2010-02-09: The Bat Attacks


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Summary: Owen goes a little crazy when he turns into The Bat.

Date: February 9, 2010

Log Title The Bat Attacks

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

It's a quiet night at Xavier's. Almost one of those 'too quiet' nights. Downstairs, there's something a bit odd. A trail leading from the elevator to the gym. It's Dark Force and it's slowly fading away but it's still a trail. Coming from the gym is the sound of a basket ball bouncing about. Owen Folger, fuzzy mutant that he is, is in the gym tonight. In shorts and a tank top, he's just shooting some hoops. And he's the source of the Dark Force trail judging by the cloud of it around his feet.

As of late, Robyn's been determined to get in better shape. He really wants to better himself physically and mentally so he's dressed in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and decided to head to the weight room but the trail of dark force has him distracted. So he's followed that into the gym. "Hey Owen, every thing alright?" He since there's a bit of Dark Force around him.

Cloud cant sleep, he absorbed too much energy earlier and needs a place to blow off some steam, hes wearing red shorts, a white t-shirt and white sneakers, he follows the trail to find the source intregued, he gets in there and spots the two other students, "He there!, you mind if i join?"

Glancing up, Owen catchs the ball and offers a fanged smile to Robyn. "Heya, Robyn. Thin's could be better but Ah'll manage," he says. "What brin's ya'll down tah the gym at this hour?" he asks. When Cloud appears, Owen waves. "Howdy," he greets. "Join intah what?" he asks, honestly confused.

Robyn looks at Cloud and waves. "I wasn't playing, actually I was heading to the weight room, I gotta get in better shape. But I noticed your leaking black stuff and wanted to see if you were okay." Robyn says pushing some hair out of his face.

Cloud stretches, "I thought you guys were shooting hoops, and i need to blow off some steam", he looks at the black stuff around Owen, "What is that stuff?", hes never seen anything like it before.

"DarkForce," Owen replies reflexively. "Nasty stuff," he says. "And naw, Ah was jus' tossin' the ball about," he says. "Thanks, Robyn. Been feelin' a little under the weather lately. Thin' Ah might be comin' down with some-" Owen's voice just cuts off and he winces. "Ow," he mutters, rubbing his arms. "What the hell…"

"Eugh, well I hope you feel better, I'm about to go hi…Owen?" Robyn asks as his friend suddenly winces and he heads over there. "You okay Owen? What's up?" It didn't look like he hurt himself or anything so he's curious about what's up.

Cloud continues stareing at the stuff on the ground, "Darkforce?", when Owen winces he walks over, "Errm, is he ok?, should i get someone?"

Owen seems alright for another moment but then stumbles back. Before he can say much else, the DarkForce races along the floor and surrounds him. Some rather nasty sounds, like ripping clothes and cracking bone, are heard. And then a screech. The DarkForce fades to reveal the massive form of the Bat. It's got the tattered remains of Owen's clothes still stuck on it this time. It flexes it's claws a few times before letting out another screech at the other two teens/

Robyn goes to move towards Owen as he stumbles back but then as soon as the bat emerges, Robyn freezes. "Yeah…get someone." He says to Cloud quietly, taking a few steps back. He's heard all about The Bat from Owen and he's wanted to see it but now that he's face to face with it, he doesn't. He takes a few steps back and in a shaky, but quiet voice he says "Owen….?"

Cloud goes to turn and go and get someone but is destracted by Owen's transformation, "What the fuck is that thing?", ok, hes seen some weird thing since he got here but this…, "Errm Robyn, i think you should get away".

The Bat eyes Cloud for a few moments until Robyn gets it's attention. It leans in and sniffs twice before it's mouth opens. Lots of sharp teeth. The beast starts to stalk towards the mutant, slowly gaining speed.

"Go get help!" Robyn yells as he starts to back pedal away as the bad runs towards him. He's scared and he's not liking where this is headed. "Oh shit…Owen!" He doesn't know what to do this in this situation, not at all and he turns to run towards the doors, hoping that he can make it in time.

Cloud fumbles in his pocket for his cell phone, he needs to contact a teacher, but cant just leave Robyn on his own with that thing, he puts the phone his ear, "We need a teacher in the gym now!, somethings happened to Owen", he fires some lightning at the other side of the room in an attempt to distract Owen long enough to give Robyn a chance to get away, while heading to the door aswell.

The Bat doesn't seem distracted by the lightning passing by so much as annoyed. It hates when prey fights back! With a rush of air and a few flaps of those huge wings, it's up and in the sky. Easily faster than the two teenagers once it's in the air, it comes down between them and the door and screeches once more. It slashes at Cloud with those sharp claws but it's primary target is still Robyn judging by the way it's staring at him.

Robyn stops running and just stands still. He really hopes someone heard the distress call. Maybe Owen's like a T-Rex, if he just stays still he can't hear him. But damnit, bats have Sonar, he has no clue how to stop that. "Shit…" He says as he closes his eyes and tries somethihng. "Cloud, I gotta try this." He focuses his mind and tries to jump into The Bat via possessing him, he really hopes it works.

Cloud dives to the floor to avoid Owen's claws, when he looks up and sees Robyn just standing in front of Owen he yells, "Robyn run you idiot!"

The Bat's mind is a bit odd. There seem to be two people in there already. Owen who is currenty 'asleep'…and a rather angry and hungry Bat fighting back to kick Robyn out of it's head. It's no Psy-shield but it's a very strong will. Outside, the Bat comes to a stop though, just standing there like a big homicidal statue.

Robyn's body collapses to the ground as his eyes flash purple and he jumps inside The Bat's mind, but only briefly before his mind is back in his body. "Shit!" He says scrambling to his feet. "I don't know what else to do!" He says not thinking about his other powers at the moment. He's just trying to run away from The Bat.

Cloud scrambles to his feet, "Can i hit him?", he doesn't know what else to do, Robyn seems to have lost it, and where the hell are the teachers, he runs towards Robyn, to try and help him.

The Bat is still for several moments, the attempt at possession having distrupted things inside. After a moment it scratches it's head a few times and screeches. Lunging forward, the Bat snaps at Cloud and bites the teen's arm. There's a moment where it drains some of his life force before tossing him aside. It then runs at Robyn again, jaws wide and blood on those teeth.

Robyn doesn't know where to run to, he's found a wall in front of him and can't run any further, after all, they're trapped in the room with The Bat. "Owen! Please, just snap out of it!" His voice is filled with fear and looks at Cloud, with his bitten arm. "Cloud, I…I don' tknow what to do!"

Cloud yells in pain as hes bitten and thrown across the gym, he coughs as he is winded, when he looks up his eyes are black as a side effect of the life-force transfur, he tries to fire a blast of electricity at Owen, "Robyn, Run!!!"

The Bat lets out a pained cry as it's zapped but it remains standing. Smoke rising from where it was hit, the Bat turns and unleashes a concussive blast of DarkForce at Cloud. Not bothering to see the results, the Bat reaches out and grabs Robyn's shoulders. The claws dig in and the Bat draws Robyn closer in preparation for a bite.

"Where?!" Robyn yells to Cloud as he's back up against the wall with The Bat in front of him, he can't run anywhere. There's a scream of pain as the claws dig into both shoulders and he dragged towards Owen. "Owen!" He yells and without thinking, a purple psi-blade forms in one of his hands as he reaches out to try to jam it into Owen, hoping it works. The the power Robyn doesn't have much control over, even though he's trying to learn it.

In an attempt to brace himself against the blast coming towards him, he absorbs the matter from the gym floor covering himself in a second skin of what the gym floor is made of, hes knocked backwards by the blast but it does less damage than it would have.

Since both claws are busy, the Bat has no defense against the psy-blade. The creature's eyes unfocus and it releases Robyn. Stumbling back, the Bat wobbles a few times and then collapses to the floor with a loud THUD. And unlike the usual…it doesn't start changing back.

Robyn stumbles backwards as he's let go by the bat and winces in pain. Both shoulders are killing him and bleeding quite profusely from the claws. "Owen…Cloud…." He breaths trying to block out as much pain as possible. "Cloud you okay?"

Cloud struggles to get to his feet, the second skin fading away, he walks over to Robyn, "Yeah, im fine, dude you're bleeding alot", he pulls of his t-shirt and rips it into a couple of makeshift bandages, they should do until he gets proper help, "Is he gonna be ok?"

The Bat lays there for a few moments and then a groan comes from it. That's new. "What the bloody hell happened?" it's Owen's voice, just deeper. "Oh…oh crap," he says when he sees his hands are claws. Looking around, OWen-Bat sees Robyn and Cloud and winces. "Alright…we gotta get you two tah the medbay…then Ah gotta find someone tah tell me why Ah'm a giant bat monster right now."

Robyn winces and nods. "It's cause you went homicidal bat and tried to kill Cloud and I? And you are thinking straight, right?" He asks letting Cloud patch him up. "Thanks." He says nodding. "Medbay, yeah. Hopefully they don't have to kill you to see if you have rabbies in case you infected Cloud and I?" There's a smile to let them know he's joking.

Cloud eyes widen, "Wait, he can infect us?", he shakes his head, "I'll help get you and Robyn to the medbay then im going to bed, im fine", hes treating Owen with caution, hes goes over to the nearest piece of metal and absorbs from it, before walking over to help Robyn.

Owen-Bat looks down at himself. He's afraid. Very afraid. But he's trying to hide it along with his guilt. "Mah head hurts like hell…an' Ah'm sore all over but Ah seem tah be drivin' this thin'," he says. "Cloud…ya'll got gapin' holes in your arm, ya should atleast get 'em patched…"

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