2011-04-01: Thanks For The Ride


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Summary: Kaji gives Anita a ride home and stays to chat.

Date: April 1, 2011

Log Title: Thanks for the Ride

Rating: PG-13(L)

NYC - Midtown Apartments - Anita's Apartment

The drive back to Anita's apartment was uneventful, the dancer running her hands over the younger mutant's black furred arms idly, "It's just right here." She leads him up to the apartment, the sound of twin barks heard from within as her dogs give her a warm welcome home. The door is unlocked and she pushes open the door, pushing the fawn colored male back so that he doesn't try to maul the anthro coming through the door behind her, "Come on in, honey. Dodger here won't bite." She gives the male Dane a stern look, "Will you?" There's a soft whine and he slinks away a few paces before sitting and watching.

The mutant turns the bike off, and follows Anita up the stairs to the door. Kaji chuckles a bit as he hears the barks, his ears perking up as his tail flicks behind him and he shakes his head. As she opens the door and begins to push the dogs back, the anthro walks into the doorway; looking down at the Dane as he sits in the corner. "Protective. I admire that." The anthro, partially meaning to and partially not to, shifts his stance and mannerisms to put out that alpha vibe.

Anita shoots a glance over at Kaji as he shifts his stance, "His territory, honey." There's the faintest hint of warning in her voice, having either recognized his shift or recognizing the faint growl that comes from both Dodger and Anna, "Stand down. I won't let them mess with you." She obviously feels like she's the alpha in this situation, seeing as she pays the rent and all… She moves over to the male's side and kneels, wrapping her arms around his neck in a slightly restraining hug as Anna walks over to cautiously sniff at the strange canine that's come to visit. She obviously doesn't really have anything against the fuzzy mutant, being more curious than anything else at the moment.

Kaji shakes his head with a soft huff, "Sorry. Kind of subconscious there." He lets out a soft laugh before he puts his hands in his pockets, lessening that presence. He looks down at Anna, kneeling down himself as he offers a hand for her to sniff. "Kind have to deal with a voice in my head, and he's a tad… forceful."

As Kaji relaxes, and kneels, Anna waves her tail slowly a couple of times and Anita gives him a sympathetic look, "I understand, honey. Probably better than you could know." She releases Dodger, making sure he knows not to mess with her guest, and moves over to kneel beside the younger mutant. There's a little smile at the female's willingness to be friendly, "She's more laid back than Dodger is." She pauses and seems to speak to the dogs for a moment, "This is Kaji. He's a friend." She gestures to the dogs now, offering an introduction, "Meet Anna and Dodger. My kids." Beat, "Well… Sort of."

Kaji uses both of his hands to scritch behind the two canine's ears. "Oh? How is that?" To the comment of her knowing. Then he looks down at Anna with a chuckle, "I can see that." He looks down at Dodger, a quirk of a brow at the larger male as he pets the dane's head. "It's a pleasure to meet both of you."

"Well, Dodger's got a very alpha mindset." Anita shugs sheepishly, "He's complaining about you right now…" She sighs and shoos the male off, "Go on and go get on your bed, baby." She looks back at Kaji again, her expression apologetic, "I've been spending a lot more time out and leaving them alone lately. And he's been wanting me to stay home with them instead." She shakes her head, "Anna's not as possessive as he is." In fact, the female is really getting into being scratched, pushing the top of her head against the wolf's chest if she's not shoved away and making noises of pure bliss.

Kaji grunts at the head pushed against his chest, and he laughs; nearly falling onto his rump before he balances himself. "I can see that." He puts both hands on Anna's head, scritching her cheeks and behind her ears before he looks over at Dodger. "I shoulda guessed that about him. And he has right to worry, with how much he cares about you." He quirks a brow for a moment before he chuckles. "Well, like I said. I won't put him into a corner. But, I won't bow down. Wolves, kinda stubborn, hm?" A slight smile on his muzzle before he pets over Anna's head.

Anita chuckles and nods as Dodger slinks off through an open door, looking back over his shoulder once before he vanishes, "I only put up with it because he listens so well. He hasn't actually attacked anyone, so…" He just threatens if not fussed at. She nods, "I know exactly what you mean." Beat, "Not that I've had much experience with wolves before, but still." She reaches over to give Anna an affectionate scratch before she stands, "So you can be totally a wolf and not just like this?" Although, 'like this' certainly isn't objectionable!

Kaji moves himself over towards the couch, watching the dog for a moment before he sits down; curling his tail to the side as he tosses his jacket onto the arm of the chair. He slips an arm behind her head to rest it on the couch as he smiles, "Anything else that you're curious about?" A wry grin on his muzzle as the tip of his tail thumps against the couch in amusment.

Anita reaches over to try to run her fingers over his furred arms, just enjoying the feel of long fur against her skin. She smiles, her expression almost lazy, "Just wondering how you met Tony. You don't look like the rich playboy type." She's learned how to tell that kind of thing about a guy over the years, "Although, he does seem to attract the most random people…" Like that rat-girl.
Or her…

Kaji chuckles. "I met Tony at a coffee shop, I was doing some life sketches and I drew him. He noticed me, and we started talking. After that, a robbery happened down the road and we both ran to see what happened. I helped him, and after that he offered me a job." He chuckles a bit before he adds on, "Trust me, before Tony. I was a college kid just scraping by."

There's a soft chuckle at the story of how the guys met and Anita nods, "Well, get rid of the robbery and job offer, and it sounds a lot like how I met him. I offered to help him with Athena when he first got her and we've just become friends." She wrinkles her nose slightly at the mention of college, "I've never been to college, myself." No, she danced instead.

Kaji waves his free hand in the mention of college and he smiles. "Eh, it wasn't really working out that much anyway. All I could really do was draw. And not even grand pieces of art." He shrugs his free shoulder before he glances over at the room where Dodger went into before he looks back at Anita. "While I'd love to stay. I don' think Dodger would appreciate it." Though, his ears do fold back a bit. He was looking forward to getting to know her better.

"Well, I'd love to see some of your art, sometime…" Anita's voice is a little sly when she says that and she shifts a little on the couch, tucking one leg up under her. She grimaces faintly when he mentions leaving and sighs, "Yeah, Dodger is a little more territorial than usual tonight…" She doesn't sound too happy about that, either, "I was hoping to be able to get to know you a little better…" Whether her speaking his thoughts is intentional or not really isn't clear.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh as he stands up, and he looks back at her. "How about next time I come over, I'll bring my sketchbook and I'll let you look through 'em." He slips his coat on with a smile as he says, "Maybe Dodger'll mind his business next time, hm?" while he's adjusting his coat.

Anita mmms softly, standing with him, "That sounds like a plan." She reaches out to put a hand lightly on his forearm, "Maybe next time, I'll tell you a little something about me." Something that she doesn't generally spread around, "After all, I know your big ugly genetic secret…" She winks at her own wording, showing that she's teasing a little about the accident of birth that made him a wolf. She sees him to the door, reaching up to try to give him a light kiss on the cheek, ignoring the fur that tickles her nose, "It was nice to meet you, honey. Come back anytime." She pauses for a moment, laughter entering her voice, "Or see if you can drag Tony down to Sapphire's. I've been asking him to come visit me at work for months now."

Kaji chuckles a bit at that and he shrugs. "Oh dear~ That's just scandalous." He smiles a bit afterwards, his ears perking up at the kiss before he bends his head down; giving her one of his own soft kisses. A touch of his nose and a lick of his tongue at the same time. Kind of a warm/cold kiss. He opens the door before he kicks his helmet up to his hand with a smile, "I'll be sure to drag him over to your work. He needs to get out more." With that, the mutant closes the door and vanishes into the night.

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