2011-06-21: The Great Diamond Heist


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Summary: The Salem Center Mall is the site of a weird fight that breaks out between recently graduated students and current students at Xavier School. Robyn believes that Tyler is stealing a priceless diamond from an exhibit, and that Tyler and Kieran are in fact Magmaman and Electro. Matters are made worse by the arrival of Kael whom Robyn believes to be Vulture and to add icing on the cake Heather appears to help Robyn escape the scene.

Date: June 21, 2011

Log Title: The Great Diamond Heist

Rating: PG-13 (LV)

Westchester Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

It's early evening and the sun is just setting. Outside in Salem Center most shops have closed for the night save a few eateries. Standing outside of a boutique is Robyn wearing a pair of gray sweat pants and a plain white t-shirt. He looks through the glass intently as if he's staring at something. After a few moments he tilts his head almost as if he's trying to understand something that he's not quite getting.

"That's right! I've liberated some candy lips from the Candy Factory and I'm on my way over towards you." Tyler's trying to talk into his cell while chewing on one of the gummy candies. Quickly he wraps up the bag stuffing said bag into a pocket of his cargo shorts. "Noooooo. See, I'm right over here!" Waving at Kieran from a few stores away until Kieran catches sight of him in his t-shirt and shorts. Once he's been spotted the call is ended and the cell put away. As he's heading over to meet his boyfriend in front of the Apple store he spots Robyn gazing into a storefront. "Hey, Robyn! Grats on the Grad, man!"

"Alright. See you in a few." Kieran says into the phone, standing in front of the store with one hand in the pockets of his black cargos and his deep blue fitted t-shirt with the Superman logo on it. The blonde teen doesn't catch sight of Robyn just yet, but then he probably will once he stops staring at his boyfriend for a little while. As the call ends he slides the phone into one of the pockets of his shorts for safe keeping.

Robyn look over as he hears his name being called and his eyes go wide at the object that he sees Tyler putting into his pocket. How did none of the guard notice him stealing that large gem from the display in the other room. Then something else dawn on him. "How…how do you know who I am?" He asks sounding a bit afraid before his face turns to one of annoyance. "And I'm not going to let you get away with that." As Kieran comes into the picture, Robyn gets another startled look on his face as he recognizes him.

Tyler comes to an abrupt halt looking as confused as one could be. "Huh? We go to the same school. You know," flails a hand outward expressing his point. "And you were going to show me your sculpting." What in the world was going on with Robyn? The poor guy looked scared then something else makes no sense yet again. "Get away with what? Looking criminally handsome? Are you alright Robyn?"

Finally Kieran does notice Robyn,"Hey Robyn!" He says cheerfully,"Ummm… are you ok Robyn?" There's a flicker behind his eyes as he regards Robyn curiously, worry beginning to fill his eyes. His hands are kept in his pockets for the time being.

Robyn starts to get into a defensive stance as he looks between Tyler and Kieran. As Kieran says his name, Robyn holds his hands over his ears and shakes his head. "Stop saying my name, how do you know it?!" He says as a purple psychic blade appears in his hand. "You're looking Criminally criminal. I saw that huge Diamond you put in your pocket. And why would I show -you- anything except the inside of a jail?"

"What?!?! You're cracked man!" Tyler yells out as there are people all around him looking at him as if he's thieved some jewel he doesn't have. Those people are quickly clearing out when they spot Robyn's psychic blade which is the smart idea. With hands in front of himself showing that he doesn't want a fight with the guy he pleads, "Robyn! Dude, I've got no diamond. That's my cell phone!" Wide uncertain and slightly paniced blue eyes sail across to where Kieran now stands.

"Dude! You helped me with getting settled into the school. You know us /both/." Kieran says seriously,"Come on man, relax! There's no reason to get all woohoo in the head right now." That psychic blade is really kind of scary right now. Robyn's had a lot more time to train in using his powers than either Tyler, or himself. He begins reaching outwards to find something that he might be able to use to restrain Robyn with.

"I know who you are MagmaMan, I'm not a moron." Robyn says taking out his own cellphone which looks nothing more than a childrens toy with Buzz Lightyear on it. "I've let the X-Men know what you two are up to." He says pressing a non-existent panic button. He then look at Kieran. "Stop trying to mess with me, how do you know who I am Elctro?" He says recognizing the two from the Spider-Man rogue gallery. He look at Tyler aka MagmaMan. "If you're not going to surrender the diamond, I'll have to make you." He says before lunging at him with his psi-blade.

Tyler just blinks repeatedly for several moments. "Megaman, who? Listen, once you're done checking in with Star Command could you please put the glowy stabby away? There are innocent people fleeing around here and whether or not I'm Megaman, Molten Core or whatever we can discuss right?" Ever so slowly Tyler is lowering a hand to hopefully push the panic button on a real cell phone then he's being lunged at. "Robyn!??!" A hand furiously smacks at his cargo pants where the phone is hoping that one smack gets the panic button depressed as he tries to get out of the way and jump up onto a nearby bench.

"My name's Kieran, not Electro." Kieran says as he makes a gesture with his right hand to try and throw an electrical bolt the equivalent of a taser at Robyn,"DUDE! I don't know what the fuck happened to you but you need to relax." He calls out sounding annoyed a bit. While he doesn't like being called Electro, Kieran really hates that Robyn's trying to hurt his boyfriend, and that cannot be allowed.

"I'm tired of your villainous banter." Robyn says to the pair as he goes to lunge at Tyler again but is stopped short at the electric shock from Kieran. His body starts to shudder from the shot but he uses that moment to go into another body. His eyes flash purple for a second before he goes to dive into Kieran aka Electo's mind and possess him to get away from the pain.

Standing now atop a bench backing towards the far edge Tyler can but only think that Robyn's gone completely mental while watching the guy shudder from Ki's shot. "What the hell?!?!" What's with the purple eyes? Not knowing what to do with himself the teen hops off the bench and takes a look about him to see that there is no one even remotely close to him, and the only damage that could be done was to the floor and a nearby potted plant. A brief blinding white flash occurs and where once Ty stood there is now a human shaped form made up entirely of cosmic matter. The school was going to be pissed that he'd need a new phone! "Robyn! Stop this now!"

Unfortunately Kieran's really got no training to resist Robyn's mental attack. His body is filled with electricity right now. This is one of those times that he wishes he had some sort of training at resist the invading of his mind.

Inside 'Electro's' body, Robyn looks at Magmaman. "Oh I see you finally decided to go into your Magma form." He says with a smile. "Let's see how you can handle your fellow criminals electric blasts." He says attempting to fire a bolt of electricity like Kieran did to Robyn at Tyler before jumping back into his own body.

"What the hell?" Coronus exclaims looking to Robyn's collapsed form. Confusion has him staring at Kieran now with glowing white eyes. Too stunned by the fact that his boyfriend has been apparently possessed he has no snappy comeback nor makes a move to defend himself. Coronus eats the bolt from Ki and stumbles backwards under the impact. Stars, dust and a swirl of purple gasses can be seen moving around violently within the human shaped form.

There's something about going to a ice cream eatery to just enjoy a nice snack on a hot day and hoping to not have to deal with crazy stuff. But, for Kael, crazy seems to find him or vice versa. He walks into the area right as Coronus takes the bolt and stumbles backwards, and already he's running towards him. He doesn't get too close to the two of them, only close enough to see that they're alright before the winds in the area just come to a stand still. He looks back at Robyn, and blinks a bit before yelling, "What in that world is going on?!"

Last thing that Kieran remembered was seeing a purple flash and then nothing for a moment and then he's aware again. It is rather distracting all things considered,"Ugh. I so need to get some training to resist that sort of thing." He mutters under his breath. As he finally begins to regain a semblance of what was. "Be careful. Robyn's not himself and is attacking us!" He calls out to Kael, trying to warn him about what's going on.

Heather arrives shortly after Kael, seeming quite unaware of her surroundings. Her shoes are completely trashed, but she seems much more out of focus today than normally as she blurs into the fray. Quite literally. It's as if her outline is blurred, her incapacity to stay still making her look like she is vibrating in place. "Something is happening," she plays on her tape recorder, "And I am here to end it."

"Heather!" Robyn says. "Magmaman and Electro are trying to steal from the musuem here and it look like The Vulture just showed up as backup." He says as he looks at Tyler. "I'll get Magmaman and you get Electro, watch out, he likes to electrocute people." He warns his friend as he draws his psiblade out again. "Magmaman, I'll give you once last chance to surrender the diamond or else I'll make you surrender!"

Coronus has managed to catch himself after a few stumbled steps backward that caused collateral damage to a potted plant. As his equilibrium restores itself quickly he notices the arrival of Kael and is grateful to see the guy. The brief spark of joy is however shot down when someone he does not know appears apparently taking Robyn's side in all of this. "What diamond?!?! I don't even have any clothes anymore!!!" Quick glances are darted between his friends as a white glow builds around his hands.

Kael looks over at Kieran, and nods a bit before he looks back at Robyn; blanching at the fact that he was just called the Vulture. "Did… you… Ugh." He puts a hand to his forehead before he glances over at Heather; giving her a quirk of a brow before he pays more attention to Robyn and his psiblade.

"Robyn, you're imagining things. Come on dude. Do /not/ make me have to really shock the hell out of you." Kieran says as he throws another taser burst towards Robyn. Maybe if he keeps shocking him, whatever they did to him will wear off. He doesn't have a whole lot of hope for this but he does think it is worth a shot, even if it is a hail mary play. "We're in the mall /not/ a freaking museum! Tyler didn't take a diamond, and I am /not/ Electro!"

"Uh huh," says Heather in response to Robyn, "I /see/ that." She puts down her tape recorder, and it begins to speak on its own, "And I imagine you will not actually hear whatever I /actually/ say, but I have no idea who these people are." While this speaks, Heather zips around the area, much faster than she has ever appeared before, experiencing the seconds ticking by as minutes, so that everyone is between herself and Robyn. From there, she pulls her hands wide apart, and then slams them together in a clap that breaks the sound barrier. The tape recorder finishes, "Run away, if you know what's good for you."

Lucky for Robyn he's not on the receiving end of that clap but it is still quite loud. Loud enough that he doesn't hear the second shot from Kieran coming at him and he goes down with a bit of a scream. It isn't something that feels pleasant and it hurts but it's not enough to keep him down. He starts to push himself up and looks directly at Kieran. "Really Electro, do you think that's enough to keep me down?" He says as he rushes towards Kieran to try to grab onto his arm to make skin contact. If he does, he'll start draining Kieran's psychic energy.

With no idea what to make of this new player Coronus prepares to take a shot at Robyn and is in the process of doing so when Heather's sonic clap occurs knocking him off balance and backward. The shot itself strays wide into the air above where Robyn just was causing bits of ceiling to rain down onto a vacant location.

The sonic boom makes Kael stumble backwards, knocking him off of his feet before he catches himself in a swirl of wind. He looks over at Heather with a glare. The winds around him pick up in speed before his eyes flick over towards Robyn; launching a blast of air at the psychic before he could get close to Kieran to knock him off course. "Robyn! You have to snap out of it!"

Stumbling from the force of the sonic boom, Kieran manages to get himself righted after a second. As he does Kieran looks at Robyn,"I am not Electro but I also won't let you hurt anyone with those blades." Kieran says as he unleashes a torrent of electrical energy that is more than ten times the normal level of a taser. The level probably isn't on the level to kill someone but it will hurt like heck. Heather isn't someone he thinks he could take on.

Heather shakes her head quickly and her tape recorder plays, "You are not heeding my advice. Please reconsider." She shakes her head and zips directly in front of Tyler with her hands shoulder width apart, trailing a loud, but not disabling, boom behind her as she moves. "Run." Her outline continues to blur.

Having been knocked off course by Kael's winds, Robyn hits the ground with not much grace. His head turns and glares at him, his eyes glowing purple. His body goes limp and falls to the ground as he's now inside The Vulture aka Kael. "I think you should listen to Heather. Here…I'll help you run." He says as he pushes forward with Kael's hand to send a crude windblast as hard as he can at Keiran and Tyler to push them away.

"What's the deal…." Coronus mutters trying to regain some ground as he keeps getting batted around like a pinata. Heather appears in front of him in the next moment startling him though there's no physical sign of that. "Kael?!?" Getting tired of this he hasn't a chance to react as the wind blast smacks into him sending him into the Apple storefront behind him. Glass shatters everywhere, the once happy computer display destroyed leaving a brittle thousand dollar paperweight, an a very angry teen attempting to sit up.

The wind blast sends Kieran right into a wall slamming hard into it and stumbling a little bit, looking a little bit dazed. "Ugh." He says softly as he gets himself back on his feet, looking a bit dazed. His eyes unfocus and refocus for a moment. "Guys… I think we're going to have to beat a strategic retreat. None of us are going to be able to take them both out together. If it was just Robyn, we'd might make it." He does unleash a pair of 100 megawatt bursts from his hands, spreading out towards Robyn and Heather.

Heather seems to blur through space, all in the same moment as if she is occupying each space between where she is now, and where she arrives next to Kieran, all at once before the images fade away. The path is around where the electricity would normally strike, and Heather reaches to shove her hands out at Kieran, playing on the tape recorder she picked up between where she started and ended up, "JUST RUN!"

Just before Robyn gets hit by the lighting he leaves Kael's body, leaving the teen to get zapped. He looks at Heather. "I'm going to head back to the school to let them know you and I stopped Magmaman, Electro and the Vulture from robbing the Metropolitan Museum or Art." He says as he pushes himself up and dusts himself off, still feeling the aches from the electric zaps of Kieran. He turns to head out of the 'museum' and leave his friends to their fate.

The aerokinetic lets out a loud yell of pain as he's struck by the lightning, and he collapses down onto the ground with a spasmodic shudder. Kael's body jerks a bit before he just stops moving; out cold.

Just as Coronus has climbed back to his feet he sees Kael drop to the ground having been struck by an electrical blast. "Fuck.." not loud enough to be picked up by anyone. Robyn is leaving as well to go to the school? Hopefully the panic button had worked before Ty's cell phone was destroyed in the shifting. Eyes slitted and watching Robyn, he hovers off the ground a foot to put himself between Kael and whatever is wooshing around telling them to run. "Ki! Try to get him up and away from them!" Hands flicker with white sparks.

"Shit." Kieran mutters under his breath as the electricity hits Kael and Robin just goes wandering off. This is /really/ not good. He moves to towards Kael to try and sort of lift him up a bit. That's before he pulls out his cellphone and begins trying to reach someone at the school to warn them quickly about what just happened. This is pretty much bad, with a side order of OMG WE'RE GOING TO DIE.

As Robyn wanders off, Heather responds, "Okay, I guess, you'll do whatever you do." Once Robyn heads off, she dashes towards where he wandered off, to seal off that route, gesturing towards another exit for the others.

Not wanting to deal with whomever was pointing a direction to go in the floating teen hovers off to the side of the other students. "Retreat." Tyler lands accompanied by a bright flash of light that leaves him standing in a UM tank, and shorts. He assists Kieran in carrying Kael away from Heather and towards a mall exit where hopefully someone from the school will be, and the school hopefully knows Robyn is on his way to the campus.

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