2010-11-09: Teammates Assemble!


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Summary: Lunchtime with the Corsairs!

Date: November 9, 2010

Log Title: Teammates Assemble!

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Sitting at one of the tables, Quill is eatting his lunch of a multipul meat sandwich with some potato chips and a bottle of orange soda. Lunch of champions! He's sitting by himself at one of the tables by the window as he just stares out, half day dreaming. His legs swing under his chair as he's short enough to do so. A stack of school books with an mp3 player on top sits next to the mischeif maker.

A soft hum comes from another source in the lunch room, Kael wandering around the cafeteria looking for a place to sit with his meal. A slice of pizza with a soda in his hands and a bag of chips hanging from his mouth. He hms a bit before he spots Quill over by the window. The aerokinetic moves over towards him, setting his food down before he taps on the table to get Quill's attention. Asking "Can I sit here?" when/if he gets his attention.

"You're supposed to eat what's inside the bag and not the plastic. I'm sure all the unheathly contents are not in the plastic." Quill says as his attention is drawn away from the windo. "And of course a fellow Corsair can sit here. Don't you see the 'Corsair's Welcome' sign above the table." There is none. "So how are you doing my Windy Fellow? Dining on the fine cuisine that is the perfect food?"

Kael smirks, picking the bag of chips up off of the pizza as he sits down rather heavily, more of a plop. "But what if the bag tasted good?" He opens the bag up before he looks out the window a bit. "So, how've you been, Quill?" He looks back over at him, biting down on a chip.

Quill raises his quilly brows at Kael and points a finger at him. "Then people would be eating it and paying for the bag and not the salty fried potatoes inside." He says taking a large bite of his sandwich. "I've okay, getting tired of people going blah blah whine whine my friend is missing. So what, our teammates are missing and you know they're probably off somewhere doing somethign awesome. So I'm going blah blah whine whine I'm left behind."

Kael chuckles, "Well, the bag was laying on top of my pizza, soo…" Then he blinks and shrugs a bit, "I've been hearing that. But, honestly, so much has happened in the last year or so that I've been here that they always seem to come back in some way, shape, or form. So, I'm waiting it out." He does miss them, and he does worry. But, he's kinda jaded on the whole 'Oh God! They're missing!'.

"I told Mr. Falk that they probably went to Disney Land dimension." Quill says nodding. "And it's not like I am still a new kid, I just had to leave for a bit, but they have Cyclops with them, what can go wrong?" He's just jealous that he's not off on an adventure. "So Windbag, did you do anything for Halloween? I went back home to good ol' Jersey City."

Kael lets out a laugh. "I'd want to go to that dimension. Though…" He shrugs a bit before he takes a bite of his pizza, looking out of the window for a moment before he says, "I stayed here, meandered around the mall a bit looking at the costumes that everyone had. Then came back to spend some time with Max." "Also chilled with another aerokinetic I found out in the city."

"I got to see my little brother and sisters, and my older sister and brother and go out trick or treating with the little ones." Quill says as he opens up his back of chips. "I dressed up as a Porcupine, isn't that amazingly original? I think it is." He says laughing.

Kael laughs. "That is… rather original, Quill." He takes a bite of his pizza and chews on it for a moment before he says, "And how many brothers and sisters do you have? I'm an only child."

Quill "I know." Quill says with a definate nod. "I have two younger sisters, a younger brother, an older brother and an older sister, so including me there are six of us." He's from a large family which might explain why he acts out so much. "And then I have a ton of cousins and my grandparents so I come from a bit family." He says with a grin. "It's just the porcupine thing is easiest to pull off with those that don't know I didn't go to a school for troublemakers."

Kael blinks and laughs. "That's actually rather ingenious really." He nods a bit before he smirks, "Makes me wish that I actually dressed up. But I really can't think of anything to dress up as." Unless he gets a job in a haunted working the banging doors.

Quill blinks at Kael. "What do you mean, you can't think of anyone to dress up. Are you saying there is no..anythign you like? Hell I think it'd be fun to dress up like Gambit. How cool would that be. I'm the spikey tief from the bayou." Quill looks up to Gambit way to much. "Remy is the coolest X-Men ever! He taught me so much stuff, and the best way ever to defend your mind against Ms. Frost."

Kael shrugs. "I just didn't have any ideas for this year. So I just wandered around." He blinks at all the gambit stuff and he laughs. "I've never had the pleasure of meeting Gambit. And to defend my mind against her… I'd just think like Max." Boyfriend Max. Not you.

"Well that's right, you gotta think like Max cause he knows the secret of the Naked Blob." Max says grining thinking Kael is talking about him and not his name nemisis. "It works, I saw it." He says with an affirmitive nod. "I seriously don't get how you didn't have any ideas, are you secretly depressed that Chloe is lost to the other world?"

Kael blinks, and then puts a hand over his eyes; shuddering a bit as he mumbles, "I need mind bleach now…" There's a mental note to ask Addison to erase something from his mind. He looks back up and quirks a brow, "I've had an… interesting few days before Halloween. I wasn't up to dressing up."

Quill takes a long drink from his bottle of orange soda and shrugs. "Your loss. Candy is awesome. I didn't participate in the pumpkin carving stuff here though, I was at home. I wish I could have seen what they ended up carving." That and Mr. Parker-Mayfair's cooking is awesome. He then puts on a fake doctor voice as he talks to Kale. "Vell, Eye hhope everzing haz been verking out fer you Chkael. Zince it zeems you vere not up for the funz zat is ze dressingz of ze upz."

Kael looks at Quill over his hand and stifles a laugh before he says, "You pull off a rather frightening doctor's accent, Max." He brings his hand down, grabbing his soda to take a drink of it before he says, "I'll tell you why I didn't dress up when you're older."

"And I'll punch you in the face when you're older, how about that?" Quill says with a big grin as he's not some kid but then he'll let Kael feel like he's big in the britches. "But I see how it is, you can call me a teammate but not a friend, you're such a meanie face Kael." He teastes the wind manipulator.

Kael smirks. "Alright, fair deal." Then he laughs a bit, "Even friends have secrets, Spikes." He takes another drag of his drink before he says, "You going to be heading back home for Thanksgiving? Or're ya gonna be stayin' here?"

"Oh I'll be going to Jersey City. We have a huge thing with my family for all holiday's. I'm half Brazilan and we grew up quite Christian so family is really important during holidays." Family fun time for Quill all around. "At least all my cousins and stuff know I'm a mutant and know that hugging me can cause the prickles." He says as he's lucky with his family life. "But it's fun when I leave quills in the twins pillows."

Kael chuckles. "I can imagine that they go through those rather fast when you're around. And maybe that's why it was so deathly quiet around Halloween." He finishes off his soda and then nods a bit, "I think I might be staying here. But I'd be hardpressed about going home for Christmas. Pros and cons to the entire thing."

"It was deathly quite cause half the school is off in Disney World Dimension having fun on the tea cups and will be coming back in Goofy Hats and then it won't be deathly quiet." Quill says as he still wants to be out having an adventure. "And Pros and Cons…I'd say cons to younger siblings but you don't have any. So…cons being your Mom's a horrible cook? Your grandmother pinches cheeks?"

Kael looks out the window and says, "It's more like my father and I don't see eye to eye anymore. Mutant powers manifested and kinda wrecked half the house. He never really liked that." He glances back with a soft smirk, "Though having a sibling wouldn't been so bad."

"That's crap." Quill says as his family was quite accepting of his mutant powers. "My family thought I was really sick when my powers started manifesting but when I turned into a porcupine and tests came back positive, my family was happy I didn't have some weird Souther American Uncurable Disease. And if you want a sibling you can have one of mine. Do you want a brother or a sister and younger or older?"

Kael shrugs a bit at the first part. "I'm going to have to deal with it at some point. Might as well do it while I still can." Then he laughs a bit, "I don't think your parents would like if you gave a total stranger to them one of your siblings."

Quill grins quite a bit at that and taps his finger tips together. "Oh I didn't say anythign about giving, but I figured a loan might be nice that way when you get sick of them you can return them! No Strings Attached!" It's the perfect sales pitch. "And you're a fellow Corsair, you're not a total stranger."

Kael laughs. "I think I'll settle for my schoolmates. They're like a family anyway." Just a very dysfunctional one that most of the family members either go missing, get changed, or get kidnapped every now and again. "It's going to be odd when Scott comes back. I rather liked having my training sessions be less… strict I guess you would put it."

"I actually kinda like Goofy Googles." Quill says as he'd rather have someone like Mr. Summers than Ms. Frost or even Mr. Guthrie. "I mean look at that Mr. Buff and Stuff Doctor Guy, he's huge so you know he's probably go insanely hard on us." He doesn't have much of a relation with the teacher so he doesn't know. "I mean Mr. Summers…he's like X-Men O.G. He knows what that stuff is like and his aim is awesome!"

Kael says, "I'll give you that. Scott's aim is rather amazing. And he knows quite a bit more than some of the other teachers here." Kael quirks a brow and then chuckles. "Mr. Mayfair-Parker isn't that bad. He's actually rather nice." Though he hasn't spoken to him in a short while."

"I've never talked to him but oh my god is that man HUGE! I mean he could crush me like a basketball." Quill says as he feels even shorter than he is when he sees the man. "I mean he's like a moutain built of bricks or something equaly stoney and heavy and HUGE!" He says extending his arms as if to show exactly how big the guy is. "I like Goofy Googles."

Kael laughs. "Yeah, I know how he feels when he's that big too. But, Mr. Summers is a cool guy. Just hope that they all come back safe and sound." He takes the final bite of his pizza and says, after he's done eating, "A while ago, a green thing took a good chunk of the powers here, and then it exploded and gave everyone the wrong power. I got his, so it was interesting having that physique."

"They will." Quill says certainly. "You said so yourself earlier. And you'll see, they'll all be wearing awesome Disney hats." Does he really believe that, no, but he thinks it's funny to say. "Woah, you were that big for a while? How awkward was that to get used to cause…you're not Mr. Universe or anything…oh! Who would win in a fight? Mr. T or Dr. Parker-Mayfair?"

Kael nods a bit. "It was… interesting really. None of my clothes fit." He chuckles. "Honestly? Dr. Parker-Mayfair. I'm sure Mr. T would put up a good fight. But, the Doctor'd win."

"But it's Mr. T dude, didn't you ever watch the A-Team as a kid?" Quill asks. "Okay I didn't as a kid but I sure as hell did watch reruns later. They're still on and you can catch them late at night. But you're probably right. Mr. T isn't a super hero, he's just one hundred percent un-X-Gened badass."

Kael chuckles. "That is true. Mr. T is pretty badass." He gets up from the table, and heads over towards a nearby garbage can; tossing his mess away before he heads back to the table. "I've seen a few when I've been up late. Not much else to watch on that late, now is there."

Quill finishes up is lunch and stands up. "Well depends on the channels, there are some good cartoons on late at night." He picks up his garbage and throws it out before going to grab his books. "I gotta get to class now. Take care Kael and don't forget to pitty da foo'." He says joking around as he stops to grab a baked potato before heading to class. Some how one gets the feeling that he might not be taking it with him to eat.

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