2009-05-22: The Dinner First Type


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Summary: Nik and Hilary wake up the next morning. They start getting closer

Date: May 22, 2009

The Dinner First Type

Rating: R

As morning comes, Nik offered Hil his bed, refusing to sleep on it himself, due to the powerloss and the fact that Hil had come to offer him a warning. It's only right, even if he didn't get away in time. At the moment, the bar owner is asleep on one of the couches in the living room. He has a blanket wrapped tightly about himself as he stirs into wakefulness. He looks around, groggily confused for the moment. He extends a hand. He pulls it back with a blink. He repeats this action twice more, before he finally speaks. "Shit. Forgot."

Hilary is fortunately not the least bit poisonous since his powers were stolen and he washed his hands and disposed of the gloves. And he happens to rise at about this time. Or else he was already up and heard Nik speak. He comes out of the bedroom, dressed still, or again, but with his shirt open at the neck and undone at the cuffs. He comes to sit on the arm of the sofa. "Are you cold?"

"No… not now. Though, the room seems to be a bit." Nik says with a big of a grin. He's apparently taken his shirt off in his sleep. Who knows about any more. HE leans up with a grin. "Thank you… for trying at least. I should have believed you earlier."

Hilary shrugs lightly, giving a faint smile. "I don't believe I'd ever warned someone about something before. Has a bit of a heroic feeling," he jokes. "Anyway, it's not all bad. I'm not poisonous…"

"And I'm… normal temperatured. And a red head. I had forgotten." Nik says with a chuckle as he pulls a bit of his hair around. It's long enough to do so. "It's been… well, we'll leave it at over a decade." He laughs softly as he adjusts the blanket to cover himself a little better. Not his chest.

Hilary nods softly. "Two for me," he says, looking up at Nik's red hair. "However, I suppose it'll be a little harder to get people to pay to touch you," he adds with a tilted smile. "And your eyes aren't quite so arresting."

"Honestly, I'm fine with not being touched as much. I'd prefer it only be done by certain people. But hey, they offered and money's money." Nik says, actually pinking a little in the cheeks. "You know?" He grins, scooting around so that he's sitting next to the man on the arm. "Would you like some breakfast or something?"

Hilary laughs quietly. "I know," he assures Nik. "In fact, I would," Hilary says about breakfast. "Are you offering to make it? That would be pleasant, wouldn't it?" He looks down at his hands, which were oozing the previous day. They are now impeccably clean.

Nik chuckles as he reaches down to the floor to grab something. Apparently, there's nothing on under the blanket. "If you'd like. I'm really not bad at cooking. Not a cef by any means, but I'm ok."

Hilary looks. He's human! "I would like," he agrees. "So what are we having?" There almost seems to be a shyness hanging about him at the moment.

Well, Nik's not one to try to duck away. Sliding out from under the cover, he pulls on his shorts followed by his actual pants. "Uhm… hmm. I think I have eggs and bacon. Maybe a little chorizo in the fridge. Nothing fancy, but huevos con chorizo is always good." He says with a wink.

"I don't speak Spanish," Hilary notes, perhaps a bit dismissive of foreign languages. But after a moment or two he offers a smile. "Actually, before all this nonsense, I was planning on letting you take me out to dinner, but I suppose breakfast is just as good."

"Oooh, you were going to LET me." Nik says with a light laugh as he rubs his shoulders. "So, I take it you find something you like." He teases. He's good at that. Heading into the kitchen, he pulls out the chorizo and starts breaking it up into a pan. "Well, I just MIGHT take you later."

"Yes, let you," Hilary insists haughtily. Or it may be faux-hauteur. He doesn't admit to liking anything. "Can I smoke in here?" he asks instead. "Or does it have one of those bloody detectors that squeals if you try it?"

"No, go ahead." Nik says reaching out into the air… he pulls his hand back, clenching his fist with a sigh. Looking around, he opens a cabinet and pulls down an ashtray. It's… so hard to remember sometimes. The chorizo begins to sizzle lightly.

Hilary lights up thankfully at that. "Mine had one of those, so I had to dismantle it," Hilary says. "They're very temperamental things. He turns to look at Nik while he's cooking. "Are things very hard for you without your powers?"

"Not so much hard… as I forget that I can't just reach out and grab whatever the hell I want, whenever I want it. Regardless of where it is." Nik says with a sigh. "Though, I'll have to start dressing mor climatically appropriate I suppose."

"Pity," Hilary judges it, dragging on his cigarette and pocketing the lighter. "So it doesn't bother you all that much? But I suppose you'd want them back if you had the choice?"

"I didn't need transportation. Of course I want them back. They're part of who I am." Nik says softly. After the chorizo has sizzled a bit, he stirs it and goes back to the fridge for some eggs. The eggs get beaten in a small bowl for a few minutes while he ponders. "I'll get used to it, but I don't want to."

Hilary drags on his cigarette again and then exhales. "Of course," he answers. "Possibly we'll be able to get them back," he suggests. "Hopefully some stronger types will confront that…green person."

"I'd hope so." Nik says with a firm nod. "Who did you know that had dealt with him already? If you don't mind my asking? I mean… anyway…" He says with a blush as he pours the egg mixture in with the chorizo. He starts moving it around the pan to let it soak up some of the flavor.

"My neighbor, Zola," Hilary answers. "She's in the hospital now. It was a very painful change for her and it's compromised many aspects of her health. For me it's not such a big change."

"That sucks. Really." Nik says with a nod. "I think my bartender's going to be more under the weather. The way he went looking for his inhaler last night." Not to mention the plant controlling cop suddenly attacked by hay fever. It doesn't really take long for the eggs to cook. Looking around the kitchen, he realizes he doesn't have much to drink that's not alcoholic. Well, considering… he doesn't care. Screwdrivers it is!

Hilary continues to smoke rather than offer any help. But perhaps he just believes in the 'too many cooks' adage. "Well, that's too bad," Hilary says. "I'm certainly sorry for the people it makes sick. It said 'Mission Accomplished' or something like that when it touched me. Do you suppose it's working for someone else?"

Bread is placed in the toaster as Nik starts to place the eggs onto plates and then mix the screwdrivers. Once the toast is prepared, he offers a plate and a glass to his current visitor. "That's what it sounds like. Like maybe… it's taking the powers to give to someone else. I don't really know though."

Hilary takes the plate and the glass, having to get up to do so. He holds the cigarette between his lips. "Lord, it'll be a mess no matter what the explanation," Hilary says, the glowing end of his cigarette bouncing as he mumbles around it.

"I know, right?" Nik asks, pulling his own plate and glass around. He has no dining table, only the regular coffee table in front of the couch. But, it'll do. "I hope you don't mind things that are mildly spicy…"

"No, I don't mind," Hilary mumbles again, heading back to the couch. "Nice of you to cook it, actually." He puts his plate down on the coffee table, removing his cigarette from his mouth so he can try the drink. Then he asks, "Do you have an ashtray?"

Nik blinks and then laughs. "Sorry, I pulled it out of the cabinet for you a little while ago and forgot to bring it in here. God, I'm absent minded. Attractive guy in the house, my brain goes crazy." He says, rising to go grab the ashtray and bring it back.

Hilary smiles. He may be flattered. Anyway, he waits for the ashtray and then flicks the ash into it when it is delivered. "Thank you. I'd hate to ruin any of your nice furniture. Good taste is rare enough that one has to be especially careful not to disturb it. Like those fancy animals in the rain forests."

"Exactly. Though, honestly, the majority of my stuff… well…" Nik says sheepishly. "I got it at a very good discount." He laughs. He's not admitting to anything, but he's rather sure that Hil can figure it out. Hey, have powers, use them. "I know people in the right places."

Hilary chuckles quietly. "Well, with powers like yours, there can hardly be any /wrong/ places," Hilary points out. "You're interesting, you know, because you're not too stuck up. So many mutants have these Sir Galahad virtuous-hero complexes."

"God, I know, right? What's the point of having powers if you don't ENJOY them?" Nik says with a grin as he eats slowly. He looks up at Hil with a grin. "And my abilities, not too combat oriented. VERY travel oriented and very… uhm… MINE oriented." He laughs a bit. He's NOT a bad guy, or even a villain. He just likes to have what he wants.

Hilary smiles back at Nik. "Well, that /is/ true. Not all of us have powers that make us look like Captain Wonderful." He picks up a fork once he's put down his drink and starts to eat.

"Yeah, I don't think Captain Wonderful would have cold skin, blue hair and glowing eyes." Nik says with a nod as he leans back. "So… how are you doing without yours?" He doesn't know all the details. He just knows that there was poison goo.

Hilary looks over at Nik, lifting a brow. "Say what you will," he says, pausing for a drag on his cigarette. Probably everything he eats is half smoke-flavored. "It was striking." He eats before answering the next bit. "Me? It's all right. I feel a bit…defenseless. I can't…feel certain things I'm used to feeling."

"I'm sorry. Me, I feel MORE than I used to feel. My skin would always get so tough…" Nik says with a half-nod as he looks over. "I hope I'm not boring you." He says, taking a sip of his screwdriver and running a hand through his hair. "Oooh, I can take a nice hot shower now…"

Hilary smiles. "Not boring me," he assures, having another bite of his food. "But what I used to be able to feelstrong emotionsI didn't feel all the time anyway, so it's just…like usual downtime I had. Just…I know it isn't coming back. So I feel a bit alienated. If you suddenly hated me deeply or loved me passionately, I wouldn't be able to feel it unless it showed on your face. That's…weird."

"I highly doubt I could hate you deeply." Nik says with an eyeroll and a laugh. The rest, he won't comment on. Who knows what the future holds. But Nik is quite open minded about things anyway. "I just have to stop reaching into air or people will probably think I'm crazy." He says, grinning. His plate's done, but he still has his drink. There's absolutely nothing wrong with morning drinking in his book.

Hilary certainly doesn't seem to mind it, either. "You mix a good drink," he points out, sipping on it thoughtfully. "But maybe they'll just think your air-reaching is a new exercise fad."

That brings a chuckle from the former teleporter as he grins up at Hilary. "Silly. So, what would you like to do today… without your poisonous goop?" He asks, moving to actually lean a bit against Hilary.

"First," Hilary says, "Call in and tell the stage manager to run rehearsals. Second," Hilary says, leaning forward to stub out his cigarette, "See if your chest is warm enough yet."

Nik's face and chest turn a soft red at that. He looks around and grabs his cell phone from the coffee table, fumbling it open and passing it to Hilary quickly. "It could be warmer with the right.. uhmm…" He stammers.

Hilary takes the phone from Nik. "Thank you," he says, dialing from memory. He waits for the phone to ring and someone to pick up. "Hi, George? Can't come in today. Sick." He reaches out a free hand to touch Nick's neck, then his upper chest. "Oh, but you can do it, can't you?" he says in a slightly wheedling tone. "You're very capable. I trust you. That's right. Mm-hmm…"

Nik doesn't move away at all. He just makes a soft whimper before he catches himself. He grins, making sure that anything Hilary wants to touch is right there and available.

"Thank you, love," Hilary says on the phone. He hangs up, passing a thumb over one of Nik's nipples. "Much warmer," he observes.

The nipple brush causes a shiver in the former teleporter as he looks up. He's not used to feeling so many things physically. He's been blocking his feelings for a long time without realizing it. Physical type of course.

Hilary looks up to meet Nik's eyes, lifting his eyebrows. "And no numbing of the hand," he says, moving his hand down to firmly stroke Nik's side. "It's convenient, this being possible for the moment. Don't you think?"

"Well, considering my former powers, I adore convenience." Nik says with a grin, not sure what he should do. He's definitely enjoying the moment, but he's not sure exactly what's wanted out of it. His body is still firm, he does do enough to keep himself in shape after all, it's just not as rigid as it was.

Hilary turns his hand so that his knuckles and the backs of his fingers are touching Nik at about mid-chest. "Do you go to the gym? You're quite fit," Hilary observes, occasionally looking at his hand and sometimes looking up at Nik's eyes.

"I dance. There's… a little dance studio downtown. I take classes from some and teach some beginner classes." Sure, he said he wasn't a teacher before, but… this isn't teaching per se. It's having fun. His hand moves out to hold the one on his chest.

"You dance," Hilary says softly. "How interesting." He moves his hand a little. "What kind of dancing?"

"Whatever. I'm more of a pop-type. Whatever's out there right now. With freestyle mixed in, of course." Nik grins, leaning forward to actually, tentatively, put a hand on Hilary's chest in that little bit where the shirt's open. His hand is light, and not pressuring.

"I'm not entirely sure that I know what all that means," Hilary says, lifting his free hand to unbutton his shirt a little. "I don't think I'd be a very good dancer, myself. I've trained a bit, but I don't think I like it very much."

"Everybody has their own thing." Nik says moving forward to lower his hand even further. He's apparently lost in the moment right now. "Is… is this alright? Do you mind?" He asks, looking up.

Hilary sifts over a little closer to Nik. "It's lovely," he answers. "You can unbutton the rest if you want," Hilary gently invites. "Or take off my shirt."

Nik nods softly, moving around to get a better look as he does so. He's very slow, so it probably seems like teasing, but who knows? He gingerly unbuttons the rest before he slides his hands to Hil's sides, raising them slowly to lift the shirt away, keeping his hands on Hilary's skin as he does so. "You're really nice looking." He says with a firm nod. Sure, he may not have the build that a lot of people do, but he likes that. Imperfections prove humanity.

Hilary slowly slips out of his shirt, looking up at Nik. He's not exactly ripped, but it looks like he may have one time been in wonderful shape. But at the moment he's not. Not that he's fat. "Do you believe that?" he wonders, looking at Nik with slightly narrowed eyes.

"I do." Nik says with a firm nod. "Your body isn't overdone. It's natural. You're… perfectly normal in body proportions. To me, that's a… well… a fantasy." He says with a shrug. "In my life, I don't get many opportunities for things like this. And most mutants admittedly have overdone bodies. Too nice. Too perfect. I don't like that. I like someone who takes care of himself but doesn't overdo it." Nik says, leaning forward softly, bringing his face nearer to Hil's, to show… well, as best as a facial expression CAN tell that he's being honest.

Hilary looks down. "Is it?" he wonders. "I've gotten a lot fatter since I was younger." He frowns at his stomach, then looks up at him. "Are you being serious?" he has to ask again." He seems to judge Nik's face honest after a moment, but then he doesn't know what to do with his expression.

"It is. Trust me. If you could see certain things, you'd know for sure." Nik says with a deeply red blush on his face. He hasn't moved quite yet, but starts to pull back just a little. After all, he's not quite sure where Hilary's desires run. "Maybe I should… sit back down." He whispers.

Hilary turns a bit pink, himself. He blinks at Nik's impulse to move away. "What? Well…all right," he says softly. "If you want to. I suppose you may be the 'dinner first' type…"

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