2010-11-08: Tegu-Haaz Catchup

Players: David, Heather, and Robyn

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Summary: David, Heather, and Robyn catch up on all the events in Tegu-Haaz

Date: November 8, 2010

Log Title: Tegu-Haaz Catchup

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - The Slaughtered Lamb

LOutside the wooden sign displaying a Wolf's Head on a pike along with the name 'The Slaughtered Lamb' swings in the breeze of the run down old pub. Inside the wooden floors creak as extra weight is applied and the smells of lingering alcohol and tabacco smoke permeate the air. Oil lanterns are hung on the walls circling the pub to provide light the patrons while the walls are marked with old tally marks from games long ago played. Behind the bar are old barrels of wine and ale, an hearth for cooking up meals and a layer of dust is caked onto the dishes. Long tables that can sit at least ten people each are still sturdy but some are turned over while the chairs are scattered across the place. A second hearth with ash from long ago still sitting in it is built against one of the sidewalls for light, heat and additional cooking. If one were to search the pub they might find food that is mysteriously still edible..

It is another cold dreary dark and dank day in dimension of Tegu-Haaz. Despite the outward appearance of this realm, David Alleyne, the mutant Prodigy, dressed in a semblance of a vampire-like costume, complete with white shirt & black pants and cape, is smiling. Inexplicably the last week, the African-American mutant has been grinning, and news of Robyn's return to normal, has increased the width of said grin. Heading into the old tavern, David carries a basket full of fresh fruit, or as fresh as can be in this place. He is whistling and intends to prepare a meal for some of the students and staff. The whistle turns into a song, "Whistle while you work…."

Heather continues wearing David's cybershades, if only because he hasn't asked for their return quite yet, and because she feels that eyewear suits her face. She is zipping about, organizing some her papers and notes, since in her opinion, there is little more important than her own notes on the situation, since every action requires a good plan. When David enters into the pub, in her gesture language, she says to David, <You seem rather upbeat. Are you making food?>

Robyn has been asleep for the last several hours and is just now waking up from his spot on the floor of the Tavern. Sure it's not soft and plush, but it's warm in here and he's got a quilt to keep him warm. The sound of the whistling cause Robyn to wake up, rub his eyes a bit, then yawn. He's dressed in period clothing with a long coat as he pushes himself up. "Good morning." He kind of morning grumbles out to the two of them as he shuffles over to the fire.

Nodding his head, David walks towards the bar and places the fruit in a large container, freeing his hands so he can gesture back, "Yes, I am. I heard that you free Robyn. He is as he was…thanks to you.> He grins as he pops under the bar and pops back up with a knife. He waves the knife at Robyn and smiles, "Welcome back." He begins to start slicing some of the fruit, "I'll have some food prepared for you in a little bit, but in the meantime, this fruit should provide some nourishment."

Heather watches David's gesturing and then gives him a single quick nod before looking towards Robyn, readying her wax case and knife for now standard communication, <Good morning Robyn.> She still wears the Hello Kitty pyjamas that she arrives in, though she's cleaned them once again, as best she could. She watches the fruit being cut, furrowing her brows and holding her hand out to get the knife from David. Things will go so much faster if she does this!

"Thanks." Robyn says as he sits down in one of the chairs and resting against the table, his dark hair a bedhead mess. "And yeah, I'm hungry. I haven't eaten food in weeks." He didn't need it. "But I also need a bit more than just food for nourishment so if either of you don't mind a headache for a bit, I'd appreciate the help?" He asks awkwardly like he really doesn't want to be asking but he knows he has to suck it up and admits he needs help in that area.

Heather furrows her brow at Robyn's question and she writes on her wax case, <Brief touch.> Which, really, is all Robyn should need, since Heather gives away her psychic energy away much quicker than other students. <Have to concentrate to write my thoughts.> She does extend her hand towards Robyn so that he can suck her mind juices away. Now that he's not a ghost, at least, she trusts his touch is unlikely to turn her.

Robyn touches his hand lightly to hers and brushes it as light and quickly as possible. His eyes flash purple and Heather would be able to feel the pull as just a bit of her psychic energy is drained, enough to give her a mild headache for a bit. "Sorry, just, it's as important as food to me." He says as stretches a bit. "And I feel like I need a shower. Thanks again for last night. It's good to be me again."

Putting her head to her forehead quickly, Heather just nods her head at what Robyn says. <I understand. I've learned that I am not very good with psychic energy, though. I would also like a shower. It will be the first thing I will do when we are back. Then I will eat.> Heather has lost some weight since coming here, since she's cut her food intake to a little less than half and has been keeping up similar amounts of physical activity, so the pyjamas are looser on her than when she arrived in the world. <And I was glad to do it for you.>

"Call my parents and then Jordan." Robyn says as that will probably be the first thing he does when he gets back. "Jordan's gonna hate that yet another thing happened at Xavier's but honestly…this doesn't seem all that horrible. I want to go home but at the same time, it's kinda neat here." He can't help but think that. Robyn already wishes he had some clay to make a pumpkin monster.

Heather smiles slightly at what Robyn says and she writes on the wax, <Somehow, I had thought that you wouldn't mind it here as much as some of the others. Myself, I find myself indifferent to being here, even though I prefer some of the comforts of Xavier's.> The only reason she thinks the former is because of her time spent in the art room. <I also enjoy the easier access to food to prepare.> She pats her stomach lightly.

Finishing preparing the fruit, David places the bowl of fruit in front of the two mutant youths. <Sorry it took so long to prepare.> He grabs a slice of an apple and chomps it down, "Robyn, if you need more energy. Take some from me or the other staffers if need be." He pats Robyn's shoulder as a small sign of affection that he is happy the boy is back. "I think there is some deer meat or rabbit meat, I can cook up for a stew."

"I could so go for junk food like McDonalds and a large coke right now." Robyn says with a smile as he grabs a piece of fruit and starts eating it. "I'm really not a picky eater, especially since, like I said, I haven't had anything to eat for a while." He says as he quickly swallows the slice of apple. "Yeah, I guess I like this sort of weird stuff Heather. In a sense, it's kind of like being in a movie."

Heather reaches for the fruit and also gets with the eating. <There should be some rabbit meat. I killed one with the pickaxe.> While usually pretty passive, when it comes to killing meat, she's become a little more aggressive. <I want to make pancakes, and spaghetti sauce, and sausages, and so many things when we are back. Maybe I will get some junk food, too.>

Patting his stomach, David mmmmsss as he think of all that food, "Ok, I'll prepare the rabbit." He disappears to the back for a little while and returns with the rabbit and plops into the cauldron with prepared broth. "Robyn, what do you remember from your time as a ghost?" And he gestures to Heather, <I haven't had a chance to look over your notes, but I would like to peruse them later.>

Robyn continues to eat as he reads what Heather has to see and listens to David. "I never ate rabbit before coming here." He says but he doesn't think it's bad. It's food. "You're making me hungry Heather." He says with a chukle before answering David. "What do I remember, well…everything. I remember being the ghost and just the whole experience. It's kinda sad though in a way."

<You can feel free to have some when we're home. I'll be cooking plenty of food, I usually do,> offers Heather, even though most people understand that it's best not to partake in Heather's cooking style. She listens to the other two and frowns, nodding, <I kind of wonder if the ghost's real name really was yours. Probably not.>

"Well, do you remember anything regarding the name Tegu-Haaz anything demonic in nature or I don't…did you ever sense something specifically sinister?" David goes back to the bar and grabs some remaining fruits and vegetables and puts them into the cauldron to prepare some rabbit stew.

Robyn makes a face, as he's seen Heather's cooking, but he tries to smile to be nice. "Thanks Heather." He's not going to partake in blacked panfried chicken with strawberry jam. Robyn then shakes his head to David. "What's Tegu-Haaz?" He asks as he knows Alaric is about but he doesn't remember the name. "And demonic? No. I mean while I was in the Asylum I noticed that there really wasn't much writing anywhere. All the books and papers were blank."

It doesn't much matter if Robyn decides to take her up on her offer, since it just means more food for her. And she loves those calories. The girl reaches for her wax case and writes down, <TH is the demon who either created this realm or who this realm is. I am not clear on which. Alaric Blackmoore summoned the demon, which makes me want to keep an eye on him.>

Pointing at Heather, "She's correct. Alaric gave up some information and was the key to us figuring out how to change you and some of the others back to normal and may be our key to getting home. But I wondered specifically about the demon and also the way home." David looks over the stew and then goes behind the bar to grab some bowls. "Has anyone actually seen Alaric as of late?"

"I don't know who he is." Robyn says as he listens to both of them. "So, we were brought here by a demon or something? And does anyone know how to get home? I heard some rumours about we might be going home soon." He says as he continues to eat a bit before getting up to find something to drink. He's thirsty. "And do we know how long we've been here?"

<The exact method has not been found yet. Alaric has said something about finding the silver water. Which I suspect means mercury. I may try to get Connor to help us find such a thing before turning him to normal. His alternate self seems to know something about the world,> scrawls Heather, detangling her hair lightly and taking some more of the fruit. <It is almost impossible for me to tell time normally. And my watch is on my nightstand.>

"Silver Water…I don't know." Robyn says as he didn't really learn much about this land from when he was a ghost. "I really hope Connor is okay." He says worried about his friend. He's also worried about James and Jinx. "So are there still a bunch of people at the farm house?" He asks as he understands if she doesn't know how long they've been here. "And what has been explored here?"

<I hope that Connor is okay as well,> writes Heather, frowning slightly at that. <He is a friend, and I care for his outcome.> She taps the edge of the case a couple of times, just looking off as she taps before answering the question, <The farm house was destroyed by Kenta and James. I believe they are both returned to themselves. I do not know about Jinx.>

"I'll explore the asylum again today. Search around for any clues and signs of Jinx and Connor and see if this fits into anything." David pulls out the key that was found a few days ago. A shiny iron key. He puts it back in his pocket and serves them both rabbit stew, "Munch away, you two….you deserve it." He exhales, "We've been here for a little over a month."

Robyn nods finally finds some, what he hopes, is drinkable water. "Okay, there is a lot to that Asylum, it's kinda like it's Xavier's but not." He says as he sit finally sits back down. "We have to make sure we find our friends too. You wann try to find Connor later?" Robyn says to Heather as he continues to much a bit. "I remember him being really…weird, and not making sense. I might be able to snap him out of it for a bit."

<He is helpful, but strange and mad. Even by my own or his own standards, I would guess,> writes Heather, frowning slightly as she writes, <I do want to try and find him very soon. We need to gather everyone and then escape this world.> She puts down her knife and crosses her arms for a moment, staring at the case, before partaking in the stew. <I believe he is at the Asylum, last I knew.>

David nods, "Alright, then a trip to the Asylum it is." He pours some stew for himself, "I'm trying to keep track of everyone who was here. I've heard Julian is here, but I have yet to see him. It's been sometime since I've seen the other staffers except for Kenta. and I only saw Robin, Tara, Marshall, and Mikhail once since we've been here."

"I know of a few people here but not everyone. I didn't know Julian was here." Robyn says as he never ran into the telekinetic. He follows David up to get some stew for himself and also gets a bowl for Heather. "Let me find a weapon or something to carry around if we go up there. I used to have an axe but I don't know what happened to it."

<I've been using a pickaxe. I think there is a second one, that Chloe was using when we went gravedigging together,> writes Heather, before she looks off towards her notes. <I have to mark some things down. Get me when you are both ready to go, or if you need access to anything that I've written already. I have not seen many people, but that is the sacrifice of being an explorer. I try to help with what I can when I am here, though.>

David hmmmmns, "If you want I can try to fashion a spear for you. The one I used to kill Mike got destroyed fighting a giant octopus." He sits down with the stew and commences eating, "And Chloe lost all of her knives in that fight with the octopus. I can make some more."

Robyn gives Heather a wave and sits down by where she was sitting. "Sounds good Heather." He says before looking at David while taking some spoonfuls of food. "I can look around and see what I can fin…giant octopus? This place really is like out of some bizarre movie. I think if it I wasn't worried about getting home or not, I'd enjoy it more."

David smirks, "I could see how one might enjoy it for a day or two…a week max…but again over a month…." He smiles, "I'm glad you are back, Robyn. I'm sure everyone else is too." He finishes up his stew, "I should leave some for the others….I guess."

"You still have more fruit here." Robyn says as he think David might still be hungry from what he says. "So where is everyone staying now that the farmhouse is gone?" He's curious about that since it was their 'home base' so to speak. "And do you think we should get everyone together and have like a meeting or something, brain storm about things?"

Reaching for an apple, David nods his head, "Thanks. I will have some more fruit. And everyone has pretty been between here, the train station and the old blacksmith shop." He ponders, "Everyone has been spread out, but a meeting would be great. I was shocked to learn that Hilde and Julian was here."

Robyn slowly eats his stew as he still seems a bit tired. "David, do you mind if I..um…can I touch you for some..energy?" He hates asking but he feels that headache approaching and he needs help. "Ms. VonReginleif is here?" He says asking about his German teacher. "I think it might be best though if we get everyone on the same page and if we all know about the key then we can have many eyes searching for a door and for these silver waters."

Extending his hand, "Don't ever be afraid to ask, Robyn. I'll give it willingly." David braces for the energy to sapped as he responds to Robyn's other statements, "Yes, Hilde is here. Oddly enough it was the first time, I had ever met her was here." He smirks, "She survived the Kenta/James fight that destroyed the farmhouse and I believe that Emma is monitoring everyone pisonically, but yes, we should all be on the same page."

Robyn takes David's hand for a second or two, and in that time Robyn's eyes flash purple as he drains some of David's psychic energy, leaving him with the quite the migraine. "Thanks, and sorry." He says as he feels a lot less tired now. "Any word about Kisha, and how many more attacks have their been?"

David winces a bit and places his hand on his forehead and smiles meekly, "No problem….anytime." He stands up to get a drink of water, "No word on Kisha…still….it's been weeks,but I guess no body means there is still hope…as for attacks…" He pauses and stares off as if counting, "Well, Star was turned into a zombie. Mike was turned into a clockwork Frankenstein. Kenta was turned into a werewolf. Then I killed Mike. James shot Kenta. Oh there was the attack on Troy, you were there for that one. Um…Then Kenta undid the Troy persona, who is now Leo. The fight with the octopus. I believe Hosea battled a human Jinx." He ponders, "Wow…there has been alot of stuff."

Robyn nods. "Yeah. Leo…it's just weird cause I really thought he died. I mean, they reported that his he was in a plane crash and…I dunno." There's a bit of history between Robyn and Leo and not really the stuff he likes to remember. "I hope Kisha's okay where ever she is." He says as he stands up as he finishes his stew. "I think I'm gonna find some water to wash off in or something. Thanks David."

David waves to Robyn, "Alright, Robyn. I'll see you around. And don't go too far." David smiles, "and again…welcome back."

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