2009-03-13: The 5 Train Mugging


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Summary: Two thugs are thwarted.

Date: March 13, 2009

Log Title The 5 Train Mugging

Rating: R (Language and Violence)

5 Train

It's late, but the lights of the underground keep this place illuminated. Despite this, this less-frequented does possess a darker atmosphere during the wee hours. Fewer people at the platforms, and only the occasional rush of a train going by to remind you that there is much activity here at all.
Darker minds dwell here as well. Two thuggish fellows, dressed thuggishly and sauntering as if they own the place, move up behind a warmly-dressed woman. A hood encloses her head and makes her face hard to see. Hands are in pockets to keep warm.

Strangely enough, the two men that appear to be stalking that warmly dressed woman are currently being stalked themselves. Though nobody would think so with the woman doing the stalking. Blue jeans, a plain jacket and a t-shirt featuring Star Wars characters on what looks like a girl barely old enough to be out of college. It doesn't exactly scream stalker, does it? Dark eyes follow the men's movements as they saunter behind the well hooded woman, her gaze barely hidden by a worn baseball cap.

One of the goons starts reaching into the back of his far-too-large shirt for something blocky, while the other gives the woman an abrupt shove on the shoulder. She turns around and regards him with cold, dead eyes and an blank stare. The man is a little taken aback, but persists. "Er, um. Mutie, huh? I don't care. Just give us your money."
The stark white woman rolls her eyes, eliciting an annoyed grunt from the thug that spoke. She takes one hand out of a pocket and reaches for a different pocket. One containing a wallet, perhaps? The thug going for something under his shirt looks fidgety.

Candy pauses as she notes their pace starting to move just a touch faster than before. Whatever they're up to, they're about to spring. Sliding with her body half way behind one of the poles that holds the subway up, Candy acts as though she's just going to relax here and wait for her train. It's almost as if she can't hear a word being said. But she hears it all. The hand that was draped at her side rests softly, a gun slowly materializing against her palm and thigh. The one with his had behind his shirt is eyed thoughtfully, that's her mark and she can only guess what he's about to pull.

The first thug eyes the motion of the hand warily, while his companion closes his fingers about the grip of something that is becoming rather obvious. "Come on, hand it over," he demands gruffly. The woman finally draws her hand out, holding a small, glossy black rectangle. The thug grabs it without much of a thought and she starts backing away. "Oy, we're not that stupid," he says, checking the wallet and finding it doesn't appear to be able to open and is in fact made of black glass. He throws it to the ground hard, and a few fragments crack off. "I've had enough. Drop her." His companion draws the weapon and the woman starts to move more swiftly, apparently toward the first man. She might end up putting him between her and the one with the pistol.

As the gun leaves the back of the man's pants and starts to be pointed, a gun shot rings. But it doesn't come from the thug's gun, but rather another weapon down the way. In a loose, almost nonchalant stance, Candy starts to stride forward. The bullet went right through his hand, sending the weapon spiraling into the line of rails nearby. She didn't even have to aim, she knew she'd hit exactly where she wanted. Her gun slides towards the man's chest. "Unless you'd like a matching chest wound to match your hand, I'd suggest you back the hell off the nice lady."

The man screams as the bullet pierces his hand and throws his weapon out onto the tracks. He stumbles back, gripping his bleeding hand. The other thug is quick to action. His own pistol comes out from under his shirt and he sticks it toward the strange white woman. "Hey you!" He calls out in the direction the gunshot came from. "Lay off or she gets a little extra lead in her diet!"
The woman takes on a sudden change as the muzzle of the gun bumps up against her. Her skin, where visible, turns a glossy black and her fingertips extend into long, sharp blades. She remains relatively unmoving.

Candy turns her weapon to the man with a gun, looking pretty unmoved herself by the whole thing, even if her insides are screaming 'oh crap oh crap'. "Looks to me like she's not all that worried about your little gun, boy. Gotta figure she's got an ace up her sleeve. Now I couldn't give a crap about what happens to you as he's the one I'm after." She gestures her gun back at the other man. "But if I have to take you out to get to him, then I will." Candy's lips purse as she gives the white woman a quick once over, double taking at the sight of the blades. Well, damn. That's a pretty good ace.

The thug with a hole in his hand collapses down against a pillar, whimpering. More bark than bite, that one. His friend frowns and prods the gun at the woman again. It goes 'bonk' against something hard this time. "Huh? I've had enough of this mutie-" He interrupts himself with a pull of the trigger, the echoing sound of the gun in this underground space obscuring the remainder of his words. His target falls back a step from the impact and just looks at him. She shrugs and says in an unearthly voice, "I'm sorry." One bladed hand raises.

The gun raises, but she doesn't pull the trigger, even as his gun goes off. Candy watches the other woman take a step or two back, completely unharmed. Thank god. "You're going to have to teach me that trick sometime," she calls and settles her weapon with a clear shot between the man's eyes. She remains still after that, waiting to see if she's going to have to take the shot, so far the clawed chick seems more than able to handle herself.

In a swift movement, the blades close around the man's gun and hand before he can pull away. The clawed grip starts to cut into the weapon's metal more than the flesh holding it, as it appears she is being somewhat careful not to take his fingers off. A little blood seeps along the obsidian edges. The thug considers trying to pull away but seems uncertain he'll be able to get free with all digits intact. The woman faces Candy and states, "They have been disabled. I cannot operate a phone in this state. Please call the police and we will leave them here to be picked up."

Candy gestures with her chin towards the man shot through the hand. "That one jumped bail, so I'll be taking him with me. But we can leave the other one here for the police. I think after what you did to him, he'll be inclined to sit still and do just what you tell him. Won't you, boy?" Still, her other hand digs for a prepaid cell phone, dialing 911. She informs the person on the line that there's a would be mugger in the 5 train station. "Done," she nods, sliding the phone back into a pocket. "They'll be here fast, I'm gonna grab the guy and go, I'd suggest you do the same, unless you feel like sticking around and trying to explain his hand."

"Stay here," states the clawed one, dropping the thug. The other offers no resistance to Candy should she try to move him. The obsidian woman moves her head and hair made of curved blades start tearing through the hood. "Bother," she says. "This was new." She moves to follow the gunslinger. "You are a bounty hunter?"

Candy moves over to the other man, and as he makes no moves to resist her, she binds his hand up in a tight bandage before slapping cuffs around his wrists. "Arms over your head, and don't bleed on me," Candy tells him as he presses the gun nuzzle into the back of spine. Glancing back to the mutant, she smirk. "Nope, sorority girl just trying to grab a little extra cash." It isn't clear if she's teasing or not, her vice and expression flat. "Seriously though, yeah, I'm a bounty hunter. And you're a mutant."

The dark woman looks at her hands and flexes them a few times. Eventually, the darkness retreats and she is that stark white again. The few blades sticking through her hood become normal hair. "I am. It is quite obvious, yes." She looks back at the one thug she left lying on the ground for the police to pick up. "Perhaps I should try bounty hunting. It would bring in more money than selling sculptures."

"So long as you don't mind the classes and having to qualify for it, it'd probably be a pretty good job for you." Unspoken is the 'because you look so weird'. Candy studies the transformation with a quirked brow, forcing the man to his feet as she hauls him up with one arm. Luckily she tugs hard enough that he moves with her easily. "And so long as you aren't stealing work from me, I got no beef with you hitting the streets."

"I am Victoria, also called Obsidian" she states, following along. "It may be I have already been stealing work from you inadvertently. I lie in wait for muggers and other criminals, and then I disable them until the police arrive. Your timely arrival made this a lot less bloody than it would otherwise have been."

"I'm Candy. They call me Candy." She pushes the guy in front of her, smirking faintly at the trail of blood drops he leaves in their wake. "If I get blood on my shoes, you're not gonna make it to prison," she warns. She loves these sneakers. "Really? Is that like, some kind of weird hobby or something?"The man stumbles up the stairs, Candy rolling her eyes as she waits for him to right himself. "Well, if you're that hard up for something to do and you think it's worth your while, hit the classes and get your license for hunting. I'd be happy to show you the ropes. Got a small business going myself, I could use a bulletproof employee."

Victoria nods. "I make and sell glass sculptures to get by. I don't need much." She raises an eyebrow at the suggestion. "I may look into that license." She does shake her head. "I'm not completely bulletproof. That shot made a crack in me. I had to take a while to reform before I could change back. I even had my head blasted off with a shotgun once."

"Yeah see, but the fundamental difference between us is that when you're head got shot off, it clearly came back. Once mine's gone, it's /gone/." Candy studies the other girl for a few seconds before shaking her head. She'd love to have a grow-back head, but sn't sure she'd like not being able to fit in with the general public. "After I drop him off, I can meet you at my office and show you what you need?" It's an offer she doesn't make lightly. But after watching Victoria work, she's clearly impressed. "You want my card?"

"It still hurt a whole lot," says Victoria. She smiles and nods. "Sure, I have no prior arrangements. I've been trying to meet up with the X-Men to offer assistance against the invasion, but they seem nigh-impossible to get hold of."

"I've heard of those guys. Maybe they're just elitist bastards? They're mutants, but still human, ya know? There's always a couple asses in the bunch." That's Candy's guess atleast. Pulling open her car door, she shoves the man onto the passenger's seat. Once her hand is free of the man, she lifts the gun hand, the weapon vanishing from her hand as she reaches for a card and holds it to Victoria. "Better it hurts than you die. But yeah, the address is on there. I'll meet you there in about two hours."

Victoria accepts the card and looks it over. "Alright. Thank you. I'll see you then." Noticing that the gun simply vanished, she asks, "Are you also a mutant? I saw your weapon disappear."

"Just a plain old human," Candy says with a smirk. "Human with magic guns. Makes my job a helluva lot easier." Child locked door gets shut before Candy slides into the driver seat. "I'll see you then. Try not to get mugged on the way over." With a grin, Candy closes the door and heads off for the closest precinct.

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