2009-04-06: The Cold Fuzzies


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Summary: Late night in the gym.

Date: April 6, 2009

Log Title: The Cold Fuzzies

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.


Now that's an odd sound. Especially for so late at night. But the light sin the gym are on tonight in the Xavier Mansion. And it seems Owen Floger is down there. In nothing but shoes and shorts, he's fuzzy and has his gaze focused on something on the other side of the gym as he stands at about half court. It seems that there was one of the automated tenisball launchers in the gym supply closet for some reason and Owen has rolled it out and set it up. He seems to be playing 'Don't get hit!' dodging, dancing, and ducking around the fuzzy, yellow-green balls launched his way. Occasionally he's gotta teleport but the machine keeps up.

Rolling down the hall to the gym, is Max. Donning his cargo shorts and his Captain America shirt along with rollerblades. The hyper mutant stops as he hears a thump, taking a peek into the gym, seeing Owen. His smile gets real big but he doesn't just come barging in, or calling out his name to distract him. That'd be rude.

Owen jumps, tennis ball smacking the ground where his foot had been a moment later. The fuzzy teen rolls and teleports as another barrage of balls. Reappearing, he seems to have lost his shorts. Left in his boxers for the second time this day, Owen's distracted long enough to get pegged in the forehead and knocked over. Thankfully the machine runs out of ammo. "Ow."

Max can't help but laugh at the teleportation incident. "You okay Owen?" He asks, looking to the fuzzy man. He rolls up to Owen and looks down. "That looked like it hurt, man." His voice is quickened, and his expressions are more fluid and outward. Seems this is a different Max than Owen's seen before.

Owen blinks a few times as he looks up at Max. "Ball musta hit me harder than Ah thought. World's on fast forward," he says. The fuzzy teen glances around, seeing his shorts on the other side of the gym and his shirt over on the bleechers. Shrugging, Owen decides he doesn't mind hanging around in his underwear all that much. "What brin's ya down this way so later, Lil' Snow Cone?"

"I'm not sleepy yet, and it's too dark to skate without falling on my face. So I was gonna skate around here for a while. I saw you, then you got hit, and then to the floor." Max says before starting to skate around Owen.

Owen sits up slowly, rubbing the spot on his head the ball struck. There are tennis balls scattered all about but none prove immediately dangerous. "Ah suppose that makes sense. Why're ya'll zippy?" he asks. "Get intah the sugar?"

"Sugar? No, I can't have any, or caffeine either. Though I suppose now that Emma is gone, I could." Max continues his circling around Owen, kicking balls aside as they come up. "Maybe I should try it sometime again. Oh, yeah. I forgot to finish. I got ADHD, you've mainly seen me while I'm using my medication. Like that night you took me back to my room. And earlier today. I don't really like it, but I can't focus in class and remember stuff without it." Really, for this hour, the kid is strung out, though when he comes down, he crashes hard.

Owen blinks several times, tilting his fuzzt head to the side. He gives up on watching Max and gets to his feet. "So…ya'll have gotta take medicine tah make ya slow down for class but without it wou're all zwippy?" he repeats this to clarify. "Alright then…"

"Yeah, I do. It's not that bad I guess, but it would be easier if I could stand still for more than ten seconds. Sometimes it's really a pain." Max continues his spiral around the fuzzy mutant. "What are you thinking?" He asks, after the trail off.

Owen starts to wander towards where he left his shorts after the teleport. "Jus' thinkin' 'bout ADHD. Ah didn' think it was a real thin'…ya know, jus' something big city doctors make up tah get people tah give 'em more money but Ah guess a proved me wron'," he replies, picking up his shorts and putting them back on.

Max has what the alcoholics call 'a moment of clarity' when he starts talking again. "Mom says that it's over-diagnosed, but I'm one of the kids who really is. But I'm still me, no matter if I'm on it or not. Okay, well, I'm duller." He says moving towards the bleachers, before rolling over a tennis ball the wrong way. "Crap!" He yells out as he tries not to hit his head on the floor.

Owen looks up as Max goes towards the bleachers. He'd jusst finished buttoning the pants when he notices Max start to fall. Reacting on impulse, the fuzzy teen teleports again. Shorts hit the floor as underwear clad Owen appears behind Max to catch him. "Careful there, Lil' Snow Cone," he says with a fanged grin.

Max gives a large sigh of relief as he's caught by Owen. "Thanks, Owen." He says to the fanged mutant. "You're awesome, teleporting real fast like that." He says with a toothed grin. He even likes his nickname. "How is it? You know, where you're from? All I've ever known is the city, never really been out of it."

Owen helps Max back to his feet and then ruffles the cryokinetic's hair. "No worries, Lil' Snow Cone," he says. "Ah jus' wish Ah could get the han' of teleportin' and stop losing mah clothes all over the place. Jus' glad Ah haven' ended up naked in awhile," he chuckles. "What? back down in Fulton? Lot less cluttered. Open…warmer. Lots of animals and plants…and a lot more work."

"Can you see the stars?" He asks, with a very interested tone. "That light pollution stuff makes the stars not visible." Though he likes the city, one of these days he should get out. "But at least you can teleport where you want. I knew this one kid, he'd show up somewhere random, like on top of the roof. Man, it was crazy."

Owen looks up as he pulls his shorts back on again. "Yeah. Could see 'em all over the place. Me, mah Bros, and mah cousins used tah climb up ontah the barn roof and see what constalations we could name durin' the warmer nights," he says, smiling at the happy memory. "Random teleportin'…does sounds scary. Ah can only go tah places Ah've been or can see though."

"That sounds /so cool/!" He says, only remembering the planetarium field trip that one time. "That's good. Cause that would suck if you teleported super close into a wall." Max's cold temperature hasn't gotten to the rest of the gym, too big for the little mutant to change the air much.

Owen probably wouldn't mind the cold right now even if Max froze the room. He's resistant to cold tempuratures thanks to the DarkForce. "Yeah…that scared me when Ah first got these powers…that Ah might get intah a wall," he shudders. "Ah teleport in mah sleep sometimes which is a pain."

"I ice things in my sleep, but I guess that's different then waking up somewhere where you weren't before." Max offers up. "Oh, and then there was that one time when I froze up, and the sheets stuck to me, I ran around the hall with a comforter-cape. It was awesome!"

Owen chuckles. "Different but a pain all the same. The other night Ah ended up teleportin' intah the showers over in the locker room while Ah was aslseep. Got a soggy wake up cause someone was usin' 'em," he laughs. "Well, why not jus' tie it to ya again and skate around with one?"

"Cause this one jerk guy moved it with something and I rolled over it, hit my head." Max states, his tone somewhat frustrated. He doesn't quite understand why someone would just ruin someone's fun just to do it.

Owen blinks. "That jerk," he states, walking back over to Max. "Well…if ya wanna do it again, jus' tell me. That way Ah'll make sure no one knocks ya over again. Okay?"

"Yeah, that'd be so cool." He admits, looking to Owen. "I'm gonna head back to the dorms." He gives Owen a hug, a big hug. He thinks of Owen as like the big brother he never had, his older sister never really liked to do the boy things. "Thanks Owen!" He says before navigating the balls to exit the gym. "See ya later!"

Owen, still shirtless, is revealed to have very soft and velvety fur when he returns the hug. Chuckling, he waves. "Right. Ah'm gonna clean up here and then hit the showers. Have a good night, Lil' Snow Cone!" he calls, waving.

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