2010-10-08: The Birds


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Summary: The Crows seems to have an issue with Troy…or is it Leo?

Date: October 8, 2010

Log Title: The Birds

Rating: PG-13

Tegu-Haaz - Salem (Old Dirt Road)

The dirt road is a few miles long and circles around to meet itself again. There are several farms that have been run down, burned and abandoned along the way. Fences and stonewalls run along side the road in the over grown grass to mark where properties begin. A few old wooden wheels sit among the over run grass and are half sunken into the earth. Hoof prints dent the old dirt road leaving it a bit uneven. Trees blow in the breeze as they sporadically line the road. There's a small ditch on each side of the dirt road for water draining.

He had a few in his pocket. Since Troy awakened here, he knew that some things would be hard to find, due to his own minor explorations. Tobacco is one. With his emotions going out of control right now, he's chosen to take one of the five cigarettes he has left and actually smoke it. As he walks slowly along the dirt road, he scratches at the cowl he's wearing. Everything is so tight and confining, and he's obviously annoyed and in discomfort.

Walking through the rails of the fence of a nearby farmhouse as if phased, is Robyn and he has gone apple picking. He's got a basket with him that's been filled with red ripe apples for consumption. He's limping a bit from the injury on his leg but he's heading back to the farm house, for now. Spotting the glow of the cigarette in the distance Robyn calls out, "Mr. Gilpatrick?" Since he's the main smoker he knows here.

"Bay. Troy fucking Bay of SHIELD." The voice calls out. It's quite probably mildly familiar, though a little raspier than before, as the man has been smoking for a while. "The one random person that's not a part of that damn school that got sucked into this whole mess. The one stuck in a power suit that has no power, and can't even get it fully off to take a proper bath in whatever water we may find." He grumbles, looking towards the face. Great. This one… he knows.

"Well hello to you too Troy Fucking Bay." Robyn says in a grumpy voice back as if he's not to trilled to see him. "Well can you ask people to help you with it? Cause sometimes, someone might help you. And yeah, I heard. You're not the only person that's part of that damn school that got pulled here you know?" He says looking down at his scavenged food and deciding not to offer Troy anything right now.

"Who else isn't part of it? And kid, some of us can't help how we act. Some of us have reasons. This suit is supposed to regulate me and make me like a normal person. But it's not functioning, so I've got a pissy attitude because my chemistry is off. It's not pointed at you so don't act like it is." Troy growls while his head rolls a little. Since his eyes can't be seen, he's taken to doing that to show an eye roll. "I haven't met a single other person that isn't Xavier's who's here. If you know who isn't, then let me know, because I need some kind of contact with the outside world." He says before shaking his head. "Too many secrets under this suit." He states simply.

"There is no contact with the outside world. Right now this is our world, we're stuck here. One girl has already gone missing after being eaten by a giant pumpkin but otherwise, we're stuck here." Robyn says as any information gained about this place has been limited. "Mike the Robot Kid. He used to go to Xavier's but he's Barnes now, like Rashmi. But..Rashmi isn't here." He says missing his good friend who always seemed to have the answers or at least something comforting. "You want an apple?"

"I know Rashmi. I'm one of her trainers at Barnes. Despite not being a mutant, I specialize in mutant power training." Troy says with a nod. "Good kid. A little overbearing, but lots of potential." He offers before considering. "Maybe after this." He says, taking a deep drag from the cigarette before looking away. "Got into a big argument with her over this place. Well, not THIS place. Your school. Different views."

"Well it's not as bad as you might think it is." Robyn says as he notices something familar about the voice but doesn't think too much on it. "Well Rashmi's one of my closest friends and if wasn't for Xavier's, I wouldn't have met and made such a great friend. And you sound like my boyfriend spouting off all the evils of Xavier's. You don't go there so just agree to disagree."

"The place is a killer. I've seen what's happened to people that have been there. That's all I need to know. Nothing like that has happened at Barnes. SHIELD protects folks a little better than they can." Troy says with a shrug as he starts scratching at the back of his cowl. "I have to say I agree with Jordan." he says with a shrug. Shit. He has been too good to slip up. Being away from the daily telepathic treatments to keep people out must be causing problems.

Hearing the name, Robyn looks at Troy for a bit and begins weighing one of the apples in his hand as if he's gonna throw it. "Okay…who are you and how do you know about Jordan. I haven't even given you my name yet." He says looking at Troy cautiously. "You know, bad things do happen there but life sucks. There are good things along with the bad and people like you, and Jordan, don't realize what's good cause you don't want to."

"I told you. Troy Bay. Agent of SHIELD. I have dossiers that I've read on every student, current up until January. You're Robyn Larkin. Psi-vamp with other psi-abilities. Your boyfriend is Jordan Ward, density and size changer." Troy lies, as smoothly as he can. "You think I would go to a school to offer an invite for a dance… a school known for attacks… without knowing something of the people there and who to look out for? Sure, my records aren't completely up to date, but it gives me some kind of advantage." He pauses. "I didn't say it was a BAD place. I said it was a killer. There's a difference. The students aren't offered enough protection. The staff is often too busy off trying to save the world to be there when bad things happen at home. Or, when those who CAN make a difference want to do something, they get told no and quarantined."

Stepping onto the Old Dirt Room from the tavern and dressed like some of the students in period clothes from whatever era this is. David leans against the door, "Agent Bay. You'd best be careful what you say and what you imply about the staff. You never know who may be listening." He taps his head and smirks. He looks down to Robyn and back to Troy, "And take from one to access to files, it is easier to say hello than it is to start spouting information that others hold dear." He gives Robyn a look to ask if he is ok.

"Ms. Frost is trying to fix that just to let you know. She's working hard since she's gotten there. And yes, I do know about her past." Robyn says before he can throw that at him. Even if he doesn't like Selene being there, he knows a few things. He gives a nod to David and offers him an apple. "I found some apple trees, you want one?" He's been frequenting them. And doesn't like what Troy says since the idea that their is a file that says way too much about his personal life is unsettling. "I dunno…" He says as something just doesn't feel right.

While they're talking a large black crow lands on one of the fence posts near by and squaks, something about the way it crows though makes it sound like it's cawing 'murder'. The eyes glow red as the bird looks at the three.

"First of all, I really don't care. I will tell the staff members exactly what I think of them. I have no need to hide my feelings, especially with a telepath in the group that could read it from my head anyway, since I don't have my daily shielding work going up. Secondly, He asked how I knew, so I told him and added some more knowledge, so he could see that I'm not as unknowledgeable as he accused me of earlier." Troy doesn't even bother turning to look at David. Right now, he's in his 'bad' side since there's nothing to correct his chemistry. In response to Robyn, Troy nods. "Good. It needs to be fixed. I know that Falk couldn't do it all and was overexerting himself during the Inferno. "Please, everybody has a bad past. I don't exactly have the most pleasant." He eyes the crow warily behind his cowl.

Nodding, "I'd love an apple, Robyn. Thanks." He walks and stands next to Robyn and takes the offered apple, "Thanks." He looks to Troy, "Well that's love, Troy. I'm glad to see we have someone as pleasant as you here with us during this lovely little vacation." As the crow caws, David turns and notes the red glowing eyes. "Oh please, not now." He looks between the other two males with him and just shakes his head.

Robyn shrugs at Troy. "Addison does some good and some okay things." And he leaves it at that since he does like Addison but he thinks that he can be a bit to harsh on some students sometimes. Right after he hands the apple to David but puts the basket down slowly. "Don't tell me the apples are evil too…" In response to the crow.

Joining that one crow is a second, then third and then there's about fifteen crows on the rails of fences and on the branches of trees all crowing that same 'murder' caw in unison. Their glowing red eyes all focused on the same spot.

"Around here, there's no telling what is and isn't evil. As for my attitude, I can't control it. This suit, when it's powered, helps me regulate myself. I can't do it when it's not working. Blame SHIELD not building a power source into it." Troy growls as he stares at the birds. "I hate birds." He mutters as he looks around, wishing he had brought his staff with him.

David hmmmpphs, "Gentlemen I suggest we head inside….QUICKLY!" He signals for Robyn to start to run and he takes a running stance waiting for Robyn to run first. He offers a smile to Troy, "SHIELD Agent training…feels good." and then he looks from the birds to the door. "Robyn go."

Starting to run as per David's orders, Robyn finds he can't run to fast with an injured leg and kind of starts to hobble along, leaving the the basket behind. "Troy, I'd suggest you follow us seeing as I saw a pumpkin eat Kisha yesterday, you don't know what these birds will do." He says sounding panicked. Those apples are left where they are as he moves to David.

Quickly the number of crows squawking murder doubles and as David and Robyn start to move, so do the crows. The group of crows fly all at Troy, flying around David and through Robyn, as if he's not there, and lash out at Troy with razor sharp talons and beaks as they go to peck and claw at him.

"You're an Agent?" He asks, but then everyone starts running, and Troy tends to believe it's as good an idea as any. That is, until the birds start coming after him. His first response, despite the fact that he actually has good eye protection, is to move his hands up to cover his face. Old habits die hard, and he doesn't want to forget his instincts. "Shouldn't have come out with my suit dead." He grumbles, waving his arms frantically.

As the bird circle the two mutants, David yells out even louder, "Run, Rob…" suddenly the bird flies through Robyn. David touches him again to see if he can feel him and then hmphs and looks to Troy, "Well….I guess…something should be done. The birds can't seem to touch you, so go to the basket and start hurling those apples." He sighs as the waste of good food. He takes a bite out of his apple and tosses it to one bird while leaping towards Troy trying to make the birds flee taking random swings at them.

Robyn proves to be quite solid when touched by David and he doesn't understand why the birds flew threw him like he wasn't there. He doesn't like to be called Rob but he'll address that later as he runs to the basket and grabs an apple to hurl at one of the crows attacking Troy.

The attack from the crows leaves Troy with a series of small bleeding cuts as he's attacked. As soon as the apple thrown hits one of the crows, they all squawk at David and then flee the area leaving the path quite quiet. Not even the rustle of leaves in the wind is heard.

Unfortunately, the attack of the crows, other than the cuts have quite damaged the cowl, leaving it in tatters. Troy's hair is seen quite clearly through the open holes. Bright blond, not quite matching the ID for those that have seen it. After all, his ID is built into one of the patches on his suit. "What the hell?" he asks, looking around as they leave, not realizing all the damage.

Blinking as much as he can, he looks to Troy and asks him, "Are you hurt? Other than cuts, it doesn't seem like they did much." Then turning to Robyn, "What the hell just happened?" He plays out different thoughts and scenarios in his mind as to why what just happened….happened.

Hurrying over to Troy, Robyn starts to take off his jacket incase it's needed for bandages. "Are you okay Troy? You're bleeding." He says not noticing the blond hair is off as he hasn't seen an ID. "What the hell is right, cause I almost wonder if we're not in some kind of hell. And what happened was a bunch of crows attacked Troy and left. This place is…." He shudders not finishing his sentence.

As Troy reaches up to feel the cuts in his cowl, he grumbles. "Damn it. I have to take this thing off now. Otherwise, it'll get stuck in the blood and it'll hurt like hell." He says quickly before looking at Robyn and shaking his head. "Just… remember, I had no choice in this." He says before looking at David. "Please, give me a hand here."

Listening to Troy, he assists Troy, "Let's take him into the tavern. There is something he can wear in there." Looking to Robyn, "Are you alright? And I don't necessarily mean are you hurt physically?" David is more alert than usual as he also keeps an eye out should the crows or something else attacks.

Robyn looks at David and Troy strangely at both their words. "What do you mean? None of us had a choice in being here Troy." He says not sure what he means before looking at David. "I feel okay, I just..I don't know why the crows did that. I mean, fly through me. I don't phase or anything." He looks down at the apples and doesn't want to touch them.

"Just get this damn thing off before I change my mind." Troy says. "I can walk just fine, but I've got blood getting into my visor. I won't be able to see, and I won't be able to get this off if I don't do it now." He explains, looking to David, the one who won't have an odd reaction.

"Alright then." David says in a loud tone, "Robyn, help me undress Troy. You get the body suit off." David fidgets with the cowl and then removes the head piece. He looks it over in his hand, "So what does this thing actually do?" He studies the headpiece and looks over the body suit.

Walking over to Troy, Robyn goes to see what he can help with. "The Tavern is a couple miles away, it's up to Troy if he wants to head all the way down there, I mean I don't mind walking over there but the farm house is closer." And there might be some stuff there Troy can use but then with Troy being the injured one it's up to him.

"The suit is fine. It's just the cowl. That's what's in the way." Troy says, shaking his head as he starts trying to reach for a very badly placed connector in the back, to remove it. It's in the middle of his back, right where even his extremely flexible arms can't reach.

Helping Troy, "Ok so the farmhouse it is." He does not ask Troy which would be best for him. "Maybe we can get Ms. Frost to do a scan on you to make sure you are alright, Robyn." He steps to the side to allow Troy to figure which way he would want to go."

Robyn nods. "If you think she can figure out anything I mean I don't feel any different." Not really at least, he doesn't mention that things are starting to seem a little off here. "I'll get some hot water and bandages if they're needed for you Troy." As getting those cuts clean will definately be a bit priority.

Since there are tears in it anyway, Troy just starts to pull at it, having enough strength to enhance the tears and finally bring the visor off. Though the face might be unknown to David, unless he's been perusing lots of the files of the school, Robyn should most definitely recognize the face, though the hair is darker and the eyes no longer glow.

Not recognizing the face, "You know…maybe next time if you're nicer you won't get attacked by crows." He jokes clearly trying to lighten the mood as it seems there is no danger looming over the horizon.

Robyn just stares at Troy…no Leo, as the visor is taken off. When he's finally able to speak he says "You're supposed to bed dead…I mean you are dead…they said you were." He is quite shocked by Troy's real face. "Leo….what happened?"

Troy… Leo sighs. "SHIELD took me. Gave me the suit. Made me give up my old life, with the promise that they'd help me regain my powers. And it's not about being nice. I can't… when I lost my powers, my body reverted to a lack of… something. My hormones went off balance. My powers kept me too happy, and my body didn't know how to deal with the lack of them." He explains to David briefly before shaking his head. "I wasn't ever supposed to reveal anything, but…"

Waking up in some sort of hellish version of Salem Center, Giant pumpkins eating students, random crows attacking, and now a student who was 'dead' is not dead. If David has lost it yet, then he still won't. He does however, exhale, "Well, Leo. I think it is a good thing this happened then. and welcome back." He offers a sympathetic smile as the Leo does not neet a barrage of questions or comments.

Robyn doesn't really know how to react to Leo being alive, it's not that he's not happy to see he's not dead just the two have some odd past. And Robyn's kind of part of the reason Leo lost his powers. "Leo..well…it's good to know that you survived the plane crash. I never realized you hated Xavier's so much…but I'm glad you've been alive this whole time."

"There was no crash. SHIELD faked it. And what place did I have in Xavier's? A mutant who lost their powers with no hope of returning them? One who's own body has turned against them and made them hateful and spiteful? None. At least SHIELD could adjust my body chemistry with the suit." Leo says with a shake of his head. "I wasn't ready to give up, but I had no place there. Especially after Nathaniel…" He'll leave it there.

David makes a mental note to spend more time reading the files, which will be heard since he reads them daily. "Um, this reunion is nice, but we should head indoors." He starts to walk towards the farmhouse, but then pauses, "Are you ok with everyone seeing you and knowing you are who you are?" David asks Troy.

There's a nod at the explanation from Leo but Robyn doesn't continue the conversation much further. "I don't think many people will know who Leo is, most came to the school after he left. Or right before the crash, any way, I agree. Let's head back to the house for now." Robyn says quietly as there's a lot he's pondering right now. "Though I will say, a lot's changed since you left."

"Nothing can be done about it now. It's out in the open anyway." The man formerly known as Troy offers with a light nod. "I just… didn't want to have anything shown until they kept their promise."

Robyn nods to Troy/Leo and walks with him and David back to the farm house, making sure to leave the possibly evil apples behind. "Come on, lets get you cleaned up and hey, at least you can take off your suit and take a bath now?" He offers trying to put some what of a good spin on it as the enter the farm where too many people have holded up.

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