2010-03-07: The Big Medbay Breakout


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Summary: Lucas helps break James out of the medbay.

Date: March 7, 2010

Log Title The Big Medbay Breakout

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

After spending part of the night down here to make sure James was okay, Robyn spent most of the afternoon catching up on a bit of sleep and trying to focus on sculpting. It didn't work out to well but he's coming down to the medbay now to see how James is. He's dressed in a black hoodie over his black jeans, his hair is a bit dishevel and he has the teen scruff, which isn't a lot, of someone who hasn't shaved in a few days. "Hey James." He says hoping that he's awake.

James sits in his bed, arms cross, looking quite discontent. He 'hates' the Med Bay. The smells, the confined areas…the needles. Just hates it. And being awake is not helping his disposition. He sees Robyn enter, ears going sideways a little, "Hi…." It's a sheepish response, obviously botheres by the previous nights display of unkindness. He finds anther spot to look at…like his blanket-covered feet…and waits for the friend to get closer. "I'm sorry about last night."

Lucas walks slowly into the medical bay, looking around. He's wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a wife beater that clings to his scrawny swimmer's build. His hair is stringy, and he is wearing the pair of thin white spandex-like gloves he's had lately. He looks annoyed, and moves to James' bed.

Mikhail wanders in after Lucas, hes wearing red sneakers, dark blue jeans, no shirt and his now dirty blond hair is straight today, he walks over to the other boys, "Hey, you ok James?"

Walking over and sitting in a chair next to James, Robyn waves his hand. "Don't worry about it….so…what happened?" He asks as he's really confused as to what happened. "And are you feeling any better?" He asks as James was bad last night in Robyn's non-professional opinion. As Lucas and Mikhail walk in, he gives a wave. "Hey guys."

James' gaze wonders between the two newcomers, "Hey guys." He sees the look on his roommates face. Understandable since the Hyena remembers being so out of it he thinks he took a swing at him, "Define okay." That's for Mikhail, "I beat on Jono, lost control, and we took pieces out of each other." The hyena's ears go back a little, "I..it's…a long story. And last night, when I got back, I wasn't myself. Jono did something to me, and I was injured…not in control of myself." He looks at his feet, "I'm sorry guys."

Lucas nods, "Fine. Let's get you back to our room." He begins checking the monitors, reading the numbers, nodding, seemingly to understand them, before he begins to disconnect James.

Mikhail bites his lip, "You're gonna live right?", he watches Lucas start to unhook James, and looks over at Robyn, "Jono did this?"

Robyn winces visible at the part about taking pieces out of each other. "I'm just glad you're here and gonna be okay James. Don't be sorry, I'm just glad you're gonna be okay." Robyn says watching Lucas. He's not sure if it's such a good idea but he's not going to stop him as he knows that being stuck down here really sucks. "This really sucks."

James shrugs, "No…yes…sorta." He makes a mmmmmmmm! noise and rubs his paws over his muzzle, "He's not in control of himself. But he's in there. Rashmi's working on a way to get him back." Thee's no complaints about Lucas' performing Doc's discharge duties. He looks over at Robyn and offers a kid look, "Hey…I'm a tank. Even Jono couldn't stop me." Notice he leaves out the whole 'ass handed to him on a platter by someone he's sure was taking it ways on him.' Funny thing that. The bravado only goes so far though—truth be told, it disturbed him greatly, his ears falling a little in betrayal of his true feelings.

Lucas turns his attention to James, disconnecting the monitors and IV from him. He seems to have a small amount of idea what hes doing, as it's not reckless. He doesn't say anything, he just continues his work.

Mikhail sighs, "Where did Jono attack you, was it in school?", he has no idea what Lucas is doing but as long as James doesn't mind it seems ok.

Robyn smiles every so slightly at James and nods. "Yeah, well, with you coming in the way you were last night, I think anyone's gonna worry. Just glad to know you're gonna heal. So whatever Jono did, you're okay, like…in control?" He says before looking over at Lucas. "If you need any help, let me know."

James shakes his head, "I was out." He doesn't say where, when, and what happened to his 'buddy' he was supposed to have with him. "I ran into him. I could have left him alone. But it's Jono. I had to try, you know… He's one of us." There's a hint of desperation in his voice. "It happened so fast. I didn't even have time to push the panic button." He looks at Robyn and nods, giving the boy a quick study, eyes going a little distant as he looks 'through him' not at him, "Yeah, I'm fine." It's not 'exactly a lie, he's got a lot to think of and that beast isn't a patient one, "And my healing factor is taki…took care of the rest." He shifts uncomfortably in the bed.

Lucas finishes disconnecting him. "Okay. Come on." he begins to force his arm under James' arm, to remove him from the bed.

Mikhail looks over at James, "I know you've been though a lot but it might help if you tell us the whole truth, you're not as fine as you say you are, whats really happening with you?"

Robyn closes his eyes at Mikhail's words and lets out a soft sigh. He doesn't usually think pressing someone to talk about stuff like that is a good idea, but then Robyn is the guy how usually holds everything in until it explodes. "Well if you need a friend James, I think we're all here for you. And I'm glad that you have that healing factor, you guys with it are lucky." He says offering a small smile trying to bring some light humour into it.

James sits up and starts to push himself out of the bed. He's sore…incredibly sore and he doesn't mind mentioning that, "Careful, I just got done mending a bunch f bones. My body still thinks it's in pain." 'Cause you know…it's awesome to admit that you were broken and that it's your body, not you, that hurts when you have a body that can fix itself. One foot…two foot… and James is standing for the first time in 24 hours - albeit assisted. He looks over his shoulder at Mikhail, big, black alien eye focusing on the other feral, "Dude…I just beat up on one of our teachers. Let the wound close." Yeah - he didn't just avoid the question, he took the scenic detour around it, "Thanks Robyn. Really. I'm…realy really sorry about last night."

Lucas takes most of James' weight, whether he wants it or not. He takes it easily, and waits for James to be finished. Still not saying anything.

Mikhail notices James dodge what he asks completly but lets it go, he doesn't wanna push him too much.

"If you apologize one more time about last night James, I'm going to punch you. And it's gonna hurt me more than you. Just at Lucas what my punch is like, nothing too scary." Robyn says as he can tell James has a lot on his mind and isn't feeling too great right now, but anything to hopefully make him smile a bit and take the edge off. After all he likes that quirkiness of James. "So upstairs to your room?" He says as Lucas goes to lead him out of the medbay.

James leans against Lucas and starts hobbling out. Free at last. Oh how he hates the med bay. "Yes…I'll like…tell Doc about it later. I think I'm better off recovering in my room." He looks back at the two others, "Okay, okay, no apologies. I just…well…thanks for understanding? How's that?" Even his skin crawls with that answer. What? Thanks for understanding that he wanted to put his teeth in someone's meat bits for only trying to help? That doesn't sit so well.

Lucas notices James' discomfort about apologizing, so he looks at the others, "He doesn't mean that. He's on painkillers. He don't know what he's sayin'." He looks at James, "Come on, Jim."

Mikhail walks over to James and Lucas, "Do you want me to help him, no offence, but im stronger than you".

Robyn nods. "That's better." He says as he's not sure what to do next, but just follow for now. "I guess I'll just head to my room when you go to yours, I doubt you want a bunch of people in there just hanging around while you're trying to recover."

Lucas begins to lead James away. "Come with. Don't. It's up to ya'll. Ah just want him out of here."

James shrugs, "I should sleep…ya know…rest. I need it. And my head is still killing me." He limps along with with Lucas, headed for the door.

Mikhail sighs and takes James' other arm, he'll help James and Lucas to their room then leave, but he'll be keeping an eye on their room tonight, there is something James isn't telling them.

Robyn nods and pats James gingerly on the back. "Well if you need anything let me know, just rest up okay?" He says as he can't help but be worried for his friend. He doesn't like hearing any of these 'Jono' sightings but the results of them are even worse to see.

James stiffens at the touch, muscles going tight as his head looks over his shoulder at his friend with a quick snap, "Oh…yeah…I'll fell better int he morning. I can'r wait to get out of here. This place freaks me out!"

Lucas nods, "Night guys." He pulls James and Mikhail out the door, "Let's get back to our room. Ah done got you a new flea collar what'll match your scars, Jim."

Mikhail stops when Robyn touches James, moving to quickly stand in front of Robyn in a defensive stance, he bares his fang at James, he felt the aggresion coming from him.

Robyn shakes his head at Mikhail. "Thanks Mik, but, it's okay. I'm just gonna go spend some time by myself. I'll catch ya later." He says as he nods at Mikhail while watching Lucas and James head up to their room.

James' eyes focus' on Mikhail as he limps out, his gaze never leaving until he's out the door and out of sight.

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