2011-01-21: Thats Not Covered By The Deductible


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Summary: Kaji's driving his new car home with Tony riding shotgun when Envy attacks them on a busy city street. Fighting ensues and once again Envy manages to escape.

Date: January 21, 2011

Log Title: That's not covered by the deductible

Rating: PG-13

Random City Street in Downtown New York

The snow is still falling onto the already frozen streets lined with at least two foot of snow on either side of the salted roads. Kaji's driving his new sports car rather well given the conditions which is to say a hell of a lot safer than how Tony would be driving. It's rather late in the evening now so the traffic is thinned out in the major areas heading back towards the towers. The two friends are arguing over radio stations and busily pushing all of the buttons available on the console display while waiting for traffic to move.

Kaji swats Tony's hands away from the buttons again while he says, "Dammit, Tony! Leave the radio alone! I'm the driver, you don' get to touch!" He casts a glare over at the man before he looks back at the traffic. "Just what the hell is holding the traffic up. The damn light is green and no one's moving." He leans his head back with a groan before he looks back ahead of him. Impatient driver.

What's holding up traffic? A large diamond spire sticking out of the middle of the road three blocks up. But it's a bit too far away for anyone this far back to see. People start moving quickly past Kaji and Tony's car, some of them looking back over their shoulder as though they're running away from something. After a few minutes the people in the car in front of them open their doors and get out, also abandoning their cars. What are they all running from? Probably that scary looking woman walking down the street with a rocket launcher. Envy climbs up onto the car two cars ahead of Tony. "Ah. Tony Stark. There you are. I was beginning to worry you'd gotten around my road block." She smiles, aims her launcher, and fires a rocket at the car.

"Is it me or is this resembling Godzilla? You know…the people running and looking back in terror then comes the crashing and the screaming…" Tony is already trailing off and opening the car door when a familiar crazy woman climbs up onto a car close by, yup this one's for him, "Why is it that I always meet the crazies? Just once…" Grumbling the clothing around him shreds to bits as the golden alloy appears followed quickly by pieces of armor sailing out of the opened car door just as the rocket launcher is fired.
With barely any time to spare Iron Man extends a force field from his gear to wrap around the rocket causing it to explode within its containment sending Tony back several feet to crash into an abandoned car. The explosion itself was contained but there is moderate damage to everything around where the point of impact occurred including Kaji's new car. "Do you know how much the paint job on this is?" Meaning himself not the car as he pushes himself back up to his feet.

Kaji lets out a low mutter as his car is shunted backwards from the explosion, his arms locked to prevent him from moving before he gets out of the car. Black fur rolling over his exposed skin as he shifts into his anthro form. "Bad move." He opens the back door and pulls out a duffel bag that he tossed in there when they got in. He shucks off his coat and slips on the thicker vest before he pulls out his swords. "I get to have some more fun today." One can never be too prepared when they spend most of the day in Mutant Town.

Envy is currently wearing a tight black outfit with a long black coat overtop. She does a backflip off the car and ducks down, reaching into her coat to pull out a shell to reload the launcher. After a moment she walks around the side of the car, aiming the launcher at Tony again. She catches Kaji out of the corner of her eye and redirtects her aim. "What's this? Taking your dog for a walk?" She fires a second rocket at Kaji and drops the launcher, reaching into her coat for a pistol which she aims at Tony and fires three times.

"Har har. Is there some bad guy weapons surplus in town? Jesus." The shots fired at Iron Man are laughable but the rocket sailing Kaji's way is not. The previous method of dealing with a rocket would not work in this case for he's too far. "Take cover!" The order goes out mere seconds before a low yield repulsor blast is fired at the rocket to take it out while it was relatively in an area where it would only destroy property, with the only life at risk being Kaji's.

Kaji ear perks at the launch of the rocket and then the command from Tony before the anthro rolls to the side underneath a high rise truck. His hands over his head as the explosion overturns the truck onto its side behind him as the draolf stands up and shakes his fur out. "Alright, enough is enough." The swords are drawn as he starts to weave his way through the cars around the outside to make his way towards Envy.

Envy frowns when the truck falls down. "Damn. I had a weapon stash under there…I mean…Oh that thing is still alive?" She fires her remaining bullets at Kaji and then chucks the empty gun at the wolf monster. The woman then turns toward Tony and extends an arm toward him. Her fingernails appear to turn into crystal before elongating into thin spears and extending toward the man rapidly.

"Envy," sigh. Even protruding nails that really need a trim were not very effective against an armored man. "Please stop your aggressive hissy fit at once or we'll be forced to hit a girl and we really don't like hitting women." Gauntlets easily deal with the crystal coming right at Iron Man as he starts to stop towards the woman with the repulsor blasts continuing to shatter the incoming crystal.

Kaji slides along the ground, using the snow to slip between a few cars before he digs his claws into the ground and stops his momentum. Then he leaps up on one of the cars and starts to traverse the hoods and roofs as he heads for Envy. "I've already gotten passed that!" He yells that out as he leaps off of the roof of a truck and aims an X slash down at Envy's back and shoulders.

Envy's hand is knocked back as though parried by a sword. She frowns at her shattered nails and flicks her hand, causing more crystal nails to grow in their place. "Tony, you broke my nails. I'll have to use stronger ones." She extends a second set of crystal nails at Tony, this time they're diamond. If Tony's watched the news recently he may have seen something about how recent tests on the crystals being left behind by Envy have been much stronger than they used to be. Envy seems not to be paying any attention to Kaji, but when he yells she realizes where he is and decides it's not a good place for him to be. The ground behind Envy makes a cracking noise before a ruby wall erupts from the ground directly behind her.

The analysis of these new crystal fingernails comes in causing Tony to have to change his approach yet again for repulsor blasts alone would not be able to handle Envy's expensive nail job. There's a quick dodge from the armored man to one side as he's able to grab a hold of the nearest bits of diamond to twist them out and down with enough force that they break. "Whoops, that's a costly manicure." Quickly he takes hold of the remaining nails to try and pull Envy off balance.

A loud Twang echoes out as his swords collide with the ruby wall and bounce off, effectively making Kaji land on the ground as his wrists go numb from the rejected attack. He shakes his hands out as he back pedals away from Envy. Slipping between two cars as he vanishes from sight once more. "Well, that didn't work," mutters the wolf to himself.

Envy's face suddenly looks a bit distraught a her nails are broken. She was honestly assuming that even his suit was unable to exhert 150 tons of pressure. When the nails are grabbed she jolts forward slightly before apparently retracting the nails. In truth she is reabsorbing the carbon back into her body and causing herself to be pulled toward Tony's hand at a rapid speed. As she approaches she forms what appears to be a diamond jousting lance, aiming it at Iron Man.

With Kaji behind a wall of ruby, and a rapidly approaching jousting lance Tony grows annoyed by all of this. Sadly due to her rapidly approaching speed combined with the pointy crystal lance the impact sends Iron Man backward into that already abused abandoned car. Envy will get rattled by the impact but her lance remains intact. Tony's chest plate is scratched up but otherwise still intact. Down on one knee vibrating from the impact Iron Man does what he can for the moment which is to absorb the fires from the previous rocket explosions so the flames do not spread to other cars causing a chain reaction of explosions that would travel down the street.

Hidden from view, Kaji swings around behind Tony and comes running up behind him. His swords held to his side as he clicks his swords together to form one weapon as he reaches the pair. He plants a foot against Tony's back and leaps upwards. Bringing his sword down towards Envy's face and chest to at least knock her back away. Or cause some form of damage.

When the lance strikes Tony Envy's body makes a strange clinking noise. The impact of that strike should have shattered the bones in the woman's arm, but she seems relatively unharmed. It could be because of her ability to negate the weight of crystals, but the odd sound seemed to come from inside of her arm. Envy parries quickly, slashing the lance upward in a broad arc to collide with Kaji's sword. The impact of his blade causes the woman to take a step back. Her foot lands on a sheet of ice and she gets knocked prone, her massive lance falling out of her hand.

Kaji's attack has knocked Envy down as well as temporarily disarmed her. As Iron Man rises up scans are run showing that instead of bone within Envy' body she effectively has crystal instead. Metal feet clang with every step Iron Man takes towards the fallen mutant. "Give it up, Envy. You're out numbered, and out gunned."

Kaji steps back from Envy, letting Tony take the front of the stance as he pants softly. His hands moving to his swords as he clicks them back into their separate selves again. The blue aura surrounding them gives the snow an eerie glow around his feet as he keeps his attention on the woman.

Envy shakes her head a few times and manages to do a quick backroll into a standing position. She kicks up her lance with her foot and catches it as though it weighs nothing. "Give up? Tony I'm disappointed. Do you know how long it took me to set this up? After your flea bag here caught me watching your building I had to find away to get to you away from the towers. And even then…How long do you need to spend playing video games at a restaurant. What are you, twelve?" Ah the villainous monologue. "Anywho. I didn't like that prison you sent me to. Also you Avengers spend too much time getting in the way of real mutants. It's just time for you to die." She pulls back and javelins the lance at Kaji. Once the lance is released she stamps a foot down on the pavement and causes a loud cracking noise beneath Tony before an array of sapphire spines erupt beneath where Tony is currently standing.

"Never grew up," Tony tosses back not that there's a real need to do so but a shrug doesn't translate very well with armored shoulders. "Blah blah blah, have you considered taking Midol? It might make you feel better sparing the rest of us from your permanent state of PMS." Envy stamps the ground like a two year old who's been told it's nap time but the crackling is a very real concern for the sensors go wild revealing the imminent attack. Boot propulsion engages sending Tony upward but not fast enough as the spines break through the repulsor nodes in the boots causing Tony to drop like a rock. One boot heavily enough damaged that the spine actually went into the foot.

Kaji flicks his swords up, the metal scraping against the diamond as he diverts its path to stick itself into a car. Tough the diamond spike did gash up Kaji's shoulder, taking the shoulder part of his vest with it into the car before he presses forward to slash a sword up against her neck.

Envy laughs out loud when she sees Tony fall. "Yes! I finally hit you you arrogant, artificial mutant BASTARD!" She materializes one of her trademark giant Ruby ninja satrs and prepares to throw it at Tony when she notices Kaji leaping at her. She moves to block his attack but does not move quite fast enough. The expression of terror on her face is quickly replaced by one of confusion as the blade makes a clanking noise and deflects off her neck. She drops her star and reaches up to feel her neck as the crystalization of her body spreads downward to encompass her entire being. "What…" She glances down at her body, now appearing to be comprised of diamond. "What just happened?" She flexes her hands a couple of times and looks at Kaji. "This is interesting." Envy smiles and throws a punch at the wolf.

Getting stabbed in the foot stung quite a bit though considering Tony's been through worse than that he simply chooses to ignore the pain in favor of getting this situation over and done with. With Kaji's shot effectively doing nil other than to cause Envy to suddenly turn into a living crystalized form Tony sees that the only option is to knock some sense into her, literally. "You've had one too many chances," he says as she takes her shot at Kaji. Calmly Iron Man comes towards her, no limp and the wince of pain can not be seen thanks to the faceplate being down, fingers flex then form a fist as he intends to knock her out throwing said fist at her head.

Kaji is too slow to bring his defenses back in to block the punch, so he takes it squarely in his chest and is knocked off of his feet onto the hood of a car as he coughs. Even if she isn't strong, getting punched by diamond fists isn't something that he's used to! But he's getting back up onto his feet as he regains his breathe.

It looks as though Envy is going to go try and get Kaji out of her way before pursuing Iron Man. She moves forward as though the intends to attack the wolf again, turning just in time to see Iron Man's fist slam into her face. She is knocked back, though not quite as far as one would expect. She strikes the side of a car and leaves a sizable indent in the doors. Envy shakes her head for a moment before turning back to tony, materializing a diamond sword and moving toward him. Something seems to be wrong with Envy as she moves toward Tony. It looks almost as if the woman is moving in slow motion. It would appear that the extra weight caused by her new form is slowing her down significantly.

With Kaji getting back to his feet, and a slow moving crystalline being moving towards him Iron Man could continue to fist fight till Envy is out for the count but he's never been one for beating around the bush. With feet firmly planted on the pavement the circle at the center of the chestplate glows to life with a brilliant blue tinge as power amasses before it is fired directly at the approaching woman. Using the unibeam may be horribly unfair but no one said that the good guys couldn't take short cuts to attempt to end a fight quickly. Mythbusters was on soon!

Kaji leans back against the car, panting still to get his breath back; though it was mainly already regained. When he saw the glow on the chestplate, he moved back to the sidelines to let Tony do his thing.

Envy charges at Tony and swings her blade down, nearly connecting with the suit before the Unibeam fires directly into the woman's chest. The force of the blast is so powerful that it sends the woman flying back several yards, her body knocking many of the cars out of her way. She lands on an air vent along the sidewalk with a terrible clattering noise. She lays there for a split second before the grate beneath the woman collapses, causing Envy to fall underground.

"You alright?" Iron Man asks Fenrir before heading over towards the open space in the ground. Tony may be able to see what is going on underground but shedding a little bit of light on the situation couldn't hurt so he does so. With the boots damaged theres no chance of being able to descend slowly so he simply drops his considerable weight feet first down through the opening. Either Envy is capable of moving or Iron Man has just effectively dropped on top of her.

Fenrir gives a nod towards Iron Man before he pushes himself up onto his feet and follows him over towards the hole that Envy had created. He waits till Tony goes down first before he stays up top to try and gauge what's going on from up there. ANd to play look out for the authorities to explain what had happened.

Envy is no where to be found, but the tunnel in both directions is blocked with walls of diamond. Whichever direction she went in it is likely she'll be out of harms way by the time those walls get taken down.

"She's effectively blocked me from following her down here." What's worse is there appears to be no ladder anywhere near the area where Iron Man is currently stuck. "Can you track her?" Gazing up above him there's a heavy sigh, "Think you can reach down here and give me a hand out? The diamond walls are nice but I'm not too fond of what I'm standing in." This entire situation could have gone better but at least there were no fatalities or casualties on the civilian front as far as Tony knew. His ego being bruised did not count in the grand scheme of things.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh before he kneels down and reaches down to grab at Tony's hand. "Come on, dude. Let's get you home. Mythbusters is almost on, good thing it's recording."

Alas there is no quick way home as Kaji must now learn that even after a battle there are things that must be done like speaking to law enforcement, aiding with the cleanup as best as one can, and making sure that pictures are taken of a certain damaged car that will be towed away with the others that are in various states of damage. A total accounting of the damage to person and property would take a few hours at least for the NYPD to compile so a quick message is sent out to the Avengers describing the fight that broke out on a city street around the dinner hour and that the suspect is still at large before Tony and Kaji leave the scene on foot. Oww…

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