2010-05-31: The Dispute


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Summary: Envy runs into July in the park again. This time she decides to fight the girl and figures out her powers.

Log Title: The Dispute

Rating: PG (LV)

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.


The more open areas of the park are crowded today just as they have been all weekend. The air is filled with the delicious smell of barbeque and the laughter of children. The entire thing makes Eris sick. She decided to cut through the park on the way back to her apartment and had forgotten that today was a holiday. The woman sighs and steps out of the clearing and onto a wooded path. Today she is wearing a black skirt with black boots and a red tanktop.

July is currently walking through the park, earphones buzzing away in her ears at the rhythm of a music only she can hear, the girl wearing a light white shirt and denim shorts, with running shoes. Today the park is full of people, so the girl decides to go through a less used route in the park, to avoid bumping into someone every couple seconds.

Eris is in a particularly foul mood today. All the humans are celebrating their patriotism while completely ignoring the opression of her people. It's almost enough to make her do something drastic. She decides it is probably not worth her time and stops to rest against a tree to watch people pass by. And look at that! Someone who she'd been wanting to test out since the other day. This girl said she could read minds, if that is correct she should be able to sense murderous intent directed toward the girl. Eris crafts a single crystal needle the size of a pencil and flings it at the girl. She's a bit further away then Eris is used to her targets being, and the girl is moving. It is possible she will miss altogether.

July is also dancing to such rhythm, sometimes skipping a step to the sides, walking a little bit faster or stopping for a little bit, while she mouths the lyrics. Thanks to such dance, and distance, the projectile misses her, the girl blissfully ignorant about it. But after a few moments she pulls the earphones from her ears, smiling, and lets them hang them from her neck as she looks around for a moment, taking in the scenery.

Eris frowns and snaps her fingers. While she did miss the girl it seemed to be entirely on accident. If the girl had purposefully dodged the projectile she probably would have turned to face Eris by now. She crosses her arms and steps out from the shade of the tree. "Not quite as psychic as you like to let others think, eh dear?" She bends down and picks up the spike coming out of the ground. Lucky for you I missed, but that was not an intentional dodge."

July turns around as she hears the voice, noticing Eris for the first time, but she doesn't seem surprised, at least. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" she asks, frowning a bit as the girl is apparently trying to recall if she knows the woman before her or not. "You're kinda familiar…" she says. Of course she remembers her, but she's just pulling the otehr woman's leg.

Eris apparently does not see the jest. "Oh you poor dear, you must be mentally slow. I'll have to put you out of your misery." She gives no further warning. She simply stomps on the ground and causes a row of crystal spikes to come up out of the ground. The crystals are approaching the girl quickly at first, but they slow as they approach. It appears the girl is a little too far away. Regardless, several people in the immediate area scream and run away.

July blinks at the crystals bur frowns as they rush to her, and she jumps back, and to the left, to avoid the incoming crystal wall impaling her. "Huh. Some old granny needs anger management classes. Attacking strangers isn't something an old lady like you should do, y'know?" she grins.

Eris taps the wall with her foot and the construct instantly shatters. "My my. What a childish game. Call the beautiful woman old in an attempt to enrage her? Shouldn't you be in school learning how to tie your shoes?" She stomps down again, this time causing two walls to come at the girl in a 'Y' pattern. "I will figure out your ability. It would be easier for you to show it to me now before I have to get serious."

July again dodges the incoming walls, running to the side, still keeping her eye on Eris, "I don't have to, my shoes got no laces." She says, smirking. Sure enough, they got velcro. "As for you, I suppose we can do this until you get seriously tired. I know old people don't have the stamina they used to have in their youth." she shakes her head. "Don't you have anything better to do, like watching TV or get your sclerosis meds?" she shakes her head.

Eris shrugs. "Fine, we can do this the hard way if you insist. She allows these two walls to remain this time as she crafts several long crystal spikes. She tosses each one at the girl before placing her hand to the wall and pulling out a large crystal sword. The sword is way too big for Eris to possibly be able to lift, yet she charges at the girl as though it has no weight. Once she is close enough she'll attempt a sideways slash at the girl.

July widens her eyes for a moment at the crystals send at her. Thankfully she has the distance in her favor, as she dodges most of them, only the fourth one impaling itself on her shoulder and she grunts, apparently in pain, as she frowns. She's about to reach for the crystal, she notices the charge, and jumps away, just in time to avoid the slash, but she does get a nasty gash on her belly. There's no blood, but the wound is covered by her shirt. "Looks like the old hag knows how to keep a grudge." she retorts, frowning.

Eris turns her head quickly as the girl jumps out of the way. So she managed to hit her with one spike. And it seemed to Eris that she hit the girl with the sword. There was a minor resistance at least. She does a quick spin and comes at the girl again, not taking a break for a witty retort. She goes for a nother sideways slash at the girl this time, but she stops short as she hears a yell. She turns to see a police officer pointing a gun at her. Eris gives the man a furious look "Do you have any idea who I am? Nothing good would come of it if you interfered today, so go back home."

July does not waste time with any lame witty remarks as Eris turns to face the police officer. She closes her right fist and throws a punch toward Eris' face, her fist growing a bit to size of a head, her arm extending at a very fast rate with her fist aiming at Eris' face. The police officer keeps the gun trained at Eris, but shouts, "Stop or I'll shoot!" he says, before picking up his radio and starts talking to it, probably calling backup.

Eris spins quickly and hurls a crystal spike at the officer. It goes clean through his radio and causes the man to drop it. She's about to go for the gun when July hits her in the face. Eris is knocked back a couple of feet but she keeps her balance. It seems that the officer is a little confused as to what he should do now. Eris recovers from her blow and charges the officer. She stops short and ducks down, touching the ground and causing five crystal walls to come up around the man, trapping him in a ruby box. She then turns back to face July. "Alright, seems I missed what you did there. Shall we try again?" She takes a moment to wipe a bit of blood away from her mouth before charging the girl again. The cop is yelling inside of the crystal prison and pounding on the walls, but he seems unharmed.

July yells to the guard, "Run away!" But it's too late as he's imprisoned in crystal, and she turns to face Eris, frowning, as the woman offers to start over. "He better be alright." she says, her fists clenched as she reaches to remove the crystal impaling her shoulder, and then she tosses it back toward Eris, as her shoulder wound closes itself to pristine condition.

Eris doesn't even move to avoid the tossed crystal. It appears to shatter into dust before it even reaches her. She smirks at July, "Oh he just needs a time out. He'll be ok unless he does something stupid, which might be hard for him to do. Well unless he fires his gun. I'm sure the bullet would ricochet back at him." She shrugs and watches as the girl's wound heals up. "That is an interesting ability. How extensively can you heal your wounds? For instance, if I were to cleave you in half?" As she finishes that sentence she charges forward again, this time going for an overhead cross-slash.

July moves away again to avoid the slash, "That's a very good question. But I'm afraid I'm not willing to answer that to you. Unless, of course, you tell me about your powers? Trade of information, the wonders of the new world." she smirks at that as she takes some distance again from the woman.

Eris touches the ground where the girl was and erects a twety foot long wall. She turns to the girl and shakes her sword. Parts of it fall off as it becomes a much more slender weapon. It looks almost like a samurai sword. "My abilities? I'm surprised you didn't look me up. For someone who's so obsessed with the law you don't have very many resources. I am Envy." She steps forward a bit, closing the distance between the two of them. "My name is known to many, and soon more shall know of it." She darts off at a tangent, running straight for the walled in officer. She jumps up and kicks off the wall, coming at July from the air while spinning her sword down in a rapid movement.

July blinks softly. "Envy?" she asks, ready to dodge when the woman takes off on another to bounce off a way toward her, "So I was right, you ARE an old hag, but not only that, a bitter old hag? Hah!" she laughs as she just runs to the right, since, as far as she knows, no one can change directions while in mid-jump. "So that means you're envious of everyone? So full of envy, poor you. You should seek counseling." she jumps away again. "I know a good retirement house, y'know? Want the number? I could write to you in details, so our old brain can remember everything when you see the note?"

Envy lands and creates a second wall, this one connects to the first and comes off it at about a thirty degree angle. It looks like she just wanted July to move so that she could make that wall. She darts back now, toward the open space where there is no wall. It seems she's attempting to box July in. "They call me Envy because that's what everyone has when they see me. A beautiful and deadly woman who can make fine gems? I have never wanted for anything. I can buy whatever I want without effort." July now stands between Envy and the crystal walls. "You jump around too much. Let's see how you do in a confined space, shall we?"

July arches one eyebrow, "Really? Well, /I/ have everything a girl needs." she smirks, "I'm hot, I'm young, I never grow old, I can't get fat, no matter what or how much I eat, plus I'm popular at all parties I go to." she says as she looks up one wall for a moment, "As for you, you're a hag, bitter, not exactly beautiful, and you smell." she says before jumping and over the eight feet tall wall, her legs apparently growing slightly longer for the extra strength for the jump, and she lands on the wall surrounding the police officer. She stretches her arms to wrap around his waist, much against his protests, and she lifts him and places him on the floor, outside the cage. "Run, man, and call for special backup. This nutjob will be a tough one to crack." she tells him, and the guy runs away, hopefully to call backup.

The man is set down and slides past Envy. "You kidding me? That's Envy? I'm getting out of here!" He runs off toward the clearing. Who knows if he'll actually call for backup or not.

Eris does not seem alarmed as the man runs past her, she just offers him a smirk. "Oh look, even the novice cop knows of me." She glances at July "So that's how you did it. Well now I know how to defeat you, though it's no longer necessary. I simply wanted to know what you could do." She shrugs, apparently bored now. "And I'm so jealous. I wish I were trapped in a child's body, never to look old enough to even enter a bar or get my driver's licence. What a life that would be." She chuckles. "You don't actually expect me to believe that, do you?"

July smirks at that, looking at Eris, "Why don't we meet again in twenty years? I promise to visit you in your retirement house still looking my magnificent self. That is, if an old hag like you could last that long. You better start on a better diet then." she says, still perched on the top of the wall, before jumping away, landing several feet from the wall. "Not that it'd help you much from the looks of you."

It seems that Eris's pride is too great. "You know, if you want to try and piss someone off, you need to pick something that's actually wrong with them to make fun of. Calling me old or ugly won't do much, because I know I'm not. It would be like me making fun of your mustache." She snaps her fingers, causing the crystals around her to shatter and return to their original minerals. "Obviously you don't have one, so it's a futile effort." The sound of sirens can be heard approaching from the distance, but Envy seems unconcerned. She turns and begins to walk in the direction she was originally heading. "Thanks for that. Now if you ever decide to get in my way I know what I have to do to stop you."

July rubs her chin softly as Eris mentions the mustache. "Thanks. I shave every day." she says, "And, sorry, I didn't pick something's that really wrong with you because I thought it'd be a blow to your weak ego." she shakes her head, "And so you'll turn yourself in, then?"

Eris chuckles. "Turn myself in? I could stand here all day and the cops wouldn't approach until they were sure I was out of the area. Just watch, they'll get the go ahead to enter the park as soon as I'm gone." She holds up her hands in a mock shrug. "Guess some people just hold more respect than others." Truth is, the mafia has dropped protection on Envy. A few of the pocketed cops still respect the woman. The others who know who she is tend to be slightly terrified of her. "Well, have a nice run. And you dance like Richard Simmons."

July smiles, "Thanks. At least I dance like a human being, unlike you. You got finesse, but you need a lot of work. Oh, and your attitude sucks too." she says, smirking at the woman and crossing her arms, "You can't kill me. So, if you and I fight again, it won't end until either you surrender, or I beat you senseless." she warns.

Eris waves over her shoulder. "I don't have to kill you to beat you. Remember that. I beat that cop without killing him, I can do the same to you." She pauses and looks over her shoulder. "In fact, I bet I could think of a few ways to beat you." She laughs and continues forward, heading in the opposite direction from the sirens.

July smirks, "Oh yes, you have to. Because as long as I draw breath, I won't stop fighting to protect innocents." she says to Eris' back as she shakes her head softly. "While people like you would rather surrender than die."

~ Fin ~

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