2009-06-09: The Future Without A Delorean



Summary: Daisuke meets familiar faces in the future.

Date: June 9, 2009

Log Title The Future Without A Delorean

Rating: PG

Somewhere in Time.

Yet again, the feeling of Time Travel will yank Daisuke away from Eddie and Jared. Where as he had been in early morning of the Wild West, just after breakfast, he's dropped somewhere dark. Still in his cowboy gear, Daisuke will find himself alone on a beach. There's a crashed boat a few feet behind him but just by looking at it, it's easy to tell its been there for a long while.

Skeets flickers and blinks rapidly. "Well well! You will be pleased to know that I have recieved a signal from my other units. Apparently your friends have been making progress," the AI chimes.

Daisuke is not happy to be yanked away from his friends and he looks around ignoring Skeets for the moment. "Jared?! Eddie?! Julian?! Jordan?!" Daisuke says getting up and looking around, he doesn't want to be alone right now. "What will I be pleased to know, that my friends are making progress and I'm stuck here alone? Well unless it's a way to get back home I don't want to hear it!" He doesn't like being alone.

Skeets lets out a little electronic noise. "As a matter of fact, it is part of how you will get home. One group recovered another part of the Master Control Unit. I managed to divert their jump signatures together. They should be able to get the device working well enough to jump with help and I believe I have sent them to a time period where they will get it," it goes on. There's a pause. "Hm. It seems you've ended up in the year 2022…and we're on an island off the coast of California," it adds.

It seems Dai isn't alone, something moving through the sand towards him. Stopping about seven feet away, several humanoid robots begin to rise from the sand before Dai. "Identify yourself!" one demands.

Daisuke sighs as he hears the news from Skeets. "Great but I'm still stuck out here alone." He says running his hand through his hair. As the robot humaniods approch Daisuke doesn't do what they say instead he turns and runs, booking it away from the robots, screw that he's not getting stuck in time to get killed.

The robots let out a few beeps before hands spin. They're replaced by what appears to be laser blasters. And they're proved to be such when the robots start to fire energy beams after Dai. Thankfully the shots aren't that accurate against a moving target. When the robots start to pursue, a another beam streaks past Dai from ahead of him and blasts one of the robots out of the sand. Up ahead is a trio of figures in superheroish uniforms. One in white and red, another in blue and white, and another in black and gold. "Hey kid! YOu okay?" one of the men ahead yells to Dai. "Get over here and get behind us, we'll hand the bots."

As they start to fire at him, Daisuke starts to run even faster and is thankful that there are people there. And he still looks like a cowboy damnit. He dives behind them and looks up. "What the hell are those things?" He asks trying to catch his brearth before he goes to help out with his sonics.

"Guard robots. What're you doing out here anyway, kid?" the man in blue asks, mask covering his face. He's looking up at the robots but his voice should sound a bit familiar. The man in blue looks to the man in red and shrugs. "Rock, Paper, Scissors," is suggested. Red wins and pats blue on the shoulder. "All yours," is said. The man in white and red starts to produce a low 'THRUMM' sound and suddenly what appears to be a sonic-construct sword appears in his hand. Lifting into the air, the man flies towards the robots and begins to take them appart.

MEanwhile, the one in black and gold, clearly younger, kneels down next to Dai. "Hey, are you okay? We're the X-men. Can you tell me who ya are…and why you're dressed like that?" he asks.

"Yeah I guess I'm okay." As okay as one can be when they're alone, lost in time. "You're the X-Men? Where's Mr. Summers, I mean Cyclops and Storm and the others?" Daisuke asks seeming confused but then it is years later. "I'm dressed like this because…it's a long story." He can't help but watch in facination as the man in red uses sonics in the way that he does. He needs to learn that.

The teenager in the uniform just blinks. "Professor Summers is back at the Mansion and Storm's in Africa doing something. Dunno what…how do you know…" he trails off. As Dai speaks up, the man in blue looks over his shoulder quickly. "Dai?!" he seems surprised as he says this.

It attracts the attention of the man in red. He looks over and starts to say something only to get blasted and ending up faceplanting in the sand. There's only the one robot left and it's the one that fired the shot.

"You said X-…" Daisuke's voice trails off as he hears his name and he turns around. "Who? How do you know who I am?" He asks looking at the guy in blue to try to figure out who it is. That is until the other guy gets blasted down and Daisuke reacts, letting out a screaming blast at the last guy trying to destroy it.

The scream rattles the robot. It tries to step forward but ends up falling backwards, head rolling off. The man in red gets up slowly, muttering in Japanese about how he's going to have a sore back all night long thanks to that. Meanwhile the man in blue just stares at Dai. "Oh you have got to be kidding me…" he trails off. Reaching up, the man takes his mask off to reveal a familiar face. An older Eddie. "So this is a time travel thing, right? Cause I can't deal with anymore clones or another alternate universe kid again," he asks, glancing over as the man in red approaches.

Daisuke mutters some sort of swear of surprise in Japanese as he sees the older Eddie and then other things click. "Wait, Eddie what are you? And that's?" Isn't it bad to meet yourself? "I think it's a time travel thing or else this is a time travel and alternate universe thing. I really don't know. I'm not a clone." He says looking at the one he doesn't think he knows.

The man in red takes his mask off when he gets there, sure enough…it's an older, and quite surprised Daisuke. "Alright, this is just confusing…"

The teenager with the group just shrugs. "Don't look at me. I stowed away in the jet so I could get in on a cool mission and see some X-men in action," he says. This earns a harsh look from both older mutants before they laugh. They look back down at Daisuke and Older-Eddie lets out a thoughtful noise. "Alright…time travel. When did you come from and who or what sent ya?" he asks them both. "I honestly don't know…" Older-Dai trails off.

Daisuke things this is all too weird too and just shakes his head. "You're me, you know my luck, noone sent me I just kind of ended up getting stuck in time with you" He points to Eddie. "Jared, Jordan and Julian." He lets out a sigh as he wants the five of them to get back together. "I just have this stupid thing that Jared calls Skeets telling me stuff is good when it's really horrible. I just want to get back to them and I miss home." He says just sort of venting as he just wants to go home.

The other mutants remain quiet, the older looking to one another and the younger studying Dai. After a moment, Skeets chimes. "If you'll excuse the interruption. It was Doctor Alexander Sting that caused this incident," the AI chimes. "Sting?" Older-Dai asks. "We were just headed to his base to get somehing."

Older-Dai would know something about his younger-self, that when he's like how he is, he's close to breaking down and crying. "Yeah, it was some guy named Sting, I screamed and broked his belt and we ended up lost in time." His bad luck again. "I just want to be with the others." Sure he's with himself and Eddie but it doesn't feel like he's with friends.

Perhaps reacting on some kind of impulse, The Older-Eddie kneels down and pulls Dai in for a hug. "Hey, it'll be okay," he says, trying to calm the younger version of his friend down. Older-Dai blinks a few times, holding his head. "Okay, I'm remembering all this now. Definitely feels like Time Travel stuff," he sighs. "Sir?" the teenager asks. "I think I found the entrance to what we're looking for,r in the ground.ng some sand away from a metal door in the ground. "C'mon. Let's head inside and see if that loser has something that'll help you get home and find your friends…our friends…you know what I mean."

Skeets beeps a few times then lets out a chirp. "Alright. I believe this'll do," he says. With a flash of light, Daisuke's suddenly wearing what seems to be a version of Banshee's costume in his size. "I remember that too. I liked that costume. I'll ask Jared to help me find it when we get back home," Older-Dai tells Older-Eddie. Said power booster nods and then signals to the teenager. "You wanted to come along so lets see ya open it up, kid," he tells the student. The teen looks to Dai and smiles. "I'm Ted by the way. Don't have a codename yet," he whispers to Dai. With a gesture of a glowing hand, the metal door groans in protest before getting flung off into the ocean. "Oops…" Ted says sheepishly. Older-Eddie ruffles the kid's hair and heads down the stairs. Older-Dai smiles down at his lower self and gestures for him to move ahead. "You two stay in the middle." (re)

"Hey Ted and is that telekinsis?" Daisuke aka Howl asks the kid. "I guess I'm the younger version of him." He says pointing at the older Howl. He keeps with the group and looks around, hoping that this will help everything and allow him to go home.

Ted smiles over at Dai. "Yeah. I'm still learning it though," he admits.

"More reason you should not have stowed away," Older-Howl states as they head down the steps. "Oh c'mon, Dai. We were his age once too," Older-Eddie chuckles. At the bottom of the stairs is another door that slides open much like Star Trek. The room's a large laboratory, mostly wrecked. There's spare Sting armor on the wall and a hologram of Skeets floating above a table. "Biological!" Skeets exclaims. "Hold me over that data transfer port!" Skeets requests, directing a laser-point towards a device near the hologram emitter. "Ted, go with Howl. The older one. I'll watch the younger one," Older-Eddie says.

"And I know you would try to stow away as a kid Eddie too." Daisuke says and he'd be the one knowing it was a bad idea. As they enter the room Dai looks around. "Biological? I have a name you know." He has half a mind to bash the device against a wall but he knows he has to have it to get home. "I'm going forward to do what this annoying AI says." He grumbles as he moves forward to get to the data transfer port.

Older-Howl just laughs. "Don't worry about it, Dai," a pause to contemplate weirdness. "He's just doing it to mess with you. Let's go Ted," he says, leading the other student away and into another part of the lab. Older-Eddie blushes and follows Dai over. "Yeah…I would. But we don't want to encourage the students to be like me," he mumbles.

When Skeets is held over the data-transfer port, it lights up. "Downloading!" it exclaims. Seconds later, "Download complete. I have located your friends. Would you like to jump to them now?"

Daisuke looks up at Eddie and smiles. "Sorry, it was nice meeting the future you and me briefly but I really want to get back to my friends, when they're still my age." He does give older Eddie a quick hug before looking at the band. "Yes, right now would be great."

Older-Eddie returns the hug and chuckles. "Hey, always great seeing you," he pauses. "Oh yeah…trust me on this one. When you go on a trip to a certain tropical location, remember to lock the door," he whispers.

Skeets lets out some beeps. "Very Well. Initiating Jump. Gate open. Go!" and with that, Dai's gone in a flash of blue light. And the trip is a lot smoother this time around.

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