The Consultant


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Summary: Vinny visits the Xavier School to have a chat with the Headmistress

Date: March 21, 2011

Log Title: The Consultant

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Lobby

A large chandelier causes light to shine over the polished surfaces of the Lobby creating a bright welcome. A few wooden benches blend in with the wooden walls. A large portrait of Professor Xavier is displayed on the wall. On each wall is a doorway that leads to a different part of the school.

As the gates open and a voice tells you to proceed to the lobby, you end up passing by a statue to one Miss Jean Grey, who apparently went by the callsign of Phoenix, and by the eulogy that was embossed into the plaque, she was rather well liked by the staff and students. The front doors are palatial double-french and swing open to reveal the familiar face of Emma Frost, standing in the center of the lobby with her hands behind her back, and dressed in her usual tight-sewn, but not scandalously revealing outfit. Motioning for you to enter, the door swing shut of their own volition behind you as she says politely, "Hello then… I understand you wished to speak with me? Pardon the grandiose gestures… it's meant to impress the parents and sponsors more than people such as yourself." Smiling at the end of her statement and extending a hand, "Good to see you, Vincent. Are you well?"

Vinny gives a low whistle as he looks about the hall. "Gotta say it's quite a place ya got here Miss Frost." He shakes the offered hand and nods "Yeah doin' alright, got a bit'a info on what mighta happened with yer student. Prolly not somthin' I wanna be sayin' out in the open though."

There's a brief smile and a nod as Emma then taps the side of her head, "Anyone entering this area right now will not see or hear what we say, regardless of how much they would try. One of the perks of being a top-rank telepath. I can ensure complete privacy… and anything that is taken by security is done so as much for your protection as our own. Should anything happen… the security feed can be used as evidence in a court proceeding." Motioning to a couch sitting in the lobby, "Would you like to sit or stand?"

Vinny listens and nods as it sinks in "Standin's fine. Now from what I've picked up about Mutant town yer girl got herself mixed up in some hairbrained plot by this New Mutant Order. From what I here they been settin' up fake crimes and attacks so they can swoop in an act all heroic and try ta get folks ta join up with um. Seems like some second-rate Brotherhood if ya ask me."

Emma nods, almost distantly as she replies to the young man after a sigh, "Well… it's to be expected. With the aftermaths of what all has gone on, especially with the events of the Rally Massacre, and such… there has been some violent changes of the presumed guard. But the question is… who is funding this. I know what was used on Ms. Keen… and will be used on the others. I've seen these effects before, first hand at this school."

Vinny nods and reachs into a pocket, producing somthing wrapped in a cloth handkerchief. He unwraps it revealing a plastic inhaler. "It's call 'Kick', some kinda mutant power booster. The NMO been sprayin' it inta people's faces an the like ta get'um ta go all bonkers. Stuff must mess with yer head or somthin'. Was gonna take this ta the avengers'r somone but I figure we need ta settle this one in house if ya get my meanin'." He offers her the inhaler.

Taking the inhaler, there is a moment of pure disgust in the woman's eyes, followed by something else. A thin line creases her lips before she pushes it into her pocket, as if not wanting to see it, "I am aware of Kick… there was a riot a few years ago here because of it. A riot that cost the life of a student I was close to. It's a cortisone spray… and it's base is a sentient bacterial strain known as Sublime. And if THAT is back… then we are all in very real danger."

Vinny nods "Well that's all I got, you can tell an NMO guy cause he wears a red shirt with black jacket and jeans. Course I doubt they're all wearin' the colors. I'll keep my eyes open in town and let ya know if I find anythin' else. Figured comin' here was better than tha embassy, no sense gettin' that guy involved."
Emma puts up a hand for a moment, and then moves to one of the tables, and takes some things out of a small case left there. Returning to Vinny, she passes over a DROID smartphone and a generic but otherwise blank looking debit card, "Consider yourself hired, Vincent. I need eyes and ears in Mutant Town if I am to do anything about this, and rest assured I will. This phone's account is through channels of my own, and is two generations ahead of what you can purchase at any shop. The card runs to a private account I keep for eventualities such as these. Please keep the expenses reasonable."

Vinny nods and takes the items, tucking them away in his vest. "If I learn anythin' I'll be sure'n pass it along. If ya need a hand with somthin' don't hesitate ta call me. Always glad ta help out where I can."

Emma nods curtly, "The phone has my number on it, as well as emergency lines for campus security, police, and other faculty here. It functions on biometrics, so the first time you turn it on, it will perform a fingerprint scan. If anyone other than you touches it, it will not unlock, dial, or perform any other functions. The battery life is 120 hours of use at full capacity, and stores the equivalent of ten times the standard for the industry. You can record voice, video, even incoming calls." There's a smile on her face now, but it's not happy, nor is it light. It is more like the gleam of knifeedge, "I am involved… and I will stay involved until this ends. I've suffered this plague once… never again."

Vinny nods again "Sounds good, hopefully I can find somthin' out about where they're gettin' this stuff. Or at least who might be leadin' this bunch in the first place. Right now seems like most'a the town's against them. Lotta anti-NMO signs all over tha place, course those'r the folks they're sendin' the fake criminals after."

Once more Emma seems distant as she nods, and looks away for a time, then returns to the man, "The insurance paperwork is almost back for the shop that was damaged by Ms. Keen's antics. I would like you to deliver the report and the check from me for them. And I'd like you to make sure you do it… publically." Tilting her head while she waits to see if the point is caught.

Vinny chuckles "Ah ya want a big deal made of it eh? Not a problem, I can draw attention with the best of um. Need me ta call when I'm gonna do it?"

The replies starts as a bit of a chuckle, "Yes, that would be best… give me time to get myself, or someone I can trust into place to watch. Doing what you are doing will make you a target, Vincent… perhaps best that we use that to our advtantage. I also need you to look out for any students of ours. If you see one buying Kick or anything else from a Mutant Town dealer, take their photo with the phone, and send it to me. It will match them in our database, and I can deal with the disciplinary aspects as they arise."

Vinny nods "Can't get nothin' done less there's a bit'a risk involved, I got a few tricks so no worries. I'll keep an eye out for yer student but I'm not sure who some of um are."

Emma's distant look goes away, and she adds, "Then don't discriminate. Those photos can be used for other things… such as prosecuting the ones who are willingly dealing this new material. Which I have no problem pursuing. If there is going to be mutant hysteria over this once more… best to use it to our advantage for a change." Looking around a moment, Emma then says with a sigh, "Congratulations… you're now a consultant, Vincent. Half the work, and often twice the pay."

Vinny smiles "Glad ta be of service Miss Frost, hopefully we can head this off before it gets bad. Anythin' else I need to know?"

"At this time, all I can say is… do not become exposed to Kick, if you can avoid it. It's affect will enhance any of your mutant aspects exponentially. For those who have what are known as 'feral' aspects, or animal traits such as yourself… there is no telling what further physical mutations will occur, and if they will be permanent,", Emma says somewhat somberly.

Vinny nods "Well stuff needs ta be inhaled from what I can tell, I can hold my breath for a good long time so sprayin' me with it won't do um much good. Plus I'm damn hard ta sneak up on."

As if that was that, Emma motions towards the door, which opens for the platypus, "I dislike having proxies… intensely. I made my fortune on my own, I built two schools on my own… when the time comes… I will be involved, and I will protect you from retribution."

Vinny nods "No worries, I ain't exactly a creampuff so watch out fer yer students and I'll do my part. Was a pleasure Miss Frost, safe travels to ya." He turns and departs after that.

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