2010-03-24: The Blind And The Blind


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Summary: Tara and Jade meet for the first time, there is a discussion of powers.

Date: March 24, 2010

Log Title The Blind and The Blind

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

Jade is sitting alone in the dining hall. Because no one is here, she has her glasses off and is reading from a paperback book, with a bowl of cereal before her and her ubiquitous bottle of coke. One of the students uninjured (except her pride) by the encounter with evil the other day, she has been spared time in the med bay and has enjoyed solitude (and lack of glasses) while empty spaces are temporarily more easy to find.

At least once a day Robyn has to go down to the medbay and get his wounds checked on, he's healing well but it's still gonna take some time. He's a bit tired but he figures some food is in order so he stopped in the kitchen, Yay! Cam was cooking so he got some of his delicious chicken cordon bleu. He's glad that Cam decided to make it again. Walking into the dining hall with his plate and a bottle of sprite he sees Jade and smiles. "Hey Jade, how's it going?"

Jade hears the voice and starts, scrambling to find her glasses and shove them on her face quickly. To her credit, she doesn't look his way at the sound of his voice. Years of practice have taught her that trick at least. "Hey Robyn. You're up and about?" It's an obvious question.

"Yeah, I get bored down there so after the second surgery I got permission to leave." Robyn says after all it was packed down there. "I just have to take it easy. I haven't been going to classes but sleeping a lot." Just his body needs to recover still so the sleep has been good for it. He goes over and sits down in a chair next to Jade. "How've you been after this whole attack?"

Jade blinks behind her glasses. "Second surgery? Oh.. yeah… you had those sticks in you," she murmurs softly and folds her fingers around her book. "I hope they got them all out, at least?" She can't imagine how much that must have hurt. She reaches up to sweep some hair behind her ear. "Um. I'm doing okay," her fingers brush against the book's pages. "I didn't do much besides zap Jono. The bad guys did not even see me."

"Yeah, they were able to get them out. Just healing from that." Robyn doesn't bother saying that they were more than just in, they were merged in him making bone, flesh, organs and wood one. Damn phasers. "Jordan is doing better too, just Sinister did a number on them. And Jono refuses to admit he needs help." Robyn gurmbles. "Well that's cause you had a giant Hyena protecting you and I kinda wish they didn't see me but then, I made myself a target."

"I am not so sure he was protecting me. He never protects me," she glowers, her fang set glistening against the fat of her lower lip. Her green-fingered nails flick against the pages of her book. "I don't really know Jordan, or that other guy. Pretty scary to think that some guy could steal you and make you attack your friends."

Robyn decides it's better to NOT argue that fact once she glowers and those fangs pretty much seal the deal. "Jordan and I started around the same time here and we just kind of connected. And Skyler…he's really nice. And yeah, it's kind of like being a mutant labels you as a target for weird stuff. I kinda hate it.

"You don't look mutant though. Can you hide… whatever it is that you do?" she asks, glancing to the side as if she could see him through the opaque glass of her frames. "It sounded like you and Jordan had something going on. The things he said to you…." she trails off. Nobody wants to have their lover say those things.

Robyn takes a deep breath. "The things he said wasn't him. We have something going on, not had. It was what Sinister did to him, it caused him to say it. It wasn't him." Robyn says nodding as he takes a bite of his food. "Yes and no, that I can hide it. I can hide everything except the fact that I can't function without having to drain psychic energy from others. I'm kind of a psychic vampire."

Jade ohs softly and considers that power. She considers a power where a ride on the train might be a nice little pick me up. "Oh, well, I'm sorry about Jordan," she licks her lips, then at the acrid taste that always fills her mouth, she takes another drink of her coke. "That really sucks about your boyfriend. I am not sure what I would do."

"Hang in there and be there for him when he needs someone." Robyn says with a smile on his face and sounding determined. "I just have to help him through this is all." As long as Jordan wants him too. "I really do care a lot about him Jade, he's my first boyfriend. I wouldn't even admit I was gay before I met him. Don't be sorry just, be happy we have everyone back." For the most part. "I'm just really worried about Jono."

"I guess some people just make parts of you smile in a way that you did not think possible," she says, her voice sorta small and far away. The book is toyed with more, pages fanned under her fingers. "Why are you worried about Jono, except for the obvious?"

"He won't talk to anyone, it's like he's bottling it all up and won't let any of us help." Robyn doesn't know if Jono's talked to any one else but he knows he won't talk to him. "He's struggling with whatever is going on and I understand what they went through his horrible but…I dunno, it just seems like I fight with him lately. I don't want to fight with him but I hate seeing my friend like that."

The door leading outside opens, letting Tara in. She's got her cane with her, but it's folded up and stuck in her back pocket, and her eyes are covered by the lavender glasses. She hears people before she can sense them; Robyn's voice she recognizes, but Jade's voice is new to her. She steps in, and closes the door behind her and makes her way towards the two. "Hey, there." she says, announcing her presence. "I'm Tara they new girl."

"If someone has a struggle, then they have to let you in for you to help them with it. You can't force someone to trust you. Especially not someone like him." Someone with the death of like a billion people on his conscious. "Maybe he's feeling guilty and that is why he is being like he is." Jade hears Tara, but cannot see her. Unlike Tara, Jade can actually see but chooses not to for the sake of everyone not going still and drooling around her.

"Hey Tara, no hugging me to today or Rashmi's gonna kick my ass for it." Robyn says as he has a plate of finished dinner in front of him. "I dunno, I guess, just cause he was there for me a while back. He was the one who stopped me from running away a few months back. He's been there for so much that…it's hard."

Tara quirks an eyebrow. "Your ass," she says with a snort. "She'll kick mine first." She navigates her way around the dinner table until she finds a chair that faces Robyn and isn't in the way of Jade.

"Well, the guy's just sorta been turned inside out. It has to make someone cranky, right?" Jade lifts her head, listening to the way the new girl walks, the sound of her voice. Her smell. All things that give her clues. "Hi Tara. I'm Jade. I guess you know Robyn," she smiles, unaware of the girl's physical differences. Her face is an odd elongated mix, with shifting tendrils for hair that seem to blow in an impossible wind. She has a book under her hand, and a coke at her side, and her cane leans against the table.

"Tara's awesome. And I dunno Tara, blind or not, I think you could kick Rashmi's arse. I saw what you did to James." Robyn says as he honestly thinks in a fight, Tara would kick most peoples ass. "I know, I just…I guess I just care about him a lot. Jono's someone that if I had an older brother, I would want him to be it." Robyn tends to care a lot about people.

Tara can't help but blush and shuffle her feet some when she's called 'awesome' by Robyn. She distracts herself by turning to the other blind girl. "Hi Jade," she says enthusiastically, and remembers something. "Oh! Are you the other blind girl here? Hopefully there's only one Jade here and I just didn't ask a silly question."

"You did something to James?" Jade perks, as no one has quite has the same feelings about James as Jade does. "Uh, yeah. I am sorta blind? I mean, I walk with a cane and stuff. I can see, but it is better for everyone if I don't," she smiles, her hair flaring up around her ears slightly. "I think there is just one Jade."

"Yeah but as much as James is a friend of mine, from what I understand, he deserved it." Robyn says as sometimes everyone deserves a good smack upside the head. "I haven't met any other Jades or Tara's here, but I know there is another Robin here. She's cool too. But yeah, if you ever want to look at something Jade, just say the word and I'll hide my eyes."

Tara tilts her head curiously at Jade. "Why is it better? Are you like Cyclops and shoot death beams from your eyes?" It's an honest enough question considering the place they reside in. Then, something catches her attention. "Oh! Your hair moves. Funky."

Jade reaches up to self-consciously still her hair. "Yeah, it moves. And sorta. Not beams but I paralyze people. Which comes in handy if they are being jerks." She tries to see the bright side, at least. "How can you see my hair?"

"Jade has really neat 'hair'." Robyn says leaving it at that. It's like a weird sort of dreads, but scaly and with a mind of their own. "I don't know, it kind of makes me feel kind of jealous that I look normal. I mean, everyone seems so cool with their powers here mine are just all mental, and not cool mental based."

"I don't really see it," says Tara informatively. "It's more that I can kind of feel everything around me using my telekinetics." She chuckles and shakes her head. "It helps, but I still can't watch TV." Turning to Robyn she asks, "So what is it that you do?"

"Your powers at least can let you go buy a CD from any store and not have people looking at you like some sort of freak," Jade says aside to Robyn. "Maybe here you feel too normal, but it's like a small pond and all that." She smiles to Tara and laughs. "It's okay. TV really sucks. I can watch it alone and it's not that great… but that's cool. Telekenetics. That means you can move things, right?"

"I can do a couple things Tara, I can possess people, I can astrally project myself, I can make psi-daggers and I need to drain psychic energy from people in order to function on a daily basis." Robyn says as he does agree with Jade, at least he can do that. "Yeah, I can go to a store without raising eyebrows, and oh yeah can Tara move things." Like Hyenas.

Tara makes a little gesture with her hand and Robyn's empty plate comes sliding across the table. "Yup! With the power of my miiiiind." She thinks for a moment before asking Jade, "So why would Robyn have to look away? If you wanted to see things. Wouldn't he have to just not stand in the line of fire?"

Jade heard the plate move rather than sees it. "Oh cool!" she breathes, her hair rising in a furling slither. She blinks at Robyn. "Wow. That's a lot of stuff. That rocks." She looks to Tara and smiles a little. "It's eye contact, pretty much. It's pretty hard to not look at something when you have been told not to, plus reflections can get people too. Mistakes happen and all, and I just don't want to hurt any of the good guys, you know?"

"Yeah but if I'm told, don't look or you'll be turned to stone, I'm so not looking." Robyn says putting a hand on Jade's shoulder. "Man though, you've got a really useful power Jade. I mean, if we had you when we were being attack by Batroc the Leaper on the Empire State Building, that would have been great. I'm not saying anything about having to be a fighter, cause I don't like getting into fights or do I want to be an X-Men when I grow up, but it's just helpful." Robyn says as he watches his plate go flying towards Jade. "Thanks for offering to put my plate in the kitchen Tara." He teases her.

Tara sticks her tongue out at Robyn making nyeeeh sounds. "I can see how that sucks," she says sympathetically. "If it's eye contact, do you think I'm immune? I'm willing to give it a try if you are."

Jade laughs and fiddles with her book, reaching up to finish her cup and find it empty. "I don't think you're immune, but if you want to try and accept that you'll loose some time of your life, I am willing." She reaches to gather her things. "I'm gonna need to get another coke. Any of you want anything?"

"No thanks, I'm good Jade." Robyn says looking between Jade and Tara. "And is your power more mental based or something else? Like, I'm learning to mentally shield myself from Addison. Would something like that help with your powers?"

Tara shakes her head at Jade. "I don't mind," she says. "If there's a possibility that there's a person here who's immune to your powers I'd think it'd be worth finding out, wouldn't you?" As for the coke she shakes her head again. "Nope. I'm good."

"It would help you against them, but you'd have to concentrate and stuff all the time. That has to sap you, right?" she gathers her things and stands, the cane coming to easy rest in her hand. "If you want, we can meet up sometime and test it out, okay? Maybe in one of the Danger rooms or something."

"I really don't know Jade, I mean, I'm still practicing with Addison but we're on a break right now while I'm healing. Which speaking of that, I'm getting tired again. I think I'm gonna go get some sleep." Robyn says standing up with a yawn. "You two good luck with your test and I'll see you both around?"

"Sounds good." Tara says, "We should probably get a teacher to supervise or else they'll get mad at us." She waves at Robyn's general direction. "Okay, have a good rest!"

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