2010-04-01: The Gift Of Mummy Cat


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Summary: Robyn stops by to visit Jono with a handmade gift.

Date: April 1, 2010

Log Title The Gift of a Mummy Cat

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Jono's Room

A bed, night stand, dresser, and desk all war for space here with a very large music collection. Shelves and boxes leave a clear space in the middle of the room to allow access to closet and bathroom. Even so, the closet has more in way of music cds than clothing. Not that this isn't a neat room. The bed is made, albeit not as neatly as it could be, and there's no sign of clutter. It's just full. The sterio system is a decent one, but not an expensive kind. The speakers for it aren't even connected yet, and a pair of good headphones rest in easy reach. There is a computer on the desk, and neat piles of school work. Someone here helps out with the professors. The bathroom is missing certain amenities, but that's not too much of a surprise, is it?

The door has been left open, but not all the way. Enough to give welcome, and little enough to give some privacy. Not that Jonothon is doing anything that can't be seen. Sitting at his desk, he works on his laptop doing school work. The man has his headphones on too. Jacket laying over the bed.. well, there's not a lot going on in here. A room filled with music, and a thin Brit working at a computer.

With something under his arm wrapped in a towel, Robyn knocks on the ajar door as he doesn't want to just enter. "Hey Jono?" He asks hopefully loud enough to be heard over the head phones. He still has a whole day before he leaves on Saturday but he wants to make sure he has time to let the few people he wants to know that he's leaving for a bit.

Oh yeah, Jonothon's not deafening himself. The call has him frowning as he looks over, but it's train of thought dislodging and not the person. Pulling back headphones, letting them settle around his shoulders, the man asks, «What's up, mate?» Battered jeans, bare feet, and a sleeveless black shirt over the costume material that covers to his jawline. One hand remains on the desk, but the other drops down as he slouches back in his chair. The room is a tad messy today. There are things left everywhere.

Robyn walks in and there's a bit of a smile on his face as he hold the towel, which is obviously wrapping something solid, out to Jono. "I made you something as thanks, for everything. And cause you're a good friend to me. I hope you like it and don't think it's too weird." He says as when Jono opens it, it would be a cat but all wrapped in mummy bandages. There are eyes and some facial features but they're all sculpted from the bandages giving it an oddly cute but oddly freaky appearance.

Accepting the thing with a strange mix of doubt and curiosity, the Brit blinks at the weight and sets it gently on his desk. As he unwraps, his expression shifts. Jonothon doesn't know what to make of it at first, but then this weird little smile spreads. Fingers caress the piece. It reminds him of the black bandages he wore when his powers first blew off his face. «Thanks.» That smile is soon directed at Robyn. «I wore bandages for a while. It's fitting.» At least it seems so to him.

Robyn smiles at Jono's reaction and shrugs. "I didn't know that but it's just I wanted to make you something and I figured I'd rather have it represent me than trying to make something that isn't my style….though what I made for Rashmi didn't come out bad." Robyn says brushing his hair back, but it flops right back in his face. "I just wanted you to know you're a good friend Jono, and I appreciate everything you've done for me."

«Not many do.» That he wore bandages. Although, there may be a group shot of his original training team in the foyer. Not too sure about that. «What'd you make for Rashmi?» Jonothon asks as he pushes back his chair. The statue is placed on his dresser once he's cleared it off a little. «You've been a good friend too, Robyn. In spite of everything thrown at you.» Which has been a great deal.

"I made her an Aragorn statue, like from the movies though I know she really likes the books. That's kind of her hero." Robyn says as he's gotten to know her well. "And Rashmi's a good part of the reason why I'm fine." He says finding a place to sit down. "And I dunno, it's not like I'm the only one whose been through bad things here, I think everyone has but that's kind of why I'm leaving….but only for a week." Robyn says the last part hastily.

Cat placed where it's out of the way, Jonothon looks back over a shoulder. «Heh.» About Aragorn. «She'll love that.» Oh yes, she will. Turning back to Robyn, he leans back against his dresser. It's a tall one. «Everyone needs a break, Robyn, don't stress it. Leaving like this is very different from running away.» Which is what happened last time. «Going to see your parents?» Which he thinks Robyn very much needs.

"Oh she did love it, I made it for her a while back." Robyn says as he knows he needs a break. "No…no my parents, Jordan's. I've never really been on a plane before or to Florida or met his parents so I'm a bit nervous but it should be fun." He looks at Jono and for the most part Robyn seems fairly relaxed. It could be that he's doing a lot better or that he's just hiding things really well. "How've you been holding up?"

Pleased she liked the statue, Jonothon only nods and leaves it there. «Oh?» Jordan's parents? «That's great.» It means Jordan is progressing and not wanting to kill Robyn. «Eh, You'll be fine. How bad can it be after living here for a year? You've faced demons and worst.» The man shrugs, but looks amused. And for being asked, he can only shrug again. «One day at a time.» So, not great, but whatever. «James is in the holding cells.»

"Yeah, but still, meeting parents….it's just nerve-wracking you know?" Robyn's never gone through the meeting of the parents thing and sure, it doesn't mean much more than what it is but he can't help but be a bit nervous. "One day at a time is better than nothing. And what? Why is James in the holding cells? Is he okay?"

Jonothon would snort if he could. Meeting parents is so much easier than many of the things he's done over the years. «Stop worrying about it, and it won't be nerve wracking.» Because that's so very easy, yeah. The motion of a hand about better than nothing, and he uses that hand to run back through his hair. «Something's going on with his mind. I think he may be possessed, or controlled. Addison will be looking in on him.» Since Jono has no skill at such things. «For now he's safe, especially from himself.»

A worried looks crosses Robyn's face as Jono's words sink in. "What? Is he okay, I mean…possessing him? I just thought that life here was getting to him like everyone else but…" Robyn hopes that James' is okay but he can't help but be concerned for his friend. "Addison's good though, he's always helped me with things and I don't get why so many kids here are weary of him, he's a good guy."

The man can only spread his hands helplessly. «I can't tell what I don't know.» Which is the honest truth. «Something is wrong however, so he's in lockup until it's taken care of.» Jonothon doesn't know what's wrong. He's not felt it safe enough to enter James' mind and find out. Unlike Addison he's not trained. «You need this trip, so don't put it off. James will be fine when you return.»

Robyn makes a mental note that he has to visit James but he's not about to vocalize it as he's afraid Jono might say 'no' and he doesn't want to go against what Jono tells him not to do. "I'm not putting off this trip, Jordan needs it and so do I. As much as I'd like to be there for him…I need this for me. And Us. I need some time to relax and just feel semi normal."

Visiting James is fine. Staying because of James is not. «Good.» For not putting off the trip. Jonothon leaves the dresser to return to his chair. «It'll be better for you to go. Honestly, there's little anyone but Addison can do for James now. Drop in maybe, say hello, but don't stay because of it.» NOt that Jono thinks Robyn will be able to feel normal, but that remains unsaid.

"Jordan already got the plane tickets, I'm not going to cancel out on him." Robyn says with a smile. "And he's so looking forward to going back home to Florida." He shakes his head. "No, I'm not going to stay because of that, but I'm gonna stop in before I leave. I just wanna say good bye before I disappear for a week."

Jonothon nods, «Good.» He's saying it, because, and let's be honest here, the kids in this school have, and will do again, stupider shit. Robyn desperately needs time away, and the trip grants him that. «James could use a little company. Just don't let him talk you into anything. The bloody idiot loves to try.» A roll of eyes and he makes a shooing motion. «Thanks for the gift. It's brilliant, but I so have to catch up.» He motions a sigh, «For all I often wonder if that's possible.»

"Speaking of catching up, I'm so behind on my school work. I had trouble paying attention while you guys were..well..you know, then a week with surgery and recovering, I'm still not one hundred percent but I'm a lot better. No more stitches and constant sleeping." Robyn says with a smile as he blushes a bit at Jono calling the gift brilliant. "I'm really glad you like it Jono. And in regards to James, I'll visit him."

«Heh.» There's a nod to show he understands. «At least the teachers understand here, right?» There's a grin for that, as Jonothon knows the teachers have been through worse. «Bring some with you? They'll appreciate the effort.» Lifting a hand, he rests back in his chair to look to Robyn fully, «Cheers. Have a good trip.»

Walking over to Jono, Robyn gives him a big hug. "Thanks, Jono, you're awesome, you know that?" He says sometimes just needing the feeling of closeness even if he doesn't 'hug' that often. "I'll have a really good trip and I'll miss ya but I'm gonna have a good time." He's determined about that. "I'll see ya when I get back."

Jonothon returns the hug, grateful that he can even do so without his powers flipping out. «I get by.» That he's awesome. «Why should missing me make you have a lousy time?» Idiot. In a fond manner, but thought just the same. «Cheers.» Said again in his way of good-bye. Once Robyn is gone the Brit returns to frowning at the laptop. Stupid backedup work.

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