2011-07-26: The Gang Is Back


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Summary: Kaji drops by the Towers to tell Tony that the NMO attacked a homeless shelter in Mutant Town. Due to the nature of the situation the information Kaji had was passed on to the NYPD which may involve the Gang Unit.

Date: July 26, 2011

Log Title: The Gang Is Back

Rating: PG-13

Stark Towers- Basement Lab

Otherwise known as the garage, this is Tony's private Lab at the Towers. There are tables loaded down with parts, schematics and tools. To one corner of the room there is a large circular desk where a computer with a trio of monitors resides. Within a large locked case there is an older Iron Man suit that is no longer in use. There is a couch, a bathroom, and a well stocked fridge away from the working area of the lab. A trio of large metal cabinets is near a medical bed that can be pulled out from a wall that is near a small room that houses eight 10ft tall servers in an AC controlled environment.

Roaring into the garage on his motorcycle would be Fenrir, but the moment he slips off of his bike, the anthro is heading towards the elevator. Pressing in the numbers for the code, and the elevator takes its descent down towards the laboratory. Kaji's first guess as to where Tony would be, if anywhere. A foot tapping at the floor of the cramped space as he mutters to himself. "He had better be down here or else I'm taking his car."

Which car? There are at least seven and a motorcycle available for the taking over in the secured area where Stark's cars are parked. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it Tony is indeed in his lab and has been for a considerably long time. One might say he's been living in the lab as of late. The Audi is safe another day! Currently the dark haired inventor can be seen working on a piece of armor sparking heat from tools and bobbing a sneaker clad foot to the beat of some song that can not be heard through the sound proofing. Kaji of course can punch a code and enter the lab though the second the door opens the sounds of Mastodon will be near deafening and need to be shut off lest the poor anthro loose his hearing.

Kaji has learned the perils of entering the lab in a different form other than human many times before as he shifts back to normal as he punches in the code. Of course, he heads over towards the music and turns it down. Without the sounds of Mastodon blocking out everything else, he's sure to have the attention of the inventor as he just asks a simple question. "Tony. What do you know of the New Mutant Order? And more to the point, any reason you can think of as to why they're still around."

The cardinal sin has been committed in the form of Kaji turning off the tunes. Peering up from the workstation the tools cut off and a very disgruntled glare is tossed across the lab. Thankfully the question keeps Stark from going on a tangent about turning off his music. Ruby protective glasses are pushed up to rest atop his unruly hair. "The New Mutant Order not to be confused with the NKOTB…." stated in a very even tone as one would be reading a Wikipedia entry while looking decidedly unkempt. "They formed about the time the MGH and Toad Juice began causing chaos in the city. From there they got tangled up in a few riots, passing around Kick, and ended up being used as guinea pigs for a hideous scheme cooked up by the latest villain du jour. The bulk of their leaders, if not most of their followers were either slain or disbanded." Leaning back in his chair Tony wipes his hands off on a nearby oil rag. "As to why they happen to be around still? Who knows? It's just like the Teletubbies. You wish for them to go away but they exist to be annoying and thus you can't get rid of them."

Kaji crosses his arms over his chest as he listens to Tony speak, leaning against a less cluttered work table before he nods. "Well, I happened to come upon a group of them just causing havok in Mutant Town. Attacking a /homeless shelter/ for fucks sake." He rubs his forehead, "From what I gathered, they're along the same likes as Bruce. Wanting to get rid of the humans and all that jazz. Except, even Bruce doesn't even want to work with them."

"That's classy," Tony mutters bringing up a holoscreen nearby where Kaji is standing so the mutant can pull up the location of the shelter in question while Tony shakes his head. "Might as well tell me what happened. Did the NYPD from that precinct make their presence known? Detain any of them?"

Kaji pushes himself up, and moves over towards the holoscreen. Pulling up the location of the homeless shelter. "I had one of them detained, and I was about to call the HYPD. But the guy whom I had restrained was a teleporter who took the time while I had him to try and sway Bruce to help. He didn't. And he vanished."

Tony glances over the location while Kaji speaks. A homeless shelter in the Mutant Town area that catered to both human and mutant kind. "So the NMO cleared out before the NYPD could be called in. Did they mention at all why they were attacking the shelter?"

Kaji hms a bit, scratching at the back of his head as he says, "All I heard is that they were trying to 'protect' the town. To try and drive the humans out. To keep mutant town for the mutants. Sounds like Bruce's mantra to be honest."

"For the most part. Granted most of the time as of late that Bruce spouted that nonsense he was hopped up on Kick." Picking up the piece of armor on the workstation Tony turns it over then pulls up a holographic projection with an exploded view of some of the smallest components. "What information you have, and particularly the descriptions of those present should be given to the precinct down there."

Kaji closes his eyes and gives a description of the guy that he had detained, not a perfect one; but one good enough for someone to sketch up a face of. As well as a few descriptions of the guys who were on the ground from Franky's blasts. He looks over at the armor, and quirks a brow, "But I should mention that Bruce pretty much did nothing but stink of booze and deny any help to the Order members."

A window pops up in the hologram near Kaji that records the data being given as well as the presence of the others in the area at the time which is then sent out to the Captain of the Mutant Town Precinct. Tony lifts up fine tools that he begins to use upon a section of the armor. "What is it with detention facilities? You remand them to a facility and yet they escape and roam about the city again. Fourth time this year that's happened. Nice to know that instead of getting help and being held accountable for what he did he's out in Mutant Town turning into the town drunk. Awesome."

Kaji shrugs a bit. "Even if he is a mutant, he's still human." He walks over towards the table he's working on and tilts his head a bit. "I'd ask you how you are doing. But from how things looks down here you've been here for a good long while. … Just what are you working on to hide from the world this time?"

Tony peers up from what he's working on, "What? I don't get that at all. Where did the mutant/human thing come from?" A bright blue spark jumps from one tool to the other until Tony further separates them. "Same ol same ol, Brain. I'm attempting to save the world one invention at a time. Just not today. Today I'm working on my gear." Which he returns to tweaking as Kaji comes to inspect the handiwork. There are locked crates lined along a wall with the Stark name emblazoned upon the top and sides. Either completed work or there are parts in each of the trunks.

Kaji smirks. "The fact that he's not taking himself accountable. In other words, he's escaping the world in booze. Like you do in tech." He looks at the crates along the wall before he nods a bit. "I see. I do hope that you're remembering to shower, eat, and all that jazz. Or'm I going to have to bring buckets of water and toss them at you."

That initial comment has Tony turning off his tools and peering up at his friend. Was he just compared to Bruce? "I hold myself accountable for my actions." Which is true to a point as he often takes responsibility for things that he had noting to do with. "I also don't run around New York in a rampage that kill/harm innocent people then break of prison to go on a self destructive spree." It would probably be best to end the rant before he saw fit to explain, not going to happen, "This is not escapism, Kaji. This is my work. It's what I do when I'm not mugging for cameras." Hopefully that cleared something up as he's bristling. The real escapism is a good bottle of scotch which he's not thought of touching in over half a year. "Hopefully someone will pick him up before he slips further down the drain. As for the other I'm taking care of myself. You've just happened upon me at a bad time and no, you're not bringing over a case of Old Spice soap."

Kaji drops the previous discussion and chuckles. "How about Irish Spring? Axe? I think you'd do well with some Dove." He winks a bit before the mutant starts to back pedal towards the door. "I'll tell Pepper that you're doin' alright. She asked me to check on ya for her anyway since I was headin' down." Quick meetings in the elevators are fun!

"Seriously? We're not discussing what body wash I have in my bathroom." Tony watches Kaji back towards the door to leave the lab. A mention of Pepper has him pursing his lips together tossing a bit of a wave of farewell. "Mind not to become her spy as I pay better. Drop around more often. Preferably without bad news, eh?"

Kaji chuckles and gives a mock salute. "Gotcha, Tony. How about… tomorrow over at the Avenger mansion? Could use a sparring buddy." He shrugs a shoulder before he makes his way back over towards the music before he chuckles, "And I'll keep that in mind about Pepper."

Tony leans back in his chair pulling the ruby protective shades back down over his eyes. "I think I've an opening around noon. Prepare to have your ass handed to you and you best keep that in mind about Potts." Kaji can safely leave the lab and Tony will turn the music back on once the door is closed. No rest for wicked!

Kaji does one thing for Tony, and resumes the music as he turns it back up to its pre-arrival level and heads out of the lab. A soft hum and a quick step so the mutant can get back home and actually get some good rest in before he has to be up for Taskmaster's training, and then for the sparring with Tony. No rest for the weary.

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