2009-05-07: The Art Of Cheering Up


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Summary: A grumpy Jared spends some time with his boyfriend and half-brother.

Date: May 7, 2009

Log Title: The Art of Cheering Up

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

It's no surprise that Daisuke's in the art room tonight as he's been in here for almost half the day. He's been working on a new painting, a picture of his brother. It's not a new person to paint for him but he's been spending time working on a pair of angel wings, spending a lot of time on as much detail as possible. He's been getting better with his art since he came to Xavier's almost two years ago. There's a bit of paint in his hair and on his shirt as he seems to be focused on what he's doing.

Eddie has joined Daisuke up in the art room after dinner tonight. He's been moving between watching his friend paint and working on a paper he's writing in the notebook on his lap. Dressed in jeans and an X-men t-shirt, he's singing softly as he writes. Seems to be in a good mood tonight.

Jared is not in a good mood, blame it on the overcast sky outside, or the rain, or just on his best friend's boyfriend being an ass. Either way he has taken some time to beat the stuffing out of some punching bags in the gym and now jsut needs to be around someone he can like and trust. Which would be why he has a double joy at finding both Dai and Eddie together. Very slowly he slips inside the room hoping not to inturupt Dai and maybe just watch him paint.

Daisuke's good at not noticing things when he's in 'the zone' as both Eddie and Jared would know. He knows Eddie's in the room with him but Jared's presence he's obvious too. "Ya know Eddie, this year has been a really good year so far. Things just seem to be going well even though I've been kidnapped once but if that's it this year than, I'm doing good." He says as he's actually been happy lately.

Eddie stops his singing, smiling to Dai. "Yeah…things are going pretty good," he says. There's a small part of him that says 'you should not have saif that!' but he ignores it. "Here's hoping things stay good," he says. He blinks at the feeling of being watched and looks over his shoulder. "Hey, Jared," he greets his half-brother.

Jared is one of those people that tends to be effected by the weather, something Daisuke may have noticed by now living with him. Too bad New York tends to have more overcast days than California. Jared does the Spock eyebrow thing at how being kidnapped just once makes it a good year so far but does not comment. "Heya bro, Dai, how are you two doing?"

Daisuke smiles as he hears Eddie greet Jared and puts his paint brush down and stands up. "Hey Jared? I'm doing pretty good, was working on painting and Eddie and I were just chilling. And I agree to that Eddie." Daisuke says as he walks over to give Jared a hug. "And how are you doing?"

Eddie sets his notebook down and gets up to get a hug of his own. "Just working on my homework. English class," he says with a sheepish laugh. He blinks slightly, giving the healer a curious look. "Is…something wrong?"

Jared hugs his brother and lover both in turn. "Its pissing down rain outside, ther eis no sun, and it jsut…been one of those days. A lack of sun and extra math tutoring always put me in a mood. Was hoping I could just…idont know watch you till it either went away or things changed."

When Jared stops talking, Daisuke gives him a light kiss, nothing too unchaste as to not embarass Eddie. "I'm sorry you're having a bad day Jared. If you want a less annoying tutor in math you can always ask me." Daisuke says as he's also helping with tutoring students. "Well if you want to watch me paint for a bit, I don't mind."

Eddie blushes slightly when he watches the kiss but says nothing. "It's gonna be sunny tomorrow," he chimes. He then nods. "Yeah, Dai's an awesome tutor. He's really helped me a lot," he says. "I'm just writing my paper. Not interesting…but you can watch…"

Jared grins just a little as Daisuke leans up to kiss him, at the same time he leans down and forgetting about Eddie a moment trys for a slightly less chaste kiss. "Its not the tutor, its the subject. THat, and I really want to only assosiate you with good things not with the bad."

As much as he would love to continue the kiss, he returns the kiss for a second before pulling away with a blushy smile. "School's not that bad, but then everyone's different and I wouldn't like you if you were just like me." Daisuke says as he looks over at Eddie. "you're not just writing your paper, you're also singing."

Eddie blushes furiously as he watches the kiss, looking away after a squeak. He chuckles a little at the cuteness but doesn't comment. When Dai mentions singing, Eddie blinks. "I was?"

Jared nods and grins a little. Odd that just being around Eddie and Dai can banish a bad mood, or at least take the edge of fit so easily. "Yes you were, and doing a good job of it. Don't let me distract you two too much, I just wanted to be around people that were not asses."

Daisuke chuckles and nods. "You're usually singing Eddie. And it's usual some song I've never heard." He says and he means it in a good way. "Hey, at least I have a nice ass?" He says joking around as he can't resist the joke. "Don't worry about it Jared, I like having you around and I think I need a break for a few minutes from painting."

Eddie blinks. "Wow…I didn't even realize…" he trails off. "I have umm…strange musical tastes?" he says. Jared gets a concerned look when he mentions not wanting to be around assee but Dai quickly brings a squeak and a blush from the teen.

Jared can't help but grab Daisuke's ass as he jokes, and probably just as Eddie decides it is safe to look at them agian. "You wave a great ass, but you don't act like one. I mean, you would never insult someone and then be condescending enough to say your not really insulting them after they get annoyed about it." Jared gives a little laugh at Eddie's squeek, "Not strange at all, just new to Daisuke. I know most of what I hear you sing, although I have been told your rendition of Spectacular Spiderman is something I should see if I get the chance."

Daisuke chuckles and grins up at Jared. "I'm not really the type to insult people, neither is Eddie." Though Daisuke has been known to loose his temper and tell people exactly what he thinks. "Well whatever they said to insult you, they're wrong." Daisuke says as he looks at Eddie curiously. "Rendition of Specatcular Spiderman?"

Eddie looks just in time to see the grab, turning red again and squeaking once more. "Who insulted you, Jared?" he asks, wanting to know who to frown at. Then Jared brings up that song. Eddie squeaks again. "Dad…Dad told you about that?" he asks, turning another new shade of red. It just gets worse when Dai asks about it too.

Jared shrugs and is not sure about telling who did it cause of the guys closeness to his best friend. "Doesn't matter who. Only know you sing the song well, he didn't say anything else about it. Yeah, and I know they are wrong about what they said…just part of it hit a a slightly sore point with me already."

Daisuke leans up and smile at Jared and quietly says "I'll make up for it later." He says with a wink so Jared can have something nice to look forward too. "Why are you embarassed around us Eddie, you know we don't care and we think you're singings great. If I didn't like your singing I would have told you to cut it out earlier." Daisuke says squeezing Jared's hand before sitting down to his painting.

Eddie squirms. "It's…about the dancing…not the singing," he says quietly. Still blushing, he sits back down and smiles at Dai's painting. "You're an amazing artist, Dai…"

Jared nods at Daisuke and Eddie, "Hes right. You have nothing to be emberassed about, you have a great voice. Just like Dai is an amazing artist, and I can tist myself into a pretzel and lick parts of myself that would make a cat jealuse if I really wanted too." Jared squeezes Dai's hand back and nods at Eddie. "Ok…I bet your a great dancer too. It can;t be too emberassing, we would love to see you dance along too since it is a pretty fun song."

Daisuke blushes a bit as Jared mentions the licking but there's a grin too. "Thanks, but I'm not that amazing. And I even though I can't dance, I'd dance along with you if you were. I agree with Jared, he's right. We would love to see you dance and sing." He says going for his paint brush to start working again.

Eddie mumbles something about dancing in underwear, still blushing furiously. When Dai starts painting again, Eddie looks up to watch.

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