2009-05-19: The Adventure Begins


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Summary: The evil Dr. Sting arrived in 2009 and encounters five unlucky teenagers. It's the start of a wild adventure through time!

Date: May 19, 2009

Log Title: The Adventure Begins

Rating: R

Westchester - Graymalkin Drive

This long road seems to go on forever with no houses in sight. There are large trees hanging over the road giving one a creepy and foreboding feeling as they drive or walk down the road. About two miles down the road large iron gates stand with matching iron X's on them. A bronze sign hangs next to the gates labeled "Xavier's School for the Gifted".

"Guess it's not gonna rain afterall…" Eddie Parker-Mayfair murmurs to himself as he makes his way up Graymalkin Drive towards the Xavier School this cool evening. With his jacket half-zipped, he's humming a little tune as he heads up to the school from home.

The sky is completely clear of clouds tonight, and it's only about eight-thirty at night. Still lots of time before curfew. About half a mile away from the front gates of the school, Eddie stops and looks to the sky. He's got the overwhelming feeling that something isn't right and anyone else entering the area will too.

Jordan, on the other hand, is heading out of the place to go pick up something. He's meaning to get something small and sweet for Robyn to carry with him. Something so he'll always be able to look down at it and think of him. As he comes down the drive, he offers a smile and a wave to Eddie. He's currently seven feet tall, and just doesn't really realize it. Oops.

Noticing a few of his paint brushes were shot, Daisuke dragged Jared out to go shopping with him. He also figured he'd surprise Jared with taking him out for dinner too. "Jared, there's a pretty good Chinese place around here, I'm getting kinda hungry." He says as he walks down the street. "Hey, is that Eddie over there?" Spotting his best friend.

Julian had been out for a flight, of course, he tok off away from the main mansion for a little inconspicuousness. The telekinetic flies high enough to clear the treeline, but low enough to see below. The notices the three mutants below, mostly Eddie, and he comes in for a landing. He's just in jeans, black t-shirt and kicks tonight. The telekinetic lands feet first, heading over towards Eddie. "Yo! Eddie!" He yells before crossing the street. He wasn't up to much tonight, just wanted to get out of the mansion.

Jared does not mind getting drug out of the manion to shop for brushes and things. Truth be told it lets him get a good idea as to what counts as a good brush and what Dai might like come Christmas. Yes, Jared is one of those people that has most of his holiday shopping doen by July, go on, hate him for it. "Chinese sounds great, been a while since I had seasemy chicken. Hmm, yeah that is Eddie…want too see what he is up too?" Jared grins as he waves at his half step adopted brother. "Yo, bro! Whats up?"

Eddie jumps as people start to gather, forcing a smile and waving to Jordan. "Hey, Jordan. How's it going?" he asks. When Julian comes flying down, Eddie finds forcing the smile easier. And it becomes a real smile when he sees Dai and Jared. "Hey guys!" he says, moving to hug Jared and then Dai. "I'm just heading up to the school. What's everyone else doing out here?" he asks all around.

Almost as soon as the words leave his mouth the hairs on the backs of everyone's necks will stand. There's a crackle of electricity in the middle of the street. It's followed by another and then several more. The air rushes out and then pulls in, drawing leaves and debris all about. With a flash of light, a glowing portal appears in the street. From within steps a figure in gold and black armor with a vaguely insectoid appearance. The figure looks around as the portal shrinks away, apparently trying to figure out where it is.

"Not bad. Robyn's feeling a little better since his power loss." Jordan says with a nod as he shrugs a bit. "I just… feel bad for him, ya know? Was heading into town to find something for him." Yeah, Eddie knows. He subconsciously grows bigger as the thing appears. "What the hell?" He asks, voice an octave lower.

Returning the hug to Eddie, Daisuke smiles. "Jared and I were just out shopping…" He says his voice trailing off as something doesn't seem quite right. He reaches down to grab Jared's hand and loooks around with a look on his face that's a mix of fear and 'oh shit, not again'.

"I just needed to get out for a while, maybe check out the game store, see if there's anything new and worth getting." The telekinetic says. Julian is not getting a good feeling all of a sudden. And then the portal opens, Julian's respective response is to intimidate and prepare. His eyes glow green and his hands achieve a similar glow. "Great, I thought those punks were supposed to have stayed on their Earth…" He says, assuming it's more creatures from the recent invasion.

Jared grins and shrugs a little at Eddie, hugging hima nd finishing what Daisuke was saying. "…and maybe getting a little dinner too." Jared blinks as the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up, and as there is a crackle of electricity he moves to stand between it and both Daisuke and Eddie. Jared takes a defensive stance as he watches the insectoid person both with his eyes and his powers to sense life. Not the most talkative person most of the tiem Jared does not say anything, but does keep himself between the person that stepped out of the portal and the people he cares about.

Eddie just squeaks, staring. "Uhh…never seen him before in my life," he says, looking around at all the others.

The figure seems to ignore the teens for a moment, looking at a screen on his arm. "Dammit. Why isn't this working?" he mutters, sounding vaguely german. There's a beeping sound and the figure looks over. The eyes of the helmet light up and a blue light is projected over the mutants, leaving a tingling feeling for an instant. "You! Mutants! What year is there and where am I?"

Jordan stands there, tall and … strong? He's moving to get between the being and the others. "2009. Salem Center. What do you want and why are you here?" He asks, voice still another octave lower. Darn that growth.

Standing up straight, Daisuke just nods with what Jordan says. "How did you know we're mutants?" He adds as he doesn't have anything that makes him an obvious mutant. He looks at the others in the area, just hoping this guy isn't hostile.

"Wait… What the hell? You're just gonna help Dr. Wilhelm Von Haderlitz?" The name of course being made up, but the slightly german accent is brought up. "How the hell does he even know… what Dai said." He offer to the group, still keeping his eyes on the insectoid, German sounding thing. Julian isn't exactly hostile, but he's definitely not taking his guard down, he'll retaliate if attacked upon.

Jared's eyes narrow a second, ok what ever that light was that was played over him was some kind of scanner. "You, human, don't you know its rude scan people without permission. That, and why in the world would anyone make a space suit like that? Whats wring with the classic fish bowl over the head look?" Jared does not allow Jordan to get in front of him, but will share the front row protecting the others.
Jared's mind races, but comes up with three reasons why someone might be asking the exact questions that the odd person did so he asks something serious as well. "Where and when do you come from…and what do we call you other than Herr Weirdo?"

Eddie keeps quiet, just moving behind Jared and slipping his hands into his pockets. "Yeah. How do you…"

"2009? Then I'm in the correct time period," the figure laughs, obviously pleased with the news. When he finally acknowledges what the others say, the figure bows slightly. "My name is Doctor Sting, and my location and era of origin are not of your concern. I thank you for your help but I must regretfully inform you that because you have seen me," he chuckles, starting to walk towards the group. The Doctor's armored hands begin to glow. "You must be disposed of. It is nothing personal. I just can't have you five running off and interfering in my mission."

"Aww hell no." Jordan says, pulling a fist back and flinging it quickly. Of course, at this size, his body is pretty much noncorporeal. He's focussing all of his physical self into his fist. "You don't ask people for help and threaten to kill them. What the hell kinda sick fuck are you?" He's not happy about that at all. And… Jordan does have a bit of a temper.

"Not happening." Daisuke says as he walks up next to his boyfriend, first thing he does is not attack Dr. Sting but stares at him for a bit to gain what weaknesses the guy has and once he knows, exploit them.

The informing of their doom makes Julian raise a telekinetic wall in front of the group. "Fuck that shit." He says, looking to the group. "If he's asking about what year it is, he's time hopping." He says to the group, and it's already known that this guy has some high-powered tech. The telekinetic does not take threats against his and his friends life lightly.

Jared eyebrow raises at the mad scientist. Under his breath he laughs a little and mutters, "Boy did he pick the wrong witnesses." The healer takes a lower stance and says, "Well if your gonna kill us, what harm is it telling us where your from Herr Doctor?" Who knows the guy is obviously a villian and he might start monolouging…that is until Jordan attacks. The TK wall stops Jared from darting forwards and turning Jordan's attack into a one two hit, but it does not stop his mind form working. "Or what your doing since your obviously prepaired to deal with the overabundance of heroes in the area. You did think to prepair for the Avengers, and the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four, and the Young Avengers, and not to mention Kang the COnqurer. I know, he is a villian but guy always seemed the type to get pissy at other time travlers horning in on his schtick."

Eddie starts to move forward as well, looking questioningly at Julian.

Dr. Sting laughs quietly, catching Jordan's fist and getting pushing back slightly. It doesn't last too long as he pushes back with enough force to send Jordan back at Julian's barrier. "Kang…yes…Kang," he laughs, apparently not caring much. Hands are lifted and bolts of powerful energy lance force to smash against Julian's barrier. They're accompanied by a painful and high-pitched buzzing that will have a disorienting affect on everyone but Daisuke.

The toss confuses Jordan, but with his incorporeal body, he doesn't take any damage from it. The most damage is coming from that… sound. That strange sound. "The hell?" He asks, not being able to do much else.

"Guys!" Daisuke yells as he realizes he's the only one not effected by the sound and decides to attack. He lets out a sonic yell at Dr. Sting and aims right for the mans belt hoping that it has more than just a small effect.

Julian's biggest weakness is sonics, the telekintic cannot keep up his barrier once the sonic attacks are carried out. He cups his hands against his ears and moves down to his knees. A stream of curses rings out from Julian, most of it not understandable to the rest of the group.

Jared is normaly a very graceful person, too bad his inner ear is taking a beating from what ever it is that the mad doctor is using. Jared says something that would probably get him a dirty look or a rebuke if a teacher were around as he drops to his knees. "What, not even going to taunt us?" Fighting the pain as much as he can he mutters to himself, "Our luck to get a time travler from when after supervillians discover the Overlord List…"

Eddie claps his hands over his ears, pained expression on his face. His scars flicker blue and he looks up. He's trying to figure out what to do.

Dr. Sting continues his blasts, pouring power against Julian's shield until it goes down. He continues to stalk forward, emitting that sound. Daisuke's scream causes the sound to distort and the man to stop as his buckle rattles. There's some sparking from the buckle and the sound dies down. "Blast," Dr. Sting growls, raising a hand to shoot at Dai. There's a sudden flash of blue and the armored man stumbles forward towards the teens. Those that can see behind the man will see another in a black bodysuit and white mask with a red + on the front holding up a smoking hand. "Howl, Hellion, Bullet, Faith, Medic. You alright?" the man asks in a rather gruff voice. Dr. Sting isn't out of commishion though, rushing forward to grab Daisuke and lift him off his feet.

Bullet? Who's that? As of yet, Jordan hasn't chosen a codename, nor has he even revealed certain aspects of his powers. "Huh? Who are you and who are you talking about?" He asks, shaking his head lightly and looking at the guy with a tilted head. "The hell is going on here?" There's not much else he knows to say.

Daisuke ducks as Dr. Sting moves to shoot something at him and is
startled that he hears his name instead of getting shot. He looks up. "What..who are you?" He's got the same mindframe as Jordan with 'what the hell is going on here' and isn't expecting to be lifted off his feet and grabbed by Dr. Sting so it seems as if the guy is going to be successful.

That sonic atack is not going to be forgotten by Julian any time soon. the telekinetic starts to get up, recovering from the sonic attack and looking to Dr. Sting as he pick up Daisuke. The telekinetic looks to the hand contact, reaching out to grasp Dr. Sting's arm with telekinesis and add pressure to the grip, hopefully hurting Dr. Sting enough to make him let Daisuke go.

As the sonic attack is cut off Jared looks up from where he is on his knees at Dr Sting. "Not yet…" he growls as he pushes from his position in a sudden sprint. "I hung my head, but now i've COme Again." Jared's intent is to move in low and fast, comming aorund Daisuke and hitting Dr Sting with a hard upper cut to the solar plexis before bringing his hands up together in a double fist to try and hit the back of his head. Obviously Jared does not care about the whole WTF thing, he will get to that after he beats Dr Sting to a pulp, possibly waiting till he has healed him and done it a second time even for even thinking of grabbing Daisuke.

"Name later! Super villain now, kids!" the man yells, running forward. He doesn't get very far, Dr. Sting launching a blast and knocking him off his feet. Dr. Sting lifts Daisuke by the front of the shirt with one hand, shirt starting to burn a little at the contact. "Going to kill you here and now then go back and do it again," he says. Jared's blow only gets a dull CLANG and likely a hurt hand for the healer. It's Julian's telekinetic crush that shows affects. THe armor begins to crack and spark and Dr. Sting drops Dai. "What are you do…NO!" he yells, the belt buckle starting to spark as well. Suddenly, the eyes of the armor emit a red glow. Another scan that leaves a tingle. The pod on the back of the armor opens with a hiss and five metal spheres are launched into the air. They pop open and an object flies towards each teen. It happens at such speed that the objects…a stange metal wrist-band…is clamped around a wrist on each one. It'll prove very resistant to take off. The wristbands flash with a light and suddenly each of the mutants' clothing is replaced with a black and gray suit that will feel much like their own Danger Room uniforms "Time to change time," Dr. Sting grumbles, typing something quickly on his undamaged wrist.

Standing taller again, Jordan instead turns for a kick as soon as he can, while the man is typing. Of course, the kick is nothing but a ruse. It's not physically going to touch him, just distract. His foot is not physical. As he does so, he grins. "Time to make Charlie Brown proud." Maybe someone will get the reference and catch the guy from another angle.

Daisuke is lifted off his feet and gets ready to let out a sonic scream before thigns start to happen. WEird thigns. "My..what the?" His clothes are changed, there's a band on his wrist and he can't seem to get it off no matter how much he pulls at it. "We gotta get outta here." He mutters.

Julian gives a headstrong smile as his telekinetic power works on that armored suit. But that's before a bracelet wraps around his wrist and his clothes become a costume. His free hand grasps the bracelet and tries to pull at it, adding a little more telekinetic pull on the device. "/Bullshit/ I'm gonna let it end just like that. Get this offa us!" He yells at Dr. Sting. Julian may have to use more and more tk force on this supervillain. That suit can take a beating.

Jared is stronger than he looks, especially when pissed. Sure he broke a bone or two with his punch, and probably dislocated a pinky when he brought his hands down on Dr Sting but at least he is getting his anger out…right? Realizing that the armor is not gonna be as easy to get through as if he were Wolverine Jared changes tacktics and reaches to try and rip the guys belt buckle off. The damn thing keeps sparking and might even prove interesting special effects if removed. Jared is a little too pissed to notice the band on his wrist right now, or that his clothes are no longer his clothes. Let him find a way to actually hurt Dr Sting, then he might notice.

The man in black starts to get up, looking over at the teens and the villain. "No!" he yells. Eddie meanwhile tries to help Dai up. "You okay?" he asks.

Dr. Sting looks up from his wrist as Jordan's ruse-kick comes in, raising his damaged arm to block. When no kick actually connects, he's surprised. Jared grabbing the belt buckle and pulling brings some german curses and a taser shock, the fron casing yanked off the device. Then there's Julian once more, tugging the undamaged wrist and causing a flash of light. "YOU IDIOT!" Sting yells. The light becomes blinding and suddenly…all five teens will feel as if the ground just fell out from under them and they're being pulled through the air at high speeds. When the light clears, all of them are about a foot off the ground.

Gravity kicks in and the teens get dropped into some mud. Looking around will reveal that not only are Dr. Sting and the man in black gone…but they're not on Graymalkin Drive anymore. They appear to be in a forrested area…sitting in a mud puddle. "Where…where are we?" Eddie asks, wiping mud out of his face.

Gravity doesn't kick in for the weightless. Jordan is hovering above the mud casually. "Ew. Any ideas?" He says with a grumpy glare. "And any chance of getting back home? Robyn's going to be SO upset."

Daisuke lands in the mud and isn't too happy about that. He stands up and looks around. "What he hell is going on and why are we all in this crazy outfit." He'd rather be in his comfortable clothes. He walks over to Eddie and Jared and looks around. "Is everyone okay?"

No! Not the face! Not the face! Okay, the face. Julian says as his whole front side is covered in mud. "Gad damn. And girls py someone a hundred bucks to smear this on their face?" He says, wiping his face off before he sees the bracelet on his wrist. "I gotta get this fucking thing off." He says, pulling at it while looking around. "Maybe he ported us to the woods?"

Jared ends up staring upwards out of a puddle of mud, and just groans a moment. After a second he holds up his left hand, clutched fist like around the time travler's belt buckle. "I at least got part of the ass hat. Give me a few minutes and I might be able to actually open my hand to let of of it." Jared just lays there a moment before sitting up and looking around, "Anyone injured and in need of a heal?" Jared blinks at Daisuke, "What crazy outfits?" he askes, before looking down at what he is wearing. "Oh…well…how the hell did that happen? And…do I keep expecting to see the water in these little pools start to quiver like something out of a Steven Speilburg movie?" Of course Jared spots his mistake the instant the words are out of his mouth, now if something goes wring he is gonna be the one attacked by the T-Rex.

"Would you stop that?!" comes an irritated digital voice from Julian's wrist-band. A blue light appears on each one to project a small holographic screen. "You can't take me off without the key and you obviously don't have it," the digital voice goes on. As questioning of what happened occused, the screen begins displaying data. Germany, 1940's. "And the outfits are for your protection and comfort," the bands' voice adds.

Eddie continues to wipe mud off, frowning as he looks around. "I'm okay. Just a little bruised and dirty," he answers. When the bands start talking, Eddie squeaks. "Guys…I think we went back in time," he says, staring at his wrist.

"Wonderful. Half the mansion is without powers and now we're stuck in a different era. Just great." Looks like Jordan's not in the most pleasant of moods now. He concentrates, lowering himself to normal size, but keephing himself up above the mud.

As Daisuke hears that they're in Germany, in the 1940's his eyes widen. He's a study nerd, he knows history. "This isn't good, this really isn't good. If this is World War two….." He looks around at the group and reaches over to hold onto Jared's hand. "I'm Japanese guys…" This really isn't good.

Julian looks to the bracelet and his eyes goes wide. "Umm… Germany, in the 1940's? What the hell… Anyone speak German? And… weren't the Japanese part of the Axis powers?" He offers up, shaking his head. "Either way, we're screwed unless we can speak the language… we need clothing, something that will blend in 1940's Nazi Germany…"

Jared's eyes go wide as he hears the words Germany and 1940's. "Wait, oh shit thats not a good thing to hear." Jared whinces a little as Daisuke grabs his still healing left hand that seems to have burnt a bit as he was yanking on Herr Doctor Sting's belt buckle. Instead he puts his arm around his boyfriend while that heals. "Its ok, if we find a group of Allie soldiers we jsut tell them we were part of a gurilla commando group, and if we run into Germans we kick thier asses and run away. You can lift a Panzer tank can't you Julian? And at least we don't have to worry about getting eaten by a T-Rex right?"

"Oh for heaven's sake you five are whiney," the bands say. "Please Wait…" the message appears on screen too. After a few moments, there's a ! displayed on screen before the clothing…and Dai…shimmer and change appearance. Suddenly they're in period-specific clothing and Dai looks like he's some kind of odd blend of Julian, Jared, Eddie, and Jordan's features. It's just a hologram but he's safe. "There. Are you happy now? If you with to change back, tap twice. Now if you'll excuse me…I have self-repair to work on," the bands promptly stop emitting the screens and go silent.

"Guys, look," Eddie speaks up, pointing over the tree-line. Over the trees, sitting on a cliff is a rather sinister looking castle. "We might be able to get some information there…" he pauses, thunder crashing in the air as it starts to rain lightly. "We can atleast get out of the rain…" he sighs, starting to trek that way.

Meanwhile back in 2009…the man in black stands and looks around. "Well…this is just brilliant…" he sighs, kicking the scorded ground where the teens and villain had been.

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