2011-02-26: The Failed Assassination


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The Mayor, Police Chief William Raikov

Summary: Envy tries to assassinate the Mayor and Chief of Police. Iron Man & Emma Manage to stop her.

Log Title: The Failed Assassination

Rating: R

NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.


There is a rather large group of people gathered in the park today. Many of them are reporters, though there are some protestors with signs and a few holding photographs of Carmencita and Detective Baxter. The Mayor steps up onto a podium, frowning up at the greying sky and pulling down his hat as a few drops of rain fall out of the sky.

The Mayor holds up his hand for silence as he begins to speak, Police Chief Raikov standing next to him on stage. "People of New York. I would like to adress the situation that our brave Police have been attempting to solve for the past week. The death of an innocent woman, the murder of a police officer, and the kidnapping of a civillian. All of these events appear to stem from a few men who have abused their authority as officers of the law. I would like to stress that these men do not reperesent our police force at large. We are doing everything in our power to find them and bring them to justice."

Envy is standing in the crowd, wearing a brown coat over her usual black outfit. She had beaten some interesting information out of a drunk in Nowhere the other night. It would appear that the officers who took the bartender offered her safe return in exchange for the Mayor's life. To Envy this is a no brainer. The life of an oppressive human for the life of a mutant? Obvious choice. And what fortunate luck that the Police Chief himself is here as well. He can pay for the crimes of his men just in case they manage to escape her. She stands in the crowd near the protestors, deciding when the best time to strike will be. She'll have to use her abilities. There are too many officers around for her to have risked bringing a gun.

Lurking amongst the crowd of people supporting one cause or another due to recent tensions in the city is Tony Stark clad in jeans, sneakers, and a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up. In his left hand a a briefcase which may seem out of place given the way he's dressed. Was he officially on site? No. Was it a good idea to be present in case things went South? Of course. Skirting the edges of the crowd Tony is making his way towards the podium as casual as one can be while keeping an eye on the crowd and generally trying to avoid the press of said crowd. Hates crowds of people but what can he do?

And inside Tony's head, a familiar voice makes itself known as Emma Frost telepaths to him, despite all that mental training of his, «Really now, Anthony… this need of yours to play covert celebrity I will never understand. Just put on your favorite suit, rocket into the sky, and let be be.» He cannot see her bemused chuckle as she lingers herself among the press pool just behind the cameras so that her illusion of being a redheaded print correspondent from a little known mid-west paper is not broken. Of course some might complain a bit if they looked at her badge, and it's identification of one 'Lana Lang'. «Stopping a crime before it begins is honestly the best manner to do things… but all these pesky rules of yours would mean that it would actually be US committing the crime.»

The mayor drones on for several minutes about the importance of working together and mentions his plans to build a memorial for those who lost their lives in the Mutant Town Shootings. He uses this to bring up the fact that there may be a link between the Shooters and the officers currently wanted by the police.

There is a cry from the audience. "You hired men who tried to kill mutants for sport to run the Precinct in Mutant Town? No wonder they were always so late when those men were killing mutants!" The yell comes from a red haired woman near the protestors, and what she says gets them ralled up a bit. "And what are YOU doing to save Lil? You talk about peace and patience. Meanwhile those men are probably killing her!" Eris smirks as her words cause the protesters to kick back up louder than ever. If she's lucky a few of them will help out once she attacks.

A few noisy protesters distract Stark for a moment before he comes to a stop. «As much as I would love to crash this festive party I'm certain the mayor would rather I didn't.» The Mayor is continuing to point out the various reasons that people are less than thrilled with the state of the police presence in and around Mutant Town. «I am in the hopes that I will not be needed, hence my attractive ensemble. Speaking of, where are you /lurking/….» A audience member beings to stir up trouble in the audience catching his attention so the mental conversation with an old friend comes to an abrupt end. His pace towards the Mayor increases as he rubs his thumb over the handle of the briefcase.

Stark can almost feel the frown in her tone as Emma replies, «Lurking? Lurking… such an ugly word. There's a mental presence in the crowd that is lurking, and I cannot quite nail it down yet… but me? I would never stoop to such reprehensible behavior, Anthony. I should be insulted.» But she herself smiles as she ensures that her illusion persona 'tries' to shout questions every time another reporter does, so she's always cut off, never quite getting the timing right. In the meantime, once more the mental net is cast over the crowd as the telepath attempts to locate among the miasma of negative thoughts and emotions, anyone specific enough to wish harm, «I think I have it… definitely feminine… malicious… with an aftertaste of rightenous indignation.»

The Mayor looks a little concerned, turning toward the woman who is shouting. "I'm sorry, I'd prefer if all questions are held until the end. But no, we didn't know they were affiliated with the shooters. And yes it does make sense now in retrospect but we had no way of knowing back then."

Envy smiles at the Mayor. "Mayor, you are a fool. Your own officers want you dead. They offered Lil's freedom in exchange for your head, are you aware?" The officers near the Mayor on stage begin to move, a few on the outside of the crowd are moving toward the woman in the crowd now. Envy continues to smile. "So how about you do your part to protect the citizens of this city and DIE!" The woman flings her arm forward, launching a five foot crystal lance at the Mayor on stage. It appears to have come out of nowhere, growing out of the air as she mover her hand.

«Hmm, I should think spectating might be a more apt appraisal then.» Smirking as he pushes back his hood to take a look around the area about him. «Sounds like several of my previous conquests. Location?» As Tony continues his mental chat with Emma the dissenting voice grows louder, increasingly more hostile. «Never mind.» Already his clothing is torn off by the armor rising up from within his body coating him in gold and the briefcase in his hand pops open as the rest of the gear assembles around him. "Hey! It's Iron Man!" A nearby person exclaims waggling a finger at him as the lance erupts from Eris' position. The armored Avenger activates his boots sending him on a collision course with the projectile hoping that he'll get between the Mayor and it in time to at least deflect it.

Focusing on the Mayor, Emma uses her command of his mental processes to boost his adrenaline and endorphins to a fight-flight level, and then nudges his mind to make the mayor dive and roll to the right so that he can hopefully be out of the way of the javelin, while at the same time, she keeps him calm under pressure… giving the man a bit of a boost in morale for the troops. As for the rest, almost immediately, she nudges every mind she can in proximity… which is several hundred feet… to begin clearing out. All of it rather calm and rational in as much of a New York manner as possible. Even with the reporters, she gets them to scatter to positions where they can cover this and cover themselves. At the same time she moves with the group, keeping her focus, «Yes, she does sound like too many of your previous conquests. Please tell me your standards have not slipped that low yet?»

The Mayor is easily commanded by Emma, leaping to the side and rolling out of the way. Several of the officers on stage take shots at Eris, causing some panic in the crowd as they fire into it. The people around Eris scream and those around Tony cheer right before everyone seems to calm down and walk away. Iron Man does manage to knock that Javelin out of the way, causing it to impale the podium. Even if the Mayor was still standing where he was he'd be ok.

Envy calls out when Iron Man knocks her weapon out of the way. "Iron Man! You idiot bastard! Why can't you let me do some good once in a while!? That woman will die if I don't take that idiot out." Her body is beginning to crystallize under her clothing, leaving just her head as flesh. She does crystallize her skull however, not wanting to risk a headshot. The bullets fired at her ricochet off her body, two of them striking people in the audience.

Mentally snorting with amusement, «No, but it was a close call.» Coming to stand between Envy and the officers behind him, including the Mayor and the Chief, Stark advances towards Envy. "When're you going to learn that violence will not get you what you want? Do you honestly think that /they/ will release Lil if you do this? Stop this now, and tell me what you know. There's always another way…" Hopefully the police have enough sense to stop firing their weapons at a woman that can't be harmed by bullets. To Emma he asks, «Willing to give me a hand? Short of either breaking her in half or cuddling her for a flight to the nearest SHIELD prison while she stabs me to death with diamond spikes I'm a bit out of brilliant ideas.»

Emma cannot help but smile from her position, «Anthony Stark… are you asking me out? You're usually so much more charming with these kinds of things… ah well… I think you're right. This requires a woman's touch.» And with that she steps from the gaggle of press and starts walking towards the melee as it intensifies. Shedding her mental illusion, her heels clack on the cement while making her way towards Envy. White-clad lips smile a bit, "I must say… this is wholly expected. Immediately kowtowing to the desires of small men, with small minds, and small ambitions. I would have thought you'd be above such things." Not one to be unprepared against such a wild card, she tries to set up a perception shift on Envy's senses, putting her two feet to the left of where she is actually moving, plenty past where it would hurt anyone if it strikes.

Envy does not look happy. "Damn it Iron Man, get out of my way. This is far beyond you. If you really want I'll stop by sometime and we can slash each other up until the sun goes down. But only AFTER that bartender is out of harm's way." She shakes her head, "Who cares if they don't? If that Chief is killed? And the Mayor? It'll send a message to them. And who knows, maybe we'll get a mutant mayor." She casts two of her massive crystal stars at Tony.

Turning to Emma the woman pauses for a moment. Her coat billows open in a gust of wind, showing that her suit and her body have turned to what appears to be emerald. Apparently the woman had an outfit made of Unstable Molecules. "Who are you? Mind your own business!" Envy stomps on the ground, causing an array of crystal spines to erupt from the ground where she see's Emma to be. Fortunately for Emma, it is far enough away not to cause her harm.

With Envy having turned her focus towards Emma it gives Tony a moment to look about the area. A few people are down due to deflected bullets so a call is put in to get an Ambulance sent over with the instructions to stay clear of the injured until the area is safe. The Mayor and the Chief seem to be guarded by the available officers so that leaves Envy being irrational again. "You're doing more harm for mutants than good and you never seem to recognize that."

Tony knows that Emma can handle herself in this and he even teases about offering to take her to dinner if she's willing but no, he hadn't actually asked her out until just then. More important matters to attend to at the moment so Stark approaches with his hands out towards Envy as they spark with energy. Perhaps if he gets his hands on her she'll get a nasty taste of energy overload and everything will be over and done with.

"Who am I?" Emma says, in the tone of someone who's just been offended simply by the presence of another, "I'm the woman who has been doing this since before you consider crawling out from under your rock and spouting mutant supremacist dogma. Who am I? I am the one who has worked with the very best and the very worst this world has had to offer, and I have done so with a cunning, viciousness, and class that you could not even suffer to muster." Walking forward as she continues, "Who am I? I'm the young woman who suffered walking around in lingere in front of mysogynists who refused to acknowledge my power until it was too late, and they found themselves in over their heads." Stopping almost a foot from Envy, and crosses her arms under her bosom, "I am Emma Frost, Headmistress and Administrative Coordinator of a school you're attempting to recruit from. So…" Her voice going deadly quiet, "You have about three seconds to understand Who I Am… and then I would suggest you flee… Appropriately and vigorously.

Envy frowns at Iron Man as he approaches. "I'm not doing as much bad for mutants as someone who WISHES he was one of us who does nothing more than run around catching us and throwing us in cages." A diamond sword grows out of her hand and she points it at the approaching man. Emma's constant speaking has Envy annoyed however. The woman decides to strike at Emma instead of Iron Man, swinging her blade down in the wrong place again. "Damn it why can't I hit you!?" With her attention away from Iron Man he does indeed manage to grab Envy. The energy channels into her crystal body and builds up for a moment before exploding outward in a burst, tearing up the woman's coat and radiating the energy out at Emma and Tony. It would appear that whatever configuration her crystaline body is in right now is acting as a prism. Envy herself looks a little dazed after that blast, her head not being protected from the energy.

Envy frowns at Iron Man as he approaches. "I'm not doing as much bad for mutants as someone who WISHES he was one of us who does nothing more than run around catching us and throwing us in cages." A diamond sword grows out of her hand and she points it at the approaching man. Emma's constant speaking has Envy annoyed however. The woman decides to strike at Emma instead of Iron Man, swinging her blade down in the wrong place again. "Damn it why can't I hit you!?" With her attention away from Iron Man he does indeed manage to grab Envy. The energy channels into her crystal body and builds up for a moment before exploding outward in a burst, tearing up the woman's coat and radiating the energy out at Emma and Tony. It would appear that whatever configuration her crystaline body is in right now is acting as a prism. Envy herself looks a little dazed after that blast, her head not being protected from the energy.

Tony cocks his head to the side, "Where do you come up with this garbage? Never mind the fact the only people I put in jail are those that seek to harm others. Mutants, humans, aliens…whatever." A diamond sword being pointed in his direction is a small cause for concern but nothing that couldn't be dealt with. The energy reflected back sends Iron Man backwards towards the crystal impaled podium but he's no worse for wear other than being a bit rattled by the initial impact. With Envy appearing dazed the boot jets are kicked in and Tony attempts to get a shot in on her head in the hopes of knocking her out but there is no gaurantee that he'll get there before she clears the cobwebs.

Emma's mental illusion vanishes as the blast goes off, and she goes to cover her face from the blast with the arms of her jacket. The designer coat's combination of UM, and micromesh Shi'ar fibres bleeds most of it off as heat without a scorch mark. But that doesn't change the fact that as she moves back up, the woman frowns a bit, "This is why I do not leave campus anymore… no one in this insufferable new generation of heroes and villains appreciates good dialogue… nor witty repartee." Checking her hair for a moment, she then focuses herself back on Envy… and throws a mental lance at the woman, meaning to scramble her neurons even further, and let Tony to do his job, "Iron Man… setting aside our history… would you take this person someplace more agreeable to her temperment?"

Envy manages to shake off being dazed to crystallize her head, causing her entire body to become Emerald. She turns to Iron Man as he comes flying toward her and braces herself, holding the sword pointed at him in hopes that he will impale himself on her blade when he strikes. Emma's mind lance causes her to falter slightly, turning the blade to the side before Iron Man strikes her. The blow causes her to fly back several yards, landing on the ground with a clanking noise and leaving a nasty dent in the grass. The gardener will be displeased. Envy begins to stand and grabs her head, shaking it a bit. She looks at Emma. "Why would you work with this idiot? With your skills you could easily rule this city."

The sword strike goes wide thankfully not clipping any vulnerable connection points but his ego has taken a blow. Stark's faith in the NYPD and S.H.I.E.L.D. to keep Envy locked up this time is about as far as he could throw the Helicarrier. "I've taken her out a few times but she doesn't seem to want to roll with a G6." With Envy still dealing with Emma's mental barbs he makes another attempt on Envy not to blast her nor knock her out but to physically grab her taking her for a joy ride up above the park and through the skyscrapers to the wonderous land known as a prison catering to the super powered and mutant kind.

"Yes, rule the city… until someone comes along and ousts me from my throne… or try for the world… only to have someone kick the door in, and ruin the mood. My dear… you simply do not understand that in this world… the proverbial good guys almost always come out on top. Don't worry… it took me a good decade or more to figure that one out." Said while Emma refocuses on her foe, and starts trying to work her mental fingertips around that hate and powerful motives, looking for the little chinks she can attack once more, and take the woman down, "You're angry. I see that… I can see much… like… well then… well, well, well… what pretty little things we have inside this glass house." And then Envy alone hears, «Shall I begin casting stones, darling?»

Envy turns back to Iron Man and lifts her sword once more. She watches him while speaking to Emma. "The so called good guys are going to get our race destroyed. Can't you see that? Or do you choose to ignore that?" She begins to falter slightly. "What are you…Get our of my head!" She drops her sword and sways slightly, grabbing at her head before Iron Man grabs her up. She is quiet for a few seconds before seeming to realize what is going on. "Damn it, put me down! This is….Oh God we're high! Put me down!" She squirms slightly and pounds on the man's shoulder, her crystal fists clanking against the metal. After a moment the woman turns from green to white, changing her composition to diamond. As they fly over a particularly high building the woman draws back her left hand and extends diamond spears from her fingertips. She is aiming them at Iron Man's shoulder, hoping to cause the man to drop her over this building.

Excellent teamwork leads to Envy sailing above the city in the arms of her least favorite person in the world, for now, and the recent past. "You're in no position to make demands, Eris." A stress put upon her real name as she beats away at his suit ineffectively. "Will you knock it off? I want to help the kidnapped woman, and to some extent you but not if you're going to continue being a lunatic." Then the woman shifts into her diamond form attempting to skewer him with elongated fingernails. "Are you still trying to kill me with flawed structures? Don't make me drop you in the bay. Calm down." Course she manages to jab away finding an area not heavily protected by armored plating where the needle like diamonds push through flesh causing him to bobble his hold on the woman sending her plummeting perilously towards the edge of a building.

Emma's influence can be felt by Tony in that suddenly the spot has no pain in it, other than the ache of penetration, followed by the faint mental voice of Ms. Frost as she sends to Tony, «Now now… much as I would relish one less unstable person in the world… no sense in letting you fall into guilt. Thank you for making use of my bluff. Now… I have to erase myself from the scene, and give you all the glory. Let us say… you owe me, Anthony Stark. And if it's not at least four star… I will guarantee you hear of it.» And with that, Emma settles into the routine of mentally manipulating those who saw her, or potentially recorded her into erasing or editting her from any footage, changing her presence into someone else people have seen here or there… making her seem like she might even be one of the current Avengers in civilian garb trying to help… whatever makes them believe the easiest.

Envy laughs as Tony speaks to her. "I'm sure, Tony." She uses his name as well. "But I'd rather do things myself. Only way I know things are done right." Once she is dropped Envy strikes the side of the building while falling at an angle. She smashes through the windows on the side of the building and actually breaks through the floor of the first two stories she lands in before coming to a stop on a rather shocked looking man's desk. After a few minutes the woman is back up, dusting herself off and moving toward one of the stairways. "Stupid Avengers…Always getting in my way."

~ Fin ~

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