2009-03-04: Tense Night


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Summary: A gathering of students and teachers that just can't sleep occurs

Date: March 4, 2009

Log Title: Tense Night

Rating: PG-13

Kitchen, Xavier Mansion

It's pretty late in the Xavier Institute. And despite orders to rest, Eddie Parker-Mayfair just can't sleep. So, in his jeans and Fantastic Four t-shirt (with Black and Gold uniform underneath), he's sitting at the island with a mug of hot chocolate. Grim expression on his face, he's just staring off into space.

There's a certain noise on this floor of the mansion, sounds like rolling, who could it be? Soon Max rolls in on skate-shoes (he had to sneak some new wheels in away from Scott's prying eyes.) He does though respect people's desire for quiet so all the hyperactive kid says is "Heya." In a quiet tone to Eddie.

Late nights are what the Von Gregory twins live for…too bad they are stuck with the night owl tendencies and no way to get to any of the decent end of the world raves without getting in trouble. Alone, for now, it seems one of the two has taken it apon himself to visit the fabulouse kitchen of the Xavier mansion. Dressed in a very stylish pair of pure silk pajama pants, forrest green of course, and a matching T-shirt. In one hand the teenager appears to have a small brown paper bag, in the other something plastic cylendrical, and knowing him porbably battery powered. He stops as he notices others up and grins at them nodding before speaking with a hard to place Eastern European accent, "Ahh, good evening. I had thought I might end up being the only one up that was not outside on guard duty at this time of night."

Eddie jumps and looks over his shoulder as he hears Max's wheels, one hand going to his pocket just incase weapons are needed. He relaxes slightly when he sees Max. "Hi…" he trails off. "Isn't it a bit late for you?" he asks. He then blinks when a one of the twins appears. "Umm…hi Pryce or Vincent…" he trails off, wondering just what the guy was carrying.

Max's eyes look tired, but his mind is on overload. The ice boy looks to the clock on the oven. "Yeah, it is. But I can't sleep." Once Pryce comes in, Max canters his head. "Heya!" He calls out, a bit too loud. A wince appears on his face as he hope none of the grown ups heard.

The Latverin boy turns and gives Eddie a full look over grinning, at least until he spots the shirt he is wearing. The shirt causes him to sneer for a full second before he regains control of his facial features again. "Pryce, my brother is hard at work won a project and I decided I need a decent something to drink. Any chance this school is well provisioned enough to actually have an expresso machine?" The young man does not say a thing about the cylindrical device in his hand, but he does set it and the small paper bag on the nearest counter as he starts to look for an Expresso machine, or a capachinno maker.

Eddie winces as Max gets loud, shaking his head. "Hey, quiet down, please. People are trying to sleep and work…" he trails off. Pryce just gets a confused look from Eddie as he looks at him this very later night/early morning in the kitchens. He sips his hot chocolate and sighs. "Just a coffee machine and then another coffee machine students are not allowed to touch under threat of Loganing…whatever that is," he says, shivering slight then leaning back over the island again. "Pryce…what is that thing?" he asks, pointing at the device next to the bag.

Erik steps in from the outside. "No shouting in the kitchen." Erik comments with a yawn as he makes his way over to the refrigerator. "I guess its a forgone conclusion that no one stores scotch in the man kitchen." He comments to himself as he rifles through the fridge. "I know I left a…ah." He grabs a diet coke (product placement!) from the fridge.

Max's complexion goes from squishy fleshy to pale white as Erik informs Max of the rules. His eyes go extremely wide and he turns his head to look at the man. "Uhh, sorry. It's… I blame the schools and their medication." Trying the Bobby approach, great mentor that guy. He moves over next to Eddie a the island. "I can't have espresso, or coffee, or caffeine, Emma said I gave her a migraine last time." Oh, that was a hell of a time.

Pryce sighs a bit melodramaticaly. "No Expresso machine? Damn, and we did not pack one either." The Latverian teen clears his throat, "Sorry, that should be darn shouldn't it?" Pryce reaches over to the device and picks it up to hold in Eddie's direction, "Coffee grinder, of all the marvels that America has givent he world decent coffee has not been one of them. So, we bring our own where ever we go."

Eddie jumps as Erik appears, calming after just a moment. "Hello, Mr. Anderson…" he sighs quietly. "I have no clue what an expresso even is…" he mutters, looking down and sighing. "The liquor cabinet's over there, Mr. Anderson," he says, pointing to the power-proof cabinet over in the vague direction of the teachers' lounge under extensive lock and key. All the students got the standard 'Don't even -think- of going near it!' speech with their introductory tour. "Coffee grinder…oh…"

Erik raises his eyebrows. "I've already opened the coke. Unless there is Captain Morgans in there." Erik says before he pauses to think. "My God, I'm as good an influence as Wolverine. Don't drink until your thirty." He tells them all.

Max takes off his baseball hat, revealing his short spikey hair. "What's Captain Morgans?" Okay, sheltered child, even then, someone would just think Max is just a giant ice cube to put in their tumbler. Speaking of cold, Eddie should be feeling the effects of Max's temperature. Feels like someone turned on the A/C in the kitchen. "Okay, no drinking till I'm thirty." Taking Erik's word on the matter.

Pryce shakes his head listening to Erik, "What is it with Americans and alcohol? It is not some great evil thing." Pryce shakes his head again and then grins at Eddie, "Expresso is a way of making coffee perfected by the Italians. It brings out a much more complex flavor than just straining the grounds with boiling water."

Eddie glances at Max and sips his nice, warm beverage again. "Mr. Anderson…I spent two years of my life alone on the streets of New York City dealing with just about every kind of drunk and boozer you could think of, had stern lectures from both Dr. McCoy and Dr. Reyes on the affects of alcohol on the human and mutant bodies, as well having gone through the 'drunken mutant causing trouble' scenario in the Danger Room a few times. It's safe to say that I will never voluntarily drink any alcohol…" he trails off. Nodding to Pryce, Eddie blinks a few times. "If you mean the big machine that made steam and coffee, then we have one but it's broken cause some guys were horsing around in the kitchen and knocked it over."

"I'm a lawyer, and I don't want to be seen as inducing children to commit an illegal act. Also, at the end of the day I like to say: At least I'm not as bad an influence on the kids as Logan." Erik comments dryly. "We are stupid, about alcohol, and if the drinking age were 15 i wouldn't care. But it isn't." Erik says with a chickle. "Ah yeah, the 'drunk mutant' scenario. One time I was the 'drunk mutant', and just got to rampage. It was fun, pretending to be drunk and hurling anything made of metal a hundred feet up."

Max looks over to Pryce. "Sorry. I think that might have been me. But it wasn't horsing around, I uhh, kind of iced it, on accident. But that was like six months ago." The cold teenager gives a smile to Eddie as he glances at him. To him, the room is warm, hence the cargo shorts.

Pryce gives Eddie a long slow look with the raised Spock eyebrow. "That sounds something like what I was looking for…any idea where it is?" There is a sparkle in the young mutants eye that just about matches the one he had the idea of having electronics delivered since he can't leave the mansion to go get them himself. Of coruse Erik's speach on being a lawyer and contributing to the deliquency of minors gives just enough time for the boy's near morror image to show up at the door, "How badly did you damage it, and did you crack any pipes or just blow the controls?"

Eddie shrugs and looks from Max to Pryce and then back again. "I dunno. There was just a note where it used to be on the counter. I think Dr. McCcy took it," he says. The teen frowns and finishes off his hot chocolate. "Mr. Logan's not that bad an influence on us. Besides…he's got good qualities…"

Erik nods. "I know, but I like teasing him, even when he isn't here to threaten to give me a free inestinal aeration. Not that he /could/, normally, but." Erik responds dryly before he looks to Pryce. "If you find the espresso or cappucino machine you are, under no circumstances, permitted to make it mobile, armed or sentient."

Max gives a shrug. "All I remember is covering it in ice, and then one of the professors grumbling and moving it to the sink." Other than that he's not sure of the damage to the machine.

Pryce sighs and almost deflates as he is once more defeated. "As much fun as that might be, Coffee is one of the things we take seriously. A good coffee maker should be just that, and that alone. Now, a toaster that can hold up its end of a conversation about particle physics…." Pyce is joking, at least mostly so, his work on a toaster that talks just left him with an appliance that has an odd fixation on cooked grain related foods. Vincent nods at Max as he comes all the way in the door, and finds a counter on the opposite side of the room from Pryce to lean on. "Well that does not sound too bad, just how much damage that might do would depend on if was being used at the time. It probebly would not be too hard to fix if we could find it."

Eddie shrugs. "Hi, Vincent…" he trails off. Getting up, he moves to the sink to wash his mug quietly. "I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to turn any appliances into robots or sentient AIs or whatever. Too much tempting fate there," he says quietly. Yes, he snuck a little joke in.

Erik nods. "AI is a crapshoot, really. Sometimes its' great, and sometimes it decides to take a hit of the skynet and eradicate mankind. Better to avoid it. Especially if it has hardening." He comments off handedly as he sips his diet coke.

And out of all those references and jokes, Max doesn't understand a thing. The cryokinetic raises an eyebrow and adopts a face of curiosity.

The twins shrug at the same time, as far as they are concerned an AI is not that scary..not if they can get close enough to simply turn the thing off. Pryce grins as an idea scomes to him, but not one he is going to voice out loud. Vincent says, "A little AI is not a bad thing, and decent EM shielding is an absolute necessity in this day and age. Beside, with Pryce's skills its not like we are going to end up with a new Ultron that will be beyond our control."

Eddie tenses visibly at the mention of Ultron, glancing at Pryce and Vincent with a frown. Sighing, he starts to wash all the dishes waiting in the sink. He tends to do that no matter how many times people tell him he doesn't need to. Seems that cheerful Eddie's checked out for the night.

Erik rolls his eyes. "You know everyone who /ever/ designs an AI say the same thing, right? I can control it, I'm too skilled…" Erik chuckles. "The same thing with super soldiers, and all the other things we see /way/ too often. The line from the Princess Bride is right. 'Inconceivable!' 'I'm beginning to think you do not know what that word means…'"

Max's body turns to ice at the mention of Ultron. He's seen that eerie smile haunt his dreams before. Seems like Max is now confused, and iced now. Every part of his organic body is now a translucent blue, even the spikey hair. Though the iced teen gives a yawn. "I think my mind's caught up with my body." Perhaps it's time for him to retire in the freez… I mean his room, which just happens to be as cold as a freezer.

Pryce moves to lean on the conter near the sink where Eddie is doing the washing up. "You Eddie, look entierly too serious. You need to lighten up, just because were in the middle of a major crissis outside does not mean you should be moping." Erik's reaciton gets a laugh from the twins an a sly smile, "Yes but…" Vincent speaks up, "…the inventers dealing with AI do not have our powers, and beside…other than my brother's fondest dream being to get ahold of his very own Doom-Bot we would work on nicer AIs. Like a lorry truck with a martyr complex…"

Eddie frowns and turns around to face Erik while drying his hands off. He takes a deep breath and then starts to list everything he knows about both Visions. And that's -a lot-. As always, frightening detail. When he finishes, he gives Pryce a hard look. "My best friend and the closest thing I'll ever have to a brother is missing and possibly in enemy hands right now and once again I was completely useless in keeping him safe. So I'll mope all I want, thanks," he says, letting out some bottled up anger. "You might wanna de-ice before bed, Max. Good night everyone," he says before stalking out of the room. It's likely he's going down to the weight room instead of up to bed though.

Erik raises his eyebrows at the info dump on Vision. "I was kidding, Eddie." Erik comments with a sigh before he looks to Pryce, and just shakes his head, chuckling. "Well, I am off to bed as well, you gentleman have a good evening."

Now's as good a time to try and de-ice. Sometimes it just doesn't work for the guy. Visible strain as the young mutant tries to power down from his ice state. No-dice. "I'll try when I get up there. I've slept like this before, no melting. I just kinda stick to cloth." He waves as he starts scooting over to the elevator, headed towards the boy's hallway.

Pryce blinks, and then blinks again. Not at the info dump on Vision, which he is just going to file away for later in case he needs it, but at the angery outburst. Well now, if he knew that he might have said things differently…then again all things considered he might not have. "Well that was…unexpected." Vincent shrugs as he walks over to the fridge and starts to look through the machine just to see what is inside. "Certainly was, no one said anything about someone being missing in action. Of course they probably don;t want us getting it into our heads to sneak out and try and find him…" The twins wave good by to Max, and are stuck alone in the kitchen now. "I wonder where this Doctor McCoy would hide a broken coffee maker…?"

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