2020-06-20: Tensions Are High


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Date: June 20, 2020

Tensions Are High

Rating: PG-13

The Future - The Underground - Living Area

Army barracks would seem like a five star hotel compared to this place, but cots and hammocks seem to fill the area. There are some side rooms where mutants tend to fit four to six to a room and there are even some holes in the wall a mutant or two seems to have made home. Like the rest of the tunnels, its damp and musty in here and not much light save the same electric and gas powered lamps found in the rest of the tunnels. Everything from small children to older mutants sleep in here and it can be seen from the people who cant get out of bed. In this room there is a small corner thats been sectioned off with old sheets and blankets to form a medical area with what stolen medical supplies the mutants have managed to gather.

With the death of Jericho combined with the victory of last night, things are very bittersweet right now. Robyn is in the living area actually on the crutches Connor has been making him use. It's him pushing himself so that he doesn't have to think too much on things at the moment and he also knows that this is just the start that they have to keep on pushing in order to continue to make a difference. Continue fighting for what Jericho died for. "If I get this, I can go up top again." He says to himself as he struggles to make the next step.

As Robyn makes his next lap around the living area, two figures step into the room. The first is more recognizable as Volk in his full combat armor, his weapon resting against his chest while not actually held in his hands. The second is a bit more of a surprise. In a Hunter's utility jumpsuit, but not logoed for a division, a cut made for her tail to swish freely is Jinx! Leading her along carefully, but wordlessly, the former merc motions for her to enter and take a look around, while at the same time he looks down at the bag in his other hand… and the little goodies he gathered with the help of Domino during his most recent and successful operation.

Papers rustle behind Robyn, as Rashmi strides hurriedly down the tunnel. "Tracking devices found, destroyed," she murmurs, frowning at the scrawled reports, sandwiching maps and scrap notes, "telepathic scanning, no plants yet, about thirty percent—hi, Robyn," she says offhandedly as she passes the crutch-wearing mutant, "evacuation on schedule…" Letting out a deep breath, she continues to walk… until Volk and Jinx show up in her sphere of awareness, bringing her to a halt. "…Jinx," she says quietly, head rising with a small smile. "Hi. How're you settling in?"

The former Xavier's Instructor, host of the Phoenix Force, and sense of sanity steps in slowly, singing as he walks. His words do not make their way out, remaining nonsensical, as is the norm lately. He moves softly until he notes Jinx. One of the former students. He walks over, and places a finger on her nose. "BEEP." He says before pondering, and changing his point of view. His feet go to the ceiling as he looks about. "A gathering of import is coming. But what is imported? Perhaps news files. Maybe new movies. Ooooh, music I haven't heard?"

Despite all that has happened, and the stange claustrophobic safety of the underground burrow, Jinx has managed to hang onto a paper bag. It contains a few provisions, and is clutched jealously under the fold of one arm with a tightness that belies a jealous protective streak. Her ears are in constant motion, and now that the collar has been deactivated, she can smell everyone and everything. Above ground it was overwhelming, underground it is stifling. Her eyes shift and settle on one face, then the next. The beep to her nose causes her to recoil, and her tail floofs out behind her in a tattered fan. "You're all here…" Jinx breathes softly, her eyes shifting between the people on the floor, and then up to the guy on the ceiling. She licks over her lips. "It stinks down here. The world stinks though. At least this stink smells like alive people and not dead ones."

The shadows pool in one corner of the living area, building together until it's large enough for Psylocke to step out, covered head to toe in her shadow armor. She seems a bit surprised to see that there's still so many people here, but most of them are people she trusts so the armor fades away. "Mostly," she says. "Although some people have one foot in the grave if they're not careful." A meaningful glance is sent to Volk.

Robyn stops and looks at Jinx, a smile creeping over his face as he wobbles there, the strain obvious from standing using only his upper body strength. "Jinx…you made it. Connor…" He says with a smile. "Yeah it does stink down here, I miss the outdoors." He says as he looks over to Rashmi. "Need any help there?" He asks as he is willing to help Rashmi in anything she needs to get adjusted in her new role. "Connor I heard you brought back supplies too but Jinx…" He takes a few awkward steps over to her. "Addison, we haven't had music in years."

Putting a comforting hand on Jinx's shoulder, and giving her a look that seems almost like a predator telling a member of it's pack that things are well, Volk then looks at Psylocke and gives a soft grumble. As if to counter her words, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a small package of Earl Grey, a sample packet with a half-dozen teabags in it, and passes it to Betsy. The others might notice while his walk is firm, it's a little bit slower than usual, steps a bit more careful. Back to Jinx, he motions for her to sit on one of the now-untended beds, and gives her an affirming nod. Opening the bag, he shakes it a bit, and to the man on the ceiling, he reaches in and tosses up to him a packet of bubblegum.

"Find Jughandle," Rashmi says to Robyn, face drawn and weary, "give him something hot to eat, real tea, and tell him thank you from me. Yes, Jinx," she says, looking back up to the skunk, "we're all here. Mostly. The ones who aren't dead anyway." Lifting a shoulder for a moment, she turns to face Addison… tilting her head to one side, as the change in perspective is a touch disorienting. "Want to see if we can find a music player, Addison? The only video we have access to… not exactly one to enjoy watching, after all…" Glancing at Volk, then at Betsy, the redhead narrows her eyes. "…When was the last time this man spent five hours in a row in bed?"

"The light will find the injured. The injured will then find the light. And all will be a light brite. Light brite. Turn on the magic of shining light…" Addison tilts his head at Robyn. "We got music last night. Much new music. He's sleeping the sleep of the sleeping." He nods sagely. He walks around on the ceiling as he listens to the conversations. He pauses. "Museek ees everywhere. Sometimes… I t'row oranges in de dryer. And… dey go BANG CRASH BOOM!" As the bubblegum is tossed, Addison lets out a childlike squeal before grabbing at it. "Bubblesthebubblesmybubbles!" At the comment about the video. "I witnessed. I felt. Tried to tell. Nobody listens. I'm too crazy to explain."

The bag is moved to her chest and clutched there with her claws. Life has not been kind for a mutant with such obvious mutations. She has been a toy, and ornament, a showpiece. She never did develop any serious defensive skills beyond her scent control, which was easily overcome with the collar. Her eyes shift between the faces she knew as teenagers, and others. But the scents… they are the same. Mostly. They smell less fresh, closer to the earth. She breathes through her mouth to avoid inhaling past her nostrils at all costs. She has not experienced a kind word or concern in quite a while, and when Connor's hand touches her shoulder, she flinches and reacts with a quick defensive burst of white caution. There is no apology as her eyes flash brightly and she retreats to the bed, curling up with her feet tucked against her chest.

"Don't touch me," she rumbles. "It's not a good idea for anyone to touch me," the bag is crumpled against her chest more. "He let me see the maps," she blurts. "I drew pictures of them."

Betsy takes the sampler box from Connor with a nod of thanks. "Now all I need is hot water," she says with a grin. She pokes around the place to find a good spot to sit, and she sinks down in the chair with a heavy sigh. "It's good to see you here, Jinx," she says. "It's good to see so many set free."

At the request of Rashmi, Robyn finally heads back over to his wheel chair and is pretty much just short of falling into it as he takes off the crutches. "Roger that Rash." Robyn says as he wheels himself to check on Jughandle. Once done, he comes back. "It's really good to see you again Jinx, you're safe here and among friends." He looks over at Connor and still has some of the cranberries from earlier. "Conner, last night..everything went well but, they were prepared for us. You caused enough of a distraction to give us that edge so all the mutants could act. And whoever those two others who helped out, I'm grateful to them."

Connor hmphs once, stepping back from Jinx as she wards him off with her ability, giving a sigh and then a shrug before he takes off the HUD-eye, and then the balaklava, stuffing both into one pocket to show a face a bit ashen from wear and tear. His voice comes up in a bit if a rumble before he grates out, "Busy day." Followed by a cough, and passed over in a toss to the bed next to where Robyn is standing, is a snack packet of oatmeal raisin cookie-cream-sandwiches. There's a bit of a smirk from him as he tilts his head to Jinx and sighs once. The next person in line is Rashmi. For her? Curry Rice packets. Three of them. Even with these trinkets the bag seems to still has plenty available. When he does sit, he looks to Jinx and his voice murmurs out, "Shh. Doesn't matter. Promised him… protect you."

"You do your best, Addison," Rashmi says kindly, "and we all owe you our lives. When this is over… I'm going to beg you, don't do *anything* for a couple years or so. I me—" She pauses as the meaning of Jinx's words sink in, head snapping over. "He *let* you look at them? You mean, James did." The redhead falls silent for a moment, and nods to the bag. "….That where your pictures are?"

"All we are is dust in the wind…" Addison sings, a little bit upset and annoyed. He pauses, reaching into the little pack on his back and pulling out a bottle of water. He holds it in his hand, and manipulates it telekinetically. As he does, flames sprout around it. "Tea. Without leaves. Hot." He says, holding it out to Betsy. "Still don't know if the tooth needs to be pulled." He mutters.

THe presence of curry packets pulls Rashmi back a bit, her intensely-measured stare leaving the black-and-white mutant. "….Thanks, Connor," she mutters, stuffing the curry into an inner pocket of her jacket.

For a moment, she wonders if anyone hears her. The bag is crumpled against her chest again, claws pressing the paper to herself. "Not James. Tooth," she clarifies the difference, at least in her mind, as if there were two personalities at play. She reaches up to brush a bit of hair from her eyes. "He told me specifically not to write them down with the pencil he left. He told me not to copy down the troop movements, or food caches, and not to draw them on the inside of this bag," her eyes shift from person to person, a violet gaze alien and lost. "I could have used the protecting years ago. Now, it's almost all done." Her eyes focus on Volk as he takes off his mask. Blood, old, hyena. She shifts her weight on the cot.

Betsy graciously takes the hot water from Addison. "Thank you," she says, and opens up the box, and fishes out a packet of Earl Grey, stuffing the bag into the bottle. She sets the bottle down to brew and listens to the conversation going on.

Robyn reaches out to take the box of oatmeal cream pie cookies between those and hearing his voice…he's left speechless. "Connor…" He says as there's a small smile on his face. "It's good to have you back." He says but doesn't explain what he means by that just his friend can notice a change. "Jinx…you're one of us, we'll look out for you. We're family here, we look out for each other. And…you have maps?" He says eyes growing wide as he knows what that might mean. He can resist grabbing one of the cookies and taking a small bite, his facial expressions obviously finding joy in the cookie. "You're the best friend a man could have Connor." He wheels himself over to Jinx and nods at her and offers her his hand. "I'm sorry we weren't there to protect you years ago, we've all made mistakes durning this but we promise to look out for you now."

While everyone else seems more than happy with the recent development, Rashmi's face begins to turn an… interesting shade of purple. Turning on one heel, she stalks to the other end of the room. "Get what you can out of that bag, Robyn," she barks, putting plenty of distance between herself and the rest of the gathering. "I'll expect your evaluation before you go to bed, understand?"

A bit of a feral grin crosses the man's face as Volk… or Connor… either of presented personas nod to Jinx, "He's coming… t-*COUGH*-told him… lead… the charge." Rubbing at his throat once more, before he gives a pained expression. Reaching into his pocket, another bottle of freshly filched painkillers are taken out, and with a slightly shaking hand he pops the top and takes a single pill, gulping it back dry. There's a slight exhale of relief as he settles back, "It's… com-pli-cated. Too… comp-pli-cated. We… we are… just as much… to blame… f-for T-Tooth… as h-he… i*COUGH* is… f-for us."

"Protecting is hard. Stretched thin happens. My brain is like Reed Richards." Addison says. "Smooth and creamy. Spread on toast. Hmmm… Marmalade." He says, pondering. Ah well. Things like that happen. He goes back to singing. "Sand in the place where you live… now face north." He pauses, looking to Rashmi. "Calm yourself, Iago. Importance happens. People must be prepared. People are worn thin. Rest for a few first. For now, safe. Though, not for TOO long. All need good rest tonight." He states, lucently. He raises an eyebrow and offers a wince.

"Not that anybody here actually /sleeps/," says Betsy with a grimace. She gives Rashmi a curious glance at her outburst, but doesn't press her on it.

Robyn blinks at Rashmi turns heel and he lets out a sigh. "I'll be back in a bit, Jinx, do you mind if I look at that bag later?" He says as he wheels himself as fast as he can after Rashmi. "Rashmi…Rashmi!" He calls after her hoping to talk to her. "Talk to me Rash, what's up? If you want that evaluation, you'll talk to me." He says as he's concerned with her actions and her interesting purple face. "Do you want to go somewhere and talk Rash?" He asks her quietly.

"Robyn…" Volk coughs out, "Tell her… the truth."

Jinx looks at Robyn's hand as he offers it and does not take hold. "Are you people even hearing me?" she asks, as she had just said she did not want to be touched. Her ears fold back and the paper is pulled away from her chest. "He made choices. He's making them now and they are complicated ones, like you said. He made the choice to let this information out," her tail ripples behind her. "He's making calculated choices with everything he does. There is no random motion here… and he's planning something big." She breathes a long exhale.

Turning to Jinx, still on the ceiling, Addison places a finger onhis lips. "Shhhh. Everything falls in place. The chessboard stands for now, falling to sand as the pieces fall. We will work. Everything is fine." He states, willing calmness towards the younger mutant as he looks to the others.

"I don't *care* what he's *planning!*" Rashmi finally says, whirling to fix Jinx with a poison stare. "He's been making *choices* all this time, Jinx! He made the *choice,* as deliberate and calculated as every other thing, to *MURDER OUR BABY DAUGHTER,* and if he thinks he's going to get any kind of mercy from me because he's acting like the big Chessmaster? He can *get* *fucked.*" Her anger cools, leaving her expression bleak and murderous. "And he will, Jinx. We are going to *destroy* him, and every last Hunter as a direct result. When we are finished, he will have nowhere to run, no place to hide, and a master that would sooner see him *dead* than trusted *ever again.*"

"Bring it here," instructs Betsy to Jinx motioning for her to come closer before Rashmi's explosion. At the mention of her daughter her expression just gets sad. "Still," she says, "He might have given us information we can use. If nothing else it'll give us an idea of what he's up to."

Robyn reaches out and grabs Rashmi's wrist and exhales deeply. "I didn't want to tell you this yet Rashmi cause I didn't want to tell you unless I was one hundred percent positive. I'm still not but…James told me something, the last thing he said to me the last time we talked….he said - She's alive. Always has been. I'm not positive he meant Jessica but it's my only guess. I didn't want to give you false hope Rashmi, that's why I didn't say anything yet. I don't know more than that." He says quietly as he's afraid he's wrong with what he interpreted that as and if he is wrong, that would destroy his friend more than she already is.

Exhaling softly, Volk goes into one of his pockets, and drags out the dregs of a water bottle of his own, sipping from it gently, and then he looks to Jinx, "After tonight… take you… someplace s-safe. A-.. way… from here. When it's over… I'll come… or… *COUGH* Send… a message. Alive or dead. Promise." Panting visibly by the end of it, he finally hauls off the combat harness and then the jacket, and for the telepaths, his movements are spiked with pain throughout, and there's the faint scent of old blood on him.

Jinx springs up from the bed and shoves the bag into her pocket along with all those maps that James told her not to take. "Like you are the only one who lost someone special. Get over yourself," Jinx hisses to her old roommate, her fur rising along her spine and tail fanning black and white and totally grimy. "He is a huge asshole, and he has done evil things and I will be damned if I stand here and take the blame for him OR stand here and get yelled at by the likes of you." She flexes her hands at her sides. "You want to kill him? Well fine. You do that. You kill them all because killing is the only thing that fixes anything anymore, right? Piles of dead people until no one is left. You go ahead," she throws her hand up in a wild gesture. "I'll go take my chances where the stink isn't so putrid." She flicks her tail in defiance and turns towards the door. On her way, she pauses by Betsy. "Do you have someone else's blame to take out on me too? Because if so, you can fuck yourself."

Addison sighs slightly. He looks to Rashmi. "Stop. Think. Always Think." He says before turning to Jinx. "Please. Deeper caverns safer. Can protect." He explains. "Insane. Not crazy." His face is looking worried. After all, all this stress around him is hitting him as bad as it is everyone else. After all, they're INSIDE his shields. His head cocks to the side and twitches. "Safety in Numbers. S. A. F. E. T. Y. Safety. Dance." And there goes his lucidity.

Rashmi rounds on Robyn, and for a moment her hand cocks back to slap him across the face… but it's Addison's words that cut through the fury, and she straightens, forcing tension out of her shoulders and loosing a long, slow breath. "…Jinx," she says finally, not opening her eyes, "stay. Please. Addison's right. If you stay here, you can be safe. You'll be down in the deep tunnels with the others, far away from the fighting." Opening her eyes, slowly, she gently extricates her wrist from Robyn's grip. "…I'm sorry," she whispers to the wheelchair-bound mutant.

Betsy scowls at Jinx's comment to her, her lips pulling into a moue. "No, I don't. Warren's death was long ago, and I've already come to peace with it. This war has taken it's toll on us all, and rushing out right now would be a death sentence for you."

Robyn winces but the slap never comes, and at the words he whispers back to Rashmi, Robyn just looks at her scared. "If I'm wrong…..I'm so sorry Rashmi. I don't want to be wrong on this but I'm afraid that if I am…you'll lose hope and out of all of us, you can't lose that hope." Then he looks at Jinx, spoof "Jinx!" Robyn says firmly with a bit of frustration to his voice. "We -all- need to knock this off. We're all under a lot of stress /especially/ Rashmi with Jericho's death. It's all on her shoulders and no, snapping isn't needed but I'm gonna explain what I can to you Jinx. James..he's the enemy on the inside. He's made his decisions and even though his choices and actions and circumstances led him on the other side he's not what we believed. He's been protecting you, trying to. He made sure I knew information about what was going on with you, how you were to be processed as a Hunter in two weeks, how you know what he knows, so that we could get you out. He's…he's not our friend but he's not entirely an asshole. Don't think of him as an ally, he's not, he's just the enemy on the inside. I'm sorry but we need to stick together. We're friends down here…if we don't have each other we end up like him." His last words as soft and have a bit of fear behind them.

It comes out in almost a whisper, "Needed… you… to convince… Theo to stay… to… be there. Only way to disarm… those implants *COUGH*, only way… to give him… that one shot. One… chance…" Volks head then hangs low, shame written on it, "I… pushed the one… button… I knew… would make you do anything, Rashmi."

Jinx is like a slow burn. She has been a captive for a very long time, and has swallowed her hope of anything more than survival. In the Hunter's camps she has been starved, leashed, taunted, tortured, teased and many more 'ed' words that come from being a woodland creature in a camp of people who hate mutants. Her violet eyes are hard and resilient, and her jaw is set in a hard angle. "I don't *want* to be protected. I sure as hell want to live, and I don't *want* to just survive. I don't *want* to live underground like a fucking gopher… so tell me how it's going to change, because unless someone can give me some answers, I am going to go find someone who can." She pulls out the bag and hands it to Betsy. Inside is a tightly drawn (though somewhat smeared) schematic and list of troop movements and locations, plus their weapon and food caches. She vibrates with irritation, and her arms cross over her chest defiantly.

"Yes. Thank you." Addison says to Rashmi. "All have lost. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my sanity the most." He quotes as he begins to walk to the doors. "Protection is down here. Hope is not lost. We have hope amongst us." He points a finger to Jinx. "Yesterday the walled city fell. Upon it's death was the destruction of a great foe. Other foes will follow. When they fall… we rise. Strength in numbers. Safety in numbers." He pondesr slightly. "Very soon."

Betsy scowls as she looks over the schematics and drawings that Jinx handed her. "Very soon," she agrees with Addison. "The strike against Xavier's was only the beginning."

"We've all been doing things we don't *want* to do, Jinx," Rashmi says wearily. "What's different here is, you have a choice in what you do. You could go back topside… probably get found, caught, returned to teh camps if you're lucky, die on the spot if you're not. You could stay here, fight, maybe die if you're not lucky, win if you are… Or, you go down the tunnels, and let the rest of us do the fighting, until you can come back out with your head high and get back to the business of living. Your choice, Jinx… At least here, you can be assured of decent food and the chance to help people. I'm sorry we can't offer you better, but, at least here you have the choice at all." A hand rakes through matted red hair, a glare thrown Connor's way. "We'll talk about that later," she says, in a voice that promises a long, unpleasant chat. "But right now, we have business to take care of. Addison has the right of it; things have sped up, and it won't be long until everything's decided, one way or an

"Addison has the right of it; things have sped up, and it won't be long until everything's decided, one way or another. …And we have to make sure it goes *our* way."

Robyn gives Jinx an almost pleading look. "Rashmi's right, down here is the best we can offer you to live. It's not the best life style but it's all we got. You say you're going to find someone who can? There is no one else who can. We're fighting to live Jinx, we're fighting to survive. We've all put our lives on the line to make sure we can survive. Right now Connor is a fucking genius. And with Rashmi, noone can lead better than her, and Betsy and Addison, and everyone else here, we fight to make sure we don't live down here for ever. Things are gonna change by us getting the edge, the fact that even though Jericho died, he took down some fucking Sentinel factory with him and even though he's gone, we're gonna push back even harder now."

The look from Rashmi is returned, as if to challenge her to have not done the same thing in his place. A look is also given to Robyn, and the man just shakes his head once before he stands and walks slowly over to Jinx. "It… starts… with this…" And despite her repeated growls at people to not touch her, he approaches, undaunted, and hugs her. The man reeks of death, propellant and chordite from guns, the stink of the kevlar he sheathes himself in, old sweat… a symphony of violence to the nose. But he just hugs her close, whispering out, "One… small… act of kindness. Forgive us, Jinx. Please. Forgive us all. But… moreso… forgive yourself."

Jinx shifts her weight from foot to foot. "Alright. I will stay," she say after a long pause. She wills herself to calm down, her fur flattening by the second and tail relaxing into a low slung curve against the floor. That is, until Connor hugs her. She tightens, rigid. Touch is never a positive thing when you have been a prisoner for so long. Touch is a bad thing, accompanied by fingers that grasp and hurt. Accompanied by the smell of violence, she makes a strangled cry, an animal sound with claws flexing. "Get off of me," she cries, and shoves the man back with her palms. Her touch is hot and filled with blind panic. Gone are the days when she spread calm and joy around like a street drug. "What is wrong with you?" she asks of Connor, shaking her head, and holding her hands out. "I will stay, just don't fucking touch me!"

Betsy holds her hands defensively, "Easy, there, luv. He was just trying to show you that you're not alone and that people still care." She takes a breath before continuing, "I know what you're going through, and we'll respect your space as much as we can. Just when you're in the tunnels there may not be a lot of room to maneuver."

Rashmi glances at Connor, eyebrow rising speculatively. "…I think she could probably do with the occasional jaunt to your safehouse, Connor. Fresh air would probably do her good. Meantime… Betsy, have you scanned Hosea yet? He says he's got some traps from his time before the school, and I really want to put them to use. …Just I want to make sure he's safe to put up in the upper tunnels, first."

Robyn wheels himself over to Connor and places a hand on him, smiling up. "Connor…one step at a time." He says as that's why he didn't go for any touching or anything, she reacted badly before. "Thanks Jinx, I'm glad you're staying. It's…it's really nice to see you again and have you around." He then looks over at Rashmi. "Rash…I wanna talk to you about something later, about the rescue mission that happened yesterday. Everything went well but…" Yeah, he's expressed his concerns but he'd like to talk more on those later. "Anyway Rashmi, let me know what I can do to help you out and such." Robyn says before looking to Jinx. "Let us know what you need Jinx and we'll try to dig it up for you or make Connor a shopping list."

"I miss sushi." Addison states. "And movies. Kung Fu Panda." He nods softly. That's about all he has to say right now. "And I miss the days when I could easily help people through personal problems that they cannot work around. Now, it's not so easy."

The push away makes Volk hold his arms wide, nodding once in acknowledgement… but then looking at Rashmi a slow smile spreads. Nodding once to Addison, he picks up all his things and slings them over his shoulder, and putting out his hand towards nothing, he begins to initiate a portal. There's a moment of obvious strain in him as he shuts his eyes and grits his teeth, pulling at something that's not there, before finally it resolves itself in the usual and spectacular fashion. A couple deep breaths after, he motions towards the others, and then the disc, before saying to Addison, "Make you… a deal. Come in… my head… sometime. Can… watch… some interesting… s*COUGH* S-stuff. Allright?"

"You do enough," says Betsy to Addison. "More than enough. Everybody appreciates what you've gone through for us." To Rashmi she shakes her head. "He's next on my list of people to scan. We should also schedule Jinx in, too if she hasn't been done already." She chuckles at Connor's comment and turns back to Addison. "He's not lying, luv. His head's a very interesting place to be in."

Jinx has her hands out now and is braced defensively. Yes, these people are friends, but she already said not to touch her. "Forgive your own self. I have things to do," she huffs softly. Looking to the others, she smoothes her fur once more. "I'll keep my head down and all." A mumble, a soft sound. She looks around the room and sees a collection of broken people, broken lives and one unified dream. Some fueled by hate, some fueled by insecurities, and some fueled by a belief that things simply cannot stay as they have been. She blinks slowly, her whiskers twitching on her muzzle. She turns towards the door and pauses. "Thanks."

Chaos and confusion. Addison's job is done. He doesn't speak, but walks on the ceiling out of the room. To sleep? No… none of that.

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