212-11-29: Tension Running High


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Summary: With recent events, some folks are snapping easier than usual.

Date: November 29, 2012

Log Title: Tension Running High

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Apparently the converstion has kind of peetered off between cloud and Amunet. She's piled under 8 blankets, two of them that are radiating the last of the heat that was put into them. Not flushed but looking like she's at least stopped shivering now as she keeps herself cocooned under the layers. Now and again her eyes drowsily closing and then opening again as she looks around the medical bay and any of the people who may be there. Other than hugging the book she has out of her duffles to her chest, she's keeping rather quiet.

Having an appointment with Dr. Reyes for some physical therapy in regards to his leg, Nicholas walks into the medbay. He has a bit of a limp when he walks due to the walking cast on his leg. After taking a few steps into the room, he stops short, spotting Amunet. "Uh, hey. Is, Dr. Reyes in her office? Are you new here?" He's never seen her face before so he's hoping she's a new student verses him being holed up in his room.

Here's the only place a mutant who's super strong and can't control it can find a razor he won't break, and so Queton steps in himself, not quite limping, but he's not the best looking person in the world. He's wearing a black muscle shirt, black flannel pants and is padding about barefoot for the moment, apparently preparing for bed. "Nick," he greets the other boy, giving him a once over a moment, before his eyes fall on Amunet. "Fuck is this?" He sure is friendly.

Looking up from within her blankets, Amunet once again sits up and says softly, "She's in her office… I think she said she was expecting a phone call." Blinking a bit at Quenton's reaction and scoots back a bit as she reaches down to try and pull her bag up to her as if to use it to protect herself with. You know, just in case. "yeah.. I'm new. Rashmi said I needed to be somewhere safer, I… I was staying with her… , and she sent me here with mr. Connor and Robyn."

"Hey there Q." Nicholas says to the other boy, glancing him over in return, before going to one of the chairs and sitting down. "When was Connor here?" He asks before catching himself. "Sorry, welcome to the school, you okay and stuff? I'm Nicholas or Nick." He introduces himself to her before looking back to Quenton. "So, how you holding up? Your…" He motions at his face feeling awkward saying 'your face' around Amunet for some reason. "Looks a lot better."

Turning his head, Quenton displays what Nicholas means. A vicious, ugly looking glasgow smile has been carved into the left side, and while it doesn't look fresh, it's definitely not old, either, having scabbed over. "Does it?" he asks, jaw clenched a little, before he at least gives Nicholas a smile that's meant to be reassuring, but the gruesome scar just makes it all the more macabre. He doesn't bother introducing himself, though his eyes trail suspiciously to Amunet's bag.

Speaking of those eyes, it's probably of note that they're blood red.

Amunet looks to Nicholas and Quention and says, "I… I sew. It's just my extra fabric and sewing supplies." Other than the small book she holds in her hand that looks to be some sort of journal. Though she notices the scar she doesn't say much about it, other than to say as she hugs her bag, "Connor brought me last night and stayed till I fell asleep… I… I don't know where he went he was gone when I woke up. I… I had the blankets though." And no longer having his jacket as she did when coming in. "I'm alright… headache and it's cold. Otherwise I'm ok." Biting on her lip and then glances to Quenton again before starting to flip through her book.

Nicholas nods to Amunet and bends over to start unstrapping the leg brace. He does his best to wiggle his toes, and is fairly successful. "Oh, uh..that's nice." He says in response to Amunet sewing. "There's a few other folks who also sew here." Basically he's not really sure what to say to that. "Connor's a good guy, I talked to him the other night." He goes through a few exercises, getting use to using his leg again. "Um, well welcome to Xavier's. My first look at the school was the medbay as well."

Flipping page after page where something is written and then a newspaper clipping taped to it, Amunet seems to be looking for something in particular. She finally stops and looks to Quenton for a long moment, her face showing a moment of flinching pain beore then looking to what's written again. Glancing then curiously to Nicholas and his chest and the shirt. Muttering under her breath, "the Carved crooked smile, and branded heart." Pulling in on her bottom lip with her teeth. After amoment nicholas' comment finally filtering through and she says a small bit louder, "Umm… thanks. I.. I just… get cold and headaches when… when things happen. I'm ok otherwise." Fidgeting a small bit with her book's cover.

"What the fuck did you just say?" asks Quenton to Amunet. Jeez. He's very friendly, apparently. He goes over to the sink and takes up one of the razors, apparently having been set aside for him, which he runs over the water. A stubble has grown over his jaw, and he runs the blade under the water before beginning to cut into it without cream, though he oddly doesn't cut himself. "Speak up."

Of course, Kaylee… wanders. She does that sometimes! Also, word in the mansion gets around fast, and well, she can't help but be curious when there's someone new. She has to come seeeee! And so the lizard mutant peers in the door, spotting Nicholas, Quenton, and… "Someone new!" she perks up, offering a cheerful, "Hi!" o the newcomer.

Nicholas looks between Quenton and Amunet, then looks back at Quenton with a confused look. "Things happen like powers?" He asks Amunet then finally tears his gaze away from his friend and looks back over at her. "Carved crooked smile and branded heart? What do you mean by that?" Kaylee distracts him though and he looks over at her and waves. "Hey there."

Amunet Just shakes her head and murmurs, "Nothing. I don't wanna talk about it." Her gloved hands tucking around the duffle bag and the stack of 8 blankets she has on her. "ummm, hello." She says to the rather scaley girl though she can't help but give a small smile in return to the obvious perky personality. Glancing from Quention to Nicholas and back again, however, the whole razor thing gets ignored.

"No idea what the fuck she's talking about," Quenton offers to Nicholas, his eyes trailing over to Kaylee. He watches her for a moment, before turning his head away, as if to hide the brutal scars from her. "How's the leg?" he asks his own friend, while he keeps his eyes on the mirror, jaw trembling a little, though despite an unsteady hand, he still's completely fine.

"Hey Nick! And Quenton," she adds in, "Who's the new girl?" she juts her thumb towards Amunet for a moment, crawling around the corner in a way that's clear that she's half clinging to the wall, half standing on the floor. (Barefoot of course!) She wears a simple pair of jeans and her current favorite cat-eared hoody, hair parted down the middle for today.

"Why say it if you don't want to talk about it." Nicholas says as it seems like the type of thing to him that someone mentions to try to talk about it, even though denying it. "The leg is doing a lot better, thanks. Just mostly physical therapy stuff to get back to walking on it again. The arm healed a lot faster." He says holding it up. "I can't wait to get back to riding again." He looks to Kaylee and motions towards the new girl. "She's right there, she's awake, why don't you ask her."

The half clinging to the wall gets Amunet's gaze away from the boys and she gasps a small bit but with a smile clinging to her lips as those light blue eyes widen. This isn't the scared gasp, but more of something rather amazing to look at. "I like your hoody… it's cute. I… i.. I'm Amunet… Amunet Raggess." before then glancing to Nicholas, "Sorry.. I… I see things sometimnes and I… i remember something is all.. it's not important." Tucking the blankets up around her a little bit more. "Riding? You can go riding here?"

"You're the most cheerful gir— uh… whatever. I got nothing witty to insult you with right now, so, uh… whatever." That's Quenton's greeting to Kaylee. His eyes trailing over to Amunet a moment before he finishes his shaky shaving and then begins to head on over to a cart, brushing things aside well. Pretty daintily, for someone who has the bad boy image going on for him. When he doesn't find what he's looking for, though, his bare foot slaps across the ground, hard, and the floor gives a bit of a loud sound, though it doesn't relent or even quiver under him. Still, the air ripples under him and he mutters, "Fuck, I forgot. I used it. Fuck. Ah, well. Gentle's good. She likes gentle," he babbles.

Cale's face turns slightly red, "Thanks! I like it too," she smiles just a little bit, "I'm Kaylee!" she nods once, emphasizing, before looking over at Quenton, raising a questioning eyebrow. "Are you okay?" she seems a little surprised, maybe even worried about Quenton's behavior. That doesn't seem like normal Quenton to her; she clings to the medbay wall across a foot or so off the ground.

"There's a horse stable here, yeah. I own my own horse so he's here with me." Nicholas says, really missing riding. He watches Quenton with concern for a bit. "How's Shane doing, I haven't really seen her in a bit." He asks figuring Shane is the 'she'. "Quenton, I think I'm about to fall over from shock, you've run out of insults!" He teases but he's a bit worried about his friend. Nick just doens't want to bring up personal stuff with others around.

Amunet's silent for a long moment before then says, "I haven't seen many horses other than the carriage rides in the city." She says simply. "And then watches the boys again before looking up at Kaylee, "What are they talking about?" Yeah the new girls confused, though she squirms the smallest bit and glances towards the still closed doctors door.

"I'm fine, Cale. Kaylee. Cale. I didn't run out, Nick, I'm just… fuck. I don't know. It's almost time to pass out," Quenton goes with. "Don't get me wrong. I'm still the fucking man, yeah? I just uh… I don't know. We'll talk about it later," he says dismissively, lifting a hand to wave now. "You seen Orion yet? Everyone fucking fed him while we were playing Nazi camp, apparently."

Kaylee rubs the back of her neck a little nervously, "Well, see, Quenton's always real quick with the insults, it's like, his trademark, 'n stuff. Totes," nods the girl. "We just wanted to make sure he was taken care of!" she replies to Quenton just a little bit guiltily. "It's Kaylee today," she giggles. "He's not THAT fat anyway…"

Nicholas nods to Quenton. "I know what you mean." And that's all he says in regards to it. "Yeah, ever since I've been out of here I've been to the stable everyday. I never thought I'd miss mucking a stall. Cleaning your horses poop is a bonding process." He tries to joke. "Yeah, he's turning into a fat horse since I haven't been able to ride him."

Ice blue eyes from Amunt jump from one persno to another to another. It was like watching a never ending tennis game and so far Quenton was in the lead. Bringing one hand up to her mouth she starts chewing on h er thumb nail.

"Kaylee today," Quenton echoes, shruging, while he rummages through the cart further, before muttering, "Ah, fuck it." To Nick, he just shrugs. "I'm still myself. I just… for the time being need to find a new way to burn the rage. Just don't feel like dishing out stuff right now." He rolls his shoulder. "Anyway, I'm going to start calling Orion Fatty McFat Fat. Swear to God, they've been giving him fucking cheeseburgers," he tells the room in gneral.

"Just don't let it build up inside you…" Kaylee trails off with trepidation, glancing over to Amunet with an apologetic look on her face, "Sorry, it seems crazy right now, but well, that's because things ARE crazy," she grins, hopping off the wall and striding over towards the new girl to sit on the bed next to her. "You weren't, I dunno, involved in that stuff in the city, were you? It sounds really bad out there."

Amunet looks at Kaylee for a moment and shrugs, "I was in Mutant town for a while. Miss Rashmi let me stay with her and help around best I could. After a talk with Mr. Connor and Robyn though she decided I'd be safer away from where the… the… well the people who tried to hurt her might find out about me. So she sent me here with them. Where she thought I'd be safer." her voice trailing off and she frowns.

There's a bit of an eye roll from Nick as Kaylee says not to let it build up inside you. "A few months ago I would have gotten into such a fight with you over that." He says to Quenton with a chuckle. "But right now, he is Fatty McFat Fat. God I miss riding. Stupid leg needs to heal faster." Not like it isn't healing faster than normal with the school's tech. He looks down at his leg and frowns for a bit, not saying much more.

Amunet looks at Kaylee for a moment and shrugs, "I was in Mutant town for a while. Miss Rashmi let me stay with her and help around best I could. After a talk with Mr. Connor and Robyn though she decided I'd be safer away from where the… the… well the people who tried to hurt her might find out about me. So she sent me here with them. Where she thought I'd be safer." her voice trailing off and she frowns. "Is it really safer here?"

"Not sure if I ever explained to you how the rage works, Doctor Jekyll and Missus Hyde," Quenton shoots over to Kaylee. "But trust me. I've dealt with this a while." After a bit, he admits, quietly, "And the last time I raged, I don't regret it. Not one bit." Those poor Purifiers. All of the burns from the Sentinel had been healed by Sophia, at least. "Is it safe here? Yeah. Most the time. Except when crazy zombie danger room things happen." He's vague. "Don't worry, Little Miss Infirm."

"That's more like it," Kaylee nods, stretching and yawning. She flops back on the cot. "It is a LOT safer here! Like a lot. Well most of the time," she pauses, looking towards Nick. "Niii-iiick. When your leg heals, will you teach me how to ride a horse? You always said you would," she reminds him.

Nicholas is list listening to the conversation but not really saying much as the others speak. He figures Amunet's question is answered so he doesn't need to add a third opinion to it. "It was still scary to see it." He finally says faintly to Quenton before looking over at Kaylee. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Well, I guess just, I have a lot on my mind so if it's not right away, don't take offence. I still need to figure things."

Amunet can't seem to help herself as she looks over at Quenton and simply responds to him by saying in a thick accent, "yo bokhesh." Hrmphing lightly before setting the bag down and then brushing her thumbs over the front of the book she holds in slow designs. Whether she's listening or not in the beginning is hard to tell. "Zombie danger room?" Oh yeah. THAT got her attention.

"You're a bokhesh," is Quenton's instant comeback. "I don't speak spanish," he adds, before glancing over to Nicholas a moment and clearing his throat. "What happened to us? They deserved what I did to them," he says. Sure enough, because he's wearing a muscle shirt, the 'M' brand can be seen burnt into his forearm, though he doesn't seem interested in hiding that as much as the crooked mutilation on his face.

"Oh, and yeah, we were teleported to the Danger Room mysteriously to face a magic zombie apocalypse simulation," he adds, casually.

Amunet says, "eyes roll to looking to the ceiling, "It's not spanish, it's arabic." She says back just as clipped, once again pulling the blankets over herself, she's not shivering anymore, but shes at least staying comfortable. Then she blinks at Quenton again and for a moment it looks like she may say something else but her mouth snaps shut, those eyes just wide as he mentions what happened in the danger room. Looking over to Kaylee as if for some sort of confirmation."

"Arabic?" Kaylee looks on curiously, nodding about the danger room, "I um, wasn't there. But I heard about it. It was kinda crazy, I think. Probably. I mean, I wasn't there. Like I said. But Nick and Quenton aren't huge BSers like that. Nope!"

"I know they did Q!" Nicholas says in a tone as if he's protesting. "I don't know, well I do know but…" He just shakes his head. He knows he's screwed up. Like Quenton, he has a similar 'M' brand on his forearm as well which doesn't seem to be hidden. He runs both hands through his hair and shakes his head. "I wasn't around for the Zombie thing, but I heard about it. Did they every figure out what happened?" He looks over at Kaylee and raises his eyebrows at her in question before shrugging. "True, I may be a total jerk at times, but I'm not a liar."

"Nope. I don't think they did," Quenton tells Nicholas, shrugging his shoulders, one of which bears the 'M' brand, not his forearm. He, Nick, and Connor each got theirs in different places. Oh, the games the Purifiers paid. "It doesn't matter, though. Was fun, until I felt my powers draining. Not a fan of that, especially after all that."

Amunet is staying pretty quiet through all of this and then seems to get this rather contemplative look on her face. Again her thumbs up and she starts chewing on her thumb nail for the longest moment. "Can someone send a message to my mother for me and let her know whre I am?" Then Quenton goes on to explaining what he felt and again her eyes widen, her face losing it's color slowly as she looks down at her hands.

"Yeah… Yeaaah…" Kaylee nods, "My powers are weird, but I've gotten kinda used to them… I don't think I'd wanna feel that. We can totally call your mom, too. I think. Where is she?"" Even with her weird tongue and all of that. "You shouldn't chew on your nails…"

"That was my fault." Nicholas says looking down. "I didn't know what to do, I just…knew I had try to do something." He then gets really quiet at Amunet's question and looks away. "Uh..do you want to use my phone, you can contact her yourself if you want. I mean if you know how to get a hold of her." He pulls out his cellphone and gets off the bed, walking quite unsteadily with out the cast, over towards Amunet's bed to offer it to her.

"What was your fault?" asks Quenton, furrowing hs brow, his eyes trailing over to Nick, while he heads back for the mirror, turning the sink on, again very delicately, reluctantly.

Amunet looks at the phone "Does it have internet? I just… I need a message sent to her at an email addy… I.. I can barely work mine." She admits with a shifting of her legs under the blankets. "It's the safest way to get ahold of her I think… "

"Yeah it has internet, you'll get one eventually if you're enrolled here." Since Nick hands her the school phone. Looking over to Quenton, he tells him what he thought he knew. "When you raged, I found one of the darts and hit you with it to try to stop the rage." Nicholas says. "Heather and I were trying to make sure you didn't hurt to many people. I don't remember much after hitting you with the dart though."

Washing his face with his hands, Quenton shrugs his shoulders, admitting quietly, "You did what you had to do. I don't know. By then I guess all of the bad guys were pretty much beaten or something anyway. Heather kept me pretty contained, too, I guess. She does that." After a beat, he adds, quietly, "Thanks."

Amunet looks at the phone that's handed to her and she sighs and says, "Ok.. this is gonna sound stupid but.. i'm horrid with these things.. I can't make them work on the part that goes to the internet." Her cheeks turning a rather high color, "I.. I'm just wait." Offering the phone back, "thanks though." Glanxcing briefly to Quention again and then back to Nicholas before looking back, "it was you three… .. the ones my father would yell about before I found out he was one of them… it was really you three?" Sounding almost… hopeful.

Nicholas scowls at Amunet the look of anger on his face is apparent. "Don't be an idiot, if you want to contact your Mom, do it." He snaps as he presses a few of the buttons on the phone, brining up the internet and then handing the phone back to her. "Just be happy you still have a Mother to contact." The bitter tone in his voice is quite apparent. "What the hell are you talking about, us three?" He looks over at Quenton and shrugs. "You're one of my best friends Q, if I can, I'm gonna look out for you."

Nick's outburst makes Q rise a brow, and he glances over, hands still wet. "You feeling okay, there, buddy?" he asks the other boy, his eyes then trailing over t Amunet a moment. "You sounded like me right there," he adds, as an afterthough. And then she asks the question and he stops, staring into the mirror at his scarred face. "If you mean the ones branded by the Purifiers, yes. If you mean the ones tortured by them? There was another, 'Lock. Why do you sound like you really want us to be whoever you're talking about?"

Amunet looks at Nick and looks at the phone before just pinching her nose, "i'm an idiot when it comes to these things ok?… I don't even… I don't even send emails right… they end upa ll… weirded out." Looking at the phone andas she says, "Because if my father hates you that must mean you're not so bad … I always wondered if the stuff they were feeding us on tv was on the level or not… and he seemed to really not like you. I didn't know till later why… and if is really you… .. I don't feel so worried bout being here anymore."

"You should know as well as I do." Nicholas says to Quenton. "And honestly, no, I haven't felt alright in a long time. But if someone still has a parent that's alive, they shouldn't put off contacting them till tomorrow. Who knows, they might not be there tomorrow." He then looks at Amunet and frowns. "Then ask for help. And great, that makes me feel so much better. Your father hated so so that makes you feel safe. Great. Wonderful. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy." He grumbles. "Anything you probably saw on television about us is bullshit, what they did to us is worse than what they said we did."

Watching Nick for a while longer, Quenton blows out some air and turns his eyes over to Amunet. "The language he's speaking is pissed off," he explains patiently. "Which I speak pretty well, myself. Anyway, was your father a Purifier?" he wonders, lazily, seeming oddly calm now, though he heads over towards Nick and raises his arm, only to let it go limp so it falls around the other boy's shoulders companionably without actually hurting him.

Amunet looks at Nicholas and says simply, "I tried… I was /trying/ ta not take up too much of your time." She looks like she wants to snap back but every time she gets close her mouth opens and she closes her mouth again instead saying, "And I'm not /happy/ that happened to you… but ifg you're that three it means i know I can trust you… and since my own father tossed me into mutant town I'm… I'm glad someone other than Rashmi is someone I can at least know will be around." Before then looking to Quenton and then over to the now quiet Cale before looking back to Quenton, "I think he was… he always was over at this church group for men a couple days a week… I didn't think anythign bout it till he found out I was a mutant… and then he showed up with this big burly guy who didn't talk and they took me to mutant down a day later. But… given some things he said when all that stuff on the tv was being spouted it sounds like he might be one or at least someone who works with em." Looking down at the phone again she pushes a button and purses her lips, before then muttering again in arabic and sighs… "I'm a technological idiot."

The arm falling around his shoulders calms him down a bit and brings him out of his anger. "Sorry. Just…" He shakes his head. "It's a long story." One that he doesn't feel like getting into. "Don't worry about taking up my time, if you need help, you need help. All you have to do is ask." He sighs and telekinetically pulls over a chair so he can sit down. "I don't think of myself as some hero or savior or anything. I'm not someone who should make you feel safe, some people here would tell you differently. I don't know what it is that makes us…or me, so trustworthy but…this school…it's a good place, that's all I can tell you. It's home."

When Nick sits down, Quenton raises his hand and lets it fall. Raises his hand and lets it fall. Pat pat. It's very clumsy patting, but he's doing his best to show restraint. "I'll protect you for as long as I can, but I wouldn't feel safe around me. Especially if I care about you. I'm pretty uh… not safe. But I got your back. Nick's right, though. This is our home. I don't like most of the people here, but uh… this is where my family is. And it might not be Puerto Rico or whatever Spanish-speaking country you come from, but it's cozy." He just can't help himself. He can't say comforting words without throwing in his personal twist.

Unable to help herself, Amunet just eyerolls this time and says, yet again. "I'm not spanish. I'm half egyptian… well.. arabic, my grandmothers egyptian." Before shaking it off, "Nevermind you'll say it again anyways." Then says, "My choice who I chose to trust… besides… Il'l admit non of my abilities are very ummm. fighting based unless it has to do with a personal early warning system… knowing there's people around who can… teach me to .. to defend myself or at least will be around until I learn from someone… " She shrugs again before then looking to NIcholas and sets the phone down between them, "If I give you my mother's email addy will you show me how to send it? I can't promise I won't ask again in a couple of days. I'm so bad with technology I managed to record three hours of the home shopping network intstead of my mothers favorite movie for her birthday… "

"Sure, do you want to send it from your email or….I'd offer mine but I don't know if that's that good idea. I've been trying to keep a low profile online." Nicholas admits. "Though I don't know if it matters, the Purifiers found me a second time." He starts to pull up gmail hoping that is where she has an email account. "I think my roommate's Arabic. He's not Egyptian but he's of some decent in the Middle East. I can't remember which one. You wouldn't be able to tell his nationality, he looks like a giant cat." The patting actually makes him smile though. "They'll teach you how to best use your powers here, also they have a bunch of combat classes."

"Whatever you say, chica," Quenton says, dismissing the nationality debate with all the smoothness of a boy like him could muster. "As for messing up your mother's birthday present, smooth move," he tells her, while he yawns a little, glancing to the door.

Amunet chews on her bottom lip and tell Nich her email address 'moc.liamg|nrbryhpld#moc.liamg|nrbryhpld' Scratching her nose lightly and then hands him the slip of paper with her mothers.

Nicholas types in what Amunet instructs him then looks at the slip of paper to copy the email address. Once he's done he hands Amunet the phone. Just hit the letters there to type what you want to say, when you're done, hit that send button up there." The anger from before seems to have been mostly dismissed. That's when Dr. Reyes finally decides to make her prescience in the medical bay and tells Nick that they're going to be working in the weight room this evening and to meet her there before leaving again. "Once you're done, I'll head over. Don't feel rushed, I can make her wait." He uses his telekinesis to pull over his walking cast to strap it back on so he can walk over to the weight room.

Kaylee pipes up again, after some time being quiet, "Pff, it's not /that/ hard. Anyway, this place is more secure than fort knox. It's got, like, lasers and stuff. I guess it does happen to be full of superpowered mutants too… there is that," she murmurs as she watches Nick use his telekinesis. He's getting… better at that. A lot better.

Starting to type on the phone, Amunet shows she's probably not one who spends a alot of time typing her assignments as she hunt and pecks like a pro. The tip of her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth while she types in a message, seeming to think about what she's saying. Yawning now and again as she slips further into her blankets while continuing to work on letting her mother know everything that's happened since the last message. After a while she hits send and closes tyhe phone. Setting it down on the edge of the bed as she yawns again. Moving the phone to the stand next to the bed and she's asleep the moment she's back under the covers again, tucked in enough so only her nose is peeking out this time.

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