2010-08-14: The Flour Thief


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Summary: Hildegarde literally runs into Moniqa at the mall.

Log Title: The Flour Thief

Rating: G

Westchester - Salem Center Mall

On the far end of the Food Court lays the long, wide hallway of the Mall. Oversized skylights let the sunlight pour in during the day, while the florescent bulbs light the Mall at night. This hall has a number of kiosks, selling anything from cheap jewelry to car stickers to on-the-spot portraits, along with them come a number of benches and let's not forget the store fronts calling out to the consumers with their bright lights and attention-drawing displays.


Late afternoon finds the mall a very crowded place. Back to school shopping for local families and the kids at that weird boarding school down the road leaves the mall a very busy location. A light summer rain falls, though it does little to cool the air, instead just making it feel muggy and humid.

One of the new students is actually out shopping. Despite their normal ways of providing money, Moniqa's parents did give her a little bit to go shopping on so she'd have new school clothes. As long as she doesn't go overboard, she can get a few nice pieces that she can alter and make personal in her own way. As it goes, she's out and about, with her hair tied back in braids. )

A woman walks down the hallway of the mall and pauses from time to time to glance through windows. She is wearing a white blouse and a blue skirt with tall brown boots. The boots ring out loudly with a metallic noise as she walks, causing people to glance at her as she passes by. A few point and whisper as they see her, but others seem relatively unconcerned. Hildegarde pauses in front of a bookstore and cocks her head at a poster. The poster features a book recently written about mutant evolution. She sighs and looks up at the photo of herself on the poster. "Spelled my name wrong on a poster? How does one do something like this?"

Coming out of a clothing store carrying a large bag of 'on sale' shirts, is a Moniqa, smiling happily. Yay! Mom's luck with bargains and sales. It works for her! She doesn't notice the Hilde-teacher nearby. She doesn't even KNOW that she's one of the teachers from the school. She's just walking along, not really paying attention to where she walks.

Hildegarde shakes her head and turns to continue on her way, still looking back at the misspelled poster of herself. She begins walking and fishes through her purse for her cell-phone whil still not watching where she is going. She suddenly feels herself walk into something and stops moving, dropping her purse in the process. The woman turns and looks a bit surprised to see Moniqa in front of her. "Oh my, I'm sorry. I should probably watch where I am walking." Her accent sounds British, but it's a bit off somehow. She bends down to start collecting the contents of her purse. One of the items which falls out is an Xavier's Institute Staff ID card.

The moving Moniqa meeting the mountain of womanliness that is Hildegard causes a fall. She blinks, looking up from her seated position. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." She admits, blinking to clear her eyes. She does spot the ID card and tilts her head. "Xavier's?" She asks, innocently. "I just got there yesterday."

Hildegarde offers a hand to help the girl up before bending down to collect her items. After she has everything tucked back into her purse she turns back to Moniqa and smiles. "Ah, a new student then? I am a new teacher there. Well, I've been there for a couple months, but this will be my first semester teaching. I am Hilde. Hildegarde VonReginleif." She offers her hand for a shake. If Moniq looks slightly behind the woman she'll see the poster with Hilde's picture and name.

"Moniqa Taylor." The girl says, pronouncing it like the standard name spelled with a c or k. She does notice, but isn't about to be rude and say anything. She had a proper upbringing. "Like I said, just yesterday. Already ran into a few interesting people." She says with a cough. "Beginning to wonder if I'm out of my league." She laughs, obviously NOT feeling a bit like she said.

Hilde nods. "Yes, the people at that school are all quite special. I also have met some very interesting people. I look forward to the start of the school year. It will be nice to have the grounds filled with children and I am excited to start teaching." The woman waves a hand dismissively at the girl, "Do not worry about feeling out of place, I find that most people at that school are very friendly and seem easy to get along with."

"I don't know, the first person I really met was getting ready to get revenge on someone else simply because of his name. It's not his fault, it's his parents'." Moniqa grins innocently. "All I saw was a leafblower, a bag of flower, and the guy singing 'Let it Snow' to know I didn't need to be a part of it." She laughs.

Hildegarde frowns. "The flour? Someone took the flour for something like THAT?" She mutters something in German. "I was not able to make pancakes this morning because someone had taken all of the flour out of the kitchen. I shall need to find out who that was…" She leans in slightly, "If you tell me his name I will bake you a cake. How does that sound? Any kind you would like…Once I pick up more flour."

"How many students do we have with the same name?" Moniqa asks, innocently. "Because if I told, that would break the trust of a fellow student. A fellow student who has said that NO ONE is safe from his pranks, save from those on his squad. And… little me is not on his squad." She bats her eyes with a grin. She's obviously enjoying this. "Though, I have told him that he shouldn't try. My gifts wouldn't leave him happy…"

Hildegarde leans back and touches a finger to her chin, thinking for a moment. "I see. I suppose I could promise that I would not let him know that it was you who told me…But I know from having two sisters that people always find out when you report them for things." She ponders for another moment. "Well then. Maybe if you just told me where I could find him, I could find a way to discover his actions on my own?" She frowns at that second comment. "You would gift him with something dangerous? That seems less honorable than telling me who took my baking supplies."

"Oh, it's not dangerous. Just painful. See, boys don't realize what makes up their clothing, and I do." Moniqa says with a half-grin. "Because so much of the modern world is made of something that's… in my repertoire of control." She winks. "But, it would be easy enough to… say… look through a list of students and see the same first names. And that the offending party has an animalistic mutation…" She adds on, giving a little more info.

Hilde nods. "I see. You can control clothing then? My ability is to…Well I can lift very heavy things." And Hilde is very heavy herself, but she tends not to mention that unless she feels it necesary. "So you could offer me a first name, and maybe I could find some flour someplace with some fur sticking out of it…" She nods, "Or at least, that is what I could say I did."

"Not fur. He's not a furry type of animal. He's a prickly one." Moniqa laughs. "And no, not clothing. But most clothing contains plastic in some form or fashion." She says with a chuckle. "Plastic. Elastic. Synthetic Rubber. Things like that." She explains.
You aren't carrying anything.
You have 501 oreos.

Hildegarde nods, "Ah. You can control plastics then." That is a very odd ability. It doesn't really mesh with her theory of mythological origin of present day mutants. Then again, plastics didn't exist in ancient times, so if a being back then had plastikinesis they would not be able to use it. "Quills, eh? Sounds like someone who would not be difficult to find. Though perhaps unpleasant to cross…" She shakes her head, "But anyway, you should not use your abilities on other students. It is generally frowned upon."

"Prank me, shame on you. And you feel it." Moniqa says with a shrug. "And it wouldn't damage. Just hurt a little. Let them know not to mess with me. Where I come from, you don't mess with someone unless you expect to be messed with." She explains. "But, if he don't start none… won't be none." She grins. "And we'll leave it at that."

Hilde chuckles and shakes her head. "Alright, well if such a thing happens make sure not to tell me about it." She pauses, "And I did not say that. And I do not condone powers being used for violence or to teach lessons…For the most part." She does not explain herself on that one. Hilde waves a hand again, "Anyway, I suppose I should let you be on your way. I needed to call someone about…Something." She ponders for a moment and glances over her shoulder. "Ah, that." She points to the poster. "My first name does not have an "A" in it."

"Ah, like how I tell people I neither need a c, a k, nor a u for my name." Moniqa says with a nod. "Understandable. And I'll get back in an hour. There's a shoe sale I want to hit." She says with a laugh, and a wink.

Hildegarde shakes her head, "Alas, you are cursed with an oddly spelled name as well I assume." She shakes her head, "Anyway, I should be on my way. It was nice to meet you Moniqa. If you take History, German, or Mythology then I will see you in class in a few weeks." She offers a wave and begins to head off, clanking heavily as she goes.

~ Fin ~

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