2009-12-28: The Frog Period


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Summary: Robyn meets the new student, Topher

Date: December 28, 2009

Log Title The Frog Period

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

// There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.//

It's been a long time since Robyn got a chance to work with clay and even if the hands he now has are a bit awkward for it and he doesn't have as much control with them, he's decided to go ahead and just sculpt. Some artists have their 'Dark periods', Robyn decided to have his 'Frog Period'. He has his headphones on the table next to him, playing loud but just enough for any one in the area of the table to hear some goth, technoish beat coming from them.

Topher wanders into the cafeteria, he is wearing black skinny jeans, black sneakers, a white shirt with a large black musical note across the front, he has his earphones in playing loudly enough, you can just make out the words if your in the room with him. Hes been told this is where to find food, so he enters the room singing to himself, "She lives in a fairy tale, Somewhere too far for us to find, Forgotten the taste and smell, Of the world that she's left behind", then he spots a frog doing a sculpture, "Great, i have finally lost it", he wanders over to Robyn and goes to poke him to see if he really has gone mad.

Robyn doesn't really notice Topher approching him, well he does feel the presence of him there, but is too caught up in what he's doing to really processes it. Since he's fairly tiny right now, when he's poked, Robyn lurches forward and squishes part of his sculputre. He looks around with an annoyed expression. "Hey, I'm trying to work on something here, why did you poke me?"

Topher scratches his head, "Urrm, sorry", he shakes his head, "What am i doing?, im talking to a talking frog", he looks back at Robyn, "Sorry im going a little mental, im seeing talking frogs".

Robyn looks up at Topher and sighs. "Yes, I know I'm stuck as a talking frog right now. Thanks for reminding me. And you're not going mental, I'm here, I'm stuck as a Frog and yes I talk, and I don't like being poked when I'm working on stuff." He says maybe sounding a bit grumpy before sighing. "Sorry, I shouldn't be taking it out on you for just poking me."

Topher scratches his head, "So your not usually a frog?, actully now you mention it what i can feel of your mind, feels human", he sits down next to Robyn, "So your power is turning into a frog?".

Robyn shakes his head. "Nope, I'm not normally a frog, and it's not my power. I'm stuck as a frog." He just puts a clay covered hand on his head and looks down not caring if he leaves a clay hand print there. "Soemthing happened, and I'm stuck as a Frog. I'm normally a person and I am human. I'm just…stuck."

Topher pats Robyn on the back, very softly so he doesnt hurt him, "Sorry, that sounds horrible, isnt there anything that can be done to help you?"

"Get kissed by a princess?" Robyn says with a kind of joking tone to it. Though he'd rather not be kissed by a girl and kissed by his boyfriend. He looks at the sculpture and sighs. "I guess I gotta start again on this. At least classes haven't started yet."

Topher gives an apologetic look, "Im really sorry about that, is there anything i can do to help with your clay?"

Robyn shakes his head. "Nah, I just gotta start from strach. This was going to be my first piece from my Frop Period." Robyn says trying to sound dramatic but he can't help but breaking into a chuckle.

Topher laughs, Your frog period?, sounds interesting, how many artists can boast that", "I'm Topher by the way", he holds out a finger for Robyn to shake.

Robyn looks at the finger and then looks up at Topher. "Ya know, my hand is big enough to shake your whole hand." He says putting out his hand, it'd be like shaking a toddlers hand. "I'm Robyn. And I thought Frog Period sounded funny too."

Topher shakes Robyn's hand, "So what got you brought to mutant high?"

"The fact that I'm a mutant." Robyn says as if the answer should be obvious. "I couldn't control my powers, well I got asked here like a week after they manifested. Mine are actually all mental based." He says as he starts to work and pinch the clay back into shape.

Topher grins, "Yours are all mental based?, so are mine", "What do you do?"

"Really, cool. Addison is /really/ good with training mental based powers." Robyn says with a nod as he has a lot of respect for the redheaded mutant from another dimension. "I can posses people, go on the astral plane, make psychic weapondry and I'm a vampire." He says with a slightly twisted smile.

Topher grin, "Vampire?, thats so much cooler than what i can do", "Whos Addison?", heasks wearally.

"Well not a real Vampire, like Draculam, but not a crappy Twilight Vampire either. I can drain peoples psychic energy and I have to do it to function." Robyn explains and a part of it is because his power requires so much mental energy to use. "Addison is one of the people here who teaches kids how to use their powers. He's really cool. He's a telepath and telekinetic. What about yourself?"

Topher grin drops as Robyn mentions the teacher, "A teacher, oh joy", he shrugs, "Im telekinetic and apparently to voices i hear means im also a telepath".

"Well he's young, I don't even think he's twenty. He just teaches powers, it's not like he's a real teacher." Robyn shakes his head. "I mean it's not like he's a history teacher, he's a cool teacher, not stuff and just is casual about it. He doesn't grade you on what you do. It's just, he helps." Robyn tries to explain. "And you're at a school so there are teachers everywhere."

Topher shrugs, "Fair enough Robyn, I guess he would be quite helpful in learning to control my powers", his dislike of teachers is waging war with his want to get rid of his constant headache.

Robyn nods. "He's really good. Well I gotta get going for now, I'm gonna head up to the Art room for a bit." Robyn says as he starts to pack away his clay sclupture in a plastic ziplock back and pack up his mp3 player. "Nice meeting you Topher, I'll probably see ya around." He says giving a wave as he hops off.

Topher waves, "See ya Robyn!"

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