2009-04-07: Temporary Daddy


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Summary: Christopher explains the papers he recieved to Ricky.

Date: April 7, 2009

Temporary Daddy

Rating: G

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

Off to the side of the kitchen, in the laundry room, is Ricky. Whistling away, he's got a load of clean laundry waiting to fold while he transfers old laundry from the washer to the dryer, starts it, and begins putting a new load in the washer. He's apparently washing nearly all of his own clothes as well, as he's wearing only a pair of shorts.

Christopher walks into the kitchen with a few papers in his hand, the ones Eddie gave him in regards to Ricky. "Hey Ricky, do you have a moment, I'd like to dicuss something with you." He sounds serious as he takes a seat at the table and waits for Ricky to join him. He doesn't want to sign anything without talking to Ricky first.

"Sure, Mr. Parker-Mayfair." Ricky says, of course it's said with an obvious tease at the end of it. "First… uhm… can you do something? I wanna see if it works on yours? Uhm… toss me a little light?" He moves over, bringing the laundry to be folded with him.

"Please call me Christopher." Christpher says shaking his head as he nods. "Okay Ricky." He says as he brings a faint glow to his hands and shoots a small beam of light at Ricky that has barely enough force behind it to scratch the table. He's learned control. Once he's done he reaches over to help Ricky fold clothes while waiting to see what happens.

Ricky reaches a hand out, grabbing the light and pulling it into himself. As he raises his hand, the light, regardless of force, tends to sink right into his skin, strengthening him a little. Afterwards, he grins, holding his hands together and forming a ball of light. "Neat. After meeting Olly last night, Eddie said I said something about Light Absorption/Manipulation."

Christopher still has yet to meet Olly, instead Christopher just nods slowly. "We'll talk about what happened in a bit okay? Right now I want to talk to you about these." He says pointing down at the papers. "Your Grandmother has given me custody of you, now I don't want to sign anything until you and I discuss this and it's something you are okay with. I mean I'm your boyfriend's father so I don't know how weird that would be…"

"She did what?" Ricky says, blinking. He scrunches his forehead in thought. "She did say something about cutting ties…" He says softly. "Uhm.. well, I'm only a few months from eighteen anyway." He bites his lip and looks towards the other part of the house. "Legal sibling isn't the same as biological." He chuckles. That doesn't bug him at all.

Christopher stops as he looks through the paperwork and takes a sharp breath as he sees a Mayfair signature where a lawyer signature is. He shakes his head and looks back up at Ricky. "Yes, she did. Now I'm fine with signing these, I just wanted to make sure you are. I'm not going to try to be your father but I am going to act like your guardian as well as I'd like you start thinking of me as more than an employeer now."

"Oh…" He hasn't started folding laundry yet. Ricky's too confused. "A… alright. But, I'm… I'm all confused now." He says, biting his lip as he looks up. "Why would she do that? I mean, I don't mind. I'm just… I don't know much about her anymore. Not after what I interrupted." Poor Ricky.

Christopher shakes his head. "I don't know. I wasn't there and she didn't talk to me honey." He says reaching over to comfortingly rest his hand on Ricky's shoulder. "I don't know what Eddie knows or what she told him but he just had these papers on him and I read them through. Signing these papers though Ricky, I do want to know I will consider you family in a way. I guess kind of like a son-in-law." He says with a warm smile.

"Well, an in-law would have to wait for a while." Ricky says, rubbing his nose slightly. He leans into the shoulder a little. "What will Eddie say about it?" He doesn't want Eddie to be upset or anything. "And… uhm, thanks. I just… this is a lot."

"I know, that's why I said kind of like." Christopher says wraping his arms around him. "I don't know, do you want to talk to Eddie before I put my signature on the paper, we can call him in here?" He says as he wants everyone to be okay with this. It's not something you do all willy-nilly. "I know it's a lot honey."

"Oh, I know it's alright. And Eddie, I don't think will really care. But that'll just sound weird. To say my boyfriend is my adopted brother." He snickers softly. But then, Ricky and Eddie will both know the reality. They're both adopted. "I trust you. I don't mind. I just… wonder what's going through my grandmother's head."

Christopher nods and finally takes the pen and signs or initals anywhere he should. "I couldn't tell you that Ricky. Maybe we can try calling her and talking to her? I'm not sure." He takes a deep breath as he finshes his last signature. "There we go, I'm offically your guardian for the next few months. So, you think you want to help me make dinner tonight?"

"Sure uhm… Dad?" Ricky says with a question at the end. Well, he HAS lived here for a while. He's used to Eddie calling him that. It just feels weird.

Christopher stands up and ruffles Ricky's hair. "You don't need to call me Dad, only if you want to." He heard Jared even call him Pop a few nights back while defending the world. "Oh man this family is just growing by the minute."

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