2009-06-03: The Big And The Unseen


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Summary: Rob meets The Institute's Headmaster and gets a job.

Date: June 6, 2009

Log Title: The Big and The Unseen

Rating: PG

Scott Summers' Office - Xavier Mansion

"Well, worst that happens is he says no," Robert Weyrin, invisible mutant and currenrly with telepathy, mutters to himself as he makes his way up to the office of Scott Summers. Dressed in his suit, it looks like the suit is just walking on its own without anyone in it. Rob figured it'd be better to meet the Headmaster without an illusion. Adjusting his tie as he finally reaches the door this quiet evening, he reaches up to knock with an unseen hand. "Odd time for a meeting but I'll take it," he murmurs to himself.

The headmaster is in his office, that is for certain. The frosted glass door of the office is soon shadowed by a large figure in it. The door opens and there stands a glasses-free, rather extra-extra-large Scott stands there. "Okay…I thought he was over pranking people by now…" He says commenting on someone who loved to pull a good prank. The X-Man starts to close the door.

Rob stares a moment, having not yet seen the 'Blobclyops' a few students had been snickering about in the hallways. It takes his brain a couple moments to reboot but once it does, he jumps. "W-wait! I can assure you that no one's playing a prank right now," he speaks up, reaching out to stop the door if he has to.

Scott stops the door from closing as the man speaks up. "Okay." He says, opening the door again. The only thing that fits him currently is some spare Xavier's brand sweat gear. "So, what can I help you with?" He asks, before going back to a large chair that is in the stead of his normal one.

Rob follows Scott into the room, closing the door behind him. "Well, I'm actually here looking for a job. I was on my way up here when that green thing attacked me. Ended up helping your music teacher back here after his powers got taken and he got left blind," he explains, still standing. "When I was younger, I was offered a place here at this school and I was wondering if the offer still stood."

Looking to the empty suit, Scott gives a nod. "Of course, all of the offers made stand." He says looking to the suit. "Of course, that green being has attacked a lot of students and teachers here. But what are
you qualified to teach?" He asks the invisible man.

"I can teach math or history. Certified for both in New York and in New Jersey," Rob answers, smiling slightly. He's rather pleased to find out he won't end up living back in the hotel. "And I've been hearing about some of the students and teachers attacked while I've been here. It was certainly a busy green thing."

Scott gives a nod. "I have the X-Men working on it. Anyways Math and History. Which maths and history?" They've been looking for teachers in both areas, just need to know which specifics this man will be able to fill. The headmaster starts to take notes down on a pad and pen.

Rob nods as well, gesture going unseen. "American History, General World History, and New York State History. Geometry, Algebra, and Statistics are my maths," he states, taking a breath. He adjusts his tie again out of habit and waits quietly.

"Alright. We have an opening in Statistics and Algebra. School year is already done but there is summer school. New school year starts in August." He offers, writing down some notes. Scott looks up to where he thinks Rob's eyes are. "You already know what the benefits are, room and board, all that stuff."

Rob nods again, idly peeking towards the notes. "Room and board sounds great. Got nowhere else to live right now anyway," he remarks, slight invisible smirk. "Oh, and I should…apologize for this," he gestures to his invisible head with an equally unseen hand. "Apparently it's not something the green creature could or would take. I'm like this all the time," he sighs slightly.

Scott looks to the invisible man, thinking he knows what the man is referring to his invisible state. "No bother. I normally shoot beams from my eyes, and…look nothing like this." He offers, standing up. "If you're interested in Summer School, we will be starting in a couple of weeks."

Rob smiles and stands as well. "Yes, I believe I saw the man who's…abilties you have now. He was there when I was attacked," he shrgus. "I'd like to start as soon as possble."

"Alright then. We have some students ready to start summer school when it starts in two weeks. And I know exactly who's power I have right now. Doesn't mean I have to like it." He says with a dead pan voice. Scott's demeanor towards this whole situation is unchanged, though he wishes for his power back.

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