2010-01-15: The Chaos Begins


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Summary: Trey and Mikhail find Robyn after Jordan changed, Nathaniel's emotion control doesn't help matters.

Date: January 15, 2009

Log Title The Chaos Begins

Rating: PG=13

Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

The door to the boathouse looks to have been ripped from the hinges, pieces a few small pieces of wood are floating in the water. The door is lying on the dock and it looks to be a person on top of it. Robyn's lying there in a sort or daze, not quite unconscious but not quite function, his shirt off and his left arm at an odd angle.

Mikhail has finally found one of the two people he's been searching for since that voice this afternoon, following Robyn's scent has led him to a part of school he hasn't been to yet, he's just dressed in a pair of black shorts, when he sees Robyn he calms down slightly, that his until he sees the state he's in, jumping to clear the distance quicker he lands in frount of Robyn, "Robyn, you okay?", his consern is clear even through the Romanian accent.

Trey isn't hiding from anyone, but he is escaping from his own mood. The drastic raise in temperature has disrupted the natural balance and he's pretty in tune with the weather system. So it has put in a very 'odd' mood. He's cranky, he's tired and he's confused. The one thing he isn't, he isn't hot. While his body naturally adjusts to allow him in more extreme temperatures. He is also radiating a much cooler air around him. Because of the scale and the amount of heat, he has kept it to a much smaller radius. Only hundred so feet around him, but that allows him to keep the temperature at a lower temperature with less energy consumption, aka for a longer time. He is wearing a pair of Xavier shorts, a t-shirt and has a backpack with Mr. Fuzzles inside of it. He catches the tail end of Mikhail heading towards Robyn and he purses his lips with contemplation.

Robyn looks up at Mikhail and there is definately fear in his eyes. "Mikhail..the voice..Jordan..Jordan changed." He says trying to sit up but wincing in pain, there are bruises forming on his side and back from…something. "After the voice he went all, I don't know Mikhail but he's gone." Robyn is kind of rambling and his left arm doesn't look to good either. He's not crying but it seems like he might break at any moment.

Mikhail stares for a second as he gt the scent of fear from Robyn, brave Robyn whose trying to stop him being afraid, he mutters under his breath, "Diavolul", hes link that voice to that of the devil, hes sure it is now that hes seen that somethings happened to Robyn, he recognises the scent of Jordan from the night at the salem center, he then catches the scent of the thing he became and the animal part of him starts freaking out, trying to stay calm, "Stay still, dont move", he doesn't know much about first aid but he doesn't like the look of his arm.

Trey is staring at the two of them talk about Jordan and what's going on. He looks from one to the other. He's almost apathetic at this point, people he doesn't really get. With no social upbringing and no memories on top of that. But the earth and the weather, that he gets. And the world isn't happy. He does decide to come over to see if Robyn needs medical assistance when he is smacked in the face with the rush of emotions. "People almost deserve what they get, they let this happen to the world. People should have done something sooner."

Robyn nods to Mikhail and he doesn't want to be left alone but right now, he can't get up too well with the brusing on his back and the probably cracked rib or two. Then the emotional change hits, and just because Robyn's a mentalist doesn't mean he has strong mental defenses and he starts chuckling. "I swear I'm going to strangel Jordan if he ever gets back here. And you know what, screw you." He says to Trey not knowing much about him.

Mikhail stares at Robyn is confusion when he begins laughing, he goes to say something when the emotional change reaches him bringing out one of two of his most used emotions; anger, when Trey starts saying people deserve this he growls deeply, "Quiet!"

Trey grumbles at the two of them, "It's not my fault that the world went to crap. I knew something was up when the weather got disrupted. Did no one think 70's in the middle of January wasn't weird. No one tried to figure out what was going on. Everyone just went around wearing shorts and pretending like it was summer. No one thought what that kind of temperature in the middle of winter was going to do to the world or the plants and animals. And now, now it's too late." He crosses his arms over his chest and allows the temperature to rise in the area around him. "Screw you both."

"No, we knew it was weird, Mikhail was creeped out by it." Robyn says wincing in pain again, but chuckles sofly. "You know what, what did you do to see what was wrong? You're whining that it's our fault but you're just as much to blame. Look in the mirror, your the problem."

Mikhail stands up and glares at Trey, "Not think what happen to animals, i know exactly what happen, but then im too Primitive to do thing", he says the word primitive in Trey's voice, remembering him calling him that a while back, "You not like it, do something!", he snarls.

Trey's purple eyes look up and down Mikhail's form, "If I did something about it, you people would not like it." He looks to Robyn, "You should probably stop worrying about me and worry about your injured friend. You wouldn't be able to help him if you were cowering in the corner because of a fire." Oh, that was a low blow. And even after he says it, he shakes his head and tries to push these muddling emotions out of his head. "Sorry." And he starts to move away from the two of them. Not happy with the way he is acting obviously.

Even though Robyn's injured, there's one thing that Trey says that makes him angry as hell. It's all the emotion control but he pushes himself up, ignoring his injuries, and slams right into Trey, trying to shove him into the water. That'll do wonders for his two cracked ribs and broken arm, but he picked on Mikhail about the fire. "You leave him alone! It's not his fault he's afraid of it!"

Mikhail begins to calm down as Robyn's injuries are pointed out to him again, but then Trey goes too far, he mentions fire, Mikhail looks at Trey with a very dangerous look in his black eyes, he bares his fangs, his hands form a clawlike shape, and a deep animalistic growl comes from deep in his throat, depending on how brave you are he looks for probably the first time since he got to the institute, genuinly terrifying, then he sees Robyn attack Trey on his behalf and this gets him even angrier, his injured friend is now in more pain because of Trey, he takes a step forwards then jumps to land on the other side of Trey growling.

As Robyn is injured and Trey is not, it's pretty much safe to say that the weather manipulator probably would have been able to dodge Robyn if he really wanted to. But he doesn't, for whatever reason. But he is not being tossed around, not by an injured person. He has surprising strength and speed for someone his size. He latches onto Robyn and uses Robyn's own momentum to send him flying into his other enemy… Mikhail. His fighting skills may no longer exist but instincts are sharp and taking out two birds with one stone is pretty basic.

Having no strength or much combat, hand to hand, training, Robyn is easily tossed into Mikhail, hitting the feral teen just right causing him to knock Mik unconscious. This causes all of Robyn's injuries to ache, and him landing awkwardly on his broken arm. He winches in pain trying not to cry from it, but he's close since his emotions are just all over the place. Robyn doesn't like crying in front of others. "You…you…" He shakes his head, the extreme pain, espcially in his broken arm, snap him out of th emotional influence. "Oh god, what is going on here. Is Mikhail okay?" He say looking at his friend to see that otherwise, he's fine. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me." He says apologizing to Trey and confused as all hell.

With Mikhail on feral attack mode and Robyn on attack mode, Trey does the first natural thing. He calls up a storm, with this kind of heat it's going to be a nasty thunder storm. The weather manipulator conjures up the storm above the lake area and there is a crackle of thunder and lightning before the clouds open up and start to rain on them. Even after Robyn snaps out of it, Trey is on defensive mode. His purple eyes glow softly and he takes in the two of them. Robyn is injured and Mikhail seemed to be knocked out when Robyn went flying into him. "You two stay away from me. I'm going to call for help but don't come any closer. Or you'll both be fried." The rain that starts to fall does at least calm him down.

Dallas is walking the grounds restlessly, trying to avoid the turmoil at the school when he sees that storm literally boil into existence over the boathouse. He runs that direction only to see Mik and Robyn down and his roommate standing over them. "Trey? Guys? Um, what's going on here?"

Robyn is currently just in his jeans, the door on the boat house has been ripped off of it's hinges an Robyn is sporting several bruises on his chest and back and his left arm looks…not right. He doesn't say anything at the moment but just watches Trey with an apologetic expression, with Nathaniel's emotion control earlier, Robyn wasn't acting himself. "What's going on here?"

Trey doesn't trust anyone, not with this crazy shit going on. He's not created the kinds of bonds yet to really trust any of the students just yet. He positions himself so he can look towards Mik and Robyn and Dallas all at the same time. "Stay away from me. Any of you try and come near me and i'm going to see how much lightning it takes to give you a Rogue hair do." He's not kidding, he's on edge like everyone else but the weather manipulator is pushed a little too far.

Dallas blinks and his shadow flows up around him defensively. He says, "Whoa. Easy. Look, those guys are hurt and you're not. So why don't you just back away and let me get in there and see what I can do to help, okay? You might snore a little but you're not that bad a roommate that I'd want to hurt you."

Robyn just lays where he is and looks up at Trey. "I'm sorry, I just…I don't know what came over me." He really doesn't but he doesn't move at all, just lays back on the wood of the dock. "Just…don't fry me." He's emotionally overwhelmed right now and just lies there, wishing he could redo the day.

Trey glares at Dallas, "Don't threaten me." He points at Dallas and slowly starts to back away from the three of them. As he moves the storm cloud moves with him. "I don't trust any of you. You're all messed up. Should have listened to me." He keeps on moving away from them and at least allows Dallas to check them out and call for help.

Dallas shakes his head and says, "I'm not threatening you, you teddy bear carrying spaz. I just want to check on my friends." He slides sideways past Trey, not quite turning his back and kneels next to Robyn, his shadow flowing away. "Hey. Always getting in trouble aren't you?" He tries to be light at that. "Can I haul you two back or should I go for help?"

"It was Jordan." Robyn says as looks at Dallas and nods before looking at Trey. "Look I'm sorry, today is just…confusing. I don't just attack people, I was angry and I don't know why. I haven't even met you!" He says sounding almost paniced. "I can walk Dallas, it's my arm that hurts the most. I don't get into that much trouble. If you can carry Mikhail, I can walk."

Trey doesn't want to hear anything right now. He doesn't trust any of them, best place for him to be is away from people who threaten him. So once Dallas is clear of him. He lets the storm go and it dissolves almost instantly. Not because of his power but from whatever is creating this heat. The purple eyed mutant just runs off at extremely high speed.

Dallas blinks at Robyn and says, "Jordan did this to you? Dude." His shadow flows back and his knuckles crack as his fists clench. Apparently he has definite ideas about that. After a moment he just nods and scoops up Mikhail, carrying the larger mutant in front of him in almost gentle grip, rather than the more efficient fireman's carry. He stands, the weight of the feral mutant apparently nothing when he's merged with his shadow and he watches Trey wander off. "A man could get /real/ rich selling therapy around here." He nods to Robyn. "Ok, lets go."

"We were…and he changed and, and, I don't think it was him but it was." Robyn says as he's not sure what happened. He pushes himself up with his one good arm and winces, grabbing his side. "It was that voice, did you hear it? After that voice he changed and he looked like a demon, and..I don't know Dallas." He sounds like he's using every bit of strenght to keep it togehter. "I'm scared." He confesses.

Dallas looks towards Robyn and nods. He tries to put confidence in his voice as he says, "It'll be okay, Robyn. We'll get it sorted out. If something changed him, we'll just have to change him back. And if we have to knock him silly to do it… bonus!" You can't see him grin in shadow form, but it's there in his voice. "Let's get you two to the infirmary."

Robyn walks slowly, wincing and trying to deal with the pain, the cracked ribs are making it sore for him to walk. "He just ran off, I..I don't know if he's okay." He really does care a lot about Jordan and even though he just broke his arm, Robyn's more worried about his boyfriend. "Dallas, I have no clue what's going on. Just…thanks." He says managing a half smile. The entire time he's been telling himself not to cry too.

Dallas nods. "He'll be okay. You both will." He takes a deep breath and does something rash by adding in an absolutely convinced tone of voice, "I promise. We'll figure it out, get him back and when everybody is safe and healthy again, I can knock him out for hitting you." They follow the path back to the mansion, albeit somewhat slower than Trey's hasty exit.

Robyn manages a small smile and shakes his head. "Thanks, you don't have to hit him, I don't think he did it on purpose, I mean he just changed and his grip…" Was a lot stronger than it should be and Robyn shudders remembering it. He gets really quiet as a few tears start to fall, but he wipes them away with his right hand quickly, trying not to let Dallas see, staying a few steps behind him.

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