2009-06-01: The AIM Of The Matter


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Summary: Spider-Woman gathers Defense of Freedom Force and Green Man of the NYPD to discuss recent knowledge.

Date: June 1, 2009

Log Title The AIM of the Matter

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion

Continuing in the metallic theme, this room is set up much like an amphitheater, the lowest level holding the table for the team to sit at, and the next level up being kept for the reserves or allies brought in for briefings. Each seat has a display, where the information being parceled out can be looked over individually.

After sending out invites to Aaron and Freedom Force with Cole as the elected member to represent the team, Jessica has set up a little meeting in regards to the circumstances. She's just happy she can do her spidery thing. Once the two have arrived she led them down to the meeting room where she could go over a few things that she's learned. She's in costume more for formality reasons than hiding her identity. "First I guess some introductions are in order, I'm Spider-Woman and unfortunatly since a lot of the other members are….away, I've been left in charge." Something she's not quite comfortable with but she knows she has to do it.

He used his new powers to get there. Ice-sliding all the way. While it's not the powers he's used to, it does give an exhilirating amount of freedom. Aaron moves in, following behind Jessica. "Well, normally, I'd say I'm Officer Simmons, or Green Man… but right now, I'm not so green as cold." He says, taking a seat and looking around.

Defense, a bit nervous about going to meet the Avengers of all people for official business, used his shields to get to the mansion. Specifically, he used the 'giant, glowing hamster ball' technique. In the costume Jesse made for him, he's mostly quiet until the others introduce themselves. "I'm Defense and I'm with Freedom Force," he says with a shrug.

Jessica nods and smiles to the two of him, her mouth and nose the only things visible under the mask. "I'm sorry you were effect by this Green Man." She says using his usual code name. "I need to talk to you two about the attacks that were going on, since they've seemed to stop. Green Man already knows about the attempted theft here but Defense doesn't so I'll fill you in. Defense, about a week and a half ago there was an attempted break in by AIM, do you two know who AIM is?"

There's no point in Aaron saying anything at the moment, as he already knows about the theft… he was there. He helped keep Spider-Woman safe through it and prevented it from being stolen at all. Leaning back in his chair, the officer takes his hat off to let his hair fall to his shoulders as he listens intently.

Cole frowns as he listens, pulling his hood down. "AIM? Those Beekeeper Terrorist guys?" he asks. "With the giant floating head for a leader?" he shrugs. "I know a little about 'em," he admits.

"Well AIM, or Advance Ideas Mechanics, and yes the guys in the yellow beekeeper like outfits, and their leader M.O.D.O.K., from what I've seen, I am pretty sure they're behind this weird happening with powers." Jessica says stretching a bit. "About three weeks ago they broke in here and took something, a disabled Super Adaptoid. The last thing they tried to take was some advanced Stark Tech but luckily Green Man steped in or else I couldn't have stopped them myself."

"I just heard the alarms ma'am. Wasn't anything special. You woulda handled it." Sure, it's not exactly true, but Aaron's not going to make her look bad or promote himself. He's just doing his job, in his eyes.

Cole nods. "So they stole a power copying robot. What was the thing you guys stopped them from taking? Another robot?" he asks, wondering if he should be writing any of this down.

"It was a robot that had the ability to copy people." Spider-Woman confirms. "I think they used the disabled robot to make something new. Something that was able to steal your powers." She doesn't know much more about that. "But I am pretty certain that AIM is behind this, what they're trying to acomplish, I'm not really sure but I think it's just a matter of time before we see them again and if we want things to be right…."

"They we're going to have to take the initiative." Aaron completes. AT least, that's what he thinks the remainder of the sentence is. "But, I'm not part of any organization other than the NYPD, so I'll just have to be called." He says with a bit of a sigh.

Defense nods. "Alright. So we hunt down AIM, kick their butts, and make them fix things. Sounds like a decent plan," he says, scratching his head. "I'll put whatever resources Freedom Force can into tracking these guys down then."

"We're trying to track them down as are the X-Men as well." Spider-Woman informs them. "And yes Aaron, we're going to have to take the initative to make sure they don't send something else out since I doubt their plan was to create chaos in just giving people new powers." She's a former private eye, she can deduce these things. "And Green Man, I invited you here because we're short on Avengers and I was hoping you'd be able to work with me for a bit." She needs the help. "And thank you Defense, I'm glad Freedom Force is willing to help."

"Of course." Aaron says with a firm nod. "I'm more than happy to assist. And I'm sure my precinct will understand. After all, it's for the benefit of us all." He says, looking to Cole to see the other man. "Definitely count me in on things."

Cole smiles and shrugs. "I don't see why we wouldn't be willing to help," he says, honestly not seeing why. "I'll help however I can," the shield-maker nods. "Do we have any leads right now?"

"I just told you my leads, AIM. They seem to have several bases around but I can't pinpoint exactly where yet." Jessica says and she's not even sure what to even look for besides a hidden AIM base. "SHEILD is also keeping their ear out for me as well. With most the Avengers being…busy, it's been hard to do it all on my own."

"Understandable." Aaron says with a nod. "I'll keep my ear about in Mutant Town, since I tend to get assigned there quite often, to see if I hear anything else."

"Yeah," Defense agrees with what Aaron says. "Right, all ears open and listening for any signs or news of evil beekeepers or green power stealing things," he says mostly to himself, making mental notes.

"Thanks Green Man and Defense. I don't know if it'll help at all but maybe trying to figure out how many people were effect, who and see if there is any link." Spider-Woman offers to see if that can help. "I just have no clue what the purpose of this…thing was."

"Who knows with other organizations involved?" Aaron says with a shake of his head as he stands, stretching. There's a brief pop in his back as he looks about. "We'll figure it out."

Cole shrugs. "Maybe they were just trying to take powers away from all the people that usually would stop whatever it is they were doing and have them for themselves. Own super powered army on top of taking down the enemy," he guesses. "Yeah. All of us working together, no way we won't do it."

"I'm not sure Defense since that's all we have right now, guesses." Jessica Drew says shaking her head. She has some guesses but she'll debate over those in a hot tub later. "I'm glad to hear your confidence but we really are going to have to work together. It hasn't really affected the Avengers much, this time, but it was stolen from us so I feel obligated to assist."

"I know it's affected me and a lot of Mutant Town. I know the one bar there had the owner and one bartender affected, as well as a few others right outside. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Here." Aaron writes down his personal number.

"Most of Freedom Force and a couple of my friends got affected too," Defense says with a little sigh. "Right then, I'll be sure to keep you posted on anything we find out."

"Quite a few X-Men and their students did as well also. I was talking to Cyclops." Spider-Woman's not going to mention what she saw as Scott with pudgie cheeks is not a good image. "Thanks again for your help, I think that's it. Would either of you like to come upstairs for a drink or something to eat?" Thank god Jarvis is still around.

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