2010-02-19: The Definition Of Romantic


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Summary: Lucas proves he's not as charming as he believes he is.

Date: February 19, 2010

Log Title The Definition of Romance

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Lucas is sitting on the floor, Indian style. He has two biology books and an oceanography book open and spread out around him. He's leaning down a little close to one, reading, his eyes squinting. The entertainment system is playing Nirvana, probably a little too loud. He's wearing a pair of light colored, tattered jeans and a wife beater that clings to his tall, thin swimmers build. A blue flannel shirt is wadded up on the floor beside him as his head bounces a little to the loud rock.

Rashmi slips into the room, wincing as the stereo picks that moment to kick into one of Nirvana's more atonal choruses. Hunching her shoulders, she moves quickly to the stereo system, turning the volume down just enough to keep it loudish, but not so hard on the ears. "I don't know *how* you enjoy that, Lucas," she says, crossing the room to drop next to the blond. "Homework, or fun?"

Walking into the rec room with a bottle of water in his hand, a pair of googles still on his head while wearing a pair of beat-up jeans and blue and white flannel shirt. Sam may not be having to run any training squads today but he's got his own training that he has to take care of. He's decide to take a little time to relax, maybe watch some television for a bit but he notices some of the kids already in the room. "Howdy y'all. Mind if Ah take over the TV for a bit?"

Lucas glances up at Rashmi, and his face lights up in a giant, dimply grin. "Hey, sunshine!" he offers, with a small laugh. "Fun. The bio class here's kinda boring. It's too easy." He nods at the stereo, "That's better loud." When Sam walks in, he looks at the professor and says, "You may as well. Queen Music No Taste here has made her bidding known." He smirks at Rash and winks.

Just when it looks like the door to the lounge is about to finally close there is a rapid patter of footsteps as Chloe slips in. "Uhmhieveryone," she offers with an unsteady wave. "Sorryinadvanceforthefastalking,triedespresso."

Rashmi leans to one side, nudging Lucas' shoulder and wrinkling her nose. "No, it's just louder when it's loud, and besides, he's depressing anyhow. And if bio's too easy, I'm *sure* they have advanced courses… I mean, come on, *Dr. McCoy.* It just makes sense, you know?" Looking up from her place next to the Tennesseean, she bobs her head at Sam, smiling. "I don't mind either, go ahead." Leaning against Lucas, she peers over his shoulder at one of the texts, before being rather effectively distracted by Chloe's high-speed entrance.

Sam looks at Lucas and Rashmi and smiles slightly, reminds of him back when him and Tabby were together. At this very school, but that was a long time ago. "So what was that music y'all were listen' tah?" He's more of a country music kind of guy but then he's from the heart of Kentucky, coal mining country. "Ah don't believe Ah've met y'all." So many new students it seems hard to keep him. "Ah'm Sam, Ah train the New Mutants."

"Idon'tthinkI'vemetanyofyoubefore?" Chloe wonders, bouncing rather than walking towards a free couch. "I'mChloe,nice to meet you. And with luck I'll talk slowly again, think the caffeine has worn off." Each word is practically forced out.

Lucas rolls his eyes at Rashmi, "Whatever." He scratches the back of his neck with his white gloved hands before looking back at Sam. "Ah'm Lucas. This is Queen McCrappyMusicPants," he says, gesturing at Rashmi. "That was Nirvana. The greatest band in the history of all time, though Ah reckon Rashmi's more of a Neil Sedeca kinda gal." He looks at Chloe, "Ya'll shouldn't drink shit what makes you act like a dork."

Sam raises his eyebrow at Lucas. "Ya know, if ya talked like that in front of mah Mama, she'd be havin' yer mouth washed out with soap in a hearbeat." After all Lucinda Guthrie can be a tough woman, she had to be raising as many kids, and mutants at that, as she did. He just figures maybe the Southern Charm passed Lucas over, but then he doesn't think of himself as much of a charmer either. "Ah Northstar's team. How difficult does that Candadian make it for ya?"

Chloe rolls her eyes at Lucas, then grins. "It was a test," she informs cheerfully. Each word becoming more 'normal' than the last. "Of how fast my metabolism would go through it." She pauses, then snaps her fingers. "I've heard of both of you. Something about a romantic girl and a demon hijacked boyfriend. Weirdest story for the new kid ever and disturbingly likely to have been true."

Lucas smiles at Rashmi's teasing. There aren't many people he lets rib him back. In fact, it's just her and James, really. He furrows his brow a little though, and says, "OR… I could handle James, and YOU can handle Zack." He looks over at Sam and shrugs, "Guess we're lucky neither of our maw's are here then." He smiles, a mock satisfied sort of sarcastic grin, and then adds, "Northstar ain' so bad, really." He scowls at Chloe then, and says, "HEY! That's not true!" A pause, and he explains, "Rashmi is NOT romantic." He tries to not laugh.

Which earns him a smack on the shoulder and narrowed eyes. "Yeah, you're a *riot,* Lucas… See if *I* ever help you with your government homework again." Snorting her displeasure, she rests an elbow on his shoulder, smiling at Chloe. "Probably some bits were stretched a little, but basically it's true. And, ignore him now. He likes to think he can pull off the big surly jerk…" Looking left, then right, she leans over the shoulder, widening her eyes and affecting a really terrible stage-whisper. "Only—shhh, it's a secret! He *really* sucks at it."

"Northstar ain't got y'all readin' his novel yet?" Sam asks and he just shakes his head at Lucas and Rashmi. Ah to be a teenager again. Well his teenage years weren't this free. "Ah'll just tell ya now Lucas, the big surley jerk acts works for very few. Logan bein' one of them." He says with a smile to show he's not really being serious.

"Actually that was everything I heard. I didn't even know if either of you… well… died. For the record I don't generally mind the surly jerk act, back home virtually /everyone/ did it," Chloe replies with a giggle. "Except a few people who were actually jerks. But now I can tune them out by just letting them talk and not concentrating."

Lucas laughs a little when Rashmi smaks him, "Ow!" He sighs, and rolls his eyes, "Whatever." He offers Chloe a little arrogant smirk, "Some folk think Ah'm right sexy as a surly jerk." He then suddenly is caught by Northstar's words, and he tilts his head, leaning a little towards the adult. "Northstar writes?" he asks, interested.

"I'm still waiting for proof on that," Rashmi mutters at Lucas, wrinkling her nose. But, like Lucas, the idea that their squad leader writes is quite distracting. "…What kind of novel? I mean I'd heard he wrote some, but I figured it was just memoirs. Since he does the athlete thing, and was in a couple superhero things, and all…" Blinking, she looks back to Chloe as her statement registers. "Um… no, neither of us died. It was a little terrifying for awhile, but Ms. Sefton managed to get him free, so…"

"Yeah, he's got an autobiography out. Dazzler did one too." Though Sam hasn't read eitehr. Not his thing really, he'd rather settle down with a nice Science Fiction novel. "Ah'm surprised he ain't mentioned it. He likes tah talk 'bout himself." At least Sam thinks he does, but then he'd rather hang out with people like Logan or Bobby. Though he does make a mental note to talk to Jean-Paul at some point.

Chloe tilts her head appraisingly. "Not zombies, got it. Northstar is your squad leader right? He must be kinda old if he's done an autobiography, I wonder if the school library keeps a copy. I could skim read it during classes."

Lucas grins at the zombies comment. "Biography, huh? That's not nearly as exciting as Ah thought. Still, maybe he'd sign a copy for me." He shrugs, "Not that Ah like books or nothin'." He acts smug, and then whispers at Rashmi, "Surly jerks don't read none."

Mikhail pages, "you guys ok with that?" to you, Chloe, Rashmi, and Lucas.

Rashmi gives Lucas a neutral look, eyebrow rising. One finger alights on the Tennesseean's nose, then points down at the trio of biology textbooks spread out in front of him. "I *told* you you suck at it…" Grinning, she shakes her head, looking back to Sam and Chloe. "Probably they have at least one… But, honestly, I've *got* memoirs enough for my shelf… Now if it was a proper novel, I'd consider picking it up."

Sam is positive that Jean-Paul would sign a copy, the man has a bit of an ego and any stroke to it he loves. "Don't ya let Jean-Paul hearin' ya say it ain' proper." He says with a grin. "Ah imagine they do have a copy. Whose your Squad leader Chloe?" Sam asks out of curiosity.

Lucas shrugs, and begins closing his books, moving them into a stack beside him. "Corsairs suck," he offers, flatly. When Rashmi glares at him, and he knows she will, he makes an innocent face and shrugs, "What?" as if he did nothing.

Rashmi rolls her eyes, shaking her head and plucking the top book off the stack. "Nothing, nothing… Anyway. I can imagine, Chloe… I mean, some of the squad leaders can be pretty intimidating on their own," she says, nodding in Sam's direction, "but the *Headmaster?* Just, yikes… what's he like, in the training sessions?"

Sam stands up and shakes his head a bit. He's really gonna have to have a talk with Jean-Paul about Lucas's attitude. "Chloe, ya know yer team's named after Scott's father, ya might want tah look in tah that a bit." He says with a knowing kind of smile. "Are y'all, Ah gotta be on mah way. Y'all take care."

"Perhaps we do. Honestly I'm still not sold on the whole 'squad' thing," Chloe admits with a sigh. "Demanding and he gets annoyed if we take risks. Even fun ones. I dread to think what he'd say if he knew I've been practicing jumping out of third floor windows."

Lucas leans over and gives Rashmi a kiss. No real reason. Just does it. Then he looks at Sam, "Take it easy." He looks over at Chloe, and smiles, "Ya'll are jumpin' outta windows? That rocks."

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