2010-07-29: Texas Guitar Massacre


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Summary: Jakob and Laura while in the park watch as the Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Snake Marston, Ox, Montana and Hammer) kill a band member, Sabina gets involved helping fend off the angry criminals long enough for the police to arrive.

Date: June 29th, 2010

Log Title: Texas Guitar Massacre

Rating: R.

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found..

New York sky was clear tonight, Central Park had actual activity somewhere on one side of it a stage was set up, a band played. Some new indie music Jakob would term 'crap' but others around here seemed to like it, he was sprawled out on a bench arms dangling over the back of it people watching. Release and escape from rigorous training during the school off times; it was mind numbing after a while and without the open expanse of wilderness to step out into like he was used to he substituted with the various parks around the city. Right now he was wearing a black sweater, a button up gray shirt underneath, and some torn up jeans, he looked just like anyone else.

Moving through the outskirts of the small crowd that was stretched out over one of the more expansive lawns of Central Park, X frowned at the less then quiet crowd, an bland music that was blaring from speakers up by the stage. Dressed in a black tank top that stopped just above her navel, exposing a sliver of sun browned skin, dark navy denim cutoffs and as always her worn looking combat boots, emerald orbs scanned the crowd dully, not really looking for anyone, though a familiar scent had caught in her nostrils. Letting her senses guides her she weaved through the crowd, towards the spaced out ring of benches, hands finding their way to her back pockets as she stopped in front of Jakob. Head tilting to one side, sending a spill of ebony over one shoulder she managed a hesitant smile. "Hello."

At first Jakob didn't recognize the voice, his head turning slowly back towards the front as Jakob fixed his gaze on the girl in front of him, his eyes trained first on a sun-darkened stomach to lift upwards, he'd recognize that build anywhere,"Hey Laura, didn't expect to see you tonight." A flash of a smile appeared, finally someone relatively normal. Obviously still having no idea the woman was a mutant, his hand comes up from behind the bench patting the spot next to him,"Join me, if you can stomach this shitty band. Didn't realize you were out tonight… I woulda called you."

She pushed up on her toes, back arching slightly with the movement before she stepped forward and slid down into the seat next to Jakob. "I cam here to do some training." came X's reply, as she shifted in her seat to face him, both knees coming up to her chest as slender arms wrapped around her shins. "But it seems that will have to wait until later. Too many people." Her gaze broke away from hm, to flicker out over the crowd and scowl slightly up towards the band. "They are rather terrible." she murmured her agreement, her chin resting on the tops of her knees. Several moment of silence lapsed between them, X feeling slightly awkward, before finally working up a quiet; "How are you?"

"Good, restless, had to get out figured it was clear and nice might as well. Bout you? What sort of training are you doing - maybe I can help out." Jakob's curiosity was piqued wondering what she meant training-wise, maybe some of her Kyokushinkai that could prove entertaining in it's own right, she had a solid build for a thin girl, like a martial artist with some nicely dense muscle all compact and corded. He was glad he had a similar frame but hers had some animalistic edge to it he couldn't place, that was the best word he could use to describe it, animalistic. His chin tips with this thought as he looks at her for several seconds awaiting for her response. One of his hands meanwhile rises up and plucks at one of her bootlaces. Their familiarity of last encounter not having worn off on him.

Catching the movement of his hand in her peripherals, over-bright green eyes flitted back to his face a moment, before down to his fingers tugging at one of her boot laces. Her smile returns, the expression still seeming foreign on her features, but she was learning to make it look more natural. "I am… alright." she replied after a moment, "A hard few days at school, so I needed to get out, myself." She leaned in towards him slightly, though she still kept a certain amount of no contact space between her body and his. "I usually do Katas down by the lake. It is peaceful there, and I can focus without having to worry about someone interrupting." a pause, her gaze shifting again to look behind them over the less crowded parts of the park. "I would not mind some help." she murmured with a grin - still very much thinking he was too was human. X would wipe the floor with him in a spar match. Maybe she could play it down… if she really worked at it.

"Not sure I want to beat up on a girl." Jakob teased, looking over to check out what his hand was up to, his knuckles rapping once on her shin before he pulled his hand back towards himself, across from them at the stage that was set up some commotion was going on, first it cut off the music then a shout was heard, shrill and loud, the scent of blood would fill the air easily caught by Laura. "Guess the music got to someone else as well…" He grinned, looking over lazily, having no clue what was going on.

She arched a dark eyebrow at the teasing note in his voice, her grins stretching wider. "I am fairly certain you wouldn't get many hits …." Whatever she was going to say lost, as soon as the coppery scent of blood caught in her sensitive nostrils. They flared out and ehr head snapped n the direction the scent was coming from. Her posture shifted then, from loose and almost relaxed to ramrod straight, all muscles tensed. Hands that were still wrapped around her legs, balled up into tight fists as she debated internally. Go see what happened, or leave it be? "Yeah.." she murmured, clearly distracted now, X sniffed again subtly at the air, Jakob momentarily forgotten, as piercing green eyes, narrowed, looking through the crowd for the source.

"Oh, I'll have to take you up on that." Jakob's grin faltered though as her posture changed and her attention drifted from him towards the crowd. "Probably just some idiots fighting." He comments as she stares off, what she would catch sight of is a man face down off the stage a guitar shattered, a large barrel chested man towered above the others gathered around rubbing his fist, gunk, blood and a tooth being plucked from his fist. Beside him another man in green stood, a cigarette dangling from his mouth as his cowboy boot stomped up and down on the fallen man's neck.

Laura's enhanced hearing would pick up, "Thad'll teach ya good on thinking ya could swindle the Enforcers ya punk. Come on Ox, break the rest of their shit."

The drummer would stand up and swing punching the large man in the chest only to get hefted up and slammed down brutally into his own set.

X inhaled sharply as she found the source. Her lips pressed into a tight line as an odd muscle flexed in both her arms, though she didn't allow her claws to push forward just yet. "I will be back." she murmured, already on her feet, and moving forward towards the stage. Her face an expressionless mask, and internally she was cursing herself in every language she knew. She really should just let the band get their asses kicked and stay out of it. A sigh left her as she picked up her pace, jogging lightly through the crowd, she was mostly ignored. She let the claws in her right hand push out, splitting two knuckles before her healing factor kicked in and sealed the unsubstantial wounds. Upon reaching the stage she hopped up on the stage, her movements shifting in that moment not that of a predator. She glared at the man in green. The stage lights glinted off the adamantium coated claws of her right hand, as she all but snarled out. "Ox, don't touch the rest of their shit." X moved to stand over the fallen guitarist, emeralds flitting to the larger man by the drum kit, then back to the one in green.

"Sure you will." Jakob commented following her towards the crowd. Moving easily until her claws were ejected and he seen it, his entire demeanor and 'aura' changed, instantly abhorrent as he looked upon them. The words mutant! freak! abomination! screamed through his head and he almost felt nauseous and was left behind as the crowd was parted by X-23.

Ox was already smacking another of the men off the stage with his own guitar.

"Good hit bucko!" Whooped the cowboy in green as his words cut off seeing Laura,"You talking to me missy? Some fancy knives ya got there."

Ox turns around to look as well a rumble coming from him, "Back off girly, this doesn't concern you."

X-23 inclined her chin slightly, her already rigid posture, seems to stiffen more, as her other set of tandem claws pushed out of her left hand. "Like?" she sneered, taking a confident step towards the cowboy. "I got two more hidden, and I think they'd look real good with your blood on them." Her tone flat, as she spoke, but the threat and the gruff undercurrent to her words, would be easily heard and felt by the two grunts. "Now, I suggest you leave." She didn't really want a fight. Who knew what Jakob had already seen, acting like a complete freak was not high on her list of priorities tonight, though it seemed to be proving unavoidable. Another measured step towards the one who seemed to be in charge, ebony strands falling lank around her face as she fixed him with a deadpan stare.

"Feh, shit girl. You just joined 'em." The cowboy said, "Snake!" From her left a form would seem to unravel from the crowd and slingshot out at her like a large rubber band with a head and face attached 'Snake' as he had been called was now ambushing her from inside the crowd his body in it's elastic like grab at her intended to wrap around. This men were obviously pros in working together, the cowboy who was talking to her was already in motion a lasso spinning above his head that was in a snap launching out to catch her as well, if and when it struck he'd jerk her off her feet and forward while her arms should be contained by Snake; the direction she would be jerked was directly forward into the incoming meaty and large fist of Ox.

"Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon."Amongst the crowd that had been watching an appraising until this moment was Sabina. She had snagged a lawn chair from god-knows-where and was sitting in it. One leg was drawn up, a foot propped on the seat, while the other had the heel of those unstrapped tanker boots bitten into the ground and shoving her back to rock onto the hind two legs of the seating. Some people were scattering now, screaming, clamoring over eachother en-masse to get away from the encroaching fight while some stayed. Either they liked to gawk car wrecks and plug up traffic or they thought this was part of the show. News flash, this was not the fun visual of WWF, but none the less Sabina was drawing in the last of her drink through the straw with a loud and audible slurp that omitted the grating noise of near emptiness. The commencing. I certainly hope we will. I sure could use a vacation from this…" She was hoping for good cover songs by the band, and instead she was seeing the Texas Guitar Massacre. Whatever works, so she was lowly singing out the soundtrack most fitting.

The whip of movement was caught in X's peripherals, but she had to chose. Lasso or 'Snake'? And then there was the big beefy one to worry about. Public. Killing would not be the most ideal way to go about this. All this thought through in mere seconds, as she finally burst into action. Sidestepping, and relying heavily on her own reflexes and instincts, she moved in closer towards the cowboy, letting the lasso catch around her form. She dropped down of her own accord, left legs folding under her body as the right shot out, foot claw pushing through the torn toe of her combat boot, in a solid roundhouse kick to Ox's inside thigh just as a big meaty fist crashed into the side of her face. Her head snapped to one side, and the impact of the blow jarred X. With her ears ringing, vision blurred, she focused on twisting her right leg, widening the puncture wounds much as possible, and then jerking her foot downwards, turning the puncture into an ugly bloody gash. "Ugh…." she grunted, trying to shake of the daze.

Ox roars out as the foot blade rips down into his leg, a gash opening up through his slacks. The crowd was clearing, running and widening outwards, some gawking the majority retreating leaving behind the combatants.

As Laura stood in her contorted position the lasso was jerked and whipped upwards trying to yank her from her feet, it would then whip upwards in a tangle the rope highest acting almost like a knotted slap. Not over his pain Ox was on one knee.

Snake had missed and was stuck in a dancers pose mid air about to attack her again when a fist struck him in the side and he reeled in a full circle whipping his arms out at his assailant.

Jakob had moved in and was trying to peel off one of the attackers. Both of his arms up in front of him blocking the barrage of swings from Snake. Only to step in swinging again striking fast clipping his jaw then lunging in towards his legs only to end up getting it wrapped about, a hand swiping up and around his head. Not having noticed Sabina in the chaos of this bizarre skirmish.

No, no the hero(ine) was not supposed to get caught. That was foul, it wasn't the way it went in books right? Sabina was frowning. Yes, X might be kicking holes into the meaty man and bleeding him out all over the stage with that of the nearly dead band member but this little stage show was going all wrong. Popping off the lid to her drink her hand dipped within the cup and pulled out ice, a few cubes plucked free and brought to her mouth for chewing while a fistful of cubes was taken next and held for only a moment of debate before it was launched in X's direction.

"Bull-shit, three..ring..cir~cuis side-show." There was no sound of laughter in Sabina's voice but she was smiling. Some part of her wanted to believe this was all fun and games, all fake, while part of her knew and could tell that the one face down on the stage was dying, if not dead and that last breath was going to be his death's rattle. You know he is fading, this isn't amusing.. "I thought you liked shit like this Eddie." Something was not quite right in Sabina's head, slowly she was slipping into some deep end and she didn't come out enough to let it be noticed anymore. She went to classes, spoke to Jamie who was helping her somewhat and hid away. Jakob had yet to be noticed either, right now she was queued in on the performance and pushing to a stand.

The crack of rope across her face stung, bit it cleared her head. A low snarls passed through X-23's lips, and she ripped her foot from the ugly gash she'd left in Ox's leg. Sending a spray of blood with the motion as she was lifted from her feet, her right leg coming up again, winding in a tight circle to catch the rope mid thigh as she landed roughly on the ball of her left foot. She wound the rope around her leg to just under her knee and then brought her adamantium coated claw down on the taught rope, slicing through it easily enough. She left her right leg held up a moment longer, just rechecking her balance, before setting it down and moving forward. Jakob's scent was stronger and so she assumed the movement to her back was him getting involved, though she was focused on the cowboy. She moved towards him, her stride steady despite the blast from Ox. As she pasted the large man her right hand turned out and she dragged her claws across his chest and up over his right shoulder. Merely surface wounds, meant to cause pain and keep him distracted while she dealt with the other one. A grin sprawled out over X's features as she ripped the rope away from her upper body, letting it fall to the stage floor, as she continued on towards the cowboy. Something cold and wet being launched at the back of X-23's head made her pause. Her nostrils flared out as a glares was thrown over her shoulder to seek out who'd thrown ice at her. Emeralds narrowed Sabina, momentarily distracting the former assassin. "Was that absolutely necessary?" she growled at the girl.

Ox let out a wail of pain at the drag of claws but seemed to have more in him, Laura in hr move past him was underestimating the man, he pushed upright off his wounded leg his large meaty hand came down grabbing at the back of her head able to palm it he would grip a hold lift and slam straight down, through the floorboards of the stage.

The rope drawn back, reeled in he began to quickly tie a loop into it before Montana released a rather obnoxious and cliche "YEE-HAW!"

Snake and Jakob off the stage near a knocked over juice table were in a bizarre tangle, a human rubber band was bound up around the SHIELD recruit as his fingers and thumbs pried at the amazingly stretchy man.

"The fruck! Grett offm of mrh.." Jakob was snarling through a covered mouth.

A laugh coming from Marston, "Feeling tied up are we?"

A man in a garish purple suit and an old stage performers hat lit up a cigarette near Sabina, murmuring under his breath. "Really boys, one little girl and some punk are causing this much of a ruckus."

Sabina was not paying all too much attention to anything but the "show." Removed from her seat and the song still hummed out on her lips she wove through the toppled benches and seats, crushing garbage beneath her booted feet. Aside from that most of the people that had come to watch a local band had fled or began a ring around to watch, compelled by violence. Sabina was compelled to find out the truth in this circus and approached where the limp body of the band member was, the blunt force trauma having done its job in playing a role in his end. One hand reached out and touched the pool of dark blood that lay in a thick puddle around him, smearing thumb over fingers then staring, nearly unflinching at it before looking to the man in the purple suit as he spoke up with smoke curled breaths. The hand that had yet to touch the blood flexed and curled, her nails biting into her palm, pressing past flesh and severing several layers towards her own personal hell, blood welling around the cuticles. "So it's real.." More to herself than anyone else but her eyes didn't leave the man in the purple suit, Laura's hissed anger towards her went on ears that decided not to warrant a response just yet, her azure gaze finally leaving him to spot the near familiar face wrapped up in brutal serpentine embrace. "Fuck me running.." With that her hand laced up and through the blood matted hair of the wanna-be rock star that made his exit, hoping her will was enough to do what she had done mainly to animals. Oh to be a guinea pig.

X makes a quick move to the dodge the big meaty paw that had come up to try and grab the back of her head. Not exactly expecting it, Ox managed to get a nice fistful of hair, causing a low grunt to push past curled lips. She jerked her body away roughly, leaving the man standing there with a clump of ebony hair in one hand as she made a lunge towards the cowboy. She crouched down a moment before pushing up on the balls of her feet, both arms extended outwards as she closed distance admantium flashed in the stage lighting, giving the blade a multi-hued look. Aiming for the cowboy's midsection with her right, her left hand pulled back it's claws in an attempt to try and grab the rope from his hands. The other man's voice was heard but not really register, though the scent of another blood did. Her gaze shifted once quickly, taking in Sabina in her new spot towards the fallen band member, and she grunted before she returned her focus back to the situation at hand.

Montana the cowboy dropped backwards falling off the stage onto his back, this was the only thing that saved him from Laura's attack, instantly he was rolling to his side trying to scramble up. "Git her Ox, git her! She tried to take my nads!"

Ox paid no mind to the hair in his grasp instead he reaches down and grabs up one of the heavy speakers hefting it up to chuck it towards the back of Laura.

On the ground Jakobs thumb found an eye and began to press down, pain registered and Sylvester Snake Marston uncoils to flip up to his feet a kick being landed on Jakob's jaw as he does so, brain rattled head snapping back Jakob threw himself to his feet chasing Snake only to get kicked across the gut by a classy looking dress shoe, Fancy Dan, the man in the purple suit with a nicely delivered blow had stepped into the game. "Stay down kid."

With a grunt and a sharp intake of breath as the speaker landed on X's back, she went down. Wind knocked her, she was dazed a moment, trying to remember how breathing worked with the heavy speaker pinning her down. Her head shook once, then again as blurry vision cleared and blurred again. The claws of her right hand retracting as she took in the scene around her. There was a fourth. And her gaze focused on him first before shifting to Jakob on the floor. A hoarse, grunt of "You should have stayed out of it." was given in his direction as she began trying to shift her body. Four. Jakob was down, as was she and she had no idea what the hell it was Sabina was doing with the dead guy, but X was fairly certain she didn't really want to know either. Going over and dismissing ideas of how to get out the situation one by one as flickered across slightly muddled thoughts. This was going to suck, of that much she was pretty much certain. She panted a few times, still working on catching her breath.

Sirens became a sound in the distance. The man in the cowboy hat looked up then down at Laura, jumping quickly to land on the speaker. "We best get 'er done boys!" He shouted loudly.

Ox fell to the ground, "I'm bleedin' out, lets get." Propping himself back up on a knee and a hand.

The purple suit wearing man stepped away from the coughing and hacking Jakob to nod his hat towards the two speaking, "Pigs is on their way, leave these punks we won and Montana… never mind." Not commenting on the poor redneck humor.

Snake snickers another kick given to Jakob's stomach wind puffed from his lungs. "Yeah, got our mark." Indicating the dead band member who as far as they could tell was flat lined.

The siren's seemed to come at no better of a time as well as their slow pull back on the two they had down. Already counting their win. They sorely underestimated things, despite the fact that it did appear they had won. Sabina had what she wanted beneath the palm of blood and matted hair. The figure omitted a flash that was mainly kept to the second plane, where Edward got a plain sight of it. Okay the monkey was freaky but this… The body that was the groups mark shuddered, spasm ed and began to peel its body from the stage, the sickening squelch of blood and flesh pulling from the boards before the mouth moved, omitting no words but spitting out blood and chunks of bone upon the stage with a grunt. "Kill your murderer." This command was given from Sabina to keep one less ghost out of her mind and room, but after that, the numbers were a bit more upped [if you dont count Sabina knows jack and crap about fighting]. Sabina moved then and grabbed up one of the toppled lawn chairs, folding it and grabbing it by the plastic meshed back, swinging it at the man in the purple suit, metal legs first while the [un]dead band member ambled to his feet and in his killers direction with an obvious cry of blood curdled rage.

X grunted as wind knocked form her lungs again with the cowboy;s added wait. She glared over her shoulder up at him, as the sounds of sirens filled her ears. She struggle a bit more effort this time, mildly throbbing wounds were working their way to healing. Moving and wriggling, trying to slowly pull herself out from under the speaker, X grabbed hold of the edge of the stage, trying to pull her small frame out. The words from Sabina, though had her head turning as movement of the - what she had thought anyway - clearly dead band member started ambling towards Ox and the Cowboy. Huh. Now that was certainly a trick… As Sabina grabbed the lawn chair, X let out another low grunt of effort, pulling all but her legs from under the speaker. She twisted at the waist, supporting herself with one hand as claws of her left pushed out once more. Not that she could put much force behind the strike, she pushed claws into the speaker, and started dragging up, adamantium slicing easily enough through, plastic, metal and wire.

"Kill your what?" Snake asked turning to look at Sabina as the chair was incoming. "Dan loo…"

The diminutive suit wearing man was struck all WWF like by the chair instantly he hobbled forward to spring off one foot and send a kick towards Sabina's stuck. "Why you minx!" He exclaims.

Pale thanks to blood loss Ox managed to go Casper white when he seen the man he had dashes the brains out of get up. "What the… oh man… I killed that guy." He was unmoving right now, frozen in place staring at the zombie.

Montana let out a 'whoop' as the speaker was rocking and wriggling then suddenly cutting in half. Splitting he snapped out his lasso to wrap it around one of the stage lights swinging almost like a comical Spider-Man to land on the stage.

Jakob was up, one hand came out in a backhand across Snakes jaw followed quickly by a boot heel sending the scrawny man in a spiral like sail through the air to land on the ground bowing up rubber band like. "Unnn."

Sabina was not really thinking once the moment came, the contact was made by impact with the chair into the man in the bad pimp suit. The contact did not stop her from swinging nearly wildly, the momentum carrying her feet forward as the back swing of the chair came back towards purple pimp. His foot striking up was left a clear shot, but not of her stomach due to the twist her body had with the follow through, it impacted her side with a force that slightly jolted her body and had her dropping the chair from any further swings while she took to clutching her side and backpedaling to grip a bench and the abandoned soda that was on it to keep her balance. "Shi—ooww." The zombie band player was picking up a guitar and dragging it at first along side his footsteps before it was lifted to reenact the scene that had played out to end his life, aiming for Ox's head.

Ox was cracked with the guitar and his head swiveled, sending him stepping back. "It… ah, oh man, !@$ck this!" He grabbed the gutiar and batted the zombie like a fly sending it off the stage as he hauled off towards their get-away SUV which Hammer was in the drivers seat of. He'd taken aim with a rifle and fired a round plugging the zombie in the head, which still moved and got up. "Shit, ain't like the movies is it."

Fancy Dan, the master martial artist that he was did a quick one two hop from foot to foot then dashes another kick out towards Sabina before he was spinning off his other foot and dashing after Ox. "Run boys! Piggies is here."

Montana swept out the lasso to land on Jakob's shoulders giving a jerk hauling the man off his feet as Snake was getting pummeled giving their companion an opportunity to get up. "Ya see that? You killed that guy and he got back up!?"

Seeing the opening Snake made a quick dive and roll flinging his body forward with the momentum he took off after the others, all of them piling into the large SUV. "Go go go!" Tire squeal heard as they begin to burn out and pull away.

Sabina was flinging the cup of soda at Dan as he hopped closer, hoping it to be a decent deterrent if it got in his eyes or…something. No, this wasn't like the movies at all. The soda was just a small inanimate object that exploded in an array of confection-ed syrup and ice when his leg came up and knocked Sabina back once again to skid lay there belly-up on the ground, seeing stars. Doesn't look like it hurts that bad in movies either. The zombie was down and back up, pursuing as Ox ran off, and still pursuing as a gaping chunk of the other side of his head was missing and when Sabina dropped, so did the zombie, a crumpled mass of meat and blood from the neck up, but dead as it should have been when the police would show up and take in the scene.

X got to her feet slowly, watching as the four made their escape a frown tugging at the corners of her mouth, as she surveyed the damage. Sore, she arched her back until it popped, claws sliding home as emerald orbs swept first over Jakob and then Sabina. A dark brow arched as she stared at the girl. "Interesting trick." was all she said.

"We all best just get out of here for now. This turned strange and… ugly." Jakobs eyes leveled on the spaces where X-23 had extended her claws through her knuckles, a sour expression fallen on his features before he was offering a hand towards Sabina to help her out, odd how he felt less creep-ed out by her than Laura right now. "Lets get back to Barnes. " Looking once more towards the Xavier's student before departing.

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