2010-06-19: The Bigger Cut


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Summary: Star is abducted by the Cult of Kalumai, Deadpool and Domino become her unlikely saviors

Date: June 19, 2010

Log Title The Bigger Cut

Rating: R (LV)

NYC - Condemned Building

A staircase going up three stories is the only thing behind the door. On each floor the staircase stops at a small landing to a door. The first two floors the doors are wide open and lead to what was once studio apartments that are now dirty, dusty, and smelly. At the top of the stairs is a door with several locks that appear newer and more recently added to the building..

Barely past the crack of dawn, our wayward student Star had become one of those 'statistics' the kind you hear about on the news. Less than forty minutes ago the mutant gifted student was ran up and about to be passed by two joggers when the overwhelming sweet smell of chloroform assaulted her, then we all know what happens next. Star would find herself waking up, blindfolded hearing several voices around her, "Era mas facil que pense que sera el hombre" Came a laughing voice. "Si, pense que ella era alguna clase del mutante" A second voice replied to the first. "Hey you bozos, remember I don't speak that spic-spak, shut up." The first voice laughed, "Hey Reggie not our fault you're too stupid to be bi-lingual." The second man laughed, something slammed and scuffling could be heard. "Ow man, what the fuck, eres un culero!" More laughter. Beyond the lingering scent of the chemical used to abduct the girl dust and rust were the next to assail the senses. She wasn't gagged, surprisingly, her hands were bound behind her back and she would be on the ground, between her wrists was some form of metal pipe she had been tied to. "Silence and enough my brothers." Came a sharp feminine voice, "Must you always act like idiots… this is her?" A few mutters and the fight that was about to break out seemed quelled, "Yeah this is her sister." Stars hair would be tugged roughly and her head lifted, "Are you positive?" "Yeah, Reggie says that is the one from the half-moon rave."
"Good." Came a very womanly purr, "Keep her here and alive until the full moon."
"You got it, can we play with her?" Came one man's voice, the second Spanish speaker. The first chokes out, "No este enfermo, Juan!" Reggie releasing a growl not at the comment but the fact they spoke Spanish again.

"E tuh'd lyna zicd tu hud gemm ran" Was the woman's response in that terrifying, unheard language that was spoken nights before on the rave of the 17th by the 'DJ'.

Domino had been following one of the men. A blonde that was difficult enough to pinpoint but easy enough to follow. The tattoo's were the defining points, why people had them if they were to do things that would put them under scrutiny was beyond her. But it made her job a hell of a lot easier when it came to tracking, tailing, and not losing him in a crowd. The decrepit building was being watched with him inside while a vehicle pulled up, men hauling in an underage girl that was apparently very unwilling, or enough so to be unconscious on entry, followed by a fancy Mercedes Benz that had a man getting out in haste to open the door for a tall leggy red head dressed in a business suit of the typically found black, a pencil skirt hugging and accentuating the feminine curvature. The woman's eyes were obscured behind sunglasses and perhaps there was a purpose to that, considering the sun had barely risen yet. "Why is this entire assignment baby-sitting..Where the fuck are you Wade?" It was a low murmur as she shed the trench coat to reveal the painted on body suit that bound her figure, zipped up the front and held by looped belts at the sides. Around her waist was the tactical belt and slung across her back was her HK 417, on her shoulder rig the two Browning Pro9's and much more hidden to the eye despite the attire. "3 minutes, and I go without him." Pulling out the draw line gun she waited for no one to be out in the streets and the driver to be back in the car before she fired it, the end locking on the decrepit building's roof, a firm tug and she was clipping it back to her belt with a tug to measure firmness and hold.

So much for Star's little idea to get out of the mansion and off school grounds before anyone else was up so that she could just take a walk. Is it really that surprising that the teenager ended up on the wrong end of trouble? The empath has been fortunate enough to have never actually been exposed to chloroform before and so doesn't know to freak out when she smells the unmistakable odor right before it sends her off into dreamland. When she awakens what seems like minutes late from blissful oblivion, she has a pounding headache and what feels like a mouth full of cotton. She's groggy enough that she doesn't pick up well on what's said, though she can recognize the words as Spanish. "Ghn…" It's the best that the empath can do right now, but what it means is 'who the hell are you and what the crap do you want with me?!' She winces and peers up at the face of the woman that pulls on her hair, scowling fiercely up at the woman that is apparently responsible for her being held captive like this. Confusion, fear, and anger are a muddy blend just beginning to make themselves known in the air around her. The fear spikes when one of the men asks if they can 'play' with her and she manages to choke out words past the cottony feeling in her mouth, "You jerks couldn't do anything if someone were standing over you telling you how!" Oops. Maybe she shouldn't have said that?

Silence followed what Star had send then three in time voices were laughing. "Jerks? Who says that still chica, what are you twelve? Don't worry if you are Juan likes them young." Movement would be heard by her again as a form loomed over her, "Condene al hombre no soy serio usted pervertido." The three forms around her fell into bickering again, having forgotten her for the moment. Outside that redhead could be seen leaving to the Benz again, whoever had tied Star's head in a blindfold did a piss poor job as it was already folding down her nose, struggling or shifting around would have it fall free. Her wrists though, were not tied in such a fashion, they were much tighter and plastic zipcord was what held them to one another around that pipe, which would prove to be old plumbing pipes that once ran through this floor, the wall and upstairs. The decrepit state of the building allowed walls to be broken away and revealing of it's innards. Still no Wade/Deadpool in Domino's visual, the man was nowhere to be seen, what was seen were people in the roof area, two of them standing off in the dawning morning light smoking what appeared to be cigarettes as far as spotting the mutant mercenary these two were the only that had such an opportunity and right now, they were fixated elsewhere. One simple turn in direction though and that would change everything in regards to stealth.

Domino did not have much more of a choice. The two on the roof were turned away and anything could change that, even the shift in rubble that would sound as she waited for the Benz to pull off and that was when she moved. Please mortar hold. Her weight was taken by the line and her spidey moves were put into practice, swinging her across to the building where her feet caught her on the brick-laid side, bracing and absorbing the impact. Her hold was kept one on the rope the other on the building itself as she used the top of a window and slipped over the ledge in time to have two heads turning to face her."What the…?!" The only exclamation one got as the smoking object dropped from his lips in time to have the swift impact of the heel of Domino's boot meet his jaw and drop him while the other moved in to try and land a kick to Domino's side. No drawing of her weapons, she was trying to keep silence and when the one man fell with the kick to his jaw the one aimed by the other to her side had her lowering and pushing away, instead getting it to her shoulder as the downed mans neck found placement between muscled thighs that compressed the air from his windpipe. The arm that had jolted back from the kick now came back with a flash of steel, as he aimed another for her the dagger from her wrist sheath severed his Achilles tendon and he was down, but before he could let out the yell one hand clamped over his mouth and drew him into her, one snap to his neck and no, he was not dead, but guaranteed unconscious while his slowly suffocating companion watched from a precarious position.

Star may not be twelve, but her mother is a high school principal and she would have her mouth washed out with soap if she were to call him what she really wants to right now. Instead she just glares blindly in the direction of the voices for a moment before a smug little smirk tugs at the corners of her mouth, "Pervertido, huh? Sounds to me like 'Juan' doesn't like them young." Or so she hopes, anyway. Just because she thinks she heard that there's at least one guy that's not going to try to 'play' with her, doesn't mean that the other two voices aren't going to, and that thought has her struggling against her bonds. She rubs against her shoulder to try to get the blindfold to move enough that she can see, all the while keeping up demands to be let go, "My dad's a cop! He'll hunt you to the end of the earth if anything happens to me, you know." Maybe she should just keep her mouth shut?

Domino effortlessly dispatches the two on the rooftop. The doorway leading didn't really have a door on it more of a mattress springboard that was laid up against it, moved back and forth when people exited or closed. The floor below was refurbished into a 'den' for this motley crew, in about each room one to handfuls of them could be found sleeping (it is in the AMs), those who were not were waking or had been up all night, partaking in various activities from the mundane and expected to the vile. Murder was typically monitored and frowned upon as it drew attention, the Cult was not 'stupid' they knew the value of secrecy. Prostitution, drugs, the run of the mill scumstuff though, well whole nother story. Armaments ranged from knives and chains to revolvers here and there though, sem-auto to automatic weapons can be seen, the most powerful an AK-47. A floor down, the men all laugh at Star, the white man with a large curly blonde afro leans down and rubs one knuckle into his eye." Oooh daddies a po-po, oh no! Hes gonna get us!" The heavily muscled Hispanic man behind him laughs, "No, I think you heard me wrong.. see, Juan IS into underage girls, I was try'n to keep your ass outta his hands but hey you wanna talk trash chica… Imma forget hes a sick bastard like he is." A grinning form abit taller and thinner beside him pulls out a knife licking along its blade. "Wonder what the boses want with this lil bitch anyways, I heard bad things about that school she goes to man…" Continued on the muscular one, Reggie shrugs. "When I was at the ritual, everyone started dancing around her, was weird shit, I think thats why. But her friends aren't here now to save her." Juan the scrawny one was kneeled down near Star the knife cutting away the blindfold, the point tapping at her cheek, "Pretty pretty eyes." He was whispering to her as rough hands pawed at her hair. The other two, Reggie and Nameless carried on speaking, "Yeah some crazy girl who was fast as fuck had claws coming out of her hands and feet, then some white bitch like white white we're talking Casper white… some punk kid too but yeah the scary ones were the chicks."

Domino just laid there with the men in her grip, the one who had stopped moving in her arms was shoved limply to the side. "Heavy mother —" The one between the compression of thighs finally stopped struggling and was snoozing his way off to pedo-world, or whatever it was these creeps had in mind. The odd feral girl-kid with the claws the other day and now this. At least this one was not one she had to work with, just save from whatever twisted plot the blonde bozo and his cronies were into. Pushing to a stand her hand rose up and drew the Browning's from the shoulder holsters, moving slowly towards the makeshift door and toeing a gap between it and the wall silently so she could peer within and get a headcount as well as a possible weapons count. "Damn you Deadpool." It was more breathed out past Domino's dark stained lips than spoken. "I'm getting the bigger cut.."

Star glares defiantly at the men as they taunt her, struggling against her bonds and wishing that she could get free and really show these assholes what the daughter of a cop can do. Then the creep apparently named Juan pulls out the knife and she goes still for a moment, panic jolting into being in the air around her. Her eyes that they're admiring so much flush from black to violet as her fear makes itself known and she squeezes her eyes shut after that one glimps of terror, trying to pull her head back so that she's not within reach of the blade, "J-just let me go. I'm not special; my little brother is special…" Her little brother that's actually missing at the moment. She doesn't know anything about what happened at the rave other than just enjoying herself. And then being told that what she thought was paint wasn't. She takes a deep, shuddering breath, fighting back terrified tears so as not to give the men that much satisfaction. They're just like the bullies at school: Picking on the weak and helpless when there doesn't appear to be anyone around to stop it. She takes another breath and opens her eyes once more to glare ineffective defiance at them, "And I'm seventeen, not twelve." There's a little pride in that, though everything else is still masked in a haze of fear.

"I'm really not liking this now man. I wanna go, not sure what it is but este es asustadizo y no me gusta esto." The tattoo'd more tlakative was rambling. Reggie shoved him," Shut up man you're starting to freak me out it's just a stupid kid." Juan with the knife swallows as the knife scratches at her cheek and he pulls away, his eyes wide with fear standing upright. "I jus got the chills man…" His foot lashing out at Star's stomach trying to kick her hard to shut her up. "Noone gives a shit bout your brother or your age… " The entire floor above was littered with bodies. Awake and not, most were not, fortunately sleep seemed to be the group plan right now. One of the men was standing up pulling his pants on, leaving a gun on the table he was just slumped over instead of taking it he takes the pack of smokes next to it, "Man, someone got a light?" He was pushing a woman over on the table letting her flop on her side before he was rifling through her stuff, "Stupid tricks, not good for anything… ." His mutters heard as he moved on to the next guy, slapping his face a few times."Craig man, wake up or gimme your light man." Taking a headcount of just the nearest room Domino would count seven men and three women. Amongst them was perhaps five firearms that were visible. That AK-47 mentioned earlier one of them leaning against a corner, the pistol on the table, a pistol in a sleeping man's waistband and the fourth weapon on a crate near two of the slumbering women . The man named Craig was lounged with a shotgun wrested against one thigh.

Domino's watch and headcount was sourly interrupted. The man waking was her prime target, but as he began to obnoxiously rouse the others her lips pulled back into a grimace. The safety's on the Brownings were clicked off with a shift of pale digits over the metal and it seemed that was a trigger for what came over her earpiece with a loud screech prior to the words. "Psst Dom, psst psst. This work? I'd like to order three Cheeseburgers hold the pickles, and a extra large strawberry smoothie. Dommm dommmm hey dommmmm read me? Check check chicka chicka bow wow wow chicka check check, unss unss unss. The echo on this is great, Black Eyed Petey this is Big Red Sixty Niner do you read me over!? The Cats in the Cradle with a Silver Spoon and Baby has a Bad Diaper Rash. Got that?" Domino winced and pulled back from the opening of the doorway as a voice cracked loud into her right ear, one hand managing the pistol while clapping over her ear and a wince creased her features. "Wa—Deadpool, oww…tsss." She was hissing in a breath as the ringing was being worked out of her ear and she was gathering words of necessity over those of the desire to dis articulate him for that and leave him a limbless stump in the middle of the subway tracks. "I got..6..no 7 men up top floor, 3 women, and a small arsenal. Where the fuck are you??" The man that was awake and looking for a light now was acutely aware and the yell barked out to the others sleeping. "We have a visitor!" And with that the cigarettes were forgotten for the pistol beside them and he was firing through the mattress, riddling the air beside Domino with stuffing and bits of fabric. "Powder the baby's ass and get over here, kiss it goodbye because I am killing you for this!" One leg rose and kicked the mattress aside, her body shifting to rotate from one side of the door to the opposing, as she crossed the opening firing back at the man, aiming higher assuming he had risen to shoot her.

There's a small yelp of surprise as first the knife cuts her, though fortunately not a serious wound, and then she gets kicked! The kick gets a better reaction as she curls up around the blow and cries out again, the sound one of pain. She squeezes her eyes shut and concentrates on trying to ignore the pain like her older brothers told her to do when she's against someone bigger and stronger than she is that inevitably gets in a hit. After a couple of minutes she manages to glare at the three men again, trying to muster up anger as a defense to the fear that's trying to make her shut down and just give in. She doesn't have the breath to speak yet, but her eyes, black as pitch and shot through with lots of violet, glare defiantly at them, almost as though she's daring them to do their worst: She can take it! She has five brothers. The sound of gunfire has terror flooding over the top of everything else once more and Star ducks her head, wincing in anticipation of the roof coming down on her head or something. For a moment she forgets to breathe, just curling into a tight little ball with her face burried in her knees, "Oh God…" Maybe they'll all kill each other and the cops will come and save her? Probably not, though. If these guys are comfortable enough making this much noise, then it's not likely there's anyone close enough to them to actually hear or care about a bunch of guns going off.

A second terror instilled kick came from Juan towards Star's stomach and side, "I said shut up!" The muscled Hispanic with the tattoos shouts at him,"Hagalo caer! Juan man she didn't say anything… " Reggie was now holding up two uzi's and backing up, white as a sheet of paper. "I think I snorted some bad shit man, I'm all sorts of freaked the fuck out…" Juan was ignoring his friend about to kick her again when gunshots rang-out, he spun around and drew a pistol from his waistband the knife held in the other hand, "Thats coming from upstairs!" He shouted, "You hear that Diego?" The man with the tattoos is dragging up a shotgun pointing it at the ceiling like the other two were. More gun-shots and they were scrambling to bolt up the door. "It's her fucking friends!" Reggie would yell,"I told you we shoulda not fucked with a mutie!" Domino unlike the men she shot at was well trained and experienced her shots hit home on the man riddling him with entry and exit holes. The man named Craig was up and firing wildly with his 12gauge shot gun, keying in on the fallen males target. His shots abit more accurate than the first guys, buckshot rounds sprayed down at the mutant woman. The AK47 was being scrambled for as down the hall yells and shouts were heard. Muffled screams were audible over the radio transmitter as Deadpool's gravel rough voice chirped back, "You have to say over Black Eyed Petey, over." Obviously he was up to his usual antics, the screams from the background said he wasn't just sitting on his thumbs though. More gunshots could be heard from downstairs too. "Big Red Sixty Niner to Black Eyed Petey, did you say something about my ass? Over."

"I'm fucking you up for this." Why did she take this job again? The thought had her eyes darting towards the roof from where she had come. She could leap off, run and let him have it all. But that would be beneath her sadly. It had started and she would see it through to the end, however long that would be. The rustling she heard told her the other were awake and getting armed to their teeth, including that AK she had seen propped in the corner. "Over." That was it said on her end, bitter arsenic tinged in her voice as she spun once more, one Browning was aimed for the man with the shotgun while the other aimed for the man making a mad dash for the AK - pulling the triggers. "That's mine." One woman was awake and her shrill terrified screams sounded amongst the gunfire as she was clutching a sheet to her naked body and nearly backwards crap crawling away from Domino as her rousing partner was met with a boot to his head to knock him back down. A mad dash took her to the wall just beside the AK where right before it the man that was going for it lay with his hands over his bleeding side.

Star whimpers and curls into an even tighter ball, still trying not to actually cry, but unable to help the tears the spill over onto her cheeks. Her shoulders have been wrenched and she would swear that she's going to throw up if Juan kicks her one more time. The comments about snorting shit and her friends fall on deaf ears, her head hunkered down tuttle-like between her shoulders and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. It's only when they call her a mutie that she actually opens her eyes and glares at them again, her eyes rimmed in red and her cheeks flushed, "I'm no 'mutie'." Her voice is weak, but she is once again defiant, "I already told you: My little brother's the special one, not me!"

"Upstairs upstairs!" Yelled Reggie as Diego ran to the door infront of him, "No, dont open it… we wait here." Reggie was obviously panicked, which wasn't his normal he was pessimistic and broody but not a chicken-shit, same with Juan. Diego was always the rational one but right now he felt that cold knife of fear stabbing its way through his spine. "Juan keep an eye on the bitch, Reggie and me will guard the door." Star's whimpers and protests going ignored as they kept watch over her, stark terror and fear were racing through each of them. The room Domino was in was more or less pacified, in the hallway stood a man with a black robe and a horned mask in his hands were two pistols, under that garb was a black leather strapped outfit laden with additional pistols. Obviously one of the heavy hitters, flanking him were men from downstairs, three of them, each hosting AK-47's, this Cult obviously had some connections. "Come out!" Came a booming voice from behind the mask.

A snicker came over the radio,"You're doing what to me for this? Did you just say you'd be fu.." Static was heard" Me for this? So this guy is down here, on the toilet and I bust in stab him in the forehead and say, what the deuce! Get it? Meh yeah I coulda used a better line, it's not like everyday you get to kill someone while they're droppin' kids off at the pool. You check the red-heads legs on her way out? I almost want to tell Eddie to shove it and work for these guys…" The prattling continued as more footfalls heralded people were coming upstairs in the droves, while Deadpool below was killing in relative stealth. Having obviously used his team-mate as a distraction, the tinkering with her radio was underhanded. He did admit that one.

Domino took the moment of the silence in the upstairs room to reload her pistols and put them in their shoulder holsters while the AK 47 was taken up and the HK 417 was pulled over her shoulder and held. The silence though was broken by Deadpools voice and his rattling on updates. Her anger was at a boiling point and as she stepped over a still unconscious body of a blonde she knew she was dead before the chaos ever began, a spent syringe crushed at her side. One man apparently was playing possum, the shift of his hand and the flash of a blade had it arching up and cutting into her thigh. The reaction was fueled by rage as the HK was lowered and in the swinging drop she pulled the strigger, spraying bullets over the man as she jumped to the side, watching his body jolt with the limp meet of more than enough fire power. The yell at the other side of the door had the barrel of the AK aimed there. "You first!" Her body braced for the heavier fire power as it erupted from the weapon and began to splinter the door away, her body lunging then to follow through.

Star is still terrified, but she's also positive that she's no mutant and determined to make someone listen to her about that little fact, "You must have the wrong girl. I am not a mutant!" Her voice is stronger now that she's got a little of her breath back, but it still trembles with fright she's trying to push, through, to make her protests known. She gives another little terrified scream at another burst of noise from overhead and gives up on bravado, again burrying her face in her drawn up knees and trying very hard to pretend that she's back at home with her brothers and they're playing one of their favorite first person shooter games. Or, failing that, that she's in the rec room at the school and that there's some noisy video game going on too loud in the background, "Oh dear God…" If she get's out of this alive, she's never going to leave the mansion again. Not until next time, anyway.

Juan was reaching down grabbing up Stars wrist he would cut the bonds around her wrist from the pipe and move to drag her to her feet, the gun he carried tucked away into his waistband as he did this. "Shut up!" He hisses at her, his hand moving to cover her mouth as Reggie and Diego guard the doorway, both sweating profusely, anticipation and panic causing them all to tremble. The black robed cultist pointed down the hall and one of the men took off in a dead run down the hallway, spraying the walls head of him as he did, rushing towards where Domino was hidden a warcry coming from his lips,"For my MASTER KALUMAI!!!" As the man did this the others took aim, the masked leader began to loudly chant in a foreign tongue.

"These guys are horrible decorators, candles, tacky fingerpainting and blood allover, it's like Romero gone Home Improvement. Speaking of Romero this last guy was trying to run from me and he slipped in his buddies brains, thats classic huh? I hope you're having the fun I am Black Eyed Petey, besides this was your idea you know… "The squawk-box continued to do exactly that, Deadpool's voice was blaring and outloud, giving away her position and creating a beacon.

The door Domino had splintered with bullets cracked and sprayed outward as her weight hit it and down she and the splintered door went, sliding down the hall several feet riding this makeshift sled and keeping low as she rose the HK for the charging figure, the bullets felt in a heated breeze whizzing just above her and returned with her own fire that swept across the mans knees, blowing them out to have his body crumple in his valiant charge. Domino's body rolled to the side and she was back on her feet to continue the dash down the hallway, sticking to the left wall as the voice on the comm piece still yelled out, the idea forming in her mind with a small grin forming over her lips. Kicking in the door to a closet she pushed back into it and closed the door, luckily it being the door to the old heating machine that once provided a level of comfort for the building. Ripping the earpiece off Deadpools voice still rang out, and then was muffled. Domino had unzipped her body suit enough to stuff the blaring piece into cleavage and muffle it between, zipping the suit back up. "Much better…" Breathed out as she lifted back up the Ak and the HK, rolling her shoulders and shifting her weight to her uninjured leg. "When this is over.." The growl was low and now still hearing the low buzz of Deadpool going on she trained her hearing over that to hear if anyone was coming.

As soon as her hands are free and she's on her feet, Star starts putting up a fight. She tries to stomp on Juan's instep and knee him in the groin at the same time, two tricks that her older brothers taught her when they were all younger on ways to get incapacitate anyone. Especially a guy. She just prays that it works this time. She tries to twist and yank her arm out of the man's grip at the same moment, at least so that she can try to duck out the door and find her way to freedom. Forget the fact that she hasn't a clue where she is or how long it took to get here. She's still going to try to get away.

Juan released a grunt as his instep was crushed then abruptly he was kneed in the groin, an unf escaping him as the knife flicked out at Star, slicing at her before she wrestled free of his grasp. Diego spins around," Fuck I told you to hold her!" Reggie kept his shoulder to the door, "She doesn't have no where to go man screw her." Juan was on his knees one hand reflexively clutching his midsection, curses slipping out of him in Spanish. The first suicide runner in the hall-way went down. The two men on either side of the chanting man were now moving both of them threw down their weapons and started to scream thrashing about, their arms flailing wildly then soon clawing at their own bodies, fingers became hooks that peeled at flesh ripping it away in strips to reveal deformed creatures underneath, skin torn off like sheets on a bed as large hairy bristle-backed monsters that had upturned noses, batlike features, large gleaming red-eyes and sharp teeth stood there, the chanting seemed to switch beat. They pursued Domino bursting through wall in their path, their strength obviously no longer simply human. Something quite more. From Domino's breasts came more laughs and muffled "Mmmrmmrmmmm…" continuous, non-stop blabbering of Deadpool. Those two inhuman beasts hearing also seemed to now be changed as they craned heads and sought her out.

Through all this Domino came to realize she had yet to see the girl. Her eyes snapped down, wanting to ask Deadpool if he had visual of her yet but thought the better of it while stepping to wall and listening. Two yards to the steps and she could at least search the next level down, but getting there was half the battle since she had been set as the lucky bit of bait. The chanting was a humm to her, but what came with it, that inhuman shrieking had both brows rising. They all seemed human enough until this point, that was not a human like sound. She was not about to let whatever it was corner her, the ripping down the walls enough to prompt her. This time the door was slowly opened and left that way. It was her own bait now and when the two creatures came towards it, one lunged through only to find the small closet empty, the other waiting just outside was met with the door slamming shut. Domino's strike was from above, the barrage of bullets aimed down at the head of the creature just as it looked up to see her hanging with her legs locked around the long ago used piping. The second in hearing this burst through in time for her body to fall from its place and impact the second, bringing it down on top of its companion. It clawed and shrieked, getting a hold of one of her arms with a bruising grip to have her turning just enough to open fire with the AK just along its shoulder, kicking back to sever its arm from its body while it still gripped her, and then fell to the floor in heinous cries just to be silenced by the *bbrbp!* of several rounds. Now no pause was had, she burst from the closet and raised both those weapons, waiting to see the cloaked figure before opening fire upon him as she hit the steps.

Star yelps when she's cut again by that blasted knife, her hand flying up to cover the bleeding wound as she wrenches her arm free of Juan's grasp and makes a bee-line for one of the doors left unguarded by the two other men, hoping beyond hope that she's going to find an open hallway beyond. Or at least a window she can climb out of. It would be worth a fall from almost any height to get away from these creeps and the violence she can hear so very close. Instead of a hallway, or even the hoped for window, she finds nothing but a tiny room with four very close walls to greet her. A shelf above her head with space for a rod underneath showing that the little space was a closet at one point, "Oh shit…" There's no escape here, but maybe she can manage to hold the door closed and keep at least that much space between herself and the thugs just outside? Terror continues to roll off of her and she has to fight back the tears that blur her vision as she puts her plan into action and tries to hold the door closed with all of her strength.

"You hear that?" Reggie said quickly, breathlessly." Yeah what the hell was that?" Diego was now also scared, Juan in his fit of anger and rage was slamming at the closet door, ripping and stabbing at it trying to get at Star. Reggie cried out a "Fuck this!" And opened the outside door running down it. "Come back man come back! You fuckin' pussy!" The man in black darted around the corner only to leap down the stairs landing near Reggie who was running, the chanting was still going and Reggie dropped to the ground rolling to tumble holding his head as that same transformation underwent him as well. The black robed man was rushing the way Reggie had been coming hurtling himself into the room with Star, Diego and Juan. "Where is the girl?" It demanded in a snarl from below the mask. Diego's eyes widened and he slams the door behind him, "The closet the closet!" Barring themselves into the room, the three of them and their captive. Gunfire in rapid torrents was heard from below, loud bursts and laughter followed by screams.

Domino's eyes narrowed as the cloaked man disappeared down the steps and she followed close enough on his heels only to pause when Reggie dropped and began flaying his own flesh from his body, what he was becoming a sight that had Domino's nose wrinkling and upper lip rising in a look of disgust. "Okay, so I was warned." In reference to the man that hired them saying that these people had much more to them. Her eyes darted from the creature that was now rising to turn and face her to the door the cloaked man had gone behind, following at a run across the room and aiming the HK for the door, blasting the doorknob off and showering the latch in bullets to have it weakened. Now upon her was that creature, lunging and met with the swink of the arm bearing the AK, impacting its head as her weight and the creatures were sent through the door and into the room with the three, muffled return Deadpool would hear now that the comm had been loosed by her body hitting the floor was that shriek of the beast and gunfire.

"Leave me the HELL alone!" Star's scream is muffled by the closed door, the sound of sobs that she can no longer contain making her voice tremble. She takes a deep, shuddering breath and tries to calm herself a little, though it's really not any use with her own panic and then Juan's rage beating at her, "So I fucked up?! I shouldn't have snuck out. Just because I made a stupid effing mistake doesn't mean you assholes have to try to KILL me!" She's just getting started when Domino fires at the door and sends the creature into the room with the others. Again, her own fear blocks out everything else and she starts her own little chant; one begging for someone to come save her, since she can't do it for herself, apparently. She never said that she was a fighter, after all. She's more of a musician, to tell the truth.

"Stop her you idiots!" Yells the Black Robed man from below the mask, he was rushing to the closet knocking Juan aside who shot back up to actually stab at him before realizing who it was. Diego lifted his pistol and fired at Domino who was almost astride the beast, taking another shot before he was staggering backwards his lower jaw bursting off tongue flopping out as his eyes rolled into his head then another round split his skull in the middle, brain splattering out the back painting the wall behind him as he toppled. "Lucy, I'm home!!!" Came a shout down the hall. The Reggie-monster was clawing at it's back rolling around to turn so it can latch teeth and claws onto it's assailant. The closet yanked outwards peeled away to display the horned black robed man to Star, "There you are."

Domino was rolling to the side as the beast bucked back and began to claw at its back instead of her. Hearing Deadpools voice now was nearly a relief. Nearly, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Pushing to her feet she rose up behind the robed man and the barrel of the AK was pressed against the back of his head, just at the base of his skull and pointed slightly upwards, the heat from it a beloved kiss of heated affection on the cloaked mans neck. The HK was swung back now to open fire on the beast as it lunged for Deadpool in its redirected trajectory, leaping and then going into spasms mid air as bullets riddled its side making it drop and slide to a land just at Deadpools feet. Domino's words though, were to the cloaked figure. "Move and I paint the wall with the insides of your head."

Star shrieks when the door is yanked out of her grasp and stumbles backwards into the back wall of the closet, looking like she wishes that she did have some sort of power like her brother's so that she'd be able to vanish into the wall, or something. Her fear pheromones have been closed up in the closet with her for a few minutes and that's given it time enough to get a little more potent than it was just out in the room with the others. She stands there, starring stupidly for a moment before she drops into a crouch and covers her head with both arms, reduced to pure terror with no room for any sort of rational thought. It's probably a good thing that she's been in the closet, especially when Diego's head explodes, or she would have likely gone totally into shock. Then Domino's words filter through the teen's consciousness and she whimpers softly, trying to make herself as small as she possibly can. Maybe to make herself less of a target, but more likely just because it's instinct to try to remove oneself from the line of fire, "OhGodohGodohGod…"

The black clad man's responses to the pheromones was to back up into the wall next to the closet both of his hands coming up infront of him fingers steepling together twining and forming symbols. His chant stumbling out quickly in panicked breaths. Juan was already in his rush towards Domino his knife upraised about to lung and slice at her a quick spray of bullets and the man's body flopped to the ground before he was within striking range, his bowels spilling along with his intestines. The flood of the mutants powers into the room had yet to touch Deadpool who was still moving down the hall, his pistols barrel smoking. "How come you stopped responding to my com-chatter? We had a thing going and you totally just ruined it Dom."

The cloaked figure in his chant had Domino drawing back the AK for only a moment and then lowering it again, her finger was over the trigger, and oh did she want to squeeze but instead she poised the barrel before the "lips" of his mask and shoved with a force that would hopefully crack the bone and have the barrel wedged between his lips. "Shut up…shut up! Shut up!" Juan had been noted in his final fall, the spill of intestines leaving the room rank with the odor of his insides and she focused on breathing through her mouth, though neither would do any good, speaking to Deadpool even in that equation. "I put your smooth voice where it belonged." The hand holding the HK swinging up to pat over her chest, a couple fingers dipping down beneath the zipper to pull out the comm and wave it before him before she swung the weapon to point it at him. "I ought ta.." She paused and glanced to Star then still in a fetal sitting ball in the closet. "We'll handle this later." Some reason of fear tinging, and causing her to swallow hard. "We should get her and go instead…Hey girl, it's over, get up." As she spoke to Star as if for emphasis she pushed the barrel of the AK further between the masked mans lips so he was choking on it.

Star has heard that name before: Dom. It's a name she vaguely remembers from the mall the other day. From before the rave that apparently started this all. A small thread of hope winds into the other emotions around her, maybe futile hope, but hope none the less. She peeks up from behind her arms and swallows hard at the stink out in the room. Not quite like something she's ever smelled before, though it makes her cover her nose and mouth with her t-shirt. She doesn't move at first when she's told that it's over, that it's time to be going; the words taking a moment to sink in. Cautiously, she stands, keeping her back pressed against the wall for a moment before she takes a hesitant step toward the door and spots the source of the smell, "Oh God…" Those words are an almost silent whisper and she goes very pale.

The man with the weapon in his mouth felt abit of himself returning, some bit of hope inspired that grip of fear would leave him and his hands both rose up, a surge of fire coursed up and down his arms and they pulsed from his biceps towards his hands a pyrotechnic display that warned he was about to try and engulf Domino in flame.

Recognition flickered over Domino's features as Star slowly came to a stand. That was torn from Star as the arms ignited and heat assaulted Domino's skin with that brief flicker. That had her pulling the trigger and at the same time ripping the barrel of the AK upward, splitting his head and painting the wall with pink matter as well as thick red viscous liquid. His body crumpled to the floor and after a nudge of her toe from Domino's boot to ensure he was down for the count she slunk the HK over her shoulder to rest across her back. "You better come with us." Dom wanted out of the area, the smell of intestines and blood was something that was assaulting her senses and baring even so much that it held the coppery flavor on her tongue. Heading towards the stairs she passed Deadpool and leveled a deadpan stare at him, rising the AK and shooting at hs feet, chasing him out with the heralding of gunfire. Star might be scared but Domino was pissed at him. "I swear, next time you do that..!!"

The sight of someone actually losing their life like that in front of her, of having their skull split wide open to spill everything that makes them a person to decorate the wall behind them, has the girl they came to rescue just going right on ahead and passing right smooth out. Star's head bounces on the floor as she slumps, her eyes rolled back in her head and looking like she's down for the count. Woops. Guess someone's going to have to either try to wake her up, or carry her out…

"Do what? Save you? Okay note to self do not save Domino anymore." He was hopping foot to foot, bits of wood chips from the floor and ricocheting speckling the area with *pings* and *thwips* the thunk sound on floor after gunshots had him pointing behind her, "Man down! Seriously she just went all Sleeping Beauty. STOP shooting at me!" Came the next yell towards Domino. "I won't tamper with your radio no more, just knew you'd not touch it if we started this shin-dig up, what fun is it going all Steven Siegal on a place if there is no banter involved? Besides you're a great distraction, I didn't even break a sweat down there. Like fighting for a flapjack at the Waffles House during Senior Citizens happy hour… eat that you feebs, BANG pow sorry gramps, oops did I break your hip again, haha."

Domino heard the crumple of Star's body once she stopped firing at Deadpool, glancing back only briefly and stepping with her back to the girl and still facing Deadpools direction. He sucker punched her once and it showed in the fading purple to yellow bruise around her right eye she wasn't giving him the chance right now. "I heard, I heard that.." Said as Domino reached put and tugged Star's limp body closer and began shifting weaponry from hand to another, one shoulder to the next and hefted her over her shoulder. "…I heard your singing…And so did everyone else! You want to use me as a distraction, let me know next time." The final words muttered as she headed towards Deadpool with the sack of slumbering potatos named Star over her shoulder. "If there is a next time." Heading down the steps to the door she stepped out to the daylight that had now set it to early morning. "I overheard her say she went to Xavier's the other day, we should take her there…I'm hungry."

Star stirs briefly as she's shifted and moved, a low whimper coming from her limp form, but doesn't wake. The elder Rosen twin really does do a fair imitation of a sack of potatoes. And she isn't even fighting being slung over someone's shoulder for once! If her brothers could see her like this, they would insist on rushing her to the ER to make sure that she's alright. She hates when people go all overprotective on her… Good thing she's unconscious. Maybe this insident will teach her that the professors and other instructors at Xavier's might actually have something to teach her?

"I don't think I should be anywhere near Xavier's Glee Club of Freaks for a few." Not mentioning he'd blown up on of their doors, stole Cylcop's favorite sweater-vest, and 'borrowed' two of Forge's top secret artifacts out of his lab. Those which he still hadn't returned. "Ya drop off Jane Austen there and we'll hook up later, I said flapjacks that means we should hit the iHop. This smell made me want some bacon." Waving over his shoulder he struts off, headed out the backdoor leaving Star as Domino's responsibility.

"No, a breakfast skillet with.. flapjacks." That final word brought hesitation and she tossed the girl back into the van, leaning in to hotwire it and get the unconscious body back to its rightful place.

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