2009-07-16: The Great Escape


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Summary: Wyatt helps Cid, Rob, Robyn, Skyler and Terry escape from the MGH lab, though Robin's nowhere to be found.

Date: July 16, 2009

Log Title The Great Escape

Rating: PG-13

Secret Lab

The lab has just enough space for the equipment it holds and not much else. The lighting is fairly dim as the lights are up in the ceiling and the ceiling is fairly high. There's a window towards the top of one of the walls, but it's a one way window only designed for one side to look into, those in the lab would only see a mirror. There are six tables designed for strapping patients down to for varioustests. A few tables with your standard equipment sit in one area of the room. There are a several cabinets and drawers with all sorts of medical equipment and drugs in them. In one corner of the room is a small cot.

His pockets are full as Wyatt steps into the Secret Labs again. He looks around. Two are missing. Not good. Ah well. They'll make do with what they have. He pulls the first syringe out of his pocket and begins walking towards the first table. Rob. "They've asked me to kill you all tonight. I've got two sets of syringes in my pocket. Before I do anything, I need to ask each of you… Do you trust me, and will you help them?" They should know who he's talking about. After all, he's spoken with each one individually. Yes, he's being bold, speaking openly in public. It's being recorded, and there will probably be people on their way in just a moment. Wyatt looks up. "Quickly. We haven't much time."

After been strapped to a table for a week with minimal food, Robyn's feeling the effects of his captivity. He's hungry, he's scared and he's starting to lose hope that he'll ever get out. He knows what Wyatt told him but he's not sure if he believes that he'll be able to do what he said, that is until Wyatt comes into the room and says what's going on. It takes him a while to answer the words 'kill you tonight' just lingering in his mind before he snaps out of it. "Yes…I trust you." He says quickly thinking that trusting Wyatt is his only choice.

Terry has been growing anxious, waiting for a rescue is not his thing. The photokenetic is more of the type to go rushing in and saving everyone else. As the door opens he stops and listens to the foot steps, recognizing Wyatt being there alone he waits to see who will be taken, or if the escape is ready to start. "Not yet, but even if I had no reason to I will help."

Rob is angry. More so than usual. He's been tugging and straining at his bonds and even trying to figure out a way he could break a thumb. The first thought to come to his mind upon hearing what Wyatt says is 'that bastard…' but then his mind clicks with the rest of what's said. "I already told you I'd help," he says simply. "And yeah…sure. Just hurry it up yourself…"

Looking up at the others Cid, nods softly. "I… I'll do what I can." He says, honestly. But he's scared. It's nothing unusual for him, since he's come out of his little town.

"Alright then." He holds up several different colored syringes and one red ampule. He takes the red ampule and rolls up his sleeve. He slides a little spot on his arm which shows a hollow indention. The ampule is placed in it. He breathes deeply. As his eyes open, the normal brown is replaced with red. He moves to Rob, first, and pulls the cap off of a syringe with a blue stripe drawn on it. He makes the injection quickly before breaking the bonds around Rob with his bare hands. Moving over to Robyn, he follows suit with a purple striped syringe. Cid, with a clear one. Terry with a pink one. "Give it a few seconds, and then we're getting the hell out of here."

A part of Robyn can't help but worry if the injection is supposed to help or kill him, and he winces when it's injected. It's not until the bonds are broken and he sits up does he realize what's going on. "My..skin..it feels weird." He says as he can't help but rub it but at the same time he jumps off the table, falling down immediately. The joy of pins and needles feeling. "What was that?"

Terry does not worry about the drug, if it kills him it kills him, if it helps it helps. Really, its not like he has a choice in the matter. As the drug takes effect Terry laughs a little, and then laughs again as he hears Robyn. "This is just…if you think your skin feels weird you should try it in my mind. Just no one think anything too loud." Terry sits up and grins while he moves to stand so someone can look at him. "Damn, I am not looking my best am I? Hey, you with the strength, any chance you can just rip the collars off us?"

Rob glares up at Wyatt with unseen eyes the whole time he's being injected. When things start to take effect and his bonds are broken, Rob sits up. He rubs his wrists and immedately starts tearing off what's left of the latex skin. He's gonna need some skin cream when he gets home. "And what about these damn collars?" he echos Terry, moving to rubbing his legs to get more feeling into them before getting off the table. "And what the hell was in that? Everything's all…slow-mo."

Hearing Wyatt's plans, a group of guards immediately went down towards to the lab to thwart their escape. It's hard to tell what's going on but it's obvious that soemone's at the door as a series of locks can be heard being unlocked.

Not all of them worked properly… at all. Cid's skin turns a deep blue as he turns his head to the side to vomit. He moves to stand, and CAN, and can walk, but he's definitely not at his best.

"Robyn. I gave you a version of my durability serum. You should be able to take gunshots and more. It'll hurt like hell, but you won't take any physical damage. Can you deal with it?" Wyatt says. "Rob. Speed. I don't know how fast you can run and move, but you're going to be faster than any of us. Coupled with your invisibility, you can find my parents and lead us all out of here. Terry, you should be hearing the thoughts of others around you. See if you can hear where my family is. When we're all out of here, us AND my parents, then I will rip the collars off your necks. And, Rob… I may be able to help with your invisibility in the future. Maybe not permanently, but temporarily. With my equipment and knowledge…" He says, nodding. He pops his neck to the sides as he moves to lift one of the tables they were laying on. "Brace yourselves. They're coming."

"I have to deal with it." Robyn says as he knows he doesn't have a choice. He can take gunshots, that's what Wyatt just said right? So Robyn goes to stand by the door and be a defense sheild for everyone else. "You promise you'll remove the collars later, and I could probably help find them faster with my powers, I can posses people." He says if that's any help.

Terry moves quick for a blind man, although thanks to Wyatt he is not totaly in the dark, since he can see through the other people's eyes. As he realizes people are going to be comming through the door he grabs the closest thing he can use as a weapon and puts himself where he can attack as people come through the door. "Might be easier to find them if I could make the walls invisable, or cut through them with lasers, but nows not the time to show your total lack of trust in us doing the right thing." The blind teen plans of course to listen to Wyatt's mind just enough to know when to duck the table after hitting the guards comming through the door with what ever he could grab, and then start looking for his family.

"You idiot," Rob growls. "Get the damn collars off us now. You're supposed to be a genius, don't kneecap us and make it harder to get us and your parents out of here," he says, tearing off any other coverings. Sure, he's not exactly…decent…but no one can see that. "Not to mention that with this on, I'm not all that hidden," he adds. The teacher quickly moves to search through all the cabinets to find anything that could be a useful weapon. "And did you happen to…I dunno…remember to torch your lab and make sure these assholes don't get to keep what you've been researching?" he asks, bringing the most useful blunt object with him for attacking the guards.

When the door is finally opened a half a dozen men step in armed with guns and one has Skyler in his arms with a gun pointed at his neck. Skyler would be just waking up now to being a hostage after being drugged for a bit and a few side experiments done outside of Wyatt's tests. "You all just clam down and don't do anything stupid or we'll kill him, and the Teen Doc's parents too."

"You ungrateful egotistical asshole. Are you in a better position to save your narrow invisible ass now? Am I in a better chance to be killed for saving your hide? Don't you fucking tell me how to do what -I- need to do." Just then, a small explosion comes from his examination room. "And I'm hardly an idiot, asshole." Wyatt glares as he holds the table above his head. "I'm helping you. You help me. Then I help you again and it's over. Or would you prefer I shove the antidote under your skin and shove you back onto the table?" That's when they come in. He's glaring at the people. There's another syringe in his pocket waiting for Skyler. He decides to play distraction, and starts crumpling the table as much as he can. "Let the mutant go. Five lives vs. two. I think five is a better option here." He taunts, preparing to lob the table. "I swear to you. Everything you have in this building will be destroyed if you don't."

Skyler gorans, his head lolling about as the sedatives they filled him with begin to wear out. "Ugh," he manages to moan, "Did anybody get the number to that … HEY!" Clearly he just figured out that there's a gun pointed to his neck. Takes one look around at the chaos and immediately begins to struggle. "Let me go!"

Robyn isn't going to argue with his once change, but then Robyn's young, scared and inexperienced. "Let him go or I'm gonna…" He doesn't know what he's going to do but he stands infront of of the group being told he's more durable. "Just you try to shoot me." He grumbles at them, he's eager to get out even if it means fighting.

Terry's first instinct is to use his powers to plug the guns with solid light, smack the guy talking, and blow a hole in the wall so people can leave. Too bad someone did not think it was worth it to trust the costumed hero, as if being connected to the Avengers is meaningless. So, instead of doing things the easy way, he goes the hard way and starts to concentrate on the gun men, listening to the thoughts at the top of thier minds and watching through thier eyes. What he is looking for is the moment where the least number of people are looking at him, and where the man with the gun to Skyler's head is just distracted enough that Terry thinks he can hit him with what ever he grabbed and not have him automatically shoot the guy.

Rob rolls his eyes. "Right. Insults. You're still an idiot," he grumbles. The situation has him more angry than usual and attitude from Wyatt is not helping. Going quiet quickly, his eyes narrow at the gun pointed at Skyler's neck. Taking a deep breath, he rushes forward and tries to jerk the gun up and away from Skyler while hoping his speed and impared invisibility are enough to make it sudden. Hopefully someone else will grab Skyler or the guy will move himself.

Lucky for Skyler with the superspeed from Rob, the gun is pushed out of the way just as it's fired, just missing Skyler's head and startling the man long enough for Skyler to get free. The thing is, that's when the five other guards decide to start firing at the escapees.

"Skyler, this way. I have something for you. I can't free your powers until my parents and all of us are free, but I have something you can take with you temporarily." Wyatt offers, pulling another syringe out after he flings the remainder of the table at the guards coming. "Terry, see if you can pick up my parents location from their minds. Rob, if you move fast enough, they won't see your damn collar." He says with a deep sigh. He's not much of a combatant, so this is all new to him.

"Guys, let's just get the hell out of here and then arguee." Robyn says before crying out in pain as he's hit by several bullets. They don't do anything but damn if it doesn't smart. He's still only wearing just the johnny coat with nothing else. He decides to rush forward and try to tackle one of the guys with the gun, when you're life is at stake you find you do crazy things.

Skyler quickly dashes away from the guards, as they start shooting, ducking down instinctually. He grabs the syringe that Wyatt offers, after glaring at him, "Then just take it off," he says, a growl in his voice. But, still, seeing as everybody else hadn't suddenly kicked the bucket when they injected themselves with this stuff, he injects himself with it as well. And then he turns invisible. His gown, however does not. "Perfect."

Terry is more focused on the 5 men with guns in front of him than on Wyatt's parents at the moment, which is why he is focusing on trying to keep from being shot while diving at the men to smack them with what he can grab as a weapon till they are disarmed and not moving. "Will you people stop yelling, and watch the language, I don't care if it is just your thoughts I can still hear it." Who the last is for, Terry is not saying.

Rob sends a quick punch at the guard who's gun he just stole, tossing the gun away. Scowling, he quickly tries to take the guns as they're being fired. He's also checking the guards for anything like keys, maps, radios, or keycards. He'll worry about parents once these guys are not blocking the door.

The guys they're fighting are not super heroes, they don't have super powers and they know their drug is still in experimental stages and aren't about to be their own guinea pigs. So after a bout of fighting with Rob's speedy punches, Terry's diving, Robyn's tackling, there seem to be only two more left. But time is counting down as in other parts of the building Wyatt's parents are in jeopardy and others are making it out of the building before things start to get really ugly.

Of course, Wyatt's thoughts are sarchastically along the lines of 'Yes, I'm SO happy I risked my life and my parents lives for that… person.' He even tries to hold his thoughts for Terry's benefit. He picks up a few things that he finds and lobs them after anyone else approaching, but he has to keep a few people awake for their thoughts to be accessible to someone else. "Now, after this, I have no clue. Some of you at least have experience here."

Skyler audibly sighs as he disrobes and then groans in despair. It turns out his collar doesn't turn invisible too. He rushes over to one of the unconscious guards that's around his size and starts to undress him. "I suggest," he says as he struggles with the guard's pants. "That we find his parents so we can get out of these damn collars and actually have some /useful/ powers."

Terry gets to the point that they don't have to worry about getting shot before concentrating on finding Wyatt's parents. As he reaches out he looks through thier eyes, and the eyes of everyone he can find with the temporary mind powers so he can get a mental map of the building and how many guards are between them, Wyatt's parents, and the exits so he knows if sending the invisable speedster alone will work to get the parents while he leads the rest out. "Ten seconds, finding your rents, a way out, and making a plan."

Even though Robyn's never used a gun, he picks up one from one of the unconscious guys and holds it out in front of him. It's almost obvious he's never fired one before. "You guys let us go or else….I'll fire this thing." He threatens holding a trembling gun in their direction. At least he can't get hurt by their fire.

Rob quickly shoves the information he finds at Wyatt. "Here ya go, science-boy. Anddon'tevenmakeacommentaboutthenameyounevergaveusyours," he goes from normal to speed-talk. His own thoughts are along the lines of cursing Wyatt and all the guards, wondering if he could get Wyatt out on a date, hoping Robin's in one piece, and wondering why super speed isn't nearly as much fun as he thought it'd be. Of course, he's trying to hold back on the profanity but he can't help some of it. Quickly, he steps up next to Robyn to try snatching the gun away. "No. You're too young to do that," he says, reffering to taking a life and not firing a gun. Tossing the gun away if he's able to take it, he tries to think instructions at Wyatt. ~~Right. I'm going on ahead…pull info out of the minds of these morons if you can. Send me anything useful you find,~~ he suggests, rushing out of the room to try and find any exits or holding cells.

The two guards stop when Robyn holds the gun on them and are prepaired to surrender when Rob pulls the gun away. That's when one of the guards just opens up and fires on Robyn. But Terry's found all the information he needs and Rob's out the door. The other guard opens fire on Terry. "If your'e not going to kill the Doogie Houser, we will." He growls knowing the kids order.

Wyatt may not be indestructible, or even that durable right now, but he does have the strength to propel himself at Terry, perhaps taking a bullet himself as he does so. "Heartless monsters." He says, popping an ampule out of his pocket and clearing his vision. He growls. He's about to take a second strength dose here in a second. "You'd better run before I put another of these in. Because if you don't, I'll rip you to pieces." He says, pulling out another red ampule and grinning. Red eyes gleam. "These are children you're shooting at." He's an adult. He can take it.

Skyler starts pulling on clothes as quickly as he possibly can, while the fight continues. WHen the guards start firing at Terry and Wyatt, he grabs the closest thing he can find (which is the downed guy's wallet) and heaves it at one of the firing guards, causing a flurry of credit cards, personal photos, and dollar bills.

Robyn takes another bullet and doubles over but it just hurts not actually injures him. "Don't worry, Rob will find your parent's." Robyn says moving to tackle one of the last two right into the wall. Having durable skin doesn't make you stronger but it makes you hit a bit harder. He slams the guy into the wall and punches him across the face, not terribly hard but the toughened skin helps.

Terry hears the attack form the guard comming from the man's mind, and is already moving out of the way when he is hit by Wyatt trying to save him. Terry yells out at the men with guns, "Do the two of you know anything about the self destruct system?" Sure he is bluffing, but he can almost bet he knows the reacitons of the low level goons at the idea that they might get blown up by thier own boss if they decide to stay and fight much longer. Killing us won't make you less Expendable." Terry ducks behind something agian waiting for the guards reactions before saying, "Right, six goons have the hostages and are on the way out. I think I know a way to cut them off if all I am getting from minds around here is right. Lets go be heroes." Terry gives his best crazy man grin, and rattles off a set of directions. "Rob, go scout it ahead, Skyler drop your drawers your more useful if your harder to see." Instructions given Terry mutters something about being surrounded by naked people he can't see.

Rob rushing ahead, Rob just offers a nod even if it's unseen. "Six…fun…" he grumbles, running towards where he's been directed. Once he gets there, the invisible man will do everything super speed and invisibility allow to disarm the goons and get the hostages and anything else shiny and important looking away from them.

As soon as Rob gets there, he'll notice it's six against one, five goons and the woman whose voice he recognized in the park. He's able to disarm about two of the guards before the others fire upon him. "Well well, Robert Weyrin, the invisible man, tries to escape again." She says before pulling out a gun that looks quite a bit different than the ones the goons are holding.

Back in the lab the last two goons listen to Terry's words of wisdom and look at eachother before scrambling to get out. Noone claimed that they're bright. The kidnapped ones are left in the lab free to escape.

"They can still see the collar," Skyler complains, "And I just got these pants on. He follows the others, but stops short when he sees the woman hold the strange looking pistol. Without thinking he digs into his pants, finds a keychain, and hurls it at the woman, before quickly ducking down to all fours to avoid being shot.

Robyn stands up and brushes himself off. "After you." He says to Terry running a hand through his hair to brush his bangs out of his face. "We're almost out of here, lets go get his parents and go home." He says tired of hearing people bicker, tired of being experimented on and just tired in general. All he wants is to escape and get free.

Terry says, "Ladies and gentelmen, it is time to go. Zipy the invisable man and rage there will need help, so lets follow. And someone, do me the favor of watching my feet for me. Much easier to run if I can see where my feet are. Yes, but harder to spot the collar than pants…and you don't want them aiming at your pants do you?" Terry follows along with everyone, making sure Cid keeps up and does not get lost since he seems to be having some negative effects instead of helpful ones. As the gorup reaches the woman with the odd gun he looks at her mind to see what she is thinking, and hopefully get an idea of what kinda gun she is holding."

Avoiding bullets isn't hard for Rob with his speed. It's all slow motion to him. Of course, when he sees the woman and her gun, his anger gets even worse. "Well if it ain't the bitch," he growls. Staying moving to avoid the collar being seenm he moves to quickly disaem the woman and take her gun for himself. Of course it'll quickly be leveled on the woman. "Where's the other kid that was with us? And while we're at it, hand over your research."

"Well if it isn't the failed experiment." The woman responds back and and starts firing a few rounds of an energy blast from the gun. Lucky for Rob though he's moving fast enough and the gun is taken from her hand and he's now the lucky posseser of an energy pistol. As the rest approch, she speaks. "Now that Wyatt is here, kill 'em, all of them, including his parents, make sure to kill them first." She says as two of the goons turn to aim their weapons on Wyatt's unconscious parents. She doesn't answer where Robin is.

Skyler doesn't even wait for the now disarmed woman to finish her speech as he rushes in to tackle one of the guards, hopefully getting to him before he can get a shot off at Wyatt's parents.

Grumbling, Wyatt slams his hands together, trying for what he's seen bigger men do. He's nearly as strong as they are right now, but his hands just aren't big enough. He can't produce a shockwave of any sufficient size at all. But he's trying. He's still new to all of this and doesn't know what limitations his own powers have.

Shooting forward to grab the woman by the throat, Rob turns the gun to fire off some shots at the goons at high speed in hopes of hitting them before they act too much.

Stopping as he gets there, Robyn takes a few moments to take everything in and makes a decision. Mom or Dad and he chooses Mom for the time being and runs forward tackling her to the ground and landing on top of her so he can be a shield for the woman incase anyone fires at her, they'll fire at him with his durable skin.

Terry stays behind with Cid more as everyone else is rushing in to save Wyatt's parents since he is not likely to be as much help this way as he would with his real powers. He does skim through minds making sure to yell out to Rob, "Don't kill the woman, just nock her out and drag her with us for the police."

Shooting forward to grab the woman by the throat, Rob turns the gun to fire off some shots at the goons at high speed in hopes of hitting them before they act too much. "We'll see what happens," Rob grumbles quietly in reply to Terry, not intendting for it to be overheard.

Two of the goons go down under the fire, and if they're dead or injured, only Terry can tell. Robyn being ontop of Wyatt's mother protects her from any shots being fired at her and Skyler is just in time to save Wyatt's father as he tackles the goon and Wyatt's father falls to the ground unconscious. Seeing their leader being held by the throat by Rob, the rest of the goons flee for their lives figuring that she's screwed.

"How far are we from the actual exit now? To getting away from here?" Wyatt asks, as he moves casually towards Robyn and his mother. As he gets there, he leans down to grip the collar and rip it apart, breaking it's hold over the boy. He's done everything he can to help, and willingly, so he gets his first, before he returns them to anyone else. Of course, the powers he granted others only last about twenty minutes, and time is ticking away.

Skyler picks himself up off the unconscious guard, and dusts himself off before picking up Wyatt's father with a grunt. "Let's get the hell out of here," he says.

As soon as Robyn's collar is ripped off and his powers come back, his dependancy for psychic energy from others kicks back in and he starts to drain some from Wyatt's mother. "Oh god, I'm so sorry." He says breaking skin contact quickly and reaching over to finishing absorbing what he needs from one of the injured guards. "Mr. Weyrin! Leave her for the police, lets just go home." He says almost begging as he runs a hand through his hair, a large clump if coming out in his hand. Oh great, another thing to worry about.

Terry's normaly up beat personality is being sevearly damaged by the lack of his powers and hearing the surface thoughts of angery less than nice people so much, so he just goes with it and growls at Rob, "Deal with your personal issues later. The chick is going to trial alive and healthy, got it?" That said he turns to Wyatt, "You, grab the goons we are not leaving them to bleed to death. If we can't get them awake quick then we are gonna have to fire man carry the parents out. We are a couple of corridors awya from the exit, so lets move it now before there are any more surprises. That is unless one of these guys has a cell phone I can call the Avengers with." Of course if he had his powers he could carry all 4 unconcious people out, and keep the chick contained…but that is apparently not happening till they actually get out of the building.

Rob turns the gun to the woman now. "Not yet, kid!" he calls back. "Where is the other kid that was with us? Tell me!" he demands. He's worried about Robin and not all that eager to leave a student behind. Terry just gets an unseen but annoyed look, the tempation to pull the trigger growing.

The woman just laughs. "Gone." Is all she says. "If you kill me you'll never find him." Is all the woman says and right now she's not talking in regards to where Robin is. She stands there and just stares at Rob with a smrik on her face. All that's left for the group to get free is to leave the building.

Skyler looks at Wyatt and says, his voice pitched low to punctuate that he's deadly serious, "Take my collar off, then it wouldn't even matter if she's alive or dead." He glances over to the woman, "Believe me, they have no idea who they're dealing with."

"If you give me a minute, I'll get all of your collars off." Wyatt says simply. "Sorry about the hair loss. It should stop in about a week." He says, somewhat emotionless as he goes to get Terry next. Since the kid seems to have the right idea. He's not one to go killing needlessly after all. The others will come as they can.

"Hair loss?" Robyn asks as he notices his hair is starting to fall out by the handfulls, and not just the hair on his head, eyebrows, arm hair, all hair. "Mr. Weyrin, I just want to go home, why do we have to stay here any longer." He asks as he looks around, just wanting to get out of here. "Let the police take care of her. That's their job, not ours."

Rob shoots Robyn a look. "Then GO. One of your classmates is till missing!" he says. Hearing the woman's answer brings a growl out of Rob but he keeps the gun on her. "Start leading the way out…

The woman just smriks and starts to lead them out. "You won't find him here." Is all she says as she leads them out of the lab and to the streets and it's hard to tell where they are but it's one of the five burroughs of New York City and probably not Manhattan. It's also hard to tell since it's already later at night.

Pulling a card out of his pocket, Wyatt passes it to Rob before he picks up his parents. "Here. Find me later. I can at least find a way to give you a temporary reprieve from your invisibility. After all, your tattoo should be seen and not hidden." He says, before walking off into the night, carrying them both for now.

Once their outside, and Wyatt and his parents are safe Robyn just looks at Rob. "Fine I am going then." He says as he starts to walk off, looking back at Wyatt. "Thanks, for…everything." He says to him before he wanders off in a direction, he figures he'll contact his parents somehow and get home that way. He doesn't care that he's wandering around in the streets, barefoot in a johnny coat, quickly losing his hair, he just wants to get home.

Once his collar is off, and his invisibility starts to fade, Skyler stalks up to the woman and grabs her by the hand, letting him change into a perfect likeness of the woman. "There," she says, managing to finally pull on a shirt that she had snagged on the way out. She gives the woman an unsettling grin. "This will make getting Robin so much easier."

Rob scowls, pulling back and decking the woman the moment they're outside and Skyler's taken her appearance. Once his powers come back, Rob bandages the woman to the nearest street-sign. The cops can free her later but she's going nowhere. Making himself some bandage-shorts, he blinks at Wyatt. "Wha…yeah…thanks…" he trails off to Wyatt, surprised. Nodding to Robyn and offering Cid a 'keep careful," Rob leads Skyler after Robyn, making some badages to cover all their feet. They're no reebocks but they'll keep their feet unharmed by NYC debris. "C'mon, there's a phone up ahead I'll call the school from…" he gtumbles.

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