2009-11-19: The Cat Is A Lie


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Summary: There's something strange about that cat.

Date: November 19, 2009

Log Title The Cat is a Lie

Rating: PG

NYC - Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is easily identified by the white Washington Square Arch. This park in Greenwich Village has a relaxing fountain in the middle, and benches all around for people to sit and people watch, read, or draw. It is common to find the occasional political protest in this park, as Greenwich Village is one of the more Liberal Area's of New York City.

It's still the afternoon and it's still light out. Students who to go Empire State University are milling about and Jeremy has mingled among them, well mingled the best a dirty homeless teen can. He's had a recent fix so he's a bit more relaxed than he usually is. Jeremy has a large, overly stuffed, backpack and his clothes are ragged and dirty. He's just looking around as he walks, trying to find a target that he can use his sticky fingers on.

Hanging up on a tree branch, a cat looks about, his tail swaying as he watches people pass by. The grey and brown cat looks different than other cats, this one is a bit bigger than most, he's not fat or anything, just, bigger. He takes a look at Jeremy and canters his head to the side.

Jeremy's eyes are scanning the area looking for a college kid who might not notice a pick pocket when he spots a large cat in the tree. Cats aren't that big, are they? He blinks, rubs his eyes, looks at the cat again and shakes his head, figuring it's just the drugs before spotting someone who looks like a good target and starts to make his way towards him.

The cat still keeps his attention on Jeremy as he makes his way towards his prey. Gabriel's look still very much so interested in what's about to go down. His tail sways once agin slowly.

It's something that sadly Jeremy has gotten good at, stealing. He pretends to trip, making it look very convincing, and falls on an unsuspecting victem, knocking the college boy over in the process. Jeremy apologizes as he gets up, with the college guys wallet, as the victem starts swearing and yelling Jeremy about having some dirty homeless bum fall on him. Jeremy doesn't like the insults but it's worth the bills that might be in the waller.

The cat in the tree stands up as Jeremy makes his move. Jumping from the branch and landing on the ground. The bigger-than-normal cat starts to scamper it's way close to Jeremy. He doesn't notice Cole yet, since his focus is on Jeremy.

Cole arches an eyebrow slowly as he wartches Jeremy fall. He's not sure what but something didn't seem quite right about that. He glances to the yelling man and then starts to slowly tail Jeremy. He's just intending to watch the kid for a bit. Then there's a rather large cat. Cole blinks and glances around. "Alright…odd…" he trails off to himself.

The wallet Jeremy grabed is already out of his hand and into his pocket by the time he's on his feet. He turns to leave after being yelled at and spots the cat. "Holy shit…big cat.." He mutters to hiimself. "I must be tripping." He says as he starts to take a few steps backwards. Now he's really convinced there was something added to what he just took.

Gabriel stops in his tracks as Jeremy steps back, only looking up at Jeremy from his on all fours position. He soft meow lets through though. The cat seems content, as if he doesn't know what's going on.

"This cat bothering you?" Cole finally speaks up, approaching Jeremy and the over-sized feline. "Or is it yours?" the mutant asks, glancing from the cat to the homeless teen.

Jeremy looks between the cat and Cole and then the cat and then Cole again seeming confused. "You can see that large cat too? It's real?" He asks sounding unsure about it. "It's not my cat." He says as his eyes finally decided to rest on the cat and just stare at it.

Gabriel continues to look up as he is being discussed. Another soft meow rings out as they are talking about him. He's not quite ready to pipe up quite yet though.

"Of course I can see it. It's huge," Cole replies, gesturing at the cat. "Any idea where it came from or why it's following you? Sit on a fish or something?"

"Sit on a fish?" Jeremy asks sounding even more confused. "You mean the cat is real, it's not from some bad….food." He says trying not to say bad drugs. "I have no clue why the cat is following me, I don't have any food for it."

Gabriel-cat canters his head again as they talk about bad…food. He sits down on the ground and licks his paw. "Of course I'm reeal, of course, I wouldent be talking to the two of joo." He says, his spanish accent quite present.

Cole shakes his head slightly. "Don't worry about it," he mutters, making a mental note to not try joking anymore. When the cat talks, Cole jumps. "What the heck?" he stumbles back a step. "You heard that too, right?" a pause. "YOu can talk?" he's speaking to the cat now.

Jeremy puts his hands to his temples and shake his head. "I must be trippng, cats don't talk, I must be." He mutters to himself. He looks to Cole, startled and shrugs. "Did you take the same bad drugs I did to hear that cat talk? It can't be real, cats don't talk."

Gabe-cat gives a nod. "Or it could be that too, I could yust be inside your heads. Best not say anyting, lest someone thinks you ess-caped from Bellvue." He quips, bearing his feline teeth for a grin. "But I guess you'll neber know."

Cole scowls at Jeremy a moment. "I don't do drugs, kid. And you -certainly- shouldn't be doing them either," he says. "Alright, cat…who are you?" he asks. "Cats can talk when they're aliens, or mystic, or shapeshifters in diguise. So lets hear a name, kitty."

Jeremy blinks as the Cat speaks again. "Bellvue?" He has no clue what that is. "I haven't escaped from anywhere." He says still staring at GabeCat with disbelief until Cole scowls at him and Jeremy winces. "What you do mean by Alien cats?"

"I don't haeve a name. Nor would I tell it to some…ober-bareing keed such as yourself." He says, looking to Cole, his cat-eyes squinting. "Of course, I could always give joo a name like Ricardo Torres, but ees no going to be the trute."

Cole starts to explain alien cats but stopsn when he realizes not everyone will get his geeky references and waves it off. "Ya know, creatures from space," he explains quickly. Then the cat replies and Cole blinks. "Hey…I'm not a kid," he says. "And I'm not overbaring," is added. "You don't have a name? So you're not someone's pet?"

Jeremy isn't about to vocalize his agreement with Cole being overbareing since he yelled at him about doing drugs, it's not JEremy's nature to stand up like that. "So what, you are just some over large cat, who doesn't have a name, I'm just so confused right now. I don't know what's going on." He sounds like he's close to losing it.

"You're the one accusink me of beeing some kind of ale-ee-ene, sounds ober bearing to me." He offers, looking up at Cole. GabeCat looks to Jeremy and nods. "I am a cat, who doesn't have a name. That ees correct." He offers before standing up and looking about.

You page, "Poor Drugged out Asian Teen doesn't have a fucking clue what's going on." to Gabriel.

"I didn't accuse you of being one, I just said it was a possibility," Cole says, frowning slightly. This is just weird, so very weird. He's not sure what else to say from here.

"I…I have to go.." Where too, he doesn't know. Now that cat is standing, this is too much for Jeremy to process at the moment, especially since he's high at the moment, so he just starts to walk backwards until he turns around and starts to hurry off.

"Eye dun teen so." GabeCat offers to Cole before looking to Jeremy as he walks off. "See joo later, loco!" He offers before turning his attention back to Cole.

Cole blinks as Jeremy rushes off, taking half a step after him but stopping. He doesn't have the time to chase some homeless addict right now. "A talking cat calling someone crazy…when did my life take a turn into the weird zone?" he mutters. "Have you…always been able to talk?" he asks the cat awkwardly.

"I don't know…eye only remember today." He offers before yawning. "Now eef joo will eh-chuse me, eye have a date weef a can of tuna." He offers before strutting away, taking a moment to stop an stare at a pair of boots. "Hmm."

"Only today?" Cole asks. The shield maker watches the cat go and reaches for his cellphone. When the cat stops, Cole aims the cameraphone and snaps a picture. Just as he's preparing to send the photo somewhere, his eyes narrow at the boots. "Boots…talking cat…wait…" he mutters.

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