2009-03-03: The Great Debate


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Summary: A debate regarding Shakespeare.

Date: March 3, 2009

Log Title The Great Debate

Rating: PG

Xaviers - Library

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Erik is currently occupying the main table, which is filled with books on politics which he is pouring over, shaking his head.

James wanders in and makes his way over to the history section where he begins browsing through it.

Clara strides into the library, dressed down from her earlier 'teacher' look, to a more natural one for herself; Blue jeans, cowboy boots and a button down shirt. She shifts through the books before coming across a somewhat familiar face. "You look like you don't agree with that book, sug'.." she says in a hushed tone towards Erik.

Erik chuckles as he looks up. "I don't like textbooks. Government and law are complex, and deserve to be treated as complex subjects. Not this trite demonstrations of America's inevitable path toward freedom."

James nods silently in agreement with Erik even as he continues browsing.

"A lot of subject's complexity can't really be brought out through text," Clara offers with a shrug. "But if it bothers you so much, why read it? Everything you need to learn, you can get off the internet. A little easier of a read than sticking your nose in a book."

"I don't need to learn it, I need to teach it to my /students/." Erik says with a grin. "I know the material, but I need to give them something to read that comes from a legitimate source. I can't tell them not to cite random websites from the internet for a paper if all of my information comes from there."

A library is a place for hushed voices, for this reason alone the nearly identical pair of voices that seem locked in an old argument are kept at a low enough level as their owners push open the door. "You say that about all of the Bards interesting characters. I don't care what the old fruits at Cambridge are saying about Shakespeare no way was Mercutio gay." The response is nothing more than a laugh as the pair of twins push through the doors. "You have said that before brother dear, but while you have nothing new to add I at least can cite sources."

James has found a book that interests him and moves to the main table. He nods to Clara and Erik "Hello ma'am, hello sir."

Clara touches the tip of her nose with her finger. "But there's the crux of the problem, if this information is boring you, it'll probably drive the kids crazy." She peeks under his book, checking out the title with a wrinkle between her brow. "I see what you're saying, though." As an argument regarding Shakespeare echoes through the books, her attention is spiked, lavender eyes falling to the twins with a twinkle of curiosity. She gives James a nod. "Hello again."

Erik quirks his eyebrows as he looks up to the twins. "Mercutio was gay, its all in the subtext you read between him and Romeo. Why is he so angry?" He grins. "Not only that, but William Shakespeare didn't write the plays, Edward de Vere did."
Erik looks back to Candy and chuckles. "Yeah, it is just difficult slogging through the garbage to find the good parts. I should write one."

The argument about Shakespeare comes to an abrupt end as soon as the two entering the library notice that the place is not as empty as they expected. The twins grin brightly and give the others in the library a wave as they pass through the doors. The one to the right's grin turns into a full smile as he elbows his brother. "See dear brother, even the distinguished Government Teacher agrees with me." The other twin simply rolls his eyes and elbows his brother back, "Please for the love of Nicholas Tesla don't encourage him. It was bad enough when he found out Neil Patrick Harris…"

James returns the twins waves before he opens the book he found and begins reading it causally.

"The Edward de Vere theory had been debated to death since the 18th century. There will never truly be any way to know whether or not Shakespeare wrote his own work, or if it was really a group of writers." Clara waves a hand with a wide smile, not letting herself get roped into a topic she could spend far too many hours on. The theater teacher leans back against Erik's table, studying the twins. "I sense that the two of you will be among my favorite students." It's so rare to find anyone so young and well read. Well, atleast in the schools she was working in before. Tossing a glance over her shoulder, the red head nods. "Absolutely, sug'. You can write something that's education, but not droll."

Erik grins. "And yet it is still so much fun to debate. It makes sense, the life of Edward de Vere has so many parallels to that of Shakespeare's characters, and the fact that we don't have a single surviving scrap writing about living near Shakespeare, and the only scrap /from/ the confirmed alive William Shakespeare is a will that does not mention a single document or manuscript? And that his children never learned to read?" Erik grins before he shrugs. "I'm considering it, seriously. There is more to government and policy than 'America has always strived for freedom…'"

Skyler figures that at this time of night, there won't be that many people in the Library, so he can get some studying done, and to drop off some of the loaned books he's got as well. To his surprise, however, his estimate on how many people should be here is seriously low. With a sigh and a resigned shrug, he wanders over to the return bin and deposits his books.

James nods in agreement with Erik's last point "Just look at the number of minor uprisings we've had in America over the centuries."

The twin to the left can only grin and give the Theater Teacher a sweeping bow. "Most assuredly my lady, and I at least look forward to classes resuming so I might prove you right." The theatrics only gain a scornful laugh from his brother who stage whispers, "She is /SO/ out of you league Vincent. Not that has ever stopped you before…" That said he nods to the lady and introduces himself, "I am Pryce, and my brother is Vincent. I will say this school is going to be far more interesting than any of the tutors our parents paid for before."

Erik chuckles a little bit. "Well, I think I have what I need. You folks have fun with the rest of the debate." He says as he pays to go.

Clara laughs as she watches the boys. "And far more interesting for me than working in the inner city schools." There are no kids quite like this anywhere else she's been. "But, I'm Ms. Matthews. It's a pleasure. I look forward to having you boys in class," she grins, pushing away from the table and straighting a few strands of hair. "But, if I'm going to be getting up early tomorrow to prepare for my classes, I'm going to have to head to bed now." Clara gives a wave to the group and she moves off to the door.

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