on a smile. Of course when he sees Danny, Cole jumps. "Woah! What're…how? Why? Danny?!" he exclaims, staring.

"Cole?!" Danny says in his Southern accent as he notices who it is now. "Whatday mean how, why, Ah'm a member of Freedom Force. Havok recuited me not to long ago. Well tha's more the why than the how, but the how is cause Ah got super powers and the government knows 'bout it. Ah could ask the same think 'bout you, how and why?"

Cole goes all akimbo. After a few moments he recovers and stands up straight. "Well…Havok recruited me to be a member of Freedom Force awhile ago and I have superpowers and the government knows about it."

"Now you're all just repeatin' what Ah said." Danny says going to offer Cole a hand up but it seems he's gotten up before he got there. "Ah was just workin' out a bit. Gotta keep in shape if we're gonna bue super heroes 'n all."

Cole looks Danny over a few times then offers a smile. "Well, seems like you're in pretty good shape to me," he offers with a smirk. "So this place is Freedom Force's fancy headquarters…"

"Yeah well it seems we're in the big times with this hero stuff. Superhero by day, bartender by night?" DAnny says joking around before looking down at one of his arms. "Well Ah'm in good shape cause Ah work at it. Also the Tae Kwon Do helps a lot. Also helps me with mah asthma believe it or not."

Cole quirks an eyebrow. "The government pays you to be a bartender?" he asks. The mutant reaches over to give Danny's arm a little feel. "You work out pretty well," he remarks. "It does?"

"No sir, mah boss does that." Danny says with smile and he flexes as Cole reaches over to give Danny's arm a feel. Why not show off the guns? "Well it helps me control mah breathing a bit. It helps to keep control in a fight so Ah don't get paniced and can't breath. Though it still happens sometimes."

Cole nods, smiling as he checks out Danny's 'guns'. "Oh. I wonder if this hero gig pays…" he murmurs. "If it does, I can stop stressing over looking for a job of my own," he says. "You carry inhalers still or did you get that weird patch thing they were talking about on the internet?"

"Yeah, there's a paycheck, but Ah also have mah own job but then again Ah like bartendin'." Danny says. "It's nothing fantastic but it does give a salary. Ah just got a new bartendin' gig and quit the other bar." Danny says as he likes working at the new place. "Ah carry an inhaler, Ah don't trust the patch. So how are ya likin' this so far?"

Cole nods, letting out a breath of relief. "Oh that's good. I've been worried about finding a job since getting back to New York," he admits, blushing a bit. "Where's your bar? I might stop in for a drink…" a smile is offered before Cole stretches. "This place? It's pretty cool. Big…"

"Mutant Town, it's called Nowhere. And it ain't mah bar, Ah just work there. The owner is really cool though." Danny says brushing his hair back, it sticks up a bit as it's still damp with sweat. "Well it ain't to hard t' find a job but this should help with rent though, depending on where you're rentin'.

Cole blinks. "That's…actually right near the tiny place I live," he chuckles. "And I know. Just sounds better sayin' it's your bar than someone else's," he teases. "Renting a place in mutant town right now."

"Really, Ah'm doin' the same. Ah just moved in since Ah needed a new place after mah roomates moved out." Danny says blinking a bit with a smile. "Ah moved int' a place called Four Arms Apartments, not bad but good enough for just me. Ah'm not a mutant but Ah do got powers."

Cole smirks. "You're in Four Arms? What floor?" he asks, amazed at how things are lining up. "Wait…you're not a mutant?"

"Ah'm on the third floor, why?" Danny asks as he doesn't realize that Cole is asking because he lives there too. "Nope, Ah got powers but Ah ain't a mutant. My physiology was altered, as strange as this sounds, by a space rock."

Cole grins. "Cause I live in the same building, dude!" he says with a laugh. He reaches over to give Danny a playful little punch on the arm. "How weird is this…we both turn out to be on the team and live in the same building," he says, mood pretty good. "Space rock? Like…kryptonite kinda space rock with the glowing and radiation?"

"No green glowing." Danny says with a shrug. "Ah ain't jokin' either, when Ah was a kid, me and mah friends, we was out in our fort when this rock crashed from the sky and landed not to far from us. Like ten feet. None of us was hurt but when Ah was eighteen, Ah found out Ah had powers, all three of us did. Space rock, some government group came and did tests, put us in quarentene, the whole nine yards." Danny says as it's a pretty crazy story. "And dude, seriously, ya live there too? What floor are ya on?

Nodding, Cole takes his goggles off his head and stuffs them in a pocket. "Well, that's cool. Variety's great. You'll be able to keep kickin' butt if we run into something that turns off mutant powers," he says. "I'm on the second floor."

"You're right downstairs from me. Well if ya ever wanna come upstairs and hang out, Ah don't got any roomates to worry about." Danny says as this is all too weird, in a good way. "Ah also got the entire rockband set if you're int' that. And yup, Ah'm that slice of Variety."

Cole perks up a bit. "Rockband? I love Rockband," he says with a grin. "Oh I am definitely coming up to visit you now. I'll even cook a meal for ya!"

Danny grins and nods. "Anytime Cole but for now, Ah gotta get home and get cleaned up. Ah gotta work in about an hour." Ah working nights. He leans in to give Cole a quick hug and smiles. "Ah look forward t' workin' with ya and livin' in the same buildin'"

Cole returns the hug, checking out Danny's backside. "Alright. See ya later, bud. I'm gonna explore some more. This is gonna be great."

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