Terrycloth "Terry/Wave" Wyatt
Terrycloth Starshine Wyatt
Portrayed By Adam Rickitt
Gender Male
Date of Birth 11-12-1991
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Wave, Terry
Place of Birth A hut in the wilds of Southern California
Current Location New York
Occupation Artist
Known Relatives His Parents
Significant Other Taking applications now
Identity Wave
Known Abilities Control of Light, Superfast mind
First Appearance What is chaos?

Wave is a new superhero whose face is hidden by some kind of crome visor and is usualy obscured by glowing light.

Terry Wyatt is the newest face on the New York art scene, a phenominal artist that just happens to be blind.


A persons story is not confined to their life. It does not end till all the ripples in history they have created have stopped effecting the world, and it starts at the moment where the first event in the past that shapes their life happened long before they were born. To find where any story really begins you have to go back to the big bang, or possibly even farther back. The story of Terrycloth 'Terry' Starshine Wyatt begins with the first bright spark of light, the first ever photon made in the big bang. but to tell the whole tale would be a little much. It is better to start later on, with a woman named Diana Dahl, or Dr Dahl to most of those that new her. Dr Dahl was a child prodigy, she had a mind like a steel trap and an understanding of math and numbers that left her peers in the dust. She earned her first doctorate in mathematics by the age 16, her second in physics by 19, and a third doctorate by the time she was 22. Her life was school, studies, and numbers and she never felt cheated or as if she missed out on anything. Dr Dahl was a raising star in the world of Math and particle physics, and at the young age of 28 was even nominated for a Nobel Prize until a protest out side of a conference she was speaking out lead to a discovery she never thought she would make. Diana Dahl spent her life in a world of numbers, her theories in particle physics were meant to help the world and lead to cheaper cleaner energy, or devices meant to protect people. Instead, very smart men had turned her theories into particle weapons, and hand held rail guns. Her life's work turned into weapons, doing harm to people instead of helping them lead to Dr Dahl having a mental break down, and disappearing almost completely from the world of science.

William Wyatt was born in California to rich parents who were loving, but as self centered as a top. He was mostly raised by nannies, and tutors, from the time he was born. His parents wanted him raised to follow in his fathers footsteps, sitting on a corporate board and making more money than most people will ever see. William was set to follow in his father's foot steps when three separate events bore down on him to change his fate. The first a tutor hired to teach him literature and art that decided to teach him something of the world outside the one he knew, normal teenaged rebellion, and his mother's death in a car accident. Filled with grief, anger, and a desire to become nothing like his father William left home at the age of 17 with little more than what he could carry. In the world outside his fathers mansion William learned that he actually liked hard work, and had a talent for working with his hands and growing things. In time he found himself a member of one of the last surviving communes that did not fall apart when the idealism of the 60's ended. He worked hard, and became a part of the community until a strange woman showed up at the gates of the commune, and stole his heart.

For both William Wyatt and Diana Dahl it was love at first sight. In no time at all they were as good as married, although they never had an official ceremony, and had a child on the way. Diana had embraced her new life to its fullest, and named her son Terrycloth Starshine Wyatt. With the help of those around her she also learned to forgive herself for how others used her work in the past, and eventually learned to face a chalkboard full of equations again without breaking into tears.

Terry, for his part, was a unique child. Everyone said that perhaps his middle name should have been sunshine, because he always seemed to brighten a room. Terry was a universally happy child who always seemed to have an mischievous smile on his lips. He seemed to have an intense interest in everything, but almost no attention span what so ever. At an early age Terry proved to have inherited something of his mother's talent for numbers. Unfortunately he also inherited a rare form of macular degeneration that left him blind by the age of 10. One might expect that to lead to dark feelings, or anger at the universe, all things that Terry showed no sign of. Instead, when asked about it, he would tell them tall tales about his other senses becoming super human, and his plans to use his new senses to become a super hero. It was also after he lost his sight that he started to draw. He would draw from memory the face of his mother and father, or sunsets he saw.

Around his 15th birthday Terry started to be plagued by headaches, migraines that were almost crippling and made him oddly sensitive to light despite his inability to see. The headaches grew worse and worse, enough so that his parents took him to the hospital where he underwent a battery of tests that revealed nothing odd except that his brain seemed to be working overtime. He was given medications, pain relievers and set up for more tests in the morning. That night, midnight with the skies overcast something in Terry's mind changed, and in a blinding burst of light he came into his abilities as a mutant. Terry later came to understand, the pains were his brain growing so that it could control his growing power to create and control light, giving him an almost instinctive understanding of particle physics, and oddly enough making it so he could somehow sense the photons in a 10 foot radius giving him a away to 'see' the world again after a fashion.

There were many conversations that Terry would have to have with his parents, and a great deal of time practicing with his new found powers till they were even willing to entertain the one thing he insisted upon. He would go to New York and he was going to become a superhero. There had been visitors to the commune that had seen Terry's art, and had said again and again he could become the toast of the art community there, the Blind painter who created such emotional and evocative works. Eventually it was decided, at the age of 17 he was old enough to live on his own. With his powers and the things his parents had taught him he had nothing to fear, and if it was his destiny to be a hero then he would be one weather his parents supported him or not. So now, Terrycloth Wyatt the blind artist is repairing to open his first art show, and his alter ego the photokenetic hero Wave is ready to burst onto the scene in a blaze of light.

After renting a small apartment in New York's Village Terry's first step was of course to find a way to sell his art. Luck was on his side as several of the past visitors to the commune that liked his art still remembered him and could point him in the directions of a rather ruthless up and coming art dealer named Annet Noris. Neurotic, cynical, and materialistic as they come Annet was as much an opposite of Terry as he could find in New York and yet turned out to be the perfect fit for him as an agent. In no time at all she had him booked for his first gallery showing and is trying to book him on several morning shows to get him into the public eye.


  • (Comming Soon)


  • "…a genius, nuttier than squirl heaven, but an sbsolute genius." - Talking about Doctor Otto Octavius.


  • Blind Artist!
  • Knows more about physics and math than his player ever will.
  • He can use his powers only a limitted amount before he risks brain damage.
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