2010-08-13: The Den


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Summary: Following more leads on the Cult of Kalumai, Domino and X23 infiltrate one of their hidden facilities, Edward and Deadpool arrive as back-up.

Date: August 8th, 2010

Log Title: The Den

Rating: R

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

The corner of location for this supposed Modeling Agency looked as run down and disgusting as the rest of this part of town. Rain was a torrential downpour, across the street from where Edward, Domino and X-23 were meeting up the building was clearly visible, a smile came from the man as he looks at both, "Well here we are… and Spaz is inside. Deadpool said he would be with us once checked our other mark a few blocks over. Are you both okay with going in there?" Their plan had been discussed on the phone, Domino's idea to go in dressed like one of the local girls or a prospect.

Domino showed up and kept her vantage in the shadowed area, leaned against the building to try and keep some of the rain off of her. She already felt the hooker look was a bit much, though her idea - being a wet hooker was just over the fucking top. Why rain, why? Her feet were crossed at the ankles in her propped lean, laces of black winding and criss crossing the lace pay up to just beneath pale calves. The stretch of long pale legs bare until the hem of a leather dress picked up, looking like it had to be laced together at the sides for entry and exit into the skin tight mini-attire. Red laces kept it held, the gap between the front and the back of leather leather dress consisting of the lacework. The neck was low cut into a deep V that should enough if not more than what she would prefer. This was going to make things tedious, but it would get them in and low profile enough to hopefully keep casualties low. "As long as the effort is joint and not broken." Her voice was low but none the less, her point was made.

X had arrived with Edward, and she too hung back into the shadows, keeping close in under the rundown building's feeble awning in an attempt to stay at least somewhat dry. Emeralds were fixed on the modeling agency, keeping silent as she listened to each in turn. X-23 gave a single nod at Domino's words, an indication that she understood. "Spaz is the only one we need to question?" she asked after another few moment s of silence on her part. The young mutant shifted in place, slightly water logged combat boots squeaking with the movement as one hand came up to sweep the slightly damp waist length ebony hair from her eyes and wring it out one. Dressed in faded denim cut off and a charcoal tank, it was the best she could do.

"Apparently he is the one who knows where the next 'ritual' is going to be hosted. he is the one you need to speak to." Edward confirmed, he looked over both then back across the street. "Be careful." He insists as he remains there, dressed in a wide hat and long coat, staying under it along with an umbrella. Across the street a sedan pulls up and two men get out, one of them is tall has spiked out blue hair and tattoos covering his face flanking him is a larger mountain sized man with darker skin and a rat tail. Both are heavily decked in jewelry and making their way into the 'modeling agency'.

Domino had a purse slung over her shoulder, well a carpet bag of Mary Poppin's epic proportions but that was what was 'in' these days was it not? A shiny vinyl fabric with a chain for the handle that hung on the bare pale shoulder. Fishing inside of it she withdrew a compact, popping it open to stare into the tiny circular mirror and withdraw lipstick, smearing her lips in a deep red blood-like pigment to overlay the black. Tucking the lipstick away a finger reached up to dab at the corner of lips while her nose wrinkled at her reflection. Clipping shut the compact she looked towards the agency and the two beefcakes that just unloaded themselves to go in. "Sweet mother of god…Goons R' Us just unloaded the waste." Glancing to Edward she nodded to him. "Always careful." … As long as Deadpool wasn't setting her up. Stepping up beside Laura she grunted and spoke lowly. "Let's get this over with, I sense a scalding shower in my near future to wash this off."

Her head tilted to one side, as she watched the men enter the building. The beginnings of a smirk tugged at the corners of full lips as hands - now at her sides - clenched into fists. X assumed that the endeavor would turn into a fight, and in fact it was something she looked forward to. Rocking back on her heals once, she nodded once more to Dom, and started towards the agency. "Ready when you are." she'd reply, as hands found their way to back pockets, her hips swaying lightly from one side to the other as she moved forwards. Her usually blank expression now broke out into a sly smile, dark jade eyes focused solely on the task at hand.

The spiked haired man vanished into the building as the brawny giant guy remained outside with another exchanging smokes. They looked like two lumbering hairless ornament covered Sasquatches together, large hands cupping lighters as they looked out into the rain it destroyed visibility neither one of them could see beyond the road way to spy either Domino or Laura.

"Yeah, ready." Four inch heels were shifted on, one then the other before she started forward, careful ease taken with her steps but the shoes alone did the job in adding an overly feminine swagger to her step, her hips swaying beneath the tight press of leather dress, adding the needed sexual allure. Sun glasses were something that would get a raised brow to her in this scenario so one hand came up to sweep the bangs across her face and over her left eye to obscure the black tattoo that encircled her eye. Staying beside X, they approached the two lumbering men with cancerous habits and twisted a typically wry grin into a smile that smoldered even in here eyes. Where she learned these tricks….She'll never tell. "We heard you were looking for new bodies here. Are we wrong?" The smile was turned towards X and back to the men with a purse in lips, even as she slid slate blue gaze up and down the mountains of flesh. Oh gross. Yum.

X stopped as Domino did, her gaze on the pair before shifting back to the other woman. Leaning her weight on one leg, lets her slender fame perch in closer to Domino, letting her speak for the both of them for the moment. Her senses flaring out, as she kept the smile plastered in place. Nostrils flared as she picked up a myriad of scents - some she really didn't want to pin down, but it was necessary - and her head cocked to one side as she listened intently tot he going's on within the agency. Her gaze drifting back to Domino a moment and then to the beefy men standing in front of them.

The second man would look towards the first then step forward, looking down at one girl then the other. "Who're you? Who sent you?" He asked his voice sounding as dullard in theme as his appearance. The first would lift up his shirt to shoe a handgun, "Maybe they're cops." One shook his head to the other, "Nah too young, at least that one this one looks abit older." Indicating first X-23 then Domino. "Spin about and let us check for wires." The other one released a "Huh huh yeah, wires." The two would help themselves feeling up both girls before one motioned the other off. "Go get Auggie. Tell him we got two pieces of fine new meat out here… " The one who had been nearest Domino knocked on the door a slit opened and he whispered into it, soon it was opening and the man was let in to lead out another form, this guy was short broad shouldered and covered in wild Wolverine like hair that was bleached white, "Oi whut we got ere?" One of the large men laughs "Volunteers Auggie." "I see this you buffoon but whut is their cred-en-teeals? Sere you mutts ya dun just let any stupid dizzy broad walk on up 'ere n' say she want's in cause shes got a nice tail gate." Auggie was hobbling forward looking X-23 over while he spoke. "Bout you lass, ya got reasons for 'ere? Who sent ya this way huh speak up luv."

Taking the small queue from X Domino even leaned closer to her, they could have touched easily, and this was even displayed in body motions though there was still a slight gap between them. "I am Victoria, this is Xandra." Vicky or X, close enough but not touching on the reality of it. When it came to the pat down one step back was taken by Domino, pausing the look of desired fight and retreat to pivot on her heel and let them pat around, her eyes while not being watched taking in a hardened edge. Not very big on touching apparently. She was going to let X formulate her own story, but Domino started hers when it came to what they may have wanted to hear, but if it got too much Mary Poppin's was about to pull the whoop ass out of her purse and forget going in quietly. "New here personally, I used to entertain at a little club called Rosies in Chicago.." Leaning into one she whispered low. "Ya know, leather, lace…Take em back and show 'em what it's about." A wink and her tongue pressed to cheek - pressing* back the sour look as the man circled X.

A slender, dark brow arched upwards at the mention of being too young, and X stepped forward towards the men. "I'm eighteen, 'sides I been doin' this for years." came her reply, flashing a grin at each one in turn. X spun slowly, showing off her slender frame as one left to bring 'Auggie' out. Over-bright green eyes focused on the newcomer, a hand pushing up to thread back through deak strands. "Used to run with a pimp named Zebra Daddy," she replied, moving away from Domino slightly to move towards Auggie. "Got plenty a reasons for being here, heard it was -the- place to come if you're looking for work." X's arms rose up and behind her head, causing her damp tank to inch it's way up her torso as one of the goons began patting her down - hands lingering a moment too long before finally dropping. She looked back towards Dom, and grinned. "So, gonna let us in?"

Auggie gave both of them a critical eye. "No marks, not strung out… willin' like. Recession and all - sure broads, lets do this. Get in there… boys found no weapons n' wires." Both the big men shook their heads. " A-kay then, get on it. " He said his hand reaching out to clap Domino on the ass. " I loik the older ones. Mebbe we'll test drive you before we find ya some real work. " The door would open with an ominous creak and groan displaying a path in that went below street-level. " Move it ladies ain't got all noight."

Descent into the underground smelled rank, the lighting was dim and the walls were cracked, covered in ruined plaster and torn papers, here and there certain familiar images could be seen, the ones Edward had described as 'glyphs' or sigils. Auggie's bow-legged walk carried him to the base where the room expanded out into a large blacklight, red to green lit up almost bar area existed, within where four men to the right and two on the left. All armed, there was a number equal to that in women; scantly clad and attractive for the most part some were dancing, two were behind the bar and others were entertaining with being arm candy or settled on men's laps. Appraising glances were tossed towards those entering, laughter, jeers and lewd remarks included.

Domino remained carrying the disarming smile that reached her eyes in all of its facade. Narrowing them, darkening around the one that was lined in kohl to more a heated temperature. Yes, willing - let them believe that to a point. It got her what she wanted, which at this point she wasn't sure what that was.. To open the large bag/purse and vomit into it [which would likely make her hidden weapons a little less than tasteful to use if needed..] or to turn around and kill all of these men without the bat of mascaraed lashes - blow the place up and go scour off the hooker look. When back were turned and she was left beside X alone the smile faltered and twisted into a sneer even as she scanned the walls, wanting nothing but to return the stinging feeling that still lingered on the curve of leather clad ass to the back of the mans head. Who's the bitch now? But when the opening came and the looks with the random murmurs came their way a glance was cast to X and the smile returned, though the walk that swung the curve of hips from side to side was never lost, grace to the predator and luck kept her aloft in those heels.

X flashed a smile back at Domino and gave Auggie a nod before slipping past the men and into the building. Both hands finding their way back into her pockets as muscles in her forearms flexed as adamantium coated claws shifted under skin. Senses flaring out as she followed the wobbling man down into the club like area, green eyes scanning once quickly and counting heads. At least if the situation got messy there wasn't a whole lot to deal with. The armed men, perhaps some of the women if they felt the urge to get proactive and try and fight. Would be there loss, X thought to herself, one shoulder pulling up slightly as she sauntered down the ramp. Falling back some she'd match pace with Domino, her right arm making an attempt to hook around Dom's left in a casual gesture to keep up appearances. "I am not exactly sure what our man looks like." she murmured in a near whisper, her lips hardly moving from the smirk that still set to her features. "You're in the lead here. Just gimme a nod if you feel we need to change tactics." This undercover shit wasn't really X's way. She much preferred her own methods, but that tended to get a public and messy. No need to give them any more of a heads up then had already been given in previous missions. As eyes turned towards them, X grinned back, one heavy lid slipping down in a quick wink at one or two of the patrons.

"Wait here bitches." Said one man who was sitting down to their left. He stood up, which ended up making him shorter than even Auggie and had him at a rough perhaps five feet, his afro making up for the other eight inches. He walks over and leans in speaking to Auggie, Domino wouldn't hear it but X would, "Heard T-Virus got fucked up, was taken down in Hell's, you can't just be bringing this shit down here man they could be cops. " Auggie snapped back, "Ya think I am ya lil disco loving fop, a green under the nails amat-eur? Go get Kings or Spaz, so they can look over the new merchandise." The short man with the afro would glare and storm off into the backrooms, "While we wait, why don't you both entertain us, show us what you gots." Auggie would insist one hand sweeping out at Domino's backside again as two men push up from the sofa to the left, walking towards X.

The hook of X's arm into Domino's was met with only the briefest flutter of muscle tensing at the touch. It was not X herself, per-se, but it showed she was ready to get it done and depart. Undercover was fine, but this type of undercover was not convenient by any means from the shoes to the attire. Her hand lowered as eyes turned, wanting to tug the hem of that skirt a bit lower, recognizing her reaction her hand instead paused and pressed against her hip, just beside stomach and smoothed in a press downward, as if ensuring the look and set of the dress was flawless, stopping just at the pale show of upper thigh and tapping fingers over her skin. The smile from face to face changed only slightly while she hoped to at least hear someone else name their mark - damning him unconsciously. Until then she leaned towards X to reply, making it look intentional, taunting, and far closer then the two women were by a long shot. "You get too uncomfortable, let me know. We only need him alive enough to talk, the rest well, X knew exactly what she meant, they weren't part of the deal but what made her pause was the small quips back and forth between men and then the mention of Spaz with the incoming swat to her ass with the request from Auggie. Before contact could be made to leather clad posterior Domino's hand snapped back and caught his wrist, her body turning towards him with that heated smile returned. "You want to see what i got? Then you need to tell me what you like." The words were a near purring growl from her lips, as each step she took forward a press to push Auggie back into a nearby seat. "Do you like to do the spanking, or do you prefer it?" Hey, she did say Rosies…Leather and lace. She was playing it to the T.

X hitches the smile on her face up higher, a soft chuckle escaping past clenched teeth at Dom's words. "I'm uncomfortable. Can we kill them all yet?" she asked, though she was only being.. maybe sixty percent serious. Her shoulders bunched up slightly as tension filled her at the mention of showing what they could do, and her head cocked to one side, watching as the one male stalked back into the depth of the building to grab their mark. Maybe this would be easy. Letting hands slide from pockets, X reluctantly untangled her arm from Dom's, her attention shifting to the two men approaching. "No need to get up boys, I'll come to you." she murmurs flashing them an easy smile as she casts one glance over her shoulder at Dom before sauntering towards the pair. They grin and murmur something slightly unintelligible, but retreat back towards the sofa, and plop down.

"Oh she is a spicy one. I like a bit of both girly girl, bout you climb up here and let daddy Auggie show you what e's got." Patting his knee the sinister little man smiled wider, his face seeming to stretch beyond what it should for a brief instant, displaying that his teeth went further back into his head than they should. Obviously something was not right about the man. Both men re-seated the others would be watching curious, from the back room came a large man around six two wide across the shoulders and brimming with muscle etched into the center of his forehead was a tattoo, one that was very obvious to Domino and X-23 as the Cults emblem. It'd been showing up everywhere. "Kings eh!" Said Auggie, "We was just samplin' the new meat." The tattoo'd man walks forward looking from Domino to X-23. "Ain't meat until I say they are." He said gruffly and Auggie only smiled, "Course friend, what you think so far?" The man gave a heavy stare, "I don't like the feel of them. Somethings off." Silence fell on the room and they looks on Domino and X would get heavy. The short man with the afro then spoke, "Kings feelings ain't ever wrong, Auggie get these bitches outta here." A grumble came from the stumpy eerie man and he spoke, "No worries girls, we'll let ya turn a trick for us then you'll be out nice and safe." A lie of course.

Domino thought she was the messy one? At least by past accusations from X, her commentary before they parted had her eyes glancing over to X once while she made her attempt to have Auggie keep his grubby mits to himself. She did not like having to separate from X either, as odd as that one sounded. Hey, the devil you know sort of thing - worked for Deadpool and her. When Auggie spoke and gestured Domino's slate blue gaze dropped to his lap, one hand extending forward to come to an abrupt halt in her lean forward with the catch upon the seat just beside Auggie's shoulder. Close, but not touching. Movement was one that would lead it to be believed that she was about to take a seat, though her hand was dropping towards her purse - froze. Kings got the shift of the one visible eye over her shoulder when he came out and she straightened. "I was just starting to have a bit of fun." The faux pout etched over features as she looked at Kings and turned to face him, one hand resting at her hip while the other remained finger-hooked at the purses chain strap, just over the opening. "So you are judge, jury and executioner? What about whats-his-face they mentioned too. Do we not get at least a small try to show how wrong your assumption is?" The smile went from smoldering to a pursed smirk, nothing demanding nor high and mighty of it. Just a girl wanting another chance for her and her partner, even glancing to X in the process.

X veered towards the man to the right, slipping down to sit on his lap one arm slinging over his shoulder, so it kept her at an angle to see what was going on elsewhere in the dingy room. As the man strode from the back, X tensed ever so slightly, her eyes shifting to him and him alone watching a moment until Auggier blurted out his name. Alright, so maybe this was going to be a god damn pain in the ass as usual, she thought sourly, having to really work at keep an expression of surprise on her face at his words. Her arm fell away from the man she'd been using as a seat, and she turned slightly, sitting forward some. "Don't like the feel of us? Haven't even had a chance to feel us yet." she flashed a grin, her head tilting to one side sending a curtain of raven hair over one shoulder. A glance was spared towards Dom, waiting to see what she thought of the situation. X was ready to be done with the charade. This was supposed to be get in, nab the mark and get out, and it was all getting a bit too complicated. Her attention wavered a moment as she took in Auggie again, and really looked at him. The man was certainly stranger looking then the rest, and an odd scent clung to him. Something she'd merely passed off as bad hygiene earlier, not had her attention once more. She sniffed in his direction as nonchalantly as the gesture would allow, her face going completely unreadable at this point. He didn't smell like the rest. The rest, as dirty and in need of a serious shower as they were, had the unmistakable scent of human to them. As Dom's glance flickered back towards her, X's attention was shifting yet again back to Kings. A hand rose to thread through tangled strands, pushing them away from her face as over-bright green eyes gave the tall man a once over. "Why not give us a chance? Work's been a bit hard to come by." she added, giving a nod towards Dom as she spoke, a smile once more tugging up at her features.

Kings let out a growl and swatted at the air. "Shut it tramps, you can earn this once in her ebut this is my den, you get your asses out once you're done." A level gaze being left an Auggie before he turned his back to leave the room. "Here that, you ain't hired but we can put you to work tonight in here, me 'n the boys will treat you real good. You impress us maybe we get you an interview." Chuckles came from all those present, except for a few of the prostitutes who manage to look away or cover their expressions with work.

Domino had not overlooked Auggies different smile, nor did she miss the look on the other women's faces when Kings spoke of the 'maybes' come the end of the night. This brought a slight narrow to her eyes and a glance towards X with a gesture to her and then a point to the exit. "I am going to take that as a straight out no and a desire for our services free. Considering we aren't going to be test ridden by the top and left with maybe's by what they might say? Tch." It was going to be a pain in the ass, the two were outnumbered but Domino still had to cling to the air of confidence. Something had to give, either way they were going to move, and it was starting now. Moving over towards X one hand extended for hers with the smile slightly fading. "They couldn't handle what we have anyway." A wink to X then as one hand slid into her purse and withdrew her lipstick, slowly uncapping it as she headed for the exit. "Next stop…"

X took the proffered hand and stood slowly, a glance cast back towards the man as he seemed to be reaching out in an attempt to hook hr around the waist to keep her in place. "Sorry." she murmured flashing an apologetic smile, as her free hand trailed along his knee, as instinctual reflexes avoided the hand before it could detain here. She smiled in Dom direction surveying the room one last time. "Think it's time we start taking them down. This is getting too involved." she murmured so quietly that only Dom would hear the words. Her gaze shifted once more to Auggie and she had to concentrate on not wrinkling her nose up slightly at his stench. "And he's not human." she added, giving the man a wink and quick wave of her free hand. Muscles flexed in her forearms as claws shifted again, coming o just below the surface of her skin, though not actually pushing through yet. To say she was eager to be done and out of here was an absolute understatement. X let Dom's hand go, leaving her hands free at her sides now, as she followed her towards the exit. "Now what?" she murmurs a bit louder, her lips pursing together as shoulders fell slightly, not that any of these goons had a shred of sympathy for hookers, but it really couldn't hurt to try at this point.

"Not human?" Auggie says as Laura mentions it, glancing towards her then after where Kings had departed, "#### it boys, don't let them out of here, gaming ######s just rip 'em up we'll sort it when we're dun 'ere." The stumpy mans body began to alter and shift, soon looking very much like of them large squat bat-like creatures Deadpool and Domino had fought when Xavier Student Star was captured. The two men who had been trying to get a grip on Laura let go, the one she was not on the lap of was drawing up his gun the other one was grabbing for her hair trying to swing at her face in the same action. Auggie a blur of speed was darting over in front of the doorway arms out wide as he blocks Domino's exit. "Time for the real fun." The short man with the afro pulls up a pair of blades as the additional man stood upright, watching not really caring right now what were two women going to do. Obviously they'd not seen the claws of X yet.

"We do what we came to do, and what we do best.." Domino smiled with the sidelong glance at Laura just in time for Auggie to step into motion and the cap of the lipstick to hit the ground in a small spin at Domino's stiletto'd feet. The motion was slow but it was the timer ringing the go hour and with one quick spinning lunge forward her hand fisted the lipstick, leaving that gaudy red painted tip out in a press amongst the grip. An attempt was made as she came around, aiming for who was once Auggie's throat to slice it wide and across. Beneath that lipstick paint was a blade and it was nothing to peel back the soft layers of lipstick to thrust the blade into something a bit more solid like Auggies neck with ease if he did not dodge.

X allowed the on to grab a fistful of hair, and with it, she stepped in close to the man a smile still playing over her lips. "Bad idea." she murmured her gaze flickering tot he fist that was swinging wildly towards her face. The soft sound of skin splitting open to allow adamantium coated claws to push past her knuckles would be heard as both sets of tandem claws fully extended. If the man didn't move away rather quickly she'd thrust all four into his midsection and start dragging upwards in a quick pull of ehr arms upwards. A glance was cast over her should towards Dom, just to make sure she had Auggie handled, and then her attention refocuses on the man she was currently trying to gut like a fish.

The nearest man to X-23 would end up split in half, from mid-section to upper body a V like rip as blood geyser erupts. Wide-eyed the man who had been beside him pointed the 45. and fires, two rounds point-blank range into Laura, a third and fourth would be soon to follow if she wasn't reacting before then. Auggie lurched forward apparently unmindful of the blade even as it gores through his neck, cutting hanging flesh and in off to the side to create a red gash that bled heavily, he burbles "E'mm gemm oui pedlr!" obviously something from a foreign language as his large long black claws from both hands rake down at her. Little man with the Afro was dodging around behind Laura, both blades came out. "Kill these freaky ######s!" One of the weapons slicing at the back of her hip the other high at the left shoulder.

"Oh aren't you pretty. I'm going to fix that up real nice for you." The lunge of claws had her body moving once again, a quick pivot to go to his side with a backwards bend to try and dodge the claws that managed to catch at the red ribbon lacing up her right side, popping the bottom looser with the knot cut free. "Ugh lifesaver you!" Movement was a bit more free but any wrong moves and Dom was going to turn the room from PG-13 to NC-17 or worse. Swiftly one hand fell into her purse, pulling out the compact and pressing the top of it down and twisting at the torso to bring her hand around again and slam the compact into the gaping bleeding wound at Auggie-beasts neck. "X, use one of them as cover!" If Auggie did not dodge it he had a nice little explosive now lodged into hs wound and 5 seconds until removal. It was only small range but it would be enough to separate his body [un]cleanly.

The first two shots hit their mark, piercing through her abdomen and out the her back, though all that would be heard from X would be a low, snarl as the pain registered in the back of her mind. Covered in blood and gore from the man who was now in several pieces, X stepped in closer tot he one witht the gun, dipping down into a low crouch at the last moment as her left foot shoot out, claw extended in an attempt to sever both legs in a rough sweep. Already low to the grou, the Afro's blades would sail through nothing but air, and if her blow with the one's legs connect she'd follow through with the sweep coming back up in a quick flash of movement to embed adamantium hand claws into his torso. The call from Dom, was heard but she didn't bother using anyone for cover. The one with the blades was doing that job for her, standing between her and Auggie now.

No clue what Domino was shoving into his neck Auggie ignored it, both claws were grappling for her as he pursued, aggressive and relentless in his lunges superhuman strength behind them causing him to shatter and demolish two tables and a chair in this little chase. The way time was moving in 5 seconds he would be ended but untli that point she was dealing with him on a rampage, lashing madly very much like some berserk beast. The man who had just lost his legs fell in half like some broken writhing screaming manikin, shock would have him laying on the ground unmoving as he bled out unaware of the world around him. Knives missed as the Afro-man attacked, this startled him but he was no slouch in this instantly he pursues only to find a blade jutting from his shoulder blade. His hands rising up to cut at Laura from close range, "Die bitch die!" Behind him, Auggie was about to explode.

Domino was not holding still and doing her best to make distance between them. The explosion would not kill her but it would leave its mark and the coating of bits of Auggie was not a layer she intended to accessorize with. Reaching near X Domino had finally fished a small Derringer out of the lining of her purse, turning as she twisted her body to face the pursuing Auggie, firing off two rounds at his middle to try and keep him at least in one place at least with the new wounds. Her body kicked back in a swift backwards fly towards where X and Afro man were battling it out, in fact with the added impact of Auggies claw laden blow to her thigh the backward path had her body shifting towards the back of the knife wielding Afro man in its lunge.

X drags claws through Afro man's shoulder, pulling them free with a sickening spray of vitae as his blades manage to slash down her left side. Another grunt afforded for the new wounds, though that was the only mind she paid them. There was a job to do. Seeing Dom flying back towards the man she side stepped, in an attempt to keep the man's attention. She grins her head cocking to one side, five of six claws extended as a dark brow arches up. "You will need to do better then that," she eggs him on, dipping back down into a low crouch and springing up again, arms spreading out wide in an attempt to slash at each side of him as she moves forward.

Already spitted the wound poured out blood in a gush that had the man's legs weak wobbling his body only further diced by continued assault as he topples backwards towards Domino just as the resounding *kra-kwoom* was heard, the underground den shuddering in protest as Auggie's head was blown to bits alongside his upper body, ceiling, floor, glass from nearby table, wood flying in all directions along with what bits of flesh fragment remained spattering the room in a mess of red, pink and various other innards. The remaining man threw down his gun before ever using it, hands in the air as he was on his backside upon the ground. "Don't hurt me!" The snarls, yells and howls coming from the doorway further in that Kings had exited were a new sound and getting closer. Perhaps three or four of them accompanied by the shouts of men.

Afro man was a great cushion, easily toppled beneath her with her own force of her backwards spring and the small blast of the explosive that was closer than she intended. The small sounds of pieces of wood rolling off her body and shattered glass fragments came with her pushing to a stand, one moment taken to sit up and catch her breath [still sitting on Afro], tilting her head to listen closer to the growling as the noise of the bomb had left a bit of ringing that was quickly fading off. "You alright X? Sure hope so, we have more." Dusting herself off in the stand the man that was pleading not to be hurt was approached, his weapon taken and checked for chambered rounds. "Derringers are so not my style." Spoken to herself more than to the man while her head turned to peer behind her at the rising tone of snarls - the man's weapon now lowered to point at his head. "Which one's Spaz, and best be quick." Preparing ahead to know which to leave [somewhat] alive. At least, so there was no need to worry about getting hm out of the way. Her claws extended and still dripping blood from the various goons she'd split in half she stopped a few paces from the door, planning to take whatever was coming out to meet them head on. "Let's get this over with" she snarled, lips curling back exposing a row of ivories.

Afro-man stammers, his eyes rolling into his head before he spurts up blood. "Blue hair…" was all he could manage before going unconscious underneath Domino's perched form. The sounds in the hallway were loud enough it showed they were right there, which they were as the wall burst away and the door. Three of those creatures identical to Auggie piled in, all sniffing the air and gaining an awareness what was going on, snarls came from them. Behind was visible half a dozen armed forms, one of them Kings another the blue-haired tattoo covered Spaz. "The ####!?" Shouted Kings before pointing at Laura and Domino, "KILL THEM! KILL THEM in the name of KALUMAI!" With those words all six men opened fire the creatures looking ready to lunge and jump once the gunshots ceased all of them in cat-like pounce ready actions.

The only visible injury on Domino was the slash wound on upper thigh with small punctures at the thicker part of the wounds where impact had been made. She was not as gifted as to have the healing that X had, this apparent when she scanned the girl and saw the bullet wounds no longer oozing blood that should have been there in abundance. The weapon she had taken from the man remained trained on him for a moment longer as the creatures piled in, backed by armed men. Her other hand that was at her side held the derringer still, mentally counting the rounds left while her eyes took in the head count of those now entering. The derringer was the first to rise, tiny and muted in pale hand but it was enough to do damage and her aim went for the head of Kings only to be sourly interrupted by them raising their own weapons and opening fire. Her reaction was a swift dive and roll to her left, the weapons in her hands quickly raised again firing back and aiming for the heads of two of the monstrosities.

Internally she sighed as the miniature cult army finally emerged. Guns. She hated guns. Why couldn't people just fight the right way anymore. With Kings' battle cry, and the onslaught of firepower being sent her's and Dom's way X dipped down, tucking herself into a low crouch and began an advance, dodging most, but not all of the fire. She could feel the nicks and through0nthrough of bullets as they graze arms and legs. Coming up in front of one of the bat-like creatures, X lunged forward once more, arms tucked in tight against her body until the last moment, when the sprung out, aiming for the creatures neck to sever it's head from it's shoulders. Her target was Kings at this point. Let Dom worry about taking the mark out and getting him out, holding back was not something X had in the forefront of her mind at the moment. If her blow was successful, she'd move further in the line, using the creature's torso as leverage to pulls her lithe form up, both foot claws extended now, aimed for the neck of a gunman each."

The blaster fire of rounds was giving a beating to the inside of this building, it was looking like Swiss cheese, no one in the minds of the gang/cult would come out alive. Yet Laura and Domino were still moving, the creature Laura lunged at was met instinct had it turning catching the blade on it's shoulder instead of the neck as it's left hand swiped in and up trying for her torso with its claw crouched with her, the one beside it dips down weaving almost like a snake as the Luck Manipulating mutant blasts off it's ear, a howl erupts and it slings itself forward at the nearest target, Laura. The men in back with the guns begin to reload, the other beast is struck in the mouth blood spraying out as a bullet takes out several teeth and part of it's cheek, roaring it hops and clings almost like Spider-Man to the ceiling. Kings was watching eyes lit up as he then shoves Spaz, "Get the big guns #####." Momentum had Laura past the creature she struck the hit was successful but not killing, one of the men with a gun would lose his head, another turns clip in he began firing at X.

"Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy shimmy yam shimmy shimmy yay! Oooh baby I like it rawww! See when a ninja say he likes it raw, he mean's dirty down to the floor, see my name is the Ol'DP and I'll beat your ass, for the ladies who know me tell them who the fuck I be!! Speakin' of ladies what is up my fizzine hizzos!" Deadpool hops in from the front door, bullets zinging around him pelting the stairs out of the den up, two pistols in each hand wearing a blonde beehive wig, bright pink lipstick and a garishly green plastic dress, black fish-net stockings and white high-heels. "Edward filled me in on the gig and I was all over dis shit! " His voice breaks back into song ~My style comes down on ya'll like rocks, by the dock… NOW I SHOOT YOU WITH MY GLOCK!!" Explosive rounds firing from each weapon in a heavy barrage as his laughter pounds out. His attack was wide but took out two of the gunmen leaving three and the three monsters.

For once Domino was not the distraction, it was a bit of a relief - maybe this team thing would work out better after all. The focus was had on X and she used the moment of reloading and deterrent to aim and fire at two of the men's heads, though her own gunfire was echo'd with the loud cacophony of Deadpool's on his rapping entry. Hard to not know who that was and the grimace pulled at red painted lips, but then again the smile was touching at her eyes, making such an expression rather fake. rolling to a stand Domino lunged forward towards the line of men and beasts, though as she passed beneath the one on the ceiling her derringer lifted to fire on it and bring it down. "Don't kill the one with blue hair!" The announcement made to Deadpool as a little reminder since it was apparent carried away was his thing. That was who Domino was heading for full force.

With a swift kick downwards X, managed to slice the man's gun into pieces, before she landed behind the creature her claws ripping from fowl smelling flesh. Emerald orbs fixed on Kings, as Deadpool made his… colorful entrance. AS another gunman made a move in towards her she swung a clawed hand out wildly, an attempt to slash apart whatever happened to be within range, as rage, and lust for violence took over in the slender framed girl.

The derringer was relatively useless unless at point blank range with these creatures. The rounds plugged it's flesh and it skitters across the ceiling until it is above Domino then drops, trying to crash down on top of her. The two beasts near Laura were still moving, the one she had sliced and leaped over was turning it's shoulder half hanging off but it grabs towards the back of her head gripping for hair as the one who had been standing beside it and lost an ear felt some of X's flesh flay clean off, satisfyingly it was urged on by this making another lung at her above it's companion. The remaining gun-men were taken down easily enough, one's head bursting like a melon the other falling with his eye gone, exit would back of skull. The remaining man's firearm was sliced in half and he took off running leaving Kings, Spaz and the three demons to deal with the trio.

"Right don't kill the troll doll, gotcha sweet-buns." Deadpool sprung forward as both feet came out nailing the falling one before it found itself on top of Domino, both forms ending up in a roll before he was standing up ontop of the bar triumphant the creature on the ground shaking its ugly head as both those weapons leveled on it and opened up fire, "Sit Ubu sit, good dog!" Both guns blazing as he poured on the fire, trigger after trigger pumped as that one creature was quickly becoming a puddle. He was in the 'zone' right now. By zone… he's so focused on firing rounds into that thing hes not paying attention to anyone else. Hes just shooting away reloading and continuing to shoot."

The downward fall of the beast towards Domino went unseen until it was a two bodied blur just barely grazing her when Deadpool intercepted and successfully pinned the beast. She had lowered instinctively to a crouch at the proximity of the saving grace, glancing towards Deadpool as he opened fire on it. The crouch was broken by the motion of legs, a quick thrust of long appendages and she was racing back towards Spaz, both hands rising and opening fire on Kings and the other, avoid-ant of hitting their mark just yet, though the Derringer had run its course and was clicking on empty. That was distraction enough, she flipped it in her hand and threw the small weapon at Spaz's head to try and knock him back and down from any unnecessary harm. As that was being done one of those four inch heels caught on chipped rubble, her body gracelessly falling forward onto the floor, empty hand catching her before her face impacted. "Oh, lucky or not here?" But she was quick to jump back into the melee also acknowledging Deapool had yet to move. "Hey Kobe! Over here!"

There was a sharp intake of breath as claws sliced through X's side, and as one creature grabbed a fistful of hair and gave a vicious tug back, eyes narrowed as she jerked her head away, leaving him with only a bloodied clump of hair and scalp in his hands. Her healing factor really getting a work out at this point, and deciding it pick this particular moment to start slowing some, trying to focus on the most serous of internal damage and work outward. Half the blood she was covered in now, was probably her own, though as she huffed out a breath, she twisted to face the pair of gruesome, batlike creatures, she stepped in close both hands moving outwards, aimed for the thing's side and gut coming at it from different angles. "Little help over here." she grunt, eyes flashing towards Deadpool as he wasted round after round on the fallen beast.

"I'm busy!" Deadpool shouted hearing the requests for help, both clips reloaded as he was locked in on the creature that was a gored mess on the ground. "Can't you see, I'm making Rorschachs over here? Rudeness. Look that's a unicorn *BLAM BLAM BLAM* Thats grandma in an electric scooter running down a girl scout *BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM* that's Tweety Bird." *BLAM BLAM* In the zone, was right. The floor where that monster had been was a meteor shower touchdown, a honeycomb of crater and blood.

Spaz was getting ready to run when a derringer clocked him in the brow a loud 'Oow!" Came out of him as he fell over a body of one of the fallen gangsters previously having had his head blown out. Kings took a shot in the shoulder and turned to run leaving Spaz, "You're on your own man these ####s is crazy!" Spaz began to struggle to his feet trying to escape but was tripped up by more bodies.

Both creatures were faced off against Laura, her speed was more than their own and allowed for her to get in close ripping a stomach open to spill intestines out in a steaming mess as it bellowed and collapsed in on itself, the other one hopped into the air as tihs happened claws on it's feet ripping raptor like at Laura as it would come crashing down, wanting to crush her under it's weight.

The swift pace carried Domino to Spaz who was likely just regaining from his fall into the pile of bodies. The weapon was aimed at the back of his head and for emphasis the safety was clicked off and back on. "I highly recommend you remain where you are." Though as that was said the weapon was lifted to aim at King's back if he was still in motion of retreat and unloading a single round towards the back of his knee then lowered back upon Spaz. "If you do choose to move I will put in a request for a Rorschach puppy, compliments of you." One corner of her lips up lifted and her slow side-steps were measured to try and find footing between the bodies, teetering at one point but swift to regain. Stopping in front of Spaz she looked down at him and narrowed both her eyes slightly. She would just hold the mark here since it seemed both Deadpool and X had their own covered.

As the thing sprung upwards, Laura followed it, her gaze pacing his movements as she panted, her breath a bit more labored now. As the creature came down in an attempt to crush her, both hands lifted up over her head, catching the thing on her claws, as knees bent to take the weight before pushing up with a loud grunt of exertion. Claws tore through the leathery form of the bat like.. whatever the fuck it was, and as her arms spread outward X would mak an attempt to literally pull the thing apart. If she managed this she would straighten, though her balance would clearly be on the more wobbly side of things, cuts and gashes seeming stalled in their healing proccess. "You got him?" she asked, her voice rough and hoarse, as she looked towards Domino and Spaz.

The third and final monster was spitted on Laura's claws, it releases pitiful whines and snarls before being torn in half, snapping jaws would move wrinkled maw into speaking through gurgling blood, "Ouin cuim femm palusa vuut vuin uin sycdan, ryam Kalumai!" then it 's words ended ripped apart by the mutant assassin. Spaz slumps on the body, trembling with fear and rage, clickclickclickclickclickclickclick was heard as Deadpool suddenly stops. "Oh… "Curiously looking at his firearms before looking off at X-23 and Domino, "That ended so fast… i… "CRASH one of the heels snapping as he topples headfirst off the bar top behind it, obscenities following, unfortunately it didn't appear he was wearing anything under the skimpy green outfit and his legs ended up high upon fall. Some cries could be heard from survivors and Spaz was trying to push himself up both hands showing palms. "Just don't kill me okay… "

Glancing up towards X and her state Domino grimaced, her brows furrowing in the center of her brow, the survivor's words or sounds an added back noise that was easily overlooked while she heard Spaz speak out his pleas to be left alive. The thought had her glancing towards Deadpool with the sudden cease of fire just in time to catch the fall that had widened eyes snapping back on Spaz and words lost for a moment. Why did she have the smurfy haired man again? "Yeah..You just stay sitting right there, the faster you talk the quicker you get off your dead friends." The weapon remained trained on him and unmoving, she was not about to budge on this one nor let him move from the situation, it would work in her favor hopefully. "Question one. Where's this next rave taking place?" Qick and to the point Domino wanted out of the heels, her outer thigh still slowly oozing blood from the puncture wounds and one ankle down, it was time to call it a night.

Swaying slightly, X turned away from Spaz, catching Deadpool's fall in her peripherals, but she was past the point of really caring. Finding a wall that looked like it needed some help remaining upright she sagged against it, on hand moving to the gash at her side and putting pressure ont he still bleeding wound. Let them handle the interrogation, X didn't have the patience or tolerance for helping with that aspect of things tonight, she'd likely just kill the son of a bitch and be done with it. Green eyes surveyed the ruined club, and then she pushed off teh wall wincing and grunting under her breath. "Getting Edward.." she muttered, assuming he'd wanted to be here for this, and slowly turned towards teh exit, opening the door at the top and calling out to the man, assuming he was still standing at the street corner trying to look inconspicuous.

Edward was in the alleyway as Laura came out, standing there patiently with hands tucked into his trench coat. "It's done?" He asks.

Spaz sputtered then laughed, "Thats all you wanted you silly dyke, I'd have told you where it was just so you go get eaten. You think you can take on Kalumai? You're all ####ed. Everyone of you, it's going to be out in Brooklyn, midnight next full moon look for the green skylights near the bay." His laughter picked up and he slumps back. "Idiots all of you will die… our lord will eat your souls."

Deadpool was back up, tugging down at the dress before he was waddling his way from behind the bar, limping as one of the heels had obviously busted off. "Takes skills for these, mad skills. My glutes are killing me."

Domino did not watch X leave, but she didn't stop her from doing so either. She was in worse shape than the rest of them despite the healing factor giving it something she would only suffer in brief. The words from Spaz and the laughter had her pale digit that was curled over the trigger working and smoothing over it in a small motion before it settled into a squeeze for emphasis but it did not go off just yet. "Yeah, yeah Kalumai, whatever. Question two. Where do I find the boss? You know the red head? I want a date with her." The grin that came over her facade now was touching on a sneer but with the amusement of Deadpools overall….look and situation some hint of genuine was there despite the want for it to not be. "You're telling me." Was murmured to Deadpool, but they could compare later.

X stepped out a bit further giving a single nod, at the man's question, it was all she could really manage before she turned and began moving back inside. "you coming then?" she asked over her shoulder. She frowned slightly to herself, not that she minded the conflict, but he sat outside having the three of them do everything…. useless human she thought to herself, with another shake of her head. She'd heard Spaz's words easily from outside, and as she reentered the ruined building she took her place back up against the wall, leaning in heavily. Flat green eyes shifted to Deadpool as he stood, taking in his appearance " You look ridiculous.. even for you." she spat in his direction, a low grunt issuing past fully, and now bloodied lips as her attention returned to Spaz and Dom once more.

"You don't. She finds you." Spaz replies, his lips set into a pierced ugly smile. "I've got rights…. even you masked sick ####s know this, I'll call the cops. You freaks don't scare me any."

Chuckles come from Deadpool, "Losing your touch Dom, mebbe you should tickle him with a feather." His chin lifts up and he gazes sidelong at Laura, "Gogo, I pieced it together and I hope for your sake and genetics you don't got the Italian fuzz job your papi has iffin ya wanna talk about looking ridiculous,me, I look fab-u-lous!" Jazz hands and we shoot ourselves Agreed. "Tempting… besides won't happen we're out of bulletsesesss." He leans towards X and does another ssss making sure saliva flickers her direction. "Ssssusss sss ssssssssss. *splatter*"

A sigh escapes Edward as he picks his way through the corpses, stepping over them and around until he is near Spaz. Ignoring Laura and Deadpool's banter he leaned down next to the thug and whispered something to him, something the prattle of the Merc-with-a-Mouth drowned out even for the super-hearing of X.

Spaz mentioned rights and that alone with the mention of cops earned a hearty yawn from Domino, looking nearly bored over at Deadpool as the weapon's aim lowers and a shot is fired at the bent knees of Spaz's. She didn't look to take dead aim, but she knew in estimate as to where placement should be - no guarantee. "Yeah okay, gotcha we'll be sure to remember you get rights too. But less bullshit more truth. "Who is she and where do we find…" The pause came when Edward made his appearance and whispered into Spaz's ear, causing a slight aim of the weapon to go off to the side. No need for their employer to get injured during the interrogation that at least got the next rave time and dates from him, which was the goal. The rest was to up the ante and ensure this came to a complete halt. "X, just in case maybe you should come have a hand here?"

With Deadpool's taunting X's eyes shifted down tot he floor, and she picked up a piece of splintered table. With a flick of her wrist it was sailing through the air towards the idiotically dressed assassin, though she made no move towards Dom and their mark. "I'm good here." she murmured in a tone that was hardly over a whisper. Wounds were healing but it was clear her healing factor had been overloaded with the fight, keeping her eyes open and keeping a vague amount of coherency on what was going on was about the extent of what she could manage.

"We have the time and location… "Edward said, "This one needs put down though… hes a menace and a murderer." Spaz snaps up, "What man you said you wouldn't kill me!" Edward frowns and turns around, "You're a pimp and a drug runner, a blight… why wouldn't we kill you look around you? Rest of this trash is dead you may as well join it. Will one of you please get rid of this foul disgusting vermin." The trench coat wearing man would begin to walk off moving back towards the entrance, X-23 would hear sirens in the distance, someone had apparently reported this in, more than likely one of the prostitutes or a passing by who heard the gunshots.

The hurled piece of table was evaded as Deadpool pointed one of those empty pistols ad Laura the audible string of clicks coming out in rapid succession. "Damn forgot it's not loaded." Both of his eyes became slits, almost childlike he faced off at her. Ask her if she plays Street Fighter, let's see if she takes a Shoryuken better than Shadowcat "Heheheh, not a bad idearah, maybe later." Doh

Domino was not content she did not get her answers, but it was just as well, likely she could obtain the info or the woman herself at the rave. She played some form of importance in this, and though Edward had his goals and he was their employer Dom wanted to be sure it was all over. Slowly stepping over the fallen bodies she lowered to lift crushed tables and nudge over bodies until she found her purse. Slinging it over her shoulder she made her way back to Spaz, pulling out some heavy duty zip ties. "He wanted his rights , he can stay put and get just that." Standing behind Spaz her knee snapped forward to land just between his shoulder blades in an abrupt blow meant to send him face forward, her weight following after to keep him down if successful, and if it went through he would be hog tied with zip-ties. She was not about to stop the bickering between X and Deadpool, the results would be far more humorous and Dom wanted a laugh right now.

At the sounds of the sirens X pulled herself up from the wall, turning towards the exit once more. Completely ignoring Deadpool at this point her main focus was out and away. "We done for the night then?" she asked over her shoulder,t he question directed to Edward, wounds were not healing fast enough to her liking and passing out here would be less then ideal, considering the state of her appearance. She didn't wait for the answer already starting up the ramp that led into the slightly cleaner smelling New York city air.

Edward nods as Domino ties up Spaz, "Yes Laura, it would seem we are done for now… good job all of you, I'll include a bonus for this when I pay you."

Deadpool holstered the pistols and walked out behind them, "Don't know about any of you but I am seriously craving some lasagna. Anyone wanna go on a dinner date wif me? I'll pretend to buy then stick you with the tab. Just kidding I'll buy. "

Standing once Spaz was tied up Domino walked after them, heading out of this underground cesspool, though the finalization of it was their fault. Oops, our bad, but so very not sorry. Not even a look back as she ascended the stairs, reaching the top and beginning to unfasten the heels, in the lean catching a glimpse of a meaty piece of flesh handing from one of the ribbons at the side of her dress. "Oh.." Picking it off and dropping it to the ground she looked at Deadpool and shook her head. "I need out of this." And for some reason she just lost her appetite. With a slight limp her straight backed posture seemed to take away from she headed towards the nearest alley and the rooftop she had surveyed from. A change of shoes was in her duffel bag hidden there, good thing she thought ahead.

X gave no response to the mention of a dinner date with Deadpool. She remained silent as she made her way out onto the street. Going back tot he school was out, looking like this, so it was on to one of the many places she frequented around the city, and hoped one would be deserted enough for her to just collapse for a few hours. She turned away from the rest heading down the street, not bothering to stick to shadows or stay out of streetlamps, her posture and movements stiff, a hand still held to her side as she wandered away from the team.

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