2020-07-06: The Destruction Of Wonderland


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Summary: Envy is distracted from her meeting with Sloth by the Internet Terrorist and her allies.

Date: July 6, 2020

Log Title: The Destruction of Wonderland

Rating: R (LV)

The Future - NYC - Central Park

Once regarded as an oasis of tranquility inside "the city that never sleeps," Central Park has become an effigy to its former greatness. Upturned earth, scorched trees, and broken jogging paths offer a grim reminder of the present while the occasional Sentinel patrol offers a jarring reminder of the future. But even in all of this destruction Nature ekes out her existence, offering a variety of places to conceal oneself from detection by Hunter and Redeemer alike. From burned barren fields to dense forest, you can still find many sites to visit, rest, and battle at.

NPC Characters:


Central park has been neglected for so many years that it looks almost like a forest now. Twisted vines and branches surround the statue of Alice in Wonderland, leaving it almost unseen in this forgotten place. Anyone walking through may think themselves in some odd fairytale, until they notice the old blast craters and pieces of destroyed Sentinels scattered throughout the area. The wind blows slightly, causing the branches to part and reveal Alice's face one last time before the statue is destroyed by an errant missile.

The explosion is followed by a strange robotic insect. It is the same color as the standard Sentinels, but it looks almost like a scorpion. The machine backs up over the smoldering ruins of the statue before firing off a couple more missiles at it's target. The target in question is a beautiful woman in a black gown with long black hair. She appears to be in her thirties and despite having just been shot by several missiles she appears completely unharmed. "Envy, that is enough. It is time for you to remember. It is time for you to return to us, to your family. We cannot allow you to continue this reign of destruction." Sloth shakes her head, "If you do not come to your senses Wrath will take action."

A second Sentinel Prowler appears behind Sloth and shoots at the woman with a laser beam. When the dust settles she is left standing unharmed. A woman leaps off of the back of the Sentinel and charges toward Sloth. The woman is Envy, and apparently she does not remember her former teammate's ability. Envy spins quickly as she reaches the other woman and aims a kick at her neck. The kick passes right through the woman, causing her only to waver as though she is made of smoke. Envy narrows her eyes, "Target is immaterial. Physical attacks have no effect."

Who knows *where* Rashmi found a computer, much less one with a reliable Internet connection, in this bombed-out shell of a city. But, find one she did, and her message has been broadcast in the manner of the true subversive; by letting the anational mob of uTube watchers propagate the video all of their own. And spread it would, for some messages *always* merit word-of-mouth referencing. The downside to this, however, is fairly extreme; now Rashmi has to make her way back to safety, and the sound of explosions is a frequent distraction. Thus it is, that the redheaded Rebel makes her way around the fringes of the Park, hopping and swinging from sphere to sphere, to investigate the battle on the off chance an extraction is in order.

Waiting on the fringe of the park, hidden within a tree is Kael. Waiting for Rashmi to get back to this point has been… an interesting time. So says the one sided Tic-Tac-Toe games carved into the tree branch he's resting on. When the explosions have started up, Gale stands and peers out and blinks. "Oh great," mumbles the man before he drops down onto the ground; slinking through the forest until he spots Rashmi's orbs and starts to divert off towards them.

Deadpool stood a distance off watching from where he was with a pair of binoculars gripped in gloved hands able to catch the show through the space between two crumbling buildings. His lower lip pushed out as he seemed utterly bored, an old commercial of "I peench" coming to mind as he watches Prowlers scuttle about, playing with Envy's new/old friend Sloth. To crash the party right now would be premature, besides the odds were stacked. Never one against sides being in his favor but lately it just seemed to lack that luster, flare and pizazz he enjoyed. Then a flicker of incoming red caught his eyes the bino's nudged to the left to catch sight of Rashmi. the explosive sounds were like some age old musical he almost tuned out. They were just tell-tale of that dance going on right now.

The two Prowlers seem to stop their attack while Envy is near the other mutant. They turn their heads from side to side and scan the surrounding foliage for signs of other targets. Seeming to find none they simply stand idle and watch the two women between them. Crashing noises in the distance indicate that there may be more Sentinels of some sort in the park nearby, but they are still a slight distance off.

Sloth looks rather bored with the situation. She leans to one side and sticks out a hip, folding her arms and shaking her head at the other woman. "Envy, you know you cannot hurt me. Why else would I have called you out to our old meeting place? It is far too out in the open to trust that you would not bring your…Pets." Envy's attacks simply phase through the woman, causing her to distort slightly each time an arm or kick passes through her.

Envy tries a few more punches before stopping to catch her breath. She reaches out as though attempting to touch the other woman, but she is met only with air. "Wrath? Wrath is currently listed as eliminated." Then again, so was Lust. Lust had shown up a few weeks back, it is perhaps not so impossible to think Wrath is also alive.

Breaking the treeline, Rashmi circles the scene of the battle, taking in the tableau at a glance, nose wrinkling. Sloth, attempting to reason with her old friend… terrific. And Sentinels converging on the area. Shaking her head, apparently failing to catch Deadpool's presence, she angles her path away from the battle, sparing a moment to call over her shoulder. "She's a Hound, Sloth! You're better off trying to reason with a brick wall than fight Ahab's programming!" Baiting danger, perhaps… but evasion has very nearly become a trade for the redheaded Rebel, and no sense passing up a chance to hone her skills.

Kael stays behind the treeline, taking in the scene from the darkness as he takes control of the winds around him. Extending his reach to the limit, yet he mimics the breeze that was already there. The aerokinetic ducking down behind a tree or so as he just waits for the action to start. His attention is kept on the two sentinels, but he's also using the winds around him to act as guard wires.

Staring for several minutes Deadpool considered, his thumb reaches under his mask and rubbed along his jaw feeling over cancer scarred flesh. Whats the odds now? Sentinels + Envy vs Rashmi and Sloth. Kael going un-noticed just yet. The former mercenary turned hunter continued to watch, debating if he felt like joining in or not. His own thoughts on this entire ordeal had changed recently, the death toll was monumental it made his mind twig out in different directions, well more than it's usual. Leaping from where he was he got closer, possibly coming into view while he stood up on an overhang of rubble, the binoculars being put down as his own visibility allowed him to make out what was going on. "Innie minie monie mo…" He would mumble to himself. "Catch a mutant by the toe…"

«That was quite daring, luv,» Comes Psylocke's voice into Rashmi's head. It didn't take long for the video to circulate amongst the mutant population that still can access a computer. With any luck, the world will see it before the American government will try to yank it off of uTube's servers. «Especially broadcasting it in the Park.» There's a pause in the contact before it reestablishes itself. «You're not alone are you? Do you need me to come lend a hand with extraction?»

As Rashmi appears the two Prowlers start moving again. They both turn toward the girl and fire a series of missiles and lasers at her as she moves through the area. They appear not to have noticed the other two as of yet, and since Sloth is still near Envy they are not attacking her. The crashing of the other Prowlers stops for a moment as an electronic signal is relayed from the Sentinels near Envy. After a moment the crashing grows gradually louder as three more approach from within the park.

Sloth turns to look up at Rashmi as she passes overhead. "Idiot child, what are you doing here? These machines cannot harm me, they will all target you." She waves a hand toward the discouraged Envy, "Envy is the concern of the Sins, we will handle this situation as we see fit."

Envy stomps her foot on the ground and causes a spire of diamond to erupt directly beneath Sloth. It passes through her and does nothing, the woman simply wafting away from it to reform a few feet away. Envy seems almost confused as to handle this particular mutant, should she just leave the woman here? But then she hears Rashmi overhead. She glances up and calls into her headpiece, "Internet Terrorist spotted in Central Park. Primary Target. Kill on sight." Immediately calling this out to any Hound or Hunter in the area the woman chucks three of her Fan stars at the woman. Lasers and diamond stars, the usual attack used when Rashmi is encountered.

The sound of weapons discharge prompts Rashmi to drop straight downward roughly twenty feet, the tangle of overgrowth providing some cover… at least from the energy weapons, and laughably immense thrown objects. Gene-seeking missiles, on the other hand… «…Suddenly I think I just might,» she thinks toward the feeling of contact, hoping the link didn't drop in time for Betsy to miss. «I'm an Internet Terrorist now, did you know?» One missile approaches too close, and is smacked from the sky by a blurring sphere. Vegetation becomes a handy substitute for her typical mode of travel, at this height, freeing up the bulk of her attention to better foil the rockets streaking her way.

Once the diamond stars are launched towards Rashmi, Kael's on the move as wind howls its way through the forest. A strong downward burst of wind is sent down onto all the starts, in hopes to knock them out of the air and into the ground as the aerokinetic moves with the wind. Winding his way through the forest as he moves opposite of Rashmi. Surely Envy didn't think she was alone. Or did she.

The laughter in Psylocke's voice is more felt than heard when she responds, «Luv, I think that's the only type of terrorist you haven't been yet.» She pauses and strengthens her mental connection so she can see out of Rashmi's eyes, if Rashmi permits, so that she can get a better fix on where they're at.

Behold the United States of Ahab, Sentinel's playing whack-a-mole with Mutants admittedly it should be good times but he wasn't feeling it, what was the Mercenary without chaos."The future isn't what it used to be." Deadpool mused outloud, a snappy leap from where he was, his body spiraled through the air and he vanished in a flicker of light and the wavering of his physical image teleporting away to another location, someplace that demanded his time and considerable skills in wreaking havok - even if oddly enough he seemed rather half-hearted about it all.

"Join the military, see the world, meet interesting people…Then kill them." The words were spoken out from dark stained smiling lips as she looked out upon the fray and gained recognition in a few of the faces. Faces she had met before and likely should have killed when she had the chance, they would not be standing here now, backed by Sentinel forces. Hindsight - we all know how that goes.
Her perch in the tree had her back pressed against the main trunk and one booted foot braced on a higher branch while another braced on one lower. Her posture had her leaned slightly and the HK 417 armed with incediary bullets was aimed from one to the next, accounting for allies and enemies that were able to be in visual. Clutched between feingers was a cylinder, one of her own token explosives - Domino never having been one to travel light to the party. But of course she was not expecting a party, she had been sprawled on the limb just keeping watch in pantheresque pose until all this broke out and it was not much to sweep boredom from her eyes and rise to the occasion.

The two Prowlers near Envy crash forward toward where Rashmi dissappeared into the foliage. They will burn the forest to the ground in an attempt to find the girl. Envy has listed Rashmi as a primary objective. The other three in the forest emerge a short while later and take aim at the Aerokinetic as he flies past them, blasting lasers and seeker missiles toward him as they go.

Sloth looks rather annoyed by the situation. "What are you two doing? How am I supposed to have a meeting with Envy if you Rebellion folk keep interfering?" She sighs, "What a bother. Well don't expect any help from me, I'm not going to endanger Envy…Yet."

Envy stomps the ground again and sends a trail of crystal spines erupting from the ground toward where Rashmi vanished, taking careful aim not to hit her Prowlers. "Destroy that one. I want her head." She glances up to where her stars were knocked out to see Kael. The one who knocked her out last time. She takes aim and sends three stars his way before instructing the three Prowlers targeting him to switch to Rashmi.

Slow-moving spines, laser blasting Prowlers, and a redhead swinging though the trees… Suddenly the day has become very interesting indeed, and at the approach of the erupting ground-spikes, Rashmi takes a chance, guiding a sphere to hurl her upwards. Turning to face the oncoming weapons-fire, she bats the closest pair from the sky, giving Betsy a decent panoramic view of the Park, near the overgrown statue of Alice. «Scratch it off the list, then, and it's official; Ahab likes me just as much as we like Dingo. So, um…. expedite, please?» Sloth's complaint goes unanswered, as she drops back down toward the treeline, Kael's passage pulling a brief smile from her lips.

With the three Sentinels behind him, the aerokinetic takes to the air; winds slicing around him as he goes from running to flying in a quick leap off of the ground. He may have good abilities on the ground, but in the sky. He reigns supreme. Kael looks behind him at the rockets before he just drops from the sky; the missiles flying past him and overcompensating in the air to turn to hit him. With the explosion up in the air, Kael regains control of his flight in time to dodges a few of Envy's stars. Two of them cutting him on his leg and cheek before the aerokinetic lets out a soft curse.

«I'll be right there,» is Psylocke's answer. It doesn't take long for the mutant to use the powers granted to her from her link with the Crimson Dawn to teleport through the shadows into the right general area. She literally steps out of one of the nearby shadows, clad head to foot in inky blackness, the only color being the red tattoo over her left eye, and the psyblade (the focused totality of her psychic powers) emanating from her left hand. From her right, the shadows solidify into the shape of a katana, and the mutant drops into a battle stance, taking a quick survey of the surrounding area.

Well at least all if not most of the firepower was going after one person. That always left it rather open for others to move in. Tsk, tsk, hatred and anger was a distraction, did Ahab not teach his young grasshoppers that? Indifference was the best to keep you on your toes and alert in all corners of a dangerous world. While Envy; the one barking out orders, was rather busy with a misty person-thing and Kael, Domino took her aim, swinging it from it's aim on a scorpion like Sentinel to Envy.
Domino remembered, her. She was one that had once had some semblance of logical sense, though this seemed to be a fitting place for her as one who had lost it all. Luck be had, and hopefully it was there with the deep inward draw of her breath and the slow exhale - the trigger was pulled with the dead aim for Envy's torso through her back as she turned to face Kael.
The gunfire would give away her perch and soon after the *brrrapptt* of incediary bullets left the muzzle of the HK she was swinging down from the branches. She'd find out if she hit once booted feet met ground.

One of the Prowlers going after Rashmi looses a leg after Domino's attack. The machine collapses to the ground for a moment before attempting to crawl toward it's target again, dragging itself forward like some sort of monstrous robotic zombie. The others continue their assault on Rashmi. Envy is annoyed by the presence of the other mutants, but she wants Rashmi dead right now. Rashmi's corpse on the news would set the example that such treasonous videos would not be tollerated. One of the Sentinels stops firing for a moment as Betsy appears nearby. It lifts one of it's claws and slams it down in her general direction, attempting to crush the newcomer.

Sloth just stands there with her arms crossed looking rather bored with the situation. "Would you die or go away already? I have things to…ENVY DUCK!" She turns in time to notice the gunshot fired by Domino. Why would this woman call out a warning to one of the Hounds. Is Sloth not a free mutant? The woman moves directly toward Domino, seeming to grow in size as she approaches. She stops a few yards away from a woman, now standing approximately twelve feet tall. She glares down at the other woman. "Envy is our problem. We will deal with her on our terms." Anyone familiar with the Sins will know that Sloth cannot actually harm anyone, her threats are empty.

Envy chucks another star toward Kael, hoping his injuries will distract him enough that she can strike him while he's distracted. She hears Sloth's warning and drops down. The bullet misses her back but strikes her in the left shoulder, causing a small explosion of blood. "Why would you assist me, Mutant?" She looks at Sloth a bit confused and then surveys her arm and the scene. "Five targets, left arm ineffective. One Prowler ineffective." She pulls out a small device and begins pressing buttons, sending out a signal to all Sentinels in the area to converge on the park.

Rashmi catches hold of a passing sphere as she plummets toward the trees again, hurling herself skyward and away from the park. "GOOD SHOOTING DOMINO," she calls when she can spare the moment to breathe, "NOW BREAK! WE DIDN'T COME TO THROW A PARTY!" While Rashmi's ballistic mode of travel might not *precisely* match Spider-Man's dizzying gymnastics, they do come close, providing her with enough unpredicability to annoy the missiles into detonating far too early, and prevent anything like a decent target lock, as she makes her way toward the barely-visible glimmer of psi-energy in the shadows of the nearby bridge.

Kael reaches behind him and pulls two spikes from his vest, smiling as he drops from the sky; landing on top of a tree. Once the star's chucked at him, a downward blast of air sends it careening down towards the trunk of the tree before Kael launches two spikes. But he doesn't aim them at Envy. He's aiming them at the Sentinels chasing after Rashmi! And with Kael launching those spikes, there's a real good chance that they're going fast enough to puncture metal like it's paper.

Betsy quickly jumps back out of the way of the slamming claw of the Sentinel, looking rather shocked. This is the first time that any Sentinel has actually seen her or acknowledged her presence. They must have developed some new technology that somehow worked around whatever it is that has been keeping her invisible to machines all these years. She didn't come here to fight so she doesn't spend time fighting the Sentinel. Instead, she turns and runs in a parallel course with her. «If you can get to me,» she sends, «I'll be able to use the shadows to get us out of here.»

Domino has heard nothing of these sins, and when the growing Sloth comes to stand before Domino she casts a casual and lazy eyes glance her way before the arm holding the HK swung out and up, aiming towards the heavens and Sloths head, her other hand still held the explosive, her thumb smoothing over its top in the (im)patient wait to get to it.
"Then do something about her or get the fuck out of my way." The tones that seeped from Domino's lips were neutralized and showed no flux of caring nor anger. Placid like unbroken waters despite the melee around here that bore a heated wind. One that stroked up leather clad back and pushed the long strands of noir around cocaine pale features.
She was not waiting on a response for long, Rashmi's words sprung her legs back to life and she was banking left in a sprint to clear the large legs of Sloth and gain better visual of her surroundings once more, not yet lowering her HK from the other mutant being, this time heading for the Sentinel's that were in ordered persuit. "Break? But it's my unbirthday and I just got here. I'm not going anywhere before I have cake." (and eat it too? Maybe.) No..really…she just wanted that severed Sentinel leg.

The Sentinel that had attacked Betsy seems confused, looking around for the girl after she has run off. Unfortunately it seems to have lost track of her for now. The two Sentinels chasing after Rashmi cannot keep up with her speed. They are quickly left behind, one of them being skewered by Kael's spikes and beginning to move in an erratic manner.

Sloth continues to block Domino's path. She moves with Domino as the other woman attempts to run past her, yet Sloth appears not to move her legs. She simply floats and spins as the other woman moves. "We were here first, you interfered. Get out of here." She sneers down at the woman's guns, "Firearms? What kind of pathetic mutant has to rely on human weapons to defend herself? I do not fear your weapons." Sloth moves in such a way that she is constantly obscuring Domino's view of Envy. The woman's large form now beginning to draw the fire of a few of the Sentinels.

Envy clutches her wounded shoulder and glances toward where it came from. It appears as though Sloth is blocking her view of whoever attacked her. Rashmi appears to be escaping, and another mutant who was reported in the direction Rashmi is headed disappeared it would seem. The only target in Envy's immediate view is Kael. She glances up at the man and frowns, looking back down at her arm. She's right handed, but it'll be difficult to throw accurately without being able to balance properly. She takes aim and chucks a crystal spike at the man.

Dipping and doubling back, Rashmi spares a moment's speed for a better look at Domino's direction… and all but snarls at the sight of Sloth hemming the military mutant in. «You can pick me up for afters,» she pushes past her ever-moving trains of thought and down the link. «Domino *needs* help. I'll make for Broadway.»

Kael has a small internal cheer as he skewers one of the Sentinels, and then he looks back at Envy. Smiling wide as he quirks a brow as she chucks a spike at him and he sighs a bit. "Really? That's getting old." He floats up in the air and the spike just curls around the aerokinetic. Kael controlling the current of air that it's flying upon before he launches it back at another one of the Sentinels; increasing its speed by more than double. Once that spike is launched though, the aerokinetic is off flying. Higher up into the air to get out of Envy's range of fire.

«I'm on it,» acknowledges Psyocke, and veers into the shadow of a tree, disappearing out of view, only to reappear in a shadow near the mercenary. She looks up at the ethereal form of Sloth and warns her, "Move, now. I won't ask again and I won't be gentle."

The barrage of words from the woman that stood nearly another one of Domino's own heights taller than her still seemed to have no effect on Domino. Verbal insults were just that, ammunition that did no damage and was a pointless distraction. "Apparently we aren't going to do anything. Stop wasting space schitzo." The HK was still aimed at Sloth as she remained in the way of her target. But she was not heading for Envy, she was heading for the Sentinel leg and with a flash of wrist sheaths she severed the limb at a joint where it would still be carriable.
Sloth had not done anything towards the group of Rebel's nor towards the group of Ahab's finest so pulling the trigger on her or wasting ammo was not her fortee. Hefting the limb over her shoulder she made her path towards where Rashmi had headed. When Psylocke appeared Domino muttered quite audibly to her. "That one needs medication, anyone figured out what side she's on?" Domino was not about to waste her precious ammo on someone she was even unsure of and who had yet to make a move towards one side or the other. It did not, however, keep her from being wary and on the ready with the large weapon in her hand despite the chiding.

The crystal spike that was deflected shatters upon impact on the back of the Prowler it was aimed at. It appears to have reentered the Hound's area of effect just as it was about to pierce the robot. The machines reform on Rashmi as she returns to the battle. There are currently three Prowlers firing attacks at Rashmi. The one missing a leg is hobbling around and trying to get proper aim on Kael, and the one with spikes sticking out of it is firing randomly into a pond.

Sloth glances down at Psyloche and quirks a brow. "Two of you? And why should I move? I told your friend here that Envy is for the Sins to deal with. I'll not have her killed by a powerless mutant who has to use human tools to survive." She gestures a massive hand toward Domino but refuses to move from the path of the two women. Lucky for Sloth it appears that these two are unfamiliar with her ability, otherwise they'd know they could simply walk through her. She crosses her arms as she sees Domino pick up the limb and begin walking away. She follows the woman with her eyes and gestures for Betsy to follow her. "The Sins are on their own side. We did fine without entering your petty war, but we were dragged into it by the actions of Ahab. Once we have repossessed Envy you will not see us again."

Envy had broken the crystal before it struck her Sentinel, but now all of her targets are out of her direct range. She takes a moment to crudely patch up her wounded arm and take a look around the area. It appears the smoke mutant is trying to protect her for some reason. This would usually do nothing to sway the Hound's opinion of her quarry, but since Sloth can apparently not be struck or captured she may be forced to let the woman go for now. The Sentinels she had summoned appear to be closing in. It will only be a few minutes before they reach this location, but many of the mutants are now splitting up.

Rashmi drops to the ground, barely avoiding taking a tumble at the sight of a Prowler skittering toward her position, the others closing on to flank. Muttering a curse under her breath, she leaps back into motion, taking a zigzagging route toward the Sentinel ahead of her sending four of her six spheres blurring toward the machine, a fifth snagging her outstretched hand to fling the redhead skyward, seeking to clear the robot as her powers wreak their machine-gun havoc.

With the statue of Alice blown up, parts of it were strewn about the forest. And with the Sentinels flattening parts of it down, from the air Kael found a piece of it. Mainly. The Rabbit and Alice atop of the Mushroom. The aerokinetic looks over at the Sentinels as they rush after Rashmi and the air around Kael sucks in in a vertical column. "Rashmi! Move!" There's a loud boom as both of those peices are airborne. Moving at a fast clip towards those Sentinels before Kael starts to move once more.

"Bla bla bla… We going?" Domino had no clue who Sloth was and Sloth had no clue who Domino was, it was funny how time was filled talking over doing something. "Go deal with her then, what's keeping you? Seems my human tools did well enough on Envy and your mouth suits to do nothing more that confuse and take up more of my precious…polluted…air." If she knew this one was Sloth, she likely would have found the situation more fitting. Sit and talk instead of move and do. Glancing to Psylocke and then in the direction Rashmi had headed it was a silent gesture, but one that hopefully got the point across. "If we are leaving, are we there yet?"
The sound of more explosions seem to be enough to say no, and yet the other sounds and rumbling in the distance of more Sentinel back up says yes. As much as they seem to have somewhat of an even balance right now it is about to thoroughly be tipped out of their favor. Hearing Psylocke feed into it though and go from fight to conversation over a cup of tea the look given between them had a brow rising as eyes darted back and forth. "Yeaahhh…" Steps took her back and away now. "So really..I think it is time to go!" As she says this one of those Prowlers becomes a target. While in hell's waiting room why not make fun come of it.

Two of the Sentinels go down as they are smashed by the remnants of the Alice statue. A third is disabled by Domino's rocket launcher while being distracted by Rashmi's spheres. This effectively leaves all of the Prowlers in the immediate area inoperable, though there are five within sight now approaching the giant Sin.

Sloth appears indifferent to the Sentinels as they approach. A few fire lasers directly through her head, but she seems not to even notice. Glancing down at Betsy, "I think it is time for you to leave." If she does know how to reverse the Hound programming, she is not revealing it to the other woman.

Envy glances around emotionlessly as her Prowlers are all taken out in a matter of minutes. She turns and begins walking toward the approaching Sentinels. Once she is close enough she will climb on the back of one of them and begin directing it's fire on the fleeing mutants. At this point it is likely they will escape, which is probably for the best. Envy is losing too much blood from her shoulder wound and she can already feel herself becoming dizzy. She will have to take them out later.

Rashmi takes off on a divergent path, away from the Park. Too much time has been wasted, and if the redhead managed to get herself killed now, after earning her new stripes as an Internet Terrorist, fits would have to be pitched on the Other Side. Veering around the remains of the statue-bombs, she hauls herself toward an alleyway, glancing back and nodding her thanks to Kael for his save. If not strenuously pursued, she'll make her way to the back alleys in a roundabout route towards Broadway, to rendezvouse with Betsy and Domino.

Kael nods back to Rashmi as the aerokinetic takes off running towards those same back alleys to meet up with her as he follows her back to the tunnels. Using the wind to push him along at a bit faster clip.

Domino had seen and done enough. Envy was in a safer safe zone now and Rashmi was making the next step towards retreat. Live to fight another day, and all that. Slinging the HK over her back she took off in a run after Rashmi, leaving the others to their conversation, or whatever it was they were going to do.

Betsy's eyes flick from one combatant to the next to the next. It looks like everybody is retreating safely, so that leaves just her and the sin. "No," she says, a purple butterfly aura blazing about her eyes. "It's time for you to tell me everything." With that, her mental assault begins.

The Sentinels break apart and take off after Domino, Rashmi and Kael. This new model is smaller than the others and is able to move into tighter spaces, but they're not quite as fast when dealing with flyers. They will eventually lose track of their quarry and continue to randomly search the park for mutants.

She looks confused, her form beginning to distort and let of licks of smoke which curl up and dissipate. The woman shrinks back down to her normal size, flashing a few images into Betsy's mind. It seems the Sins intend to move Envy to the opposite side of the globe where they'll use an electro-magnetic disrupter to attempt to shut down the chip. A location is also shown, the ruins of their old stronghold. The nightclub known as "Distopia".

Envy begins to weaken further from her blood loss. She sits down on the Prowler and instructs it to return her to her base. Even if she catches up to the three mutants she is in no condition to fight them. As for Sloth? She will need to research a method of capturing her. Envy is unaware of Betsy's existance. The Sentinel that spotted her seems to have lost track some time ago.

"Hmph," is Psylocke's reply when she gets what she needs, the purple aura fading. "Good luck with that," she says with a smirk, suspecting they'll have just as much luck as the Rebellion has. Now that things have settled down in the park, save for the occasional ineffective Sentinel blast sent Sloth's way, Psylocke fades from view, sinking into one of the nearby shadows.

After a moment Sloth recomposes herself and looks around confused. "Damn psychics. Oh well…Where did Envy go? What a bother." She sighs and shakes her head at one of the Prowlers trying to destroy her. The woman dissipates her smoke and seems to simply disappear, leaving the remaining Prowler rather confused.

And then out of no where, a steel girder slams into the remaining Sentinel. With an attached note saying 'From Kael, with love.'

~ Fin ~

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