2010-06-17: That's not Paint


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Summary: Laura delivers Star back to the mansion and they're spotted by an X-Man.

Date: June 17, 2010

Log TitleThat's not Paint

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

The sun has been up for perhaps half an hour, the sky still tinted rose to the west. The air is cool, though not uncomfortably so, but still promises to be a hot one later in the day. Just outside the front gates, stands Star Rosen; dressed in the same outfit she wore yesterday when she left to go hang out at the mall. Well… The same outfit except for her shoes. Instead of the flip-flops she was wearing last, she's now wearing a pair of blood spattered combat boots. Her black t-shirt has a picture of a winged monkey on the front framed in white letters that read 'Release the Flying Monkeys!' She's in the company of a shorter girl that's barefoot and covered in what appears to be dried blood.
"Thanks for seeing me back to the school." She doesn't sound like she really means that and annoyance flavors the air around her more than anything else. She still doesn't like the fact that one of her brother's friends set the other girl as her babysitter and bailed on them the night before, "I really could have made it from the station, though…" It's not like she's an idiot, after all. Just tired. And sore.

The sound of a motorcycle can be heard before it appears, and this heralds the arrival of Jonothon. Doesn't live at the school anymore, but still must arrive for danger room sessions. That's one of the problems with being an X-man. The daily get the shit kicked out of you by Summers. Slowing to a stop not too far away, the thin man on the bike is dressed all in black, and his auburn hair wind blown. «…You gels okay?» His voice sounds strange, for it isn't heard with the ears. Does move his lips though. Most people never place that it's telepathic. Those with mental resistances may not hear him at all though. Jono doesn't know either girl, but blood splattered makes him worry.

Following slowling behind Star from the transit station, Laura made yet another attempt at trying to brush her fingers through her hair. The digits getting caught up in knots of dried blood blood and with a low grunt she gave up. As they reached the gate, she strode passed Star, pushing at the closed gate experimentally. "You're welcome." she replied just as shortly. Not that Star's mood was affecting her, it was an agitation all her own.
Turning her overbright green eyes on the girl a slender, dark brow rose up, her face still splattered with dried blood as was the rest of her. "You going to let us in, or are we just gonna spend the morning stand outside?" she asked, an edge creeping into her voice, as she grew more imapteint. Laura wanted to be clean already. To wash the stench of blood and those strange chemicals from ehr skin and clothes. Laura's gaze shifts as the motorcycle comes into view, and at the mental words her lip was curling up slightly. "We're fine." she replied shortly.

Star looks over her shoulder at the sound of the approaching bike, making sure to stay out of the road. She gives the black clad guy a slightly guilty look and shrugs, "Yeah… Late night, is all…" Not a great thing to admit when you're the new student on campus. And haven't been on campus since yesterday morning. She turns to scowl at Laura when she demands to be let it, "Look, I've got to try to remember the code, alright?" She hasn't had time to really memorize it yet, after all. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and presses a few buttons to get to the reminder she'd given herself. She shoots the man a slightly wary look, unsure for a moment if he's someone that belongs with the school or if he's just a guy passing by.

If anything Jonothon looks amused over all this, nose wrinkling a little. For Laura, he'd have a strange lessened scent. While he does have one, it's something only people with enhanced senses can pick up. Never mind the no heart rate and he doesn't breath. The man also has a British accent, no matter the quality of his voice. «Heh.» The wariness has him kind of laughing, and he slides off the bike. Doesn't put down the kick stand though, and instead wheels it right over to the keybox. Yes, this puts him close to the girls, but all he is trying for is to enter the code. And look at that, the gate opens automatically. «I'm with the School. Name's Jonothon Starsmore. Looks like you two had quite the night.» Barefoot, bloodied.. that must be quite the story. «Do I get to hear about it?» No, as a matter of fact, it doesn't have to be told.

Laura rolled her eyes, and let out a annoyed grunt, she waved towards the gate, and gave Star another glare, having had just about enough of the moody girl for one night. "Yeah well, get on with it." she grumbled, having forgot her code to the gate long ago. It had been months since she'd actually been at Xavier's, preferring wandering on her own to living at the school.
She moves back, putting herself between the man as he move forward and Star. Despite the girl's petulance Laura still considered Star her responsibility. Her chin inclines slightly as she pulls in the slight scent of the man, her head cocking to one side curiously as she notes the lack of breath and heartbeat. Another low grunt in the back of her throat and she gives one quick shake of her head, as the gates slide open. "No." was her only response. It wasn't like Star remember much of anything, and Laura still had yet to draw her final conclusion about last night's excursion. She moves forward, a hand reaching back in an attempt to close fingers around Star's wrist and start dragging her through the gates. Last babysitting job Laura would take. Ever.

Star shrugs at the question, giving Laura a disgusted look for the protectiveness and folds her arms across her chest while the gate is opened, phone still in her right hand, "Just some party…" She doesn't remember much about it other than a feeling of euphoria like nothing she's ever felt before. A feeling she'd really like to experience again… Her memories of the night before are a haze of music, lights, dancing, and pressing bodies, though she remembers feeling like she belonged. Like she was a part of something bigger than herself. It was a heady, intoxicating feeling and left her wanting more.
"Well, it's nice to meet you, Mr Starsmore. I'm Star Rosen. Just got here a couple of days ago." And already she's managed to stay out all night. Then Laura is grabbing her wrist and she tries to pull away, "Hey! I can walk on my own, you know."

Uh-huh. Party. Get the idea someone doesn't believe you? Jonothon doesn't offer the girls a lift, and he doesn't follow them. Instead he climbs back on his bike and takes off down the drive. Gives him time to put the cycle away while the two make the walk to the school itself. Of course this does also mean that the thin man is waiting on the front steps. No, he's not letting either one quite get off scott free. As it were. «Either of you need medical attention?» Might be strange as even though he speaks from waaay over there his voice sounds entirely the same. No accounting for distance.

More or less ignoring Star's protest, Laura's fingers curled around the girl's wrist in light, but still firm grip. Her strength easily over powering any kind of resistance from Star as she drags the girl through the gates. "Thanks." she mutters as she passes Jonothon. "Laura." she adds after a moment, giving her name in the same short tone.
She cringes again slightly as she hears the man's voice in her head, and she muttered what sounded like "No." under her breath. Whether he heard or not, she didn't really care at this point. What was on the forefront of Laura's mind was food, and then a shower.

Star drags her feet as she's hauled toward the front doors, looking petulant. She'd thought she'd managed to get away from all the overprotective garbage when she came here. Then she frowns at the man's voice still being loud enough to be easily heard and shakes her head, "No… I'm fine." She'd like to be able to get a shower and wash the 'paint' off of her feet, but that's about it, "Just tired." Shower and then bed. Maybe shoot off an email to her BFF back home to tell her about the hot guy she met and the amazing party she went to, but bed and shower are her priorities. As far as she can remember, all that happened really was a party. Well… A rave, but still an amazing party. And then finding herself standing on the Brooklyn streets in bare feet and feeling like she'd gone walking through puddles of wet paint.

Keys jangling briefly in hand as he tucks them into a pocket, the Brit smirks at both of the girls. Merely waits for them to get to the front doors, and holds the entrance open for them. This action shows the XComm at Jonothon's collar bone, where it's mostly hidden under his jacket. Yes, he wears layers even in the summer. «Sleep well.» No, not going to chide, not going to stop either of them, and just lets them go on their way. Even as he heads for the elevator down to the lower levels.

Laura continues to pull Star along, and as Jonothon appears at the front steps, Laura merely continues on. If she was surprised to see him there, she didn't show it. Once they were through the doors, Laura let go of her charge immediately. Being in something of a fowl mood herself by this point, she turns on Star and glowers. "By the way. That's blood your feet are covered with." She turns sharply on the balls of her bare feet and pads forward, moving through the entry way and onto the cafeteria to hunt down some food.

Star gives the man a small, absent smile at the wish for a good sleep and sighs, "Thanks. I think I'm going to sleep like a rock when I finally wind down." She's still on a little bit of a high from the memory of the night before. She shots Laura a hateful look when her wrist is finally released and rubs at it absently, even though the other girl's grip wasn't tight by any means. Then the shorter girl is telling her that she didn't walk through paint and she gives her a blank look, trying very hard to hold to her self delusion, "No, it's paint. I lost my shoes and there was paint on the floor." Beat, "And you look like someone poured a whole bucket of it at you." Please let it be paint? The first hint of panic starts to fill the air around her.

At the elevator, waiting for it, Jonothon looks back. He watches the exchange and even as the elevator doors ding open, he puts out a hand to hold them there. «No, gel, it's blood.» The words are almost kind, but not quite. «It's why I asked to be told the story. You're covered in someone's blood.» Should say something that the Brit is so blaze‘ about it all. «You’re going to have to tell it to the headmaster at least.» Because Jono isn't the type to let that slide. Especially with brand new students. Laura isn't made to stop. He thinks he knows who she is, and isn't as stupid as to try and prevent her from getting what she wants.

Laura just shrugs a shoulder at Star's growing panic. She could smell the subtle change in the girl's scent as her mood shifted and had a theory about her brewing already. another cringe at Jonothon's voice in her mind and she shoots a glance back at him, holding the elevator door. Laura didn't respond to his words, but her gaze flickered to Star and she smirks at her. "You can explain that to the headmaster." she murmured, and then turned away again and continued on. That would be the last distraction from Laura's goal. She moved out of the entry on near silent feet, making a beeline for the cafeteria.

"Oh God…" Star presses the heels of her hands to her eyes, her voice dropping to a whisper, "What the hell happened..?" No, she doesn't remember anything. Not anything that would explain why Laura is covered in blood and her feet look like she walked barefoot through a slaughter house. She swallows hard and looks to the other girl desperately, "But I don't know…" Her voice still isn't much more than a whisper and she's starting to shake, going into shock at the thought of the violence she must have been party to for the shorter girl to be that covered.
Maybe she should get medical attention after all… for a sedative at the very least.

Jonothon lets the elevator door go, for he's turning back to Star. There's a motion for Laura to go on, if she pauses at all. He'll take over. Stopping near the teen, the Brit tilts his head at her. «You have a dorm room?» Doesn't know her, so doesn't know if she does. With school out he hasn't been paying much attention to things. «You should go there and get a shower. Try and calm down.» Not going to take her to medical this way. A bit messy really. «Come on, I'll walk you there.»

Laura doesn't stop at all, but continues on her path ut of the room.

Star nods and drops her hands from her eyes to once again wrap her arms around herself, though this time it's more to keep herself separate from the idea that she doesn't remember whatever it is that happened, "Yeah… sure." She's still shaking as she starts in the direction of her dorm room and the shower. Maybe if she gets clean then she'll start to remember? Or, maybe better yet, be able for totally forget.

A motion to a side door from Jonothon. «Come on, gel.» There will be gentle nudging if necessary. Strangely, he doesn't seem affected by her mood. Just as bland and calm as he started this morning with. The Brit trails after her, to make sure that there are no problems on the way. «Don't think about it now. Just back to your room and get clean.» Of course it's a bit of a walk from the front doors. Through various hallways, and out past the quad. Jono doesn't go into the girls' dorm building, but he does hold the door open. «Take care, okay?»

Star needs that gentle nudge, seeming dazed and mostly in shock. She's not nearly as… messy… as Laura is, but she has been out all night and is feeling grimy because of it. A shower will be welcome to wash the night off of her. One foot in front of the other to the dorm and she pauses for a moment when the door is opened for her, looking back at her escort, "Um… Thanks." She doesn't notice that there's anything different about him and her moods than anyone else. She doesn't actually connect the fact that other people's moods seem to mirror her own as anything more than just coincidence, after all.
Cloud is the mutant, not her.

Jonothon nods for the thanks. «Cheers.» That's his way of saying goodbye. With it, the man lets the dorm door close behind her. He doesn't linger there. No, he's a danger room session to catch shit over for being late. Heading back inside, he none the less glances back to make sure she fully went inside.

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