2010-06-14:The First Day


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Summary: Kaji comes over to Tony's apartment for his first day. Cameo appearance by Pepper Potts(PB:Baccus)

Date: June 14, 2010

Log TitleThe First Day

Rating: PG

NYC Stark Towers- Personal Residence

Just outside of the elevator doors there are large potted plants on either side. The living space houses a spacious kitchen off to the right and an enormous living room. The living room houses several pieces of black leather furniture, a long glass coffee table, a dining set near the far wall, and various pieces of artwork. In front of the couch in the middle of the living room there is a large flat panel television surrounded by a host of electronic devices. A bathroom for guests is located in a nearby hallway that leads to a set of double doors. Behind the double doors is the master bedroom and bath.

The time is about mid day, and the action on the 93rd floor of the Stark Towers is all ready in full swing. Music is blaring from behind the closed doors at the end of the hall where Tony Starks bedroom is. After a quick shower Tony pulls on a pair of dress pants, a dark gray button up shirt, and leaves a tie wrapped undone around his neck. He flings the double doors to his room open and strides out towards the kitchen. On the counter top bar he grabs his cell and quickly texts Kaji that he's up and to come over.

With the text received, Kaji starts his way over towards the building; swerving through traffic as he rides over on his motorcycle. Granted, due to some road blocks, it takes him a good bit of time to get to the building. Muttering to himself as he locks his bike up, the mutant heads inside of the building. Not really sure what to saw to the person at the front desk, if there is any.

At the information desk in the middle of the lobby the attendants have a file folder. The name of Kaji Aldewolf is written across the center in Tony Starks messy handwriting. A post it inside the folder reminds Kaji to use the number that was text-ed to him as the pass code to gain access to the 93rd floor.

Kaji nods a thanks to the attendant as he receives the file folder and he opens it up. A soft hm before he flips his phone open, scrolling through the texts as he gets into the elevator once it reaches his floor. Mumbling to himself the number as he punches it in. The door closes, and up the machine goes.

With a cup of coffee all ready in him and working on another Tony is wandering around his living room picking up various odds and ends that he left out the previous night. He is just placing the last device in a box when the elevator alerts him to its arrival. Tony sets the box and his mug down on the dining room table before making his way over to the opening doors.

Kaji steps out of the elevator, waving a hand in front of his face for a second before he looks over at Tony and smiles a bit. "Sorry it took me a while. Traffic got blocked up a few blocks over. Seems people can't not stop hitting those fire hydrants."

"Another cabbie?" Tony grins and waves Kaji inward. "Welcome to my humble abode. Would you care for a drink? I've got about everything imaginable tucked away somewhere." Tony proceeds Kaji into the main area of the home then heads off towards the kitchen. "I'll have to get a scan of your hand into my computer. Coupled with a code you put in, that will give you access to my personal areas."

Kaji shakes his head. "Actually, it was a van I think it was. Probably be on the news in an hour or so." He looks around the floor, whistling softly as he spins a bit as he walks. "Are you going to have to scan both hands?" He smirks a bit before he says, "I'll just take a Coke or something. Not really that thirsty."

Tony enjoys getting to play gracious host for once. Opening the fridge he pulls out a can of Coke and sets it down near Kaji. "Your left hand is all I need, preferably still attached." Tony mentally cringes remembering the dismembered arms he saw just two days back. "The stuff in the folder is paperwork, which I detest, but it must be done. After that bit of unpleasantness things will never be that monotonous again."

Kaji laughs a bit, stretching his arms over his head a bit as he shifts into his anthro form; his tail swishing behind him as it forces itself through the velcro'd hole in the back. "For security reasons, would ya like this left hand?" A wolfish grin as he waves the aforementioned hand.

Thinking about it Tony points with a single finger at Kaji, "Not a bad idea. Need both of them. For the most part you'll be with me in human form but I'm not about to discount that you might need to gain access to restricted areas in this form."

The door to the apartment swings open and a feminine voice calls out loud enough to be heard throughout the rooms. "Tony, I have a few things here that I need you to sign for that Kawasaka deal next Tuesday. Also, you've got an appointment with Mr. Schoub at three, and don't cancel it this time. That would make the fourth time this month. You're going to have to deal with him sooner or later, the longer you put off the paternity test the more…" the voice rambles to a stop as Pepper walks in with Tony and… a wolf. The redhead grins at the newcomer as Pepper slides up to her boss and says sotto voice through her teeth, "Tony… I didn't know you were in the habit of picking up strays…."

Kaji flicks an ear as he hears Pepper's stray comment, and his tail does this little flick thing before he turns his head; the corner of his muzzle curled up in a smirk. "Sorry, but what you see here is purebred wolf." He winks a bit before he looks back at Tony and says with a laugh, "Least I'll be able to get in no matter how I look the, eh?" His tail is now swaying, Kaji's definitely amused.

Tony tries hard not to let a laugh slip loose at Pepper's terrible joke; he fails. The situation is made even more difficult by Kaji's apparent amusement. Tony reaches up with a hand to cover his ear splitting grin. "Play nice," he manages. "Pepper, I haven't been canceling, merely unavailable for such ridiculous accusations." He turns to pull out Pepper's resident coffee mug and pour her a cup to sit down on the counter before her. "Pepper, this is Kaji, my new personal guard."

Pepper gives Tony an incredulous look, right before flashing Kaji a polite smile. "Excuse us one moment," she asks of him, before dragging Tony off to one corner of the kitchen. "/Bodyguard/?" She hisses softly. "What are you /thinking/? Wait. Don't answer that." She pinches the bridge of her nose. This is going to be one of those days. "Do you even know this guy at all? And /why/ do you need a bodyguard at all?"

Kaji takes a drink of his soda, he can hear everything that they're saying. What with the hearing of a wolf and all. He grins a bit, as he moves to sit down; pulling a pencil out of his coat pocket as he starts to fill out the paperwork.

Being manhandled by Pepper Potts is one of the highlights of Tony's day. He leans back against the cabinet behind him trying to look the picture of devilish innocence. "He can hear you, Pep. There's no need to whisper." He tries to soften the blow by taking the files from her hand. "I know him well enough. Well, enough information that I need to know. Are you worried I'll lose my renters insurance for having a dog?"

"You can't even take care of a goldfish," Pepper says, still hissing softly. "And even if he /can/ hear me, it doesn't mean he has to /listen/. And that's besides the point! You can't go running around willy nilly any body you meet off the street as your personal bodyguard." She raises on her toes to look over Tony's shoulder to eye Kaji with emerald green eyes. "Have you done the background checks? At least?"

Kaji glances up to meet Pepper's eyes with his own golden ones, and he smiles just a bit before he goes back to filling out that paper work, the tip of his tail flicking in amusement next to his leg as a footpaw just bobs to whatever tune is playing through his mind right now.

Tony rolls his eyes looking put upon. He passes Kaji heading out into the living space towards where his coffee is getting cold on the dining room table. "Of course I did. If you'd give me a chance to explain I could tell you what happened." Tony picks up his mug and drinks slowly. "I'm not forming a posse if that's what you're worrying about."

Pepper storms after Tony. "Well, I wouldn't know, since this is exactly the kind of thing you like to do without telling me." Her hands flail about her in frustration. "As far as I know this is the beginning of an obsession of Japanese children's cartoons. Gotta employ 'em all!"

Kaji can't help but chuckle softly as he flips another page. Filling that one out before he taps his pencil against his nose. He goes back to filling out the paper as he looks back at Tony and Pepper for a second.

"I was going to tell you! I just woke up an hour ago. What was I supposed to do? Text you from the shower? Which I would do by the way." Tony sets his coffee back down to start fussing with his tie. "Look, I want to step out once and awhile. The fact that I can have someone along that I could have a bit of fun with let alone not have to worry about them if something pops up is what I was thinking." He walks over towards Kaji to see how he's doing. "This happens all the time," he says softly.

Pepper habitually bats Tony's hands away from the tie and starts to fix it for him. "What you could do is wake up at a reasonable hour," she chides, less angry now. Once she's sure he looks reasonably professional (as much as he ever can) she gives the tie one final tug and nods. "Okay. As long as you know what you're doing." She, then, turns to Kaji and commands. "Mr. Schoub. Three. Make sure he's there or I'll schedule a visit to the vet." With that she turns on heel and walks out of the apartment. Just like that.

Kaji blinks a bit as he gets an order from Pepper, and his maw just hangs open for a second. He blinks a few more times before he looks over at Tony, his maw slowly closing as he says, "She can't be serious… can she?" He laughs a bit before he stands up, and clears his throat. "… Wow."

"Oh, she's serious." Tony can't help but grin at Pepper's abrupt exit. All seemed to be going great this morning which was always preferable in his world. "I have to sign off on a few things but feel free to ask me any questions you have. I know I didn't get into any details last night."

Kaji laughs a bit, setting the file of paper down on the table near him. He even took the time to scrawl 'Fenrir' in stylized font under his name. "Well, I guess the first thing is that, what kind of benefits would I be getting with this?"

Tony sits down at the dining room table with the files that Pepper had left. As he pulls out a pen from the box he replies, "Everything standard applies. 401k, medical…except as you are in far more danger than an accountant I take care of anything that comes up." The first page gets signed then the next before Tony speaks again. "If we leave the country I will also be taking care of everything. Travel and accommodations, whatever comes up."

Kaji blinks a bit as that last part and he smirks. "Wonder how often I can get past security as a wolf before I need a passport," muses the mutant before he sits down. He crosses his arms over the table before he gets back up to go grab his soda. "How often do you leave the country?"

"Depends on what's happening. Some months I don't leave the States. Others I am bouncing countries faster than I can change a pair of socks." Tony continues to go through each and every page that needs to be looked over and signed off on. For a moment he is lost in thought which becomes obvious when he stops writing all together. "There's also the off chance that I decide I want dinner in France and hop on the jet at random. Forewarning."

Kaji blinks a bit and whistles. "Guess I get to see a lot of the world then. Always wanted to go to France." He sits back down, turning the chair around as he sits in it. "Bout how much am I going to be getting paid to be your guard dog?"

Tony pulls out a piece of paper from the box and scrawls down an impressive number then pushes the paper across the table. He leans back into his chair setting the pen down. "I'm not going to beat around the bush because you deserve a fair picture of what you're getting into. When I'm not dealing with the government I am constantly tied up in business meetings, appearances and helping the Avengers."

He gives Kaji a moment to let things sink in before he continues. "Most of the time you may get bored. Some of the time you may need to keep people away from me if we're out and about. Other times you may have to buy me some time to assemble my armor if the situation arises. I am hoping to keep the latter to a minimum. For the most part this should be a win-win proposition. You get a big check, and see the world. I get to walk around whatever city I'm in and forget I'm Tony Stark for five minutes."

Kaji looks down at the number on the paper and lets out another low whistle. Those gears in his mind are already turning on how well he's going to live from now on. Then he looks up at Tony, listening intently on what he's going to be put through. The Avengers bit gets his attention, and he blinks a bit at that. "Hopefully they don't frown upon me." He lets out a soft laugh before he nods. "I'm sure that I can keep people away from you." Not many people go up to a guy with a wolf next to him. Anthro or not. He grins a bit and says, "I'll do my best to try and give you more than five minutes."

“Done deal then," Tony smiles as he checks his watch to see what the time is. There is still an hour or so to hash out a few things. "I've taken the liberty of transferring funds into your bank account this morning so that you can go out and pick up a few suits. I hate wearing them myself but its a necessary evil. I've also gotten to work on that design I started last night. I may have a prototype ready in a few days for you to test out."

Kaji blinks a bit at the mention of funds, and he pulls out his cellphone; flipping it open as claws tap against the keys for a moment. A second passes by before his phone lets out a low growl and he blinks a bit. "Wow." That's definitely enough for a few suits. At the mention of the armor, he looks up with a laugh, "Really? Damn, you work fast."

Tony taps the dining room table with one hand. "Its how I work." He straightens up the stack of papers then takes his mug back to the kitchen to sit in the sink. "I have two meetings today," he announces while walking back from the kitchen. "After that I can stop off at the Avengers Mansion and see if anyone's about to introduce you too. If anything you'll get to meet Jarvis."

Kaji stands up as well from the table, and he looks down at his street clothes. "You know, I'm pretty sure that business people would frown upon me walking next to you in these clothes. Think I should assume the guise as your new dog?" He chuckles a bit at the question as he slips his hands into his pockets. "After that, between the mansion visit, we could probably get me some actual suits?"

Wishing that corporate meetings could be held in jeans and a t-shirt is Tony's dream. He feels the most comfortable covered in grease with a slight hint of burnt wiring smell lingering about him. "When I'm at one of the plants feel free to wait in my office or roam around. We'll get you a card key when we get there. Let's get your paw prints into the computer and we can talk more heading over to SI."

Kaji chuckles a bit. "Gotcha. Guess I'll just surf the web or something." He shrugs a bit before he starts to head over towards the man. "Lead the way." Since he doesn't know where to go. "By the way, can I tell anyone that I'm your body guard? Or is it all hushhush."

"Everyone at Stark Enterprises will have a memo detailing what they need to know. As for the rest of the free world its a bit of both." Tony leads Kaji down the hall and into his bedroom. The large screened panel resting on the desk is what he's after. Tony punches in a few things then rests the panel down at the foot of the bed. "Plop a paw on there and then tap in a code you'll remember. It'll be obvious that you're with me but I'm hoping that when we're just out having a drink for instance, we're not going to attract attention."

Kaji nods a bit. "I can only imagine the email I'm going to get from my mother." He smirks before he puts a paw down onto the pad; punching in easy code for him to remember. He lifts that paw up once told to, and then shifts only that hand human and looks back over at Tony. "Ready for the human hand now?"

Tony looks down and taps commands into the panel to bring up a blank slate, "There you go." He takes a moment to grab his wallet and sunglasses off the dresser. "I'm sure your mother won't believe you. We could put a photo up on your Myspace page."

Kaji puts his human hand down onto the screen, punching in his code so it links it to the same name. He looks back over at Tony, shifting his hand back to wolf as he says, "Sadly, I don't have a Myspace. Though I'm sure you do." He rubs his hands together a bit. "Ready to set out?"

With the information saved into the computer and backed up across his private network, Tony goes about getting what he needs then enters the elevator with Kaji to head down to the garage where Happy should be waiting with the car. "You may want to go incognito till you have to be otherwise. Not that there's a thing wrong with the fur. Hopefully we won't have to play that card for awhile."

Kaji grabs the shoes and socks he discarded when he shifted, and he meets Tony in the elevator as he shifts back to human. Sitting down to put them back on as he says, "It's a shame. It's always so much fun to be in that form." He chuckles a bit before he stands back up, straightening out his clothes as much as he can as he smirks. "Hopefully Happy isn't too … angry?"

Tony shakes his head from side to side as if to say, 'heh..what a conversation that turned out to be.' It was hard to explain to Happy that there were just some situations that his friend would be unable to handle. With the ever increasing attacks between humans, mutants and various super beings, it wasn't looking to be simple any longer. Tony didn't want to have Happy end up hurt was the bottom line. "He understood what was going on. He doesn't like it but he can't argue with my logic. My friends a boxer. I don't want him faced with someone like Magneto just because he's with me. You know?"

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "That's good. I'd hate for there to be animosity between us." He puts his hands in his pockets and asks, "Am I going to have to say 'sir' when we're in public? Or can I just not say that."

"You won't have to call me sir. For the most part everyone calls me, Tony. The only time they don't is if we're in meetings or its something with the media involved. When in doubt use whatever you think is appropriate to the situation." The elevator doors open allowing the two men to step out directly into the garage level where a black Rolls waits. Happy is leaning against the side of the car and offers up a greeting. "Happy, Kaji..etc." Happy offers up his hand to Kaji and welcomes him to the team. Tony relays the agenda as he gets into the car.

Kaji nods a bit. "Gotcha." He steps out of the elevator and gives Happy's hand a shake and thanks for the welcome before he gets into the car. "Remind me to upgrade my bike to something more Stark style." Which probably means really fast, really sleek, and probably black.

The car gets under way and pulls out into the New York daily traffic nightmare. Tony pulls out the small computer pad that Kaji saw last night at the cafe and begins checking several things he needs to keep an eye on. Particularly information regarding the FOH, the attacks in Central Park and the goings on at Barnes Academy. His email has several messages flagged about military applications that are awaiting his approval. "I think we'll be done with the boring part of my day by 3:30. You feel like grabbing something to eat? I could hook you up with my tailor as well."

Kaji puts a hand on his stomach and laughs a bit. "Shifting always makes me hungry. But I did kind of skimp out on breakfast." Which to him was around the time of lunch for normal people. He looks out the window for a moment, gauging where they are. He's spent many nights patrolling rooftops, so he's seeing things from a different view. "Best you do that before I go out and make a fool of myself by getting something that doesn't fit." In response to the tailor.

Tony smiles as Kaji speaks about his lack of fashion sense. For a few minutes Tony works diligently on answering messages that are of extreme importance before he puts the device away. "We'll work on you. Thankfully when I end up in a tight spot I only wreck casual clothes. Georgio, my tailor, would probably have an emo fit if I tore apart 'his' suits.

Kaji smirks. "I'll try and make sure that he knows to make special cases for if I have to shift while in a suit. I can still defend rather well when it's only hand to hand." More like thankfully he doesn't get much more bulkier as an anthro.

"At least you're not the Hulk." Tony laughs as he looks out of the window to see where they currently are. "I'm trying not to be entirely doom and gloom, Kaji. I think most of our time is going to be spent sitting at a club somewhere fending off seas of women rather than worrying about if we're both going to have to carry bags of replacement clothes.""

Kaji laughs a bit as well. "I'd really hate to have that issue." Then he sobers up a bit, nodding softly as he says, "I know. And I think I'd rather enjoy the fending off seas of women." He chuckles a bit, "Who knows. We could do that later tonight. Seems like ya need it."

Laughing was a nice change of pace for the stressed out Stark. It was good to have someone that seemed to relate to him without worrying about who he was. "I enjoy the chase." The ride is coming to an end as they reach the security checkpoint to get into the main property. "I'll make sure to set you up. Happy, you in?" Tony smirks as the car comes to a stop.

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