2009-06-27: The Family Life


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Summary: The Parker-Mayfair family enjoy a nice family night with Chinese Takeout.

Date: June 27, 2009

Log Title The Family Life

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Living Room

While it's not an excessively decorated living room, it does have all the necessities. There is a large comfy-looking blue sofa with a matching loveseat and chair next to it. The three are all angled around a nice large-screen TV with all the accoutrements. The excess decorating has not been done… for a reason. The owner apparently knows someone else will want to do that.

It's been a long day for Chrisotpher, he's had to work open to close at the salon and so on his way home he picked up some take out chinese for the family and now sits on the couch, relaxed, eating some pork lomein out of the container. The television is the Food Network and Christopher is watching making mental notes for future cooking ideas.

Jeri is sitting, happily, next to Christopher, eating his Kung Pao Chicken. He deftly uses chopsticks as well, being quite talented with them. "Normal life." He says softly, nudging Christopher with a shoulder, smiling around a mouthful of food as he points his sticks to each of the boys. Ricky is out tonight, taking a night class somewhere.

Eddie is missing Ricky a little even though he knows he'll be back soon. Dressed in shorts and a Spider-Man t-shirt, he's sitting on the couch and leaning against Christopher. He's fumbling with the chopsticks but he's also got a spork in there too. Seems he wants to try both. He's yet used to the fact that the scars from his face are gone but he's also keeping mostly quiet about it.

Jared eats like the heathen Californian he is, out of the several boxes of food he ordered with chopsticks. He also eats like the teen male with a higher than average metabolism he is, slurping up almost comicaly large amounts of noodles form one box before attacking his seaseme chicken. "There is no normal. It a lie if there ever was one."

"Well there's what feels normal to us Jared. Right now, sitting around with my husband and boys eating chinese, is normal." Christopher says with a chuckle as he reaches over trying to give Eddie some tips on eating with Chopsticks. "I'm just happy you boys are home, it was getting quiet here without you."

Now that things are actually back to normal, Jeri has time to notice certain things. "Hey, Eddie? Turn to the light a little." He says, around a mouthful of food. "And yes, Jared. For US, this is normal. A big, healthy, happy family."

Eddie pays close attention to the tips, ending up breaking a stick in half. Frowning, he looks up at Chris. "Sorry," he says, setting them aside. "I'm glad we're back. It was kinda fun being all time traveling and we got some cool clothes but…I missed everyone," he says. Jeri gets the teen to blink and Eddie turns to the right, not sure if that's what was meant.

Jared does his best to keep the noodle slurps quiet but they taste too good to eat that slowly. Jared nods along with Eddie, "It was kinda fun, Never would have thought the fish and chips near a nuclear research lab could be as good as the ones I had while in Englend in the 80's. Jared watches carefully as Jericho has Eddie move so he can get a better look, slowly starting to count down from 13 in his mind.

"Don't be sorry Eddie, it's just chopsticks." Christopher says with a chuckle inbetween bites of food. "Well any stories you wish to share feel free, and I would love to try fish and chips in England someday. Actually that would be fun, going around the world just trying different foods." He looks curiously at Eddie as Jeri tells him to turn to the light.

Jeri picks up a picture from beside the couch as he sets his food down. It's a picture of Eddie. He holds it next to Eddie's face and points out something to Christopher, while whispering to him. Afterwards, he pulls back. "Yeah, it beats my story of 'My fun time life in Genosha!'" He chuckles.

Eddie perks up. "I only got to eat this cooked bean stuff in Arizona. It was good but I like Dad's cooking better," he says, giving Chris a nudge. He then grins. "Me and Julian got to team up with the Avengers and the Young Avengers to fight a bunch of kree and skrull and it was awesome and Julian got stuck in Ms. Marvel's costume and I got to mimic Spider-Man!" he says. When Jeri holds up the picture and whispers, Eddie just blinks. "What…what's going on?"

Jared grins and nods, "Two most interesting things to happen to me were getting to meet Captain Brittan before he became Captain Britan and got to meet Iron Man in the future. After confirming who I was Iron Man mentioned I was apparently chasing down some students that stole a jet…or something like that. Ohh, and Hulkling form the Young Avengers grows up to be a serious hottie." Jared watches his fathers and Eddie and does not say anything.

"That's really no surprise there, students stealing the Blackbird." Christopher says with a chuckle as it just happened last week. "Wow, that sounds…overwhelming." Christopher says to all of their travels as he's happy to stay in his own timeline. He listens to Jeri and nods. "Oh wow, you're right, I'm surprised I didn't see it before. I'm usually more observant."

"You? Me, too. Considering that I'm PAID to observe." Jeri chuckles. "Did you mimic any regenerators while you were out, Eddie?" He asks, putting the picture down as he goes back to his dinner and looks down at Jared. "Yeah, we had students steal one last week. Did good on the field though."

Eddie blinks several times, squirming as Chris and Jeri look him over. "What are you talking about?" he asks quietly. Then they mention regenerators and Eddie turns bright read. "I mimiced Jared a lot…and Hulkling too. I was gonna try Wolverine too but then I got knocked off a building and mimiced Spider-Man instead," he admits. "Who stole the Blackbird?"

'SLUUUURRP!' Jared finishes up his noodles looking at Jericho with a small half smile on his face before waving at him with his chop sticks. "He copied me big time in the last fight with Dr Sting, but the night sandwiched between him and Dai probably had a lot to do with his missing scars…."

Christopher chuckles at Jeri and nods. "That explains it, and why the scars on your face are gone, kiddo." Christopher says to Eddie with a chuckle. "Oh a handful of kids stole the blackbird to go do something about our powers being swapped. As much as I don't approve of it, Jeri's right, they did well."

"I think it was Lightning Lass that actually PILOTED the Blackbird, but… lemme think. Robyn with a y. Leo. Ebony. Owen. Skyler in the form of Logan. Nate. I can't recall if any others were there or not. And… Leo snuck out and went with the X-Men, too. Glad he's going back to his old powers. Maybe he'll be less of a handful. Darkforce and that boy didn't mix. Heard so many complaints about his attitude. People wondering what was wrong with him." Jeri says with a shrug.

Eddie blinks, reaching up to rub the area above his eyebrow where the scar used to be. He offers a small smile. "Most of my other scars are gone too," he admits. There's a pause. "And umm…something else changed," he says, blushing and looking from Jeri to Jared and back again. He then frowns when the list of students is mentioned. "I'm glad they got their powers back and didn't get hurt," he says, still feeling bad about not being around to help with that.

Jared listens and nods, "I can see Leo, Owen, and Nate doing that…" He does not add that if he were there he would probably be right with them. "I have heard stories, but I just can't see it. Leo with darkforce powers or an attitude that is. Its just…not him. I mean, I have know him longer than anyone else I know thats alive, and I jsut can't see him as anythign else but…well a bright light." At the mention of something else changing Jared stops with a peice of chicken held in his chop sticks half way to his mouth and just looks at Eddie wondering what he could mean.

"I believe July and Kael were the other two." Christopher says with a nod. "Leo was much different than he usually was, I'm glad to see him back to normal. He became a very difficult student." Christopher says happy that he's back to his bouncy self. "But I have my light powers back and Jeri has his strength and speed back so I'm grateful there."

Jeri thinks about it for a minute then begins to laugh. "Ed… Trust me. Talk to Jared about it. He'll help you through it." He slaps his leg loudly, grinning as he leans over to whisper to Christopher. "Trust me. I had to help him through it. He can help you with it. Remember. Wash under it." He can't help it. It's just too funny for him. He's had his all his life, so it's no big deal to him.

Eddie just blushes furiously and nods. He focuses on peering into his take-out box and trying to get the couch to aborb him. He glances up at Jared a few times then turns back to his food. Embarrassed Eddie.

Jared makes a sound rather like one that would be expected from Eddie when he is both seriously surprised and emberrassed at the same time. As he does so the chopsticks he is holding slide right past each other and cause the piece of chicken he was about to eat to drop to the floor. Realizing just what is being talked about he blushes and coughs a couple of times before grabbing a napkin and trying to clean up the lost bit of chicken. "Sorry, sorry about dropping that…"

After the whisper, Christpher can't help but chuckle at the same time. "That's not a bad thing Eddie." He says shaking his head with a smile. "Don't worry about it Jared, Nova will pick it up. And I bet Nova was happy to see you Eddie, I know he missed you in the last month." Christopher says finishing up his dinner. "Don't be so embarassed Eddie, we're your fathers, we're supposed to know everything about you. Just because we didn't get the chance to see you naked as a baby doesn't mean that we shouldn't know." He further teases.

"And if I had my way, neither one of you would have grown up without that." Jeri specifies quickly. "Religious ritual mutilation." He rolls his eyes. yeah. He doesn't like that at all. "Jared, it's no big deal. This is your home. We all drop stuff from time to time. It's really ok." He chuckles, just enjoying the family gathering. He picks a long pepper out of his kung pao and looks around for a soup lid to place it on. After all, you don't eat those things.

"Daaaaaaa~aaaaads!" Eddie exclaims, still red. As if on cue, Nova's there and eating up the dropped food. He lets out a happy bark before sniffing around for more. Eddie smiles at his dog and offers scritches. "I missed him too. Missed everyone," he says.

Jared blushes red too, but does not make the plaintive wine. Sure he might squeek on occasion but that is just not him. "Yeah, I know, but still hate making a mess, and I know just how hard soy sauce based sauces like the one for this stuff are to get out of carpet. Missed both of you dads, along with Leo and the rabbit."

Christopher looks at Jared and smiles. "Jared, with my powers, nothing can stain anything." He's never been one to worry about stains since he can get them out the easy way after washing. "I missed you boys as well." Christopher also feels a bit warm and fuzzy inside now that Jared's referring to them as 'dads'. "Here hon." Christopher says handing Jeri the souplid so he can put the pepper on it.

"But we're all here and back together again. So everything is fine. No more traipsing through time, and we won't do anything too dangerous." Jeri says with a grin as he places the pepper down. "And everyone's powers are back to normal." He says with a firm nod.

Eddie pouts slightly. "Awww, but I wanted to go back in time and meet you guys when you were teenagers," he makes a joke. "Or go see Captain America before he was Captain America," he adds, leaning against Chris a bit.

Jared snorts a little and leans back against the couch still sitting ont he floor. "Naw, if I time travel again I want to hit the future. Give me a chance to see what Dai and I are gonna look like. Or maybe hit the far future, see if everyone remembers Mister Faith like they do Captain America…although that one is kind of a given."

Christopher browraises at Eddie. "Didn't you meet us as Teenagers when Jeri and I had our ages degressed to kids?" He reaches over and ruffles Eddie's hair before reaching for a fortune cookie. "I don't think I'd like to time travel at all. I like living in the moment and watching my family grow."

"Worse than teenagers. PREteenagers." Jeri laughs softly. "AND teenagers afterwards. Be glad you missed THAT one, Jared. Christopher and I were stuck at ten years old, running around the mansion still holding our classes." He shakes his head softly. "With powers." He coughs and places his food on the table before grabbing his glass of juice. Of course… Cranberry. Well, White Cranberry Peach tonight.

Eddie squeaks when ruffled. "It's not the same thing," he protests, sticking his tongue out at Chris as Nova sits at his feet. He then blushes furiously a what Jared says. "I'm not gonna be that famous…and I was thinking I might change my codename but Ricky likes Faith and I sorta do too so I dunno."

Jared gives a little laugh and shakes his head. "You two as ten year olds…kind of a scary thought there. Especially with your powers and still holding classes." Jared reaches over to grab his own drink taking a nice big gulp before saying, "At least you have a decent code name bro. Best I have is Medic, and that jsut does not strike fear in the hearts of evil doers."

"Well it's not as bad as your father and I being called Buff and Shine." Christpher says with a chuckle but he's not going to be changing his name anytime soon. "Being kids wasn't so bad, it was..I don't know, it gave Jeri and I bonding experience. And what codenames would you be thinking of chaning it to Eddie?"

Eddie nods to Jared. "It was scary," he says, glancing at the parents. He then shrugs. "I was thinking about Paladin but someone's using it and Ricky suggested Zealot…but Faith does fit. Think I'll just change it to just 'Faith' instead of Mister Faith…" he trails off. "What about like…Red Cross, or what that snake thingy is called?" he suggests to his brother.

Jared nods as he listens, "Faith does work really well for you bro. Hmm, Lifeline has kinda the same problem Medic does, and Succur? Really? That is just begging for the kinds of jokes the Young Avenger Wiccan avoided by changing from Asgardian. Bro, Red Cross is kinda taken…by the Red Cross…althoug Cauduces… that sounds pretty good in fact."

"I actually like Medic as a codename. I don't think it's that bad." Christopher says. "Do you think a name like Shine is really scary and intimidating codenamee, but it works for my powers and who I am." Christopher says thinking a codename is something that should represnt you and not strike fear. "And Faith or Mr. Faith, I think both are fine Eddie."

"Caduceus is a mouthful and just a little overbearing. It's the staff of a god. Are you claiming to be connected to a god?" Jeri asks with a chuckle as he rises, stretching his arms over his head. "I think I'm going to spend a little time in the hot tub then head to bed."

Eddie snickers when Jared mentions Wiccan's former codename. "I'll just keep my codname for now…" he murmurs, planning a few things. "If the god were Thor or Hercules…" he starts to say very quietly. When he realizes what he almost said, Eddie squeaks and blushes. "I think the hot tub's a good idea."

Jared shrugs, and thinks Shine works perfect for Christopher, but unlike Jared he is not exactly the kind that wants to go and viciously thrash a mugger. "Ok, Caduceus is a bit of a mouthful…" As for the rest Jared does have to bite his tongue to keep from saying the first thing that comes to his mind at the mention of being the staff of a God. Of course suddenly Eddie mentions Thor and Hercules and he has to laugh, "Thor I can agree with, even Ares, not too huge a fan of Herculeses' look. Hmm, time in the hot tube sounds like a fun idea."

Christopher chuckles at Eddie and Jared and shakes his head. "Okay, the hot tub sounds good, I'll clean up the food in here a bit and then I'll join you love." Christopehr says as he stands up giving Jeri a kiss, then Eddie and Jared each a kiss on the head. "It sounds like the perfect way to relax before going to bed." He says as he starts to clean up and head into the kitchen.

Jeri shamelessly gets up and begins to walk to the back of the house, taking clothing off as he goes, hanging it over a chair near the door out the back. Yup. No shame from Jeri. "See y'all when you get out here."

Eddie blushes furiously before following after Jeri. He'll wait till he gets down there to strip.

Jared freezes for a moment as he getts the kiss atop of his head. As Jeri starts to strip he grins and strips out of his shirt first tossing it by where Jeri did. As Eddie heads off ahead of him Jared stops for a moment to give Chris a quick out of nowhere hug and then runs after the rest of the family prepairing to loose all he is wearing before slipping into the hot tub.

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