2011-02-14:Telling The Truth

Players: Cloud and Xorn

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Summary: Cloud discusses his interaction with Envy to Xorn

Date: February 14, 2011

Log Title: Telling the Truth

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Classroom Two

The classroom is set up for a variety of different classes to be held here at different times. The standard desks sit in rows, with a teachers desk in front and a white board in the front of the class. No particular teacher has a set classroom; they rotate the classrooms as classes are necessary.

Cloud has been stewing over what happened in New York the other day, he's gotta tell someone about what happened but that means admitting that he used his powers in public, after research on the woman called Envy he's decided to tell Xorn about it, his squad leader seems like the best choice, he's dressed in blue jeans, a pair of red sneakers, a black t-shirt and his blond and blue hair is casualy spiked, gulping he knocks on Xorn's classroom door.

Hovering above a desk in the classroom, Xorn dressed in a white Buddhist robes with an X insignia on a red sash, signifying his role as an X-Man and staff at the Xavier Institute peers down looking at various papers. Small flashes of light flicker within the metal mask holding in his powers. When he hears the knock, he does not look towards the door, but it eerily, yet simply opens. Without directly looking at his student, Xorn’s disembodied voice speaks out, “I sense your are in quite an emotional state, young Mr. Rosen. What seems to be the issue and how can I assist you?”

Cloud sighs and enters the room trying to figure out how to start explaining the situation, "Errm, well i was in New York on Saterday and a woman with a thing for gems offered me a job…"

Finally planting his feet on the ground and leaning on the desk, Xorn offers his full attention to his pupil and repeats in a question form, “A woman with a thing for gems offered you a job?” He does not immediately read Cloud’s mind as he will allow him to further explain.

Cloud nods, "Yeah, as…, well as an assassin", he pauses as he tries to think of a way to explain why without giving away the whole story of what happened, and at the same time is trying not to let all the details pass though his mind.

Energy momentarily flares noticeably under Xorn’s containment mask as he nods his head, “An assassin? I see.” He looks to Cloud a moment and does an empathic scan of the young mutant to read his emotions as he retells of his encounter with the gem lady, “Please continue.” That is said in a calming tone.

Cloud gulbs and steps backwards at the sight of the energy flare, "Well she gave me her card and told be to go to a place and ask for Envy if i wanted a job, i've heard of Envy on the news so i thought i should tell someone about this".

@emit Realizing he has scared the boy with his momentary energy flare, Xorn shakes his head, “No. No. Don’t be scared of the flare. That happens every so often. A reaction of my powers.” Xorn then pauses, “Envy. I have heard of her. She was integral in the saving of Mutant Town and her assistance helped save Kisha and Mason. I had hoped this would mean a change in her, but I see it was only temporary.” He then asks Cloud, “I know you don’t like telepathic scans, but to better assess the situation, I would like to scan your mind to see what actually happened as you remember it. Would you be amenable to that?”

Cloud gulps knowing exactly what Xorn is gonna find in his head, still as freaked as he is, he nods, "ok, take a look", he starts running though wat happened in his head.

Standing perfectly still Xorn’s metallic mask flares again with energy as he enters the mind of his student, “Try your best to remember the event as it happened and try to remain calm. I will only scan for that event.” Suddenly Xorn is in Cloud’s mind easily passing through some minor defenses and watches the scene play out as if he was there as he begins to see the interaction between Cloud and Envy.

Finding himself on a street Xorn watches as Cloud is confronted by members of the Japanese mafia and as a rumble occurs Cloud uses his powers in the fight which Envy watches and realizing what he is able to do she then offers him a job as an assassin. Watching the whole thing, Xorn nods his head and shakes it from time to time, when suddenly he exits Cloud’s mind. Taking a moment, he looks to Cloud and says nothing for the moment of Cloud’s power use. Instead he asks, “Well, I am happy you are not her assassin and you did the right thing by not taking up her offer. The temptation for such actions can be overwhelming. But with this information, I will inform the other staff. I suggest in the meantime avoiding Envy at all costs.” He then looks down and states, “Do you still have the ruby card?”

Cloud sighs in relief when the issue of his power use is skipped, "Yeah i've still got it", he reaches into his pocket, pulls out the card and offers it to Xorn to look at.

Taking the ruby card, Xorn looks it over and studies it a moment, “Thank you, Cloud. Not just for giving me the card, but also for coming with this information to me and allowing me to scan your mind. I can understand your reticence what with how you used your powers and all.” Xorn pockets the card, “I shall speak with the headmasters and discuss what if any follow-up is to occur. But know that you did the right thing telling me.”

Cloud runs a hand though his hair, "Is there anyway you could talk to the headmasters without saying i was the one involved, i'm don't wanna get kicked out before i graduate".

“Well, I doubt you would be kicked out. I will see how to approach Ms. Frost and Mr. Summers, but again, you informed me of what happened when you didn’t have to. I believe in rewarding honesty and trust. Not punishing it.” Xorn offers, “Let e medidtate on this to see how to deal with this matter. Perhaps, I could always deal with Envy myself.” His energy flares again after under the mask. This time brighter and scarier and on purpose.

Cloud steps back again at the surge of energy, energy may be what his powers need to function but from what he's heard about Xorn's powers, that kind of energy would probably burn him up, "Well if you need to meditate, i'd have better go, thanks for your help".

“Of course. I will contact you when an action has been decided.” Xorn then telekinetically lifts himself into a meditatitve pose as he lowers his head and thinks on what actions to take.

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